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Order Of East Light

Words: "Bring the dawn."
Sigil: Closed fist that holds a flame.
Colors: Red and white.

An order of zealous yet honorable seaborne knights. Originally the order was conceived to plant a seed of chivalry within the Mourning Isles, as knightly ideals are uncommon among Thrax’s lands. Their purpose was eventually expanded to patrol and guard the entirety of known waters and incorporate all brothers and sisters of the Compact who feel the call of the sea.

Riding upon longships instead of steeds these knights patrol from the Mourning Sea to the fringes of the Eventide Vast, conducting battle with honor against enemies of the Compact and the Gods. Merchants and travelers alike with peaceful purpose across the ocean are often given escort and protection in their charge. While they are primarily based at sea, they are not chained to it and freely conduct themselves upon land should their duty demand it. They live life to the fullest and pass onto death with their heads held high.


Name Rank Title Description
Sorrel 1 Knight Grandmaster
Victus 2 Knight Commander
Leola 3 Knight Captain Scout Corps Captain
Romulius 3 Knight Captain
Jasher 3 Knight Captain
Galen 4 Knight
Lucaj 4 Knight
Oskar 4 Knight
Orland 4 Knight
Alantir 4 Knight
Yuri 4 Knight
Jace 5 Squire
Isidora 6 Vigilant Medical Corps Captain
Edward 6 Vigilant Diplomat
Natasha 6 Vigilant
Coraline 7 Inactive
Perrach 7 Inactive
Sparte 7 Inactive
Echo 7 Inactive
Ronja 7 Inactive Scouting Recruit
Delfina 7 Inactive
Serapion 7 Inactive
Raimon 7 Inactive