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Vassal of Harthall

Words: "Ever vigilant, no matter the storm."
Sigil: On a field of blue waves a golden lighthouse with an eye for the light.

House Farwatch was begun after an expansion effort by the Crimson Blades hired by Harthall gained more land for them. As a result, Thorley Sandreef, the founding Baron who became Thorley Farwatch, was finally acknowledged by House Farshaw as being the bastard son of the former Duke. With his wife, Violet, leader of the Crimson Blades, they took on the challenges faced them.


Name Rank Title Description
Thorley 1 Baron The Head Honcho Dude
Violet 3 Noble Family Head Honcho's Sassy Lass
Orvyn 4 Noble Allies Liege Lord
Ronja 6 House Staff Family

Ruler: Thorley

Minister Category Title
Violet Income Quartermaster

Land Holdings

Sandreef Point

Description: The House has numerous trade offerings that include several small islands of cacao and lemon, orange and lime orchards. Another islet is mostly a tar pit and so a ship yard has grown up around it. The main island is large and crescent shaped. Huge cliffs with caves guard one side acting as a natural barrier and lookout across the Eventide vast. Here a lighthouse stands, guiding ships through the rocky isles that surrounds Crescent Island where the main port, Sandreef Point, stands. The large island tends towards mild temperatures year round. Storms are often fast and furious, blowing through to leave rainbows and sunshine behind. Certainly a lovely place to visit.

On the edge of the lagoon is a Dawnstone mine. The Dawnstones from the Crescent Isles often have a unique gold or green hue to them. There are rumors that some come from the mines already cut and it must be some long gone dragon's horde.

The people of the house are used to challenges. Their founding Baron and Baroness came from simple backgrounds. Simple upbringing. They made something of themselves. And so Farwatch is known for being welcoming of those looking to do more. Make more of their lives. A land of opportunity. But it is also an odd duck in the Orthodox Valardin lands, for they welcome Northern shamanism quietly. It makes it an oddly welcoming place. It helps that a major Chapter House of the Crimson Blades is here. And soldiers from all over come and go regularly.

Trends: Part of the Kismet Carnivals.