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Words: "Finding Peace for the Dead."
Sigil:A Grave marked with a Skull

The Deathspeakers of Arx have only one unifying trait: a wish to see the shades of the dead dispersed back to the Queen of Endings. Some are shamans, some are from the Faith. Some don?t even have the ability to interact with the dead, but bring knowledge and passion to a cause started before the Reckoning. The organization of Deathspeakers in Arx happened in the spring of 1010 AR, and is the first known, formal gathering since the Queen of Endings first granted denizens of Arvum the ability.

For those outside the organization, they are regarded with suspicion and curiosity, and most imagine they are an odd fringe group of shamans who do some work with the harlequins. Seen as eccentric at best. Not sanctioned by the Faith.


Name Rank Title Description
Volcica 1 First Speaker
Cufre 2 Voice
Godric 3 Deathspeaker
Clara 3 Deathspeaker
Jaenelle 3 Deathspeaker
Tanith 3 Deathspeaker First Harlequin of the Mother
Mae 4 Harlequin
Jennyva 4 Harlequin
Carita 5 Initiate
Ksenia 5 Initiate