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King's Own

Vassal of The Crown

Words: "While we stand the crown will not fall."
Sigil: A crown above a sword pointing downward.
Nicknames: Silver swords. The hundred.

The Sovereign's Own Royal Guard is the personal elite guard of the sovereign of the Compact. While every king or queen of the Compact traditionally hails from one of the great houses and therefore would have that house's forces under their command, the King's (or Queen's) Own are a separate elite force that owes no fealty to any house and is sworn only to the current ruler and in theory has no potential split loyalties. Nomination to the King's Own is considered one of the greatest honors for any knight in the compact, and no single organization in Arvum can match the silver swords' tally for feats of heroism, glory and renown. Aside from their livery and recognizable plate armor designs, the King's Own are also called the silver swords for the distinctive design on the pommel of their swords, a silver crest bearing the sigil of their order.


Name Rank Title Description
Eleanor 1 Lord Commander
Imi 2 First Captain
Stanley 2 First Captain
Miles 3 Knight-Lieutenant
Corban 3 Knight-Lieutenant
Austen 3 Knight-Lieutenant
Paloma 4 Knight-Sergeant
Ashlinn 4 Knight-Sergeant
Hazel 4 Knight-Sergeant
Tovell 5 Knight
Filshiar 5 Knight
Jorunn 5 Knight
Harrow 5 Knight
Gabriel 5 Knight
Kenjay 8 Squire
Alaric 9 Monarch