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Vassal of Keaton

House Words: To the Very End
Sigil: Clasped green hands (wound with ivy) on a gray field

House Elwood is a young house with old blood that lays claim to an area that has seen a great deal of bloodshed. Baroness Natalia Elwood was ennobled in 1015 by the Keatons and given domain over Acorn Hill and the surrounding areas, a Barony that has seen the rulers wiped out no less than three times in the last decade. The House itself is made up of the Baroness's adopted daughter (and heir) and several distant branches of the Keaton family, all having taken the Elwood name. Acorn Hill is being rebuilt, and the seat for the Elwood family is being established at the northeastern edge of the demesne on the road that leads to Oakhaven: Arden Woods.


Name Rank Title Description
Renfry 3 Minister

Ruler: Natalia

Minister Category Title
Renfry Income None

Land Holdings


Description: Acorn Hill: The original Barony Seat, Acorn Hill is a large village / small town with a mixture of fields and forests in the surrounding areas. It is lightly fortified, with a small tower amid oak trees on its namesake hill. The previous family seat has been repurposed as a military outpost and waystop for the Knights of Solace (and their charges) that pass through the area.

Once an extensive old oak forest that saw a fair amount of timber production, recent events have seen an explosion of spiders here. A very large explosion of spiders. Presently, visitors (and locals) are being kept well away from these woods, and the timber production in this area has been halted.

Bough's Branch:
A poorly kept local secret, Bough's Branch is a once-roaming forested village in the Arden woods. It is populated primarily by very young people: children of a village wiped out in one of the previous attacks on the Barony fled into the woods that managed (with help) to survive. It is being established as a woods-trade outpost, is guarded by Barony soldiers, and access is highly controlled.

Arden Woods:
Presently, Arden Woods consists of a hastily constructed, rough built fort. Primarily a military outpost, it is being developed to ultimately be the seat of governance, and all Barony business is conducted in a building that doubles as a barracks.

The Great Road.