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Words: "Those lost are never without."
Sigil: A silver cross with blue droplets on it set against a black background.

The Coldrains started as just Sameera from when she was a thrall. Once she was freed former thralls and anyone who is 'displaced' was adopted into the family by Sameera, expanding it over the time she was freed. The Coldrains are a mix of liberal and traditional Thrax-sworn. The Coldrains that exist spend a lot of time helping people who are displaced finding who they are and where they should go.


Name Rank Title Description
Oliver(RIP) 1 Head of House
Sheena(RIP) 1 Head of House
Torstein(RIP) 3 Family
Zalika(RIP) 3 Family
Eirik(RIP) 3 Family
Dylan(RIP) 3 Family
Sameera(RIP) 10 RIP