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Crimson Blades

Words: That which does not kill us has made a tactical error.
Sigil: A steel sword before a crimson shield
Nickname: Blades
About: The Crimson Blades Mercenary Company is made up of highly disciplined and trained sellswords that specialize in small unit tactics and precise military operation. Their portfolio of services include (but are not limited to) infiltration, sabotage, bounty hunting, enforcement, debt collection, guarding, escort, monster hunting, and scouting. The organization is formed from career soldiers, veterans, and talented tacticians who thrive on the stratagem of warfare.

Originally founded by Lord Tobias Telmar as his pet army, after his retirement it fell to Baroness Violet Farwatchwho lead them in a fresh direction, abandoning all ties to him to follow their own edicts and codes of conduct as military contractors beholden only to their own ambitions.

During her time as Captain-General, she established Chapter Houses in both Cascade Springs and Sandreef Point, leading to an influx of Blades from both the far north and far west of Arvum.


Name Rank Title Description
Razija 1 Captain-General
Hali 3 Captain
Yrsa 5 Sergeant Sergeant of the Flight of Arrows Squad
Valarian 6 Blade
Bjorn 6 Blade
Carmen 6 Blade
Soren 6 Blade
Egon 6 Blade
Aswin 6 Blade
Daria 6 Blade
Ronja 7 Associates Naval Contractor
Cillian(RIP) 7 Associates Blackwood Liaison
Kamon 9 Retired / On Leave
Violet 9 Retired / On Leave Retired
Conrad 9 Retired / On Leave
Dierdre 9 Retired / On Leave
Briar 9 Retired / On Leave