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Dance of Swords

Princess Marian Valardin, Sword of Valardin and Lady Viviana Pravus, Sword of Pravus are due to meet in a honorable show match in the training center in a test of speed, daring and skill.


June 24, 2016, 5 p.m.

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Marian Valencia Fergus(RIP) Gerry(RIP) Ailith



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Training Center

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Comments and Log

(OOC) Marian says: We wanna wait a few, or what?
Fergus arrives.
(OOC) Ailith can do a quick scene set if you want.
(OOC) Viviana says: Well, I was sort of waiting for Valencia but I dunno what's taking her so long.
(OOC) Ailith ahhs and nods.
(OOC) Marian says: That bimbo.
Tehom arrives.
Gerry had been in the training center with an old hunting bow and some simple arrows, shooting one after another at a big target. Every time he'd run out of arrows he'd slowly make his way over to pull them out and start a new again, until his muscles were stiff for the strain of it, and his fingers ached with a rawness.

With the approach of the duel between the two high ladies, though, he's found himself a seat at the benches instead. His bow unstrung and in a simple cloth wrap, sitting between his legs. He's a man of simple clothes; a knee length leather coat, some plain and oft mended trousers. There are wrinkles at the corners of his eyes, and his scruffy half-beard and his flat hair have gone mostly grey. He's not particularly tall, and lean in the way men become when they're worked hard on not too much sustenance. His hands look strong, though.

As he waits, he draws out a carefully wrapped pack from a pocket, undoing the fabric to reveal some cheese and some olives. He pops one one in his mouth.
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Ailith is wearing her white and gold Seraph's robes, not entirely out of place in the training centre given the frequent contests of arms that take here, or the resulting injuries. She waits near a prominent and cleared sparring circle, watching a group of knights training across the other side of the room as she waits.
(OOC) Viviana says: Alright, we may as well start.
Viviana swaggers into the training center, notably about five minutes late to her own event although it isn't obvious from her expression. A broad dimpled grin is on her face as she strides towards the cleared area in simple black leather and red silk, an inky black jacket bearing the sigil of her house upon her back as she makes her way into the circle. Her fingers lace together as she pushes them above her head, arching her back in a long stretch.
Valencia arrives.
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Ailith gives a bow of her head to Viviana as the woman arrives, folding her own hands together within the fall of her robe's voluminous sleeves, turning toward the sparring area now that it is at least half occupied. “My lady. While we wait for your opponent, what are the planned terms of this Rite to honour Gloria?”
Ailith gives a bow of her head to Viviana as the woman arrives, folding her own hands together within the fall of her robe's voluminous sleeves, turning toward the sparring area now that it is at least half occupied. "My lady. While we wait for your opponent, what are the planned terms of this Rite to honour Gloria?"
(OOC) Ailith fixes.

Late herself, and muttering under her breath when she does finally push through the doors and into the training center, Marian's green eyes quickly seek out the Sword of Setarco, and she heads that direction. The red-haired Valardin is dressed much the same as she usually is, with one noticeable difference. A sleeveless, thin robe of white silk covers her from neck to knee, clashing rather sharply in terms of fashion against the black and red leathers beneath it. Also, hard to miss, is what looks to be an old, almost obscene bloodstain marring the front of the robe from the neckline all the way down, as if something horrible happened to a previous wearer's head.

"Lady Viviana," Marian greets the other woman with an dip of her head before looking aside to Ailith, scarred brow quirking in query. Oh. Right. Religious stuff. "Apologies for being late. Still learning my way around the capital. It's very big."
A face not often seen in the training center, and yet here he is, Fergus steps through the door into the training center, a large hand idly resting upon the Redrain champion sword. The Redrain Prince moves towards the benches, moving to find a spot where he wont be crowded in. The look of annoyance upon Fergus' features is a constant with the man, and he looks as if he really doesn't care to be here, but social obligation perhaps had brought him here. Sitting straight-backed the large man crosses his thick arms over his chest, those haunted grey eyes moving toward the fighting pit.
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Viviana relaxes back down from her stretch, flicking her eyes briefly over Marian's bloodstained robe. "Princess." She greets before frowning slightly at Ailith. "Terms uhh, well we're not going to kill each other. Or stab each other's eyes out. I think that's about it." She decides, glancing across at Marian for confirmation. She twists from side to side then, continuing with her limbering up before the fight to come.
Gerry watches Viviana first, and then Marian later with avid interest while he chews on his olive. The stone he spits back down into his palm and makes vanish. He rubs his hands afterward on his thighs, eagerly. Free entertainment like this is hard to come about. He makes certain that his stare isn't in the wrong places, though, all things considered. Professional interest only! Even if he is technically a trader rather than a soldier.

When Fergus joins the benches, he knuckles his forehead and bows quiet deep and proper. "M'lord," murmured respectfully.
Ailith half turns, giving a bow of her head to Marian, eying the bloodied silk for a moment, then straightens, also grinning at Viviana's declaration. "Very well then my lady, your highness." To the two combatants respectively, then she steps back, clearing the sparring area as she spreads her arms to the sides, looking upward as she speaks. She does not really raise her voice, but she is clearly audible throughout the training center.

"Ohh Gloria, Goddess of War, two worthy combatants stand before you in the light of Mangata and see to honour you with a contest of arms. We beseech you to turn your shining face upon this combat and find it pleasing."

Then back down to the pair, looking from one to the other, before she asks in the same intently serious voice.

"Do you swear to engage in honourable battle, to show quarter if quarter is asked, to engage in no treachery or deceit but to fight without hesitation and with every fibre of your being? Do you seek to face cold steel and through the contest of arms, demonstrate your worth to the divine?"

A small group of women arrive in the training center, dressed for anything but a bout. Silks, gems, and intricate hairstyles are the order of the evening it would seem, and Princess Valencia Redrain is at the center of them, her entourage joining her as she moves to take a seat at the benches. Clad in mist gray silk and matching slippers, the Lyceum-born princess wears a mourning armband on her left bicep, the silk and silver ornament the blood-red hue of Redrain. She settles as Ailith begins to stand on ceremony, her eyes scanning between the fighters before she turns her attentions to those seated instead.
Seemingly talking quietly at his bench towards Valencia, the Redrain Prince acknowledges the greeting he had gotten from Gerry. The Prince's hands wring in what could be described as a dry-washing maneuver. He looks over Marian and then Viviana, as if giving a critical eye as to whom is, just by looks, the better fighter.

"Not trying to kill each other. Or do any lasting harm," the redhead confirms after Viviana glances her direction. "We are using real blades, though, aye? A bit of blood, then. I trust the Sword of Setarco to not stick her needle through my heart," the former Abandoned muses with a faint smirk as her gaze flicks to the Lycean's rapier.

The Valardin Princess rolls her shoulders and then lifts a hand to draw the longsword strapped across her back, the hilt and very blade itself crafted from priceless metal and adorned with gems. Marian's scar-marred left brow arches up a bit as she draws the blade and eyes Viviana, waiting to see if the woman comments.

A bit belatedly, the prodigal Princess's attention turns to Ailith as the woman offers her prayer. The Valardin woman offers a nod where appropriate, when the taller woman finishes, and then answers her series of questions simply, "Aye, Seraph." The westerner gives her blade an idle twirl, holding the hilt with only one hand at the moment.
"I agree." Viviana informs Ailith simply before her gaze returns to Marian, she watches as the woman draws her sword a wicked grin creeping over her face as she does. "Nice piece of metal." She claims and then there's a sharp smack as she strikes her thigh just below the pommel of her sword, it sends the slender rapier shooting up out of her scabbard and the Lyceum woman takes a step forward to catch it as it comes back down, twirling it over her hand and gripping the very tip of the blade between two fingers as she holds it up high over her head, the light catching in the dark duskstone of the pommel and reflecting like a small night sky as she does so.

After a few seconds to let everyone appreciate the blade she drops it again, catches it by the hilt and sends it flying up into the air once more, twirling end over end before it comes down and she catches it in her right hand just as she falls into a duelist's position, her body side on to her opponent, knees just slightly bent as she blows Marian a kiss. "Whenever you're ready darling."
Viviana wields Twilight's Edge.
“My you both do honour to the goddess of battle.” Ailith steps back then... Then watches intently, expression rapt, ceremony apparently now silencing as the heirloom blades are brandished.
Marian wields House Valardin Oathbinder Longsword.

The Sword of Setarco's impressive little display sets Marian to chuckling quietly, lips curving to one side in a crooked smile as her eyes follow the thin rapier and Viviana's hands, "Very pretty blade you've got yourself. And very quick hands," she adds in compliment. "How long you'd have to practice doing that before you could do it without cutting yourself? "

"Good to go then, aye?" The Valardin wonders after Ailith's comment and when the Seraph steps back. She grins and then nods when the Pravus woman settles into her stance and blows her a kiss. "Let's see what you can do with that pretty little thing, then, beyond juggle it," Marian muses before shifting her grip on her dragon-hilted sword, lifting it and holding it angled across her abdomen.

Lapsing into silence, the Princess begins to step to the side with careful, fluid motions, starting to circle her opponent and studying the way the brunette moves in response to her.
(OOC) Ailith says: As a note to people, @spectate_combat
Viviana rolls 40 to attack, Marian rolls 39 to defend.
Viviana rolled 71 damage against Marian's 21 mitigation.
Marian rolls 51 to attack, Viviana rolls 35 to defend.
Marian rolled 132 damage against Viviana's 24 mitigation.
(OOC) Marian says: Jesus.
(OOC) Ailith does not think I have seen 'extremely critical' damage before.
(OOC) Marian says: The heirloom weapons have massive bonus damage.
(OOC) Ailith says: Yeah, Viviana's armour is giving her protection equal to full steel armour.
(OOC) Valencia says: Woo!
(OOC) Ailith admits I am amazed to see even the heirloom swords do that much damage. Last I heard they were doing like... 6 more then a regular sword?
(OOC) Ailith says: Not 80 more!
(OOC) Marian says: Well, Kima hit me for like 70+ dmg yesterday with a regular weapon.
(OOC) Fergus wants to try out the dang combat code
"A few weeks." Viviana admits eying the princess carefully her eyes narrowing slightly. When the redhead moves in on her she feints left and then strikes right. Razor sharp black steel arcs a few inches from Marian's cheek as she makes her attack, her feet rapidly shifting her one way and then the other. Then she moves in again, dark alaracite flashing almost too fast for the eye to follow as she strikes low, then high, high, right, low, low, high again, each attack picked off by Marian's own blades which flash and blur with equal speed.

After a few seconds the Lyceum lady pulls back from the Princess, eyeing her warily before she moves in for another series of blinding fast attacks, feet moving almost as fast as her sword as she flows forwards, back, left right, and finally ducks and slices, a spray of red arcing out from where the tip of her blade cuts an angry red line along Marian's thigh, the blood flies out in an arc into the air before falling to the ground of the practice arena as the Lyceum woman quickly retreats, breathing heavily.
(OOC) Ailith guesses there must be a huge random element to it and you both rolled for extreme hurt.
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Where he sits, Gerry gives a bit of a hoot when Viviana's sword slices through the flesh of Marian's thigh. "Shit, that was damn me fast as a viper!" He exclaims loudly, and leans forward at the benches to get a better look, and perhaps gauge the reaction of the Valardin redhead. Its only belatedly that he blinks fast a few times, looking towards the other people at the benches. He clears his throat, bows his head low, and knuckles it humbly. "My great apologies," he immediately begs of Valencia, quite groveling in fact. "Didn't mean no disrespect with my language. Nope I didn't. Please do forgive a man for his excitement."
Standing with a bit of annoyance more than average on his features, the Redrain Prince shifts his sword from where it had settled while he was sitting and begins to move toward the exit, blood bout over, the Prince has seen what he had come to see, the skills of the two women.

"You're fine," Valencia tells Gerry with an idle gesture of her hand as she watches the blood spray the ground. "Farewell, Your Highness," she calls after Fergus as he goes.
(OOC) Ailith thinks that my connection ate a pose somewhere.
(OOC) Ailith did not see Maria's pose if one was made.

The former Shav hisses out a sharp breath when that thin, razor-sharp blade flicks through the air near her cheek. Another smirk graces the Valardin's features as she begins to move with the other woman. Initially, the redhead sticks with her heirloom weapon alone, both hands going to the longsword's hilt as she dances with the Sword of Setarco. That thin blade whispers by the Princess, occasionally striking against the thin robe she wears, and surprisingly not cutting the cloth. Steelsilk, it's not hard to figure out. Even if they don't cut through into flesh, those impacts certainly leave bruises that will show later.

Twisting and turning, shifting away from the Lycean's rapier as often as her alaricite blade smacks the brunette's away in a parry here and there, managing to lightly tag the other woman's arm or side occasionally, and doing nothing to that dark jacket. After one such parry, Marian dances back a step to shift her stance, removing one hand from Oathbinder's hilt to yank free the straight shortsword at her hip with that hand.

With a blade in each hand, the Sword of Sanctum meets her black-haired counterpart in a whirling clatter of steel and alaricite against alaricite, grunts of effort escaping every time she parries one of those lightning fast thrusts or gets tagged by one. A ragged hiss escapes the older woman when the rapier finds her leg beneath the hem of her robe, the blade easily parting the thick leather of her leggings and cutting into the flesh beneath.

There's a growl and nod of acknowledgement for the other Sword before Marian is on the woman again, striking with both swords coming in at different angles again and again, making the fencer work her thin blade and feet in a blur. During one exchange, Oathbinder slams deliberately against Twilight's Edge, knocking the thinner sword wide and leaving the Lycean woman open for the Valardin's shortsword to smack harshly against her midsection. It doesn't do much to the shadowmeld, but the impact is certainly felt beneath it.
(OOC) Marian apologizes for taking forever to pose! Round 2?
Marian rolls 39 to attack, Viviana rolls 31 to defend.
Marian rolled 105 damage against Viviana's 24 mitigation.
Viviana falls unconscious.
(OOC) Ailith says: So as a note, a lot of people have not been posing for every combat round, rather running combat rounds until a conclusion has been reached or something major happens, then posing. Then again this is the superfastest fight ever thanks to your apparently using lightsabers!
(OOC) Marian is surprised by that, Ailith. Even my fight with Kima was over in like 4 rounds.
(OOC) Ailith says: I am honestly not sure what it is, you are not rolling very high on your attacks even, but the damage numbers are insane.
(OOC) Ailith says: Is weapon damage multiplicative instead of additive maybe?
(OOC) Ailith says: I mean if you hit +combatstats, what are the damage numbers showing as for your super swords?
(OOC) Marian says: 12 weapon damage. Opposed to 4 for 'high quality steel'.
(OOC) Marian says: And probably 6 for rubicund, 8 for diamondplate, or something like that.
(OOC) Ailith says: You are definitely doing a lot more than 8 more damage than would be expected for that though.
(OOC) Ailith nods.
Viviana skips back away from Marian for a moment, circling the other woman slowly and keeping her distance. "You're faster than I expected with that big thing." She says, motioning to the other woman's longsword with her rapier. "Seems like it would get tiring though." She muses, flicking some blood from the tip of her blade before moving back in onto the attack. Her sword flicking out again as she probes Marian's defenses, feinting high, then low, then left and right, but she can't seem to find a way through the guard of the other woman now she's using two blades.
(OOC) Gerry says: This is the fastest fight I've seen
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(OOC) Ailith says: Seriously. I saw one fight with an unarmoured person being brutally beaten to the point where there armour was ignored entirely and they still took a lot longer to go down.
(OOC) Ailith says: *a mostly unarmoured
(OOC) Marian says: o_O
(OOC) Viviana says: Combat is changing all the time.
(OOC) Marian says: Even with regular weapons, most fights I've done are over around 5-6 rounds. (And not necessarily with me winning.)
(OOC) Ailith says: Damage numbers I have seen tended more toward like, 10-30 for clean hits, outside of 70ish for one attack with a disparity of 50 between the attack and defense rolls.
(OOC) Marian says: The attack roll vs defense roll has a very odd correlation to damage, in my experience.
(OOC) Ailith says: Mostly, it ignores armour.
(OOC) Ailith says: But you need a difference of 20 or more for that to start.
(OOC) Gerry says: Yeah, it ignores armor. So if you're better than your opponent, you can slice through any armor they might have.
(OOC) Ailith says: That has not really been happening here but the damage numbers are super huge compared to what I would expect. Who knows though, it must just be luck.
(OOC) Ailith says: Or the system having been tweaked.
(OOC) Marian says: Or Alaricite is badass. :O
(OOC) Ailith says: Well 8 more damage is badass! That is more than enough to negate an entire quality level of armour.
(OOC) Ailith says: Doing a lot more than 8 more damage though.
(OOC) Gerry says: High rolls + high damage.
(OOC) Ailith nods.
(OOC) Ailith does reccommend you guys end combat by the way, Marian, you would need to do it since codedly, Viviana is unconcious. :>
(OOC) Marian finishes posing!
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(OOC) Viviana says: Awkward.
(OOC) Gerry says: Mikedrop
(OOC) Ailith says: Ooops.
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(OOC) Marian kicks internet.

"If it wasn't Oathbinder, it'd be throwing me off pretty noticeably," Marian admits to the other Sword as they circle each other, both looking for openings. "It's balanced perfectly. All the same, it's been mine for less than a year. I'm still practicing with it," the redhead speaks between deep breaths, chest heaving beneath her robe from the effort of keeping up with the southern duelist.

As Viviana moves in again, the Valardin Princess works her two blades in tandem, one deflecting the Pravus's strike and the other coming up just in time to neatly parry the next blindingly fast thrust. Gritting her teeth as she works to keep up with the deft Sword of Setarco, Marian waits for the next thrust from the brunette and then slams one, and then the other of her swords against Twilight's Edge with two loud clangs, knocking the rapier horribly wide in an attempt to throw Viviana off balance. Spinning rapidly, the Valardin moves to strike the brunette's side once again, not cutting through the shadowmeld, but the smack of the impact audible.
(OOC) Marian says: Man, public is super distracting. Sorry, finally turned it off. x__x
As Viviana's sword is knocked to the side and she's struck she goes down into the dirt, grunting as the breathe is knocked explosively out of her. She turns on her back and holds up a palm to the other woman over her. "I yield." She says before flopping back down onto her back on the grass, breathing heavily.
Ailith steps forward then, between the two, though it is probably not necessary, proclaiming with utmost formality. “Princess Marian Valardin is the victor! Honour Gloria!” Then she turns more toward Viviana, with evident concern. “I will ensure you get immediate medical attention. You fought bravely, that was fast! I have not seen Alacarite in motion before.”
Gerry, mouth full of olive and cheese, hurriedly gets to his feet and claps loudly for the display of Marian's victory. "Brah-vho," he declares, a bit of muffledness to the sound of it from having little room left in his mouth to speak with. Clap, clap, clap! He tries to swallow down, and as a result ends up bent over instead, coughing and spluttering, water turning up in his eyes to leak down his cheeks. In the wake of it he's harking and blowing and trying to catch his breath. Then he claps a bit more.
Gerry is overheard praising Marian for: A devil with her sword, quicker than a viper! More lovely than a.. uh.. something lovely! The sun? A sunset! Sunsets are red. Yes, more lovely than a sunset!
Ailith is overheard praising Marian for: Marian faced Alacarite, and felt it, without flinching, before doing Gloria proud as she faced her civil foe.

As the dark-haired swordswoman goes down, Marian takes half a step back, swords still at the ready but giving the other woman space to get up should she decide to continue. Green eyes stare down at the dark-clad Pravus until she lifts her hand and yields, and then Marian's posture relaxes, before of her swords quickly finding their way back into their sheathes. Breathing heavily, the Valardin glances to the sound of clapping and lifts a hand in acknowledgement before she turns back steps towards Viviana.

"Thank you, Seraph," Marian remarks to the taller woman as she moves towards them as well. "Want a hand up, or need a moment?" She wonders of the Pravus when she looks down at the brunette again, "You might very well be the quickest opponent I've ever seen. Impressive, to say the least. I look forward to doing that again sometime, Viviana." Distractedly, the redhead reaches down to the gash in her thigh, blood staining the leather beneath it, "A couple inches deeper and that could have very well been a killing blow. A slow one, but still."
(OOC) Marian says: Hardcore grammar fails in that first paragraph. Phone rang. x__x
Viviana groans and then sits up. "I'll be alright, thank you." She tells both Ailith and Marian before she stands, sheathing her blade and moving to lightly half-embrace the princess. "Well fought, I need to get more practice in against two blade styles for sure, far too much metal flying at my face for me to feel entirely comfortable." She jokes, glancing down at Marian's leg. "Well, at least I have you something to remember me by for a few days. And now, if you'll excuse me I think I shall go get very very drunk." She says, giving an elaborate bow to the benches.
Valencia is overheard praising Viviana for: Excellent showmanship, the pride of the Lyceum is not misplaced with Lady Viviana Pravus, Sword of Setarco.
"A moment my lady." This to Marian from Ailith. "I did bring medical supplies, this was... Not an entirely unexpected result given the weapons in question." After a nod to Viviana she steps aside, moving to retrieve a satchel then without asking, dropping down to crouch at Marian's side. "Take care then my lady." This more to Viviana. "If you think you might have broken something when the adrenaline wears off then I am happy to assist." As she speaks she starts to apply a poultice, obviously well practised, a strip of clean undyed cotton bandage following. To Marian. "It an exceptionally clean cut but you may wish to have it stitched given the depth. Definitely rest the leg for a while."
(OOC) Marian says: Wtf! Where's her shade!?
Valencia is overheard praising Marian for: She redeemed herself after losing to whatever-her-face was.
(OOC) Gerry laughs
(OOC) Valencia says: You wanted shade? Have some more.
(OOC) Marian |:<
(OOC) Viviana says: lol
(OOC) Ailith ponders shade, still has a full arsenal of condemns and Propaganda 5.
(OOC) Viviana says: I kind of don't want to praise Marian now just so that Valencia's is more likely to show up.
(OOC) Valencia says: Lol.

Valencia rises from the stands after the fight, leaving her retinue of gossiping ladies behind. Catching sight of Viviana as she bows, the Redrain princess asks, upon approaching, "First round on me? You both took a beating, I feel like -I- need a drink now." She looks toward Marian, a single, perfectly arched brow lifting. "Coming?" she asks the Valardin.
(OOC) Ailith chuckles, I think that staff publish whichever they find most fun.

"The Knights of the compact do love their shields, not many of them using two weapons," Marian muses in reply to the Lycean's mention of needing practice against two swords. The redhead extends an arm to Viviana, inviting the younger woman to clasp her hand, should she decide to once she's upright on her feet. "You'll have to let me join you for a drink sometime," the Valardin tells her dark-haired counterpart, "Not now though. Suppose I should get this cleaned and bound." When Ailith goes to pull out a satchel and bandage, the Sword of Sanctum lowers herself to sit on the ground so her thigh can be wrapped, "Much appreciated Seraph." Valencia's invitation has her looking in the Redrain's direction, "Another time, your highness. Going to head home and put my robe up, I think."
(OOC) Valencia says: It's automated.
(OOC) Ailith makes a completely pointless healing roll! Since you magically heal once combat is done in the training center.
(OOC) Ailith says: Super healed!
(OOC) Valencia says: Good thing I'm no doctor.
(OOC) Ailith says: Also Marian, did you send out a request for support for the Rite of Gloria?
(OOC) Ailith did not see if you did.
(OOC) Marian says: Nah! I don't have any tasks left.
(OOC) Marian says: And Marian's not big on the whole religion thing.
Gerry gathers up his things, his rucksack and his cloth wrapped bow, and starts making his way off from the benches. Again he knuckles his forehead and bows in a show of respect towards the nobility, and adds one just as deep (in fact it might be just a little deeper) for the Seraph as well. Without attempting to get in the middle of his betters, he heads for the exit.
(OOC) Gerry slips away with a wave!
(OOC) Valencia waves!
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"I'd be happy to Princess." Viviana informs Marian before nodding to Valencia. "Yes, first round on you, just as long as it's a nice southern wine and not, whatever you drink up there in the North." She decides, "Lets go scare some superstitious drinkers with my demonskin jacket." She suggests, moving to follow Valencia.
"You're impossible," Valencia notes with a long-suffering expression. She inclines her head toward the others as she leads the defeated swordswoman out of the training center. "You should let me borrow that sometime, it would look great with my..." she goes on as they leave.
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