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Words: "Pursuit of coin is no vice."
Sigil: Gray flying mockingbird with a purple field.
Nickname: Mercs.

The Mercier family is a Grayson-sworn merchant family who has come into prominence within the last three decades. Their main trade is wines - particularly wedding wines - and they have an experimental streak which has served their purposes well. The main branch has a presence within the Upper Boroughs, though their main base of operations and vineyards is closer to Ashford holdings (near the river). They are ambitious followers of Gild who seek to improve their standing even further, often placing themselves within reaching distance of power and looking for opportunities.


Name Rank Title Description
Bethany 1 Head of Household
Silas 9 Family That Went Silk
Tabitha 9 Family That Went Silk
Kenna 9 Family That Went Silk
Gaius 9 Family That Went Silk
Evonleigh 9 Family That Went Silk
Sabella 10 Dearly Departed