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Words: "Sword of the Faith, Shield of the Righteous."
Sigil: White shield edged in gold presenting three interlinked gold rings with a silver longsword running through the rings left to right.

The Templars of Gloria are the discipleship of Gloria within the Faith of the Pantheon. One of the largest of the discipleships, numbering thousands upon thousands of men at arms and godsworn across the parishes of Arx, the Templars act as the sword of the Faith. They protect the shrines, they guard the Godsworn, they deal with the Abandoned and they otherwise stand ready to do the bidding of the Faith. Commanded in the field by the Grandmaster of the Templars, who sits equal to the Archlectors in the councils of the Faith, the Templars answer ultimately to their Archlector of Gloria, and from her to the Legate of Arts (the Sword of the Faith) and then to the Dominus. Though the Archlector runs the infrastructure of the Shrines of Gloria, she also controls the ability of the Templars to summon forth the Templar levies from the Parishes and so ensures the Grandmaster's cause is always righteous.

As part of the Faith Militant, the Templars tend towards the Oathlands Orthodoxy and often chafe under the restraint forced upon them by the moderating force of the pragmatics and more liberal parts of the Faith. That said, they also take seriously their duty to ensure that Crownbreaker never occurs again - a time when the Faith was decimated and forced to bend the knee in effect to a Fealty. The Templars also have the honour of providing the bodyguard for the Dominus, Legates and other important members of the Faith. However not all Templars fight themselves, as part of their mission to ensure the Faith never again is reliant on others they do maintain a war economy within themselves, with farriers, blacksmiths, armorers and others to allow them to operate with some autonomy - and also not to drain local areas when they do assemble in force.

The Templars rely heavily on the myths of their past, the failure of Crownbreaker and the stories of the Faith fighting at the forefront in the Reckoning. It is not uncommon to hear references to these times in battle calls, urging men forward with calls to remember Crownbreaker, to save the Compact, and of course calls to the Gods. They see themselves as the heirs to a long legacy of enduring guardianship of the Faith, as a needed force to stand against evil with purity - no politics, no land, no distraction, simply righteousness.


Name Rank Title Description
Preston 1 Grandmaster Grandmaster of the Templars
Ida 2 Voice Knight of the Templar Order
Wil 2 Voice
Cassandra 3 Knight Marshal Legate of Arts; Sword of the Faith
Flora 3 Knight Marshal Knight Marshal of the Northlands
Katryn 3 Knight Marshal Knight Marshal of the Oathlands
Celeste 3 Knight Marshal Admiral of the Templars and Acting Knight Marshal of the Saffron Chain
Reese 4 Godsworn Templar Royal Knight of the Templar Order
Leif 4 Godsworn Templar Holy Knight of the Templar Order
Cabrera 4 Godsworn Templar Holy Knight of the Templar Order
Ordain 4 Godsworn Templar Holy Knight of the Templar Order
Lonnus 4 Godsworn Templar
Solene 4 Godsworn Templar
Ainsley 5 Unsworn Knight Paladin of the Sword
Regla 5 Unsworn Knight Knight of the Templar Order
Avaline 5 Unsworn Knight Knight of the Templar Order
Alban 5 Unsworn Knight Knight of the Templar Order
Terese 5 Unsworn Knight Master of Hunt
Thiri 5 Unsworn Knight Knight of the Templar Order
Bors 5 Unsworn Knight Knight of the Templar Order
Dante 5 Unsworn Knight
Danielle 5 Unsworn Knight Disciple Templar
Cerys 5 Unsworn Knight Templar of Gloria
Konstantine 5 Unsworn Knight
Lucaj 5 Unsworn Knight
Gaspard 5 Unsworn Knight
Patrizio 5 Unsworn Knight
Cyrus 5 Unsworn Knight
Jael 5 Unsworn Knight Knight of the Templar Order
Mercedes 9 Liaison to the Templars Ghoulslayer - Honorary Adjunct-Knight to the Temple