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Vassal of Inverno

Words: "Loyalty knows no bounds."
Sigil: A hammer and a skivving knife criss-crossed above pincers against a neutral blue field.
Colors: Brown and steel.

Crushed by House Pravus following the conquest of Nilanza and placed under the keeping of Count Duarte Amadeo, previously known as House Malgentilega and replaced by House Amadeo.

"I dare."
- House Malgentilega: Most historians hold that Bravura was a gift from Marquessa Edite Argento to her commoner lover Raphaela Malgentilega. While a few argue that the elevation wrongfully passed over more deserving individuals of noble lineage, most find it difficult to argue against House Malgentilega's success. Since those first days under the new countess, Bravura has flourished. An artisan herself, she encouraged creativity and free expression in her people, funding grand projects and interesting experiments--frequently with Argento's aid--which served to attract a broad variety of innovators to the city-state.
House Malgentilega's relationship with House Argento never faltered, ardent in their support for their liege, with sufficient--and careful--intermarrying across generations that they count one another family.


Name Rank Title Description
Duarte 1 Count
Orland 1 Count Heir
Savio 2 Voice Sword of Bravura
Antonia 3 Noble Family
Thiri 4 Trusted House Servants ex-sword
Mailys 5 Ally
Nicos 5 Ally
Giada 5 Ally
Raven 10 Serf

Ruler: Duarte

Minister Category Title
Orland Income Minister of Finance

Land Holdings


Description: Sometimes called the Patchwork City, Bravura boasts no unified style, instead built from an amalgamation of borrowed themes and innovative technique. Art on public display changes frequently, yesterday's masterworks holding less interest to the city's residents than today's attempt at greatness. Many of Arvum's best and most adventurous artists and inventors either hail from Bravura or have spent a good deal of time visiting.

Trends: Founding member of the Empyrean Trade Route.