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Siege: The Brawl at the Hall

At the Hall of Heroes, 25 Valardin swords stand guard in the main hall, where the statue of Lord Commander Dayne Valardin will stand for all to appreciate and remember our lost legend. The statue is not finished but the plague is going to be hung on the pedestal and people whose lives were touched by the greatest knight of our age are coming to pay tribute. There's no way anything is going to go wrong and this will be a somber remembrance of a great man. Right?

OOC: I will be able to actively GM for about 6 people people, but spectators and people RPing supplemental to the action (helping people evacuate, the all, tending to the wounds of injured bystanders and so on) will be entirely welcome!


April 6, 2017, 8 p.m.

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Fiachra Mira Roland Aiden Silas Marian Barric(RIP) Eirlys(RIP) Percephon Antonio Sparte Alis Luis Merek



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Hall of Heroes - Main Hall

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It was quite a battle. Not one that I'd hoped to have, and not in a place I'd want to fight any of the Bringers. The Valardin Knights fought well, as did all the others. I've never seen so much alaracite in one place either. We made fast work of the situation, but I still feel for the many folk that will not be the same after this. One wonders when this battle will finish. Some even seem to be cherishing the fighting. Is that part of coping with war? I'm not sure. We should find glory and honor it, but not hope and seek for it.


My meeting with Lord Luis Igniseri was interrupted by an attack the likes of which I haven't ever seen inside the city walls. The Knights seemed prepared, and I saw fit to put my sword arm to other use, namely pairing up with Luis to shield children from the fray. This feels less like being under siege and more like being under attack, without knowing when the blade will strike or from what direction.

A big armored figure in blue, Roland seems quite at home in the Hall; he's found a spot where he can see the comings and goings of those preparing for the ceremony honoring Lord Commander Dayne and seems content enough to stand at ease, ready to intervene should something go awry.

Antonio has joined the Quiet Alcove.

Barric was patrolling the city now and again, seems this celebration was a god one to check out and make sure nothing untoward is happening. Course Synder, his new hound, pads along beside him, attentive to all around him and Barric.

Luis has joined the Quiet Alcove.

The Hall is a wonderful place for research, and so it is little wonder that the lord-scholar Percephon is out and about, especially with a new statue being comissioned. A journal is in hand, a handful of notes being reviewed, his long leather coat left on to help warm him from the chill of winter outside of these halls.

Silas does not visit the Hall of Heroes frequently, but today was an exception. He was playing tour guide! While his guard retinue follows behind him a few yards back, he leads the young Grayson prince Aiden through the august corridors, occasionally stopping to allow the lad to read the pedestals while he provides (mostly trivial) commentary. They avoid getting in the way of those preparing the ceremony.

Merek has on a black kite shield with the which is strapped to his back, his rubicund blade across that, while his fur-lined Iron Guard cloak billows about him. He seems to have come with the other members of the Iron Guard who are currently here. He follows Silas and Prince Aiden as part of the retinue.

Alis was not going to do anything other volunteer to be part of the honor guard for her Uncle and knightly mentor. Thus, she is there with the other gleamingly plated Knights and in the Valardin battle robes. Obviously, her Greenmarch entourage were not going to let her be there without them though! Fiachra and Eirlys are also nearby, more stealthily keeping an eye on things. Because it is hard to be stalthy in steel and bright white.

Aiden looked content to have a tour guide and something to do with his time. As he paused before the pedestals to get a good read on the heroes of the Hall, he shares a look of gratitude to Silas for any commentary made. The ceremony does have the Grayson Prince pause thoughtfully, before he asks to Silas, "What is happening over there?"

Sparte is walking about on patrol, wearing his Iron Guard armor. A familiar sight for people at this part of the city, he has been assigned here for over a fortnight now. The rubicund sword is new though, either he saved a lot of pay or somebody likes him.

The Hall might be a flurry of activity at the moment, but there are quiet places to be found even in the thickest of dins. One such quiet place, a tucked away alcove, is occupied by a man in black leather, most assuredly a part of no one's honor guard. Antonio is joined by a younger man in full armor, their words spoken a a volume unlikely to be overheard in the growing crowd.

A newcomer in the city is here, a young woman with big round glasses and ink-stained fingertips. Mira Matessi, daughter to a minor Merchant Lord, is mostly here sightseeing, and she does her best to stay out of the way of the multitude of people present. Hands clasped behind her back, the bookish-looking woman bites her lip as she watches people prepare for the honors about to take place. When she sees Silas, however, she does blink, watching him for a moment, as if not sure whether or not she recognizes him.

Fiachra seems to have picked out a good vantage point where the Greenmarch huntsman can draw and shoot the longbow he wears along his back with ease, should the need arise. He's talking in a low voice to his sister, Eirlys, but his eyes keep wandering around. They rest occasionally on either the Valardin princess or the Telmar scholar in particular, but never for long.

Marian is standing near the Valardin princess, Oathbinder on her back and her twin swords at her side. She is acting as the obvious shield should danger arise. Her manner is careful, she keeps an eye on Fiachra and Eirlys in case they signal to her. Her own venom green eyes looking carefully through the crowd.

Eirlys has her hand on the pommel of her sword, as if she were ready to pull it free. It seems to be a habit though. She is watching the area as she speaks to her brother Fiachra in low tones. At some point she starts to slide her sword free slowly as she nods to her brother before whispering something back to him. Her ice blue eyes flicking between the princes, the Telmar scholar and any other area that could be a security issue, at least as much as she can.

With Brand's army dug in around the city, the Hall of Heroes is needed more than ever. People need the heroes and the weight of history in these halls to give them hope in the dark days ahead. And so in these dark days, when people need hope, it seems a good time to add another hero the hall. The statue is note finished yet, but the Pedestal on which the likeness of Lord Commander Dayne Valardin will one day stand is instaled. Two artisans thats that bicker like a couple that has been married for decades, argue in soft whispers that are to soft to hear, but just loud enough to clearly be arguing as they try to hang the plaque. The central discussion seems to be about weather or not the plaque is hanging straight.

The Honor Guard from House Valardin had once been 25 strong, but as the siege grew more dire they have started to rotate them through shifts on the ramparts, and currently there are 10 Valardin knights alongside Princess Alis, and Princess Marian.

Suddently with very little warning one of the artisans looks up at the and just tilts his head to oneside, as if the words being spoken to him suddently do not make sense. There is a chill in room for a moment, as war weary brains process the sudden signs, but there is no time to react. With a suddently jerking motion, what looks like a wirey male artisan stabs his hand through the other's chest. The other man cannot even scream before he is dead.

The sound of steel being drawn can be heard as the Valardin knights turn on the obvious infiltrator... but as the two.. there are two t hat do not draw swords. With powerful sweeps of their arms two Bringers draped in a knight's shell each send a brace of Valardin knights through the air and crashing into nearby statues which have no give. The knights do.

It is very clear that thee disguised bringer's are striking at the Hall of Heroes.

Roland checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 30, resulting in 78, 48 higher than the difficulty.

Silas glances over his shoulder at the workers when Aiden refers to them. "Not entirely sure myself. It seems like they're honoring Prince Dayne Valardin. Best swordsman of his time, according to many," Silas explains. Mira also captures his attention in the corner of his eye, but he doesn't immediately recognize her. It's been some time! He turns back to the statue of Iron -- the founder of the Iron Guard -- and opens his mouth to speak again before things suddenly turn very violent among the artisans! "Shit!" His hand immediately goes to his alaricite blade strapped at his side. "Guardsmen!" He shouts out to alert Merek, Sparte, and other guards within the vicinity.

Alis checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 25, resulting in 79, 54 higher than the difficulty.

Aiden checked dexterity + archery against difficulty 20, resulting in 36, 16 higher than the difficulty.

Fiachra checked dexterity + archery against difficulty 25, resulting in 54, 29 higher than the difficulty.

Silas checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 30, resulting in 50, 20 higher than the difficulty.

Merek checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 30, resulting in 31, 1 higher than the difficulty.

Sparte checked dexterity + huge wpn against difficulty 30, resulting in 42, 12 higher than the difficulty.

Barric checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 30, resulting in 65, 35 higher than the difficulty.

dexterity + Medium wpn at 25

Eirlys checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 25, resulting in 34, 9 higher than the difficulty.

Percephon checked wits + leadership against difficulty 20, resulting in 35, 15 higher than the difficulty.

Marian wields House Valardin Oathbinder Longsword.

Sparte doesn't need to be told twice. His greatsword is out and in his hands the second there are signs of violence, feet taking him forward in a charge. "About bloody time!" Is he scared? Upset? No, he was right and proper bored so this is amazing.

Marian checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 30, resulting in 54, 24 higher than the difficulty.

Sparte wields a massive rubicund claymore with garnet inset guard.

Silas sets his sight on the largest visible threat -- and unfortunately for the largest Bringer, so did two others with alaricite weapons. He strides forward with little poise or fancifulness, just with simple purpose, and thrusts his blade forward at the creature to run it through. That done, he quickly steps back to allow the others to converge on the monster unhindered, as his blue eyes search for the next threat. He keeps Aiden in his vision, wary of anything that may go in his direction...

Barric shouts to his guard, "Get the people away." He draws his sword and draws it to face the bringers along with others that can handle such creatures. The largest one seems to be the one that aims to be the toughest and with Roland, Silas, Merek, and Sparte the Prince advances with the Iron Guardsman to handle the larget of thr threats. Seeing Fiachra and Alis with their own weapons handling or good to be stalling it. This was too close, to many people around, he whistles and Synder begins to bark at anyone if they try to get to close, dragging some away as the large dog, a simple request to help those that aren't fighting and fleeing to get away. With that out of thee way it was easy enough to move in and with a passing roll he swings at the Bringer's leg, the large armored creature hopefully isn't as protected and he can take the thing down to be finished off as the other Alacrite sword plunge into it or strike with great force all at t ones. Sparte and Merek adding their own weapons to the assault on it and hearing it cry out is a a great reward to the ears before he comes up and swivels around to launch another attack, but first see where it is needed.

Professional security tends to watch the big guys. Roland gets a lot of looks from guards when he's around, just because he's tall and wide -- so it's not wholly surprising that he himself is watching the big knight, and sees when he turns Bringer. Sandrine whistles as she's drawn from her sheathe, the alaricite blade gleaming, and Roland leaps into action. He's careful not to drag down any bystanders as he goes for Big Knight -- and with a hiss of abyssal flesh, his blade sinks deep into the creature, finding a weak spot and sliding home. "FOR VALARDIN!" -- because knights, they do love a good battle cry!

Antonio might have gone for his sword, it's certainly there at his side. As fate would have it, when the attack begins it's just as a mother and her three children are making their way past, eyes full of curiosity and wonder quickly filling with terror instead. He reaches out, lifting the smallest of the children off his feet and thrusting him at Luis. "Hold this," he instructs, as if Luis might...what? Drop it instead? Who knows. He drags the woman into the suddenly crowded alcove, her children subsequently dragged with her. "Stay back," he warns her, as the crowd begins to move, some forward into danger, some otherwise.

Marian pulls Oathbinder from its sheath and wields it with a single minded intensity of a warrior that bears a special hatred for Bringers. She steps forward with others to meet huge Bringer, slashing her sword across his chest. As soon as the legendary sword touches the Bringer's skin, it parts and burns from deadly blade. Marian smiles as she observes the damage from her hit, which looks more like a snarl. She glances at her side and frowns when she notices that her blood lust has taken her from Alis side and she steps back in Alis direction, keeping her blade on the large Bringer as she moves.

Aiden just had to ask what was going on! The answer that Silas could have given him stolen by the sound of knights flung into the air by a sudden burst of energy. The instinct is to step back into the press of those Iron Guards and his own wall of Grayson guard. The guardsmen will form up around the Prince and while further instinct is to bolt, there is an oddly strange thing to seeing his first Bringer that has Aiden push his Grayson guard aside so he can see. The guardsman tries to make a protest but Aiden's eyebrows furrow, "They look like people." He looks over toward Silas, then, the other defenders who are already leaping to action. Grayson blood pumps through his veins no matter what sort of character he is. Adrenaline rushes and turns his brown skin darker around the cheeks. He was fearful, there was a tremble to his fingers as he rolled the bow off his shoulder. The bow and quiver and leathers were new, newer still was the slender quivar settled on his side packed with a dozen light weight arrows, an essential necessity if one was sporting a bow. He slides an arrow betwix his fingers and settles the aim, drawing the string, nocking it to a point before he releases upon a shuddering exhaled breath. His eyes close afterward, a split second after it releases, feeling the thrum of the bow snap and glad he's wearing his bracer. The arrow is one of precision, it lands with a thick THUD in the center of the artisan Bringer's chest, a solid square hit. When Aiden opens his eyes, he realizes the Bringer has a lot left in him, but more so he sees Silas running into the fray, his fingers deftly reaching for another arrow, "Silas!" It was more a yell of concern than otherwise.

There is little time for him to recognize what is happening, but it is as the call comes that Merek reaches and swivels his black kite shield off his back, and draws out Nightsong, which makes a sheer sound as it is freed. He lets out a warcry as he charges the biggest of the Bringers, and then swivels his hip, driving his blade across it. Though blood is drawn, it does seem he is a bit rattled from it, and stumbles a bit, as he growls. Should he use the rest of his water here? Or do the Alaracite folk have it handled? He is fighting along with Sparte and Silas, watching as others come into the fray. He twirls his blade about a bit, favouring his recently recovered wounds being put under stress, but he pushes onwards, "Sing," he murmurs, while he positions it beside him, and shifts his shield to protect him from any incoming blows as best he can.

1 Iron Guard have been dismissed.

Meeka have been dismissed.

Alis has that vaguely annoyed look on her face as artisan's bicker. And she side-glances toward Marian to see if it is equally as annoying to her. This is -Dayne-. Can't they be a bit more re... her look freezes in place, head turning just as the sound of a man's heart being ripped out squelches into the air, followed by that scream. And when several of her fellow Knights go flying in the air, her incredulity turns to anger. "NO!" Cause that's totally going to stop them, right? Maybe not, but her flail is out and she's spinning to face the less mountainous of the two Bringers; the arc of the flail's chain doesn't falter as, it closes the distance between the wielder and it's victim. Spikes from the weapon's ball pierce through metal and punch with a resounding *thud* that sends him stumbling back before she yanks the trust oathlands redsteel back towards herself in preparation for the next blow.

When the whole affair begins, the perceptive scholar catches quick attention to what is going on. It's wits that has Percephon surveying and deciding the surest path of action as his journal is snapped shut, his hand lifting to motion to the three Telmarch Armsmen with him. "Escort them outside. Guard the entrance, make certain they aren't trying to close everyone in." His voice lifts louder to sure tones to the crowd, arms spreading out to begin trying to sheperd them, "Worry not! Your heroes are amongst you, weapons at the ready to defend your exit. Orderly, and make certain those near you are held fast and upright."

And there it is. Fiachra was watching for any signs that anything is amiss, and he draws his bow and an arrow from his quiver in one smooth motion, nocking it as he says, to Eirlys, "I hate being right." She knows him well enough to catch the rest of his meaning, as he raises the bow to draw on one of the two false knights - the one that he guesses will be overlooked by many of the others present. Sparte's yell makes his features twist in disgust for a moment as he mutters something under his breath in the dialect of the Oathlands Abandoned tribes. His arrow is loosed on his next breath, and slams right into his target forcefully, finding a chink in the armour between the shoulder and chest.

When husks are cast aside and people turn into monsters, Mira Matessi stands there with a blank, wide-eyed expression of total shock. It actually isn't until the body that crunched into a statue next to her finally slurps off the stone and splats to the ground that she shrieks, hopping three feet to the side. When someone shouts to get 'the people' out, Mira kind of stands there, looking like she might cry. "What? But how...?" Then swords are swinging and blood is flying and Mira just stares with lips parted wordlessly. Then a splash of blood strikes her and Mira squeaks, moving to shove a gawking Lector, "Go! Move! Just...bloody get!" She shoves and pushes and shoos a couple who were venerating a statue, trying to herd the three people toward the exit!

Luis Luis suddenly had his arms full of a squirming, wailing child; he automatically clasped the boy to him, pulling his sister back into the secluded alcove as warriors started yelling and waving their weapons around. His fingers twitched towards his sword, briefly, but the protection of the helpless was heroic enough for him. "Are you going out there?" he asks, as the woman put her hand to her throat and sagged against the alcove wall.

As soon as the chaos breaks out Eirlys says to her brother. "I hate when you are right too." Then the young Greenmarcher screams. "Percy find cover! If you get hurt, I will be pissed!" Sparte's words also get a look of slight disgust. Then she is pulling her house sword from it's sheath and working with her brother, in tandem, something they are obviously very used to doing. She waits for his arrow to sink in before she goes to stab the Bringer. She didn't get a deep stab but she can tell that the sword is making a visible burn. She takes note of that and works out how to use that to her advantage.

Sparte smashes his blade into the giant of a bringer, getting less of a result than he might've hoped for. Whatever his expression it is hidden by his helmet for the moment, as he pulls his blade free with a twist and a second attempt at felling the bringer. "If'n you can't fight get to safety and all that. How'd these get in, any shavs?" He... Isn't very quick on the uptake about some things, like what the bringers are wearing.

People scream, scatter. The bringers are fearsome. And they can bring death with their just their fearsome strength. But even as people run, the hear the calming voice, of Percephon Telmar, and they see their living heroes descend on the monsters without fear. Arrows sing through the air. Blades flash, and tear through armor and bit flesh. Some of the wounds burn as they are made of powerful, pure metals. And one tiny knight sends a bringer almost a foot taller than her realing with the swing of her powerful flail.

For a moment hearts swell, but then then they see these monsters withstand an onsaulght that would end anything normal and the fear rises up, and the flight becomes a little more desperate again.

The Bringer that was once an Artisan, looks at the wound in his chest, and picks up the body of the man he just and throws it at Aiden with bone splinteriny force and starts stalking towards the one Prince.

The Largest Bringer snarls as Alaricite cuts his kin, causing his flesh to smolder. Sunken eyes focus on Roland though and he lifts up both of his fists and comes bearing down on the big knight, with all it's force. It's very body a weapon...

And the other former knight turned Bringer rubs it's Jaw where Alis's flail found purchase.. as if in disbelieve but it lowers itself like beast and pounces at her.

Roland checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 60, resulting in 49, 11 lower than the difficulty.

Alis checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 50, resulting in 56, 6 higher than the difficulty.

Aiden checked dexterity + dodge against difficulty 40, resulting in 28, 12 lower than the difficulty.

Merek gets Vial of Holy Water of Mangata from a belt made with black leather and two weapon sheathes.

Sparte checked dexterity + huge wpn against difficulty 30, resulting in 39, 9 higher than the difficulty.

Merek checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 30, resulting in 35, 5 higher than the difficulty.

Aiden checked dexterity + archery against difficulty 32, resulting in 42, 10 higher than the difficulty.

Alis checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 25, resulting in 45, 20 higher than the difficulty.

Barric checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 20, resulting in 55, 35 higher than the difficulty.

Silas checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 20, resulting in 46, 26 higher than the difficulty.

Fiachra checked dexterity + archery against difficulty 25, resulting in 41, 16 higher than the difficulty.

"Doesn't look like I have much of a choice," Antonio answers Luis' query. As people are running for the doors, pushing and shoving one another toward safety, it's inevitable that someone should lose their footing. One goes down and before he can be trampled in the crowd, Antonio Velenosa yanks him upright none too gently but no worse for the wear. Sending him off with a nudge toward the doors, Antonio barely makes it back to Luis and the small family he's standing guard over. "Can't send kids out into that madness," he reports to his armed companion. "Keep your sword ready."

Roland checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 41, resulting in 62, 21 higher than the difficulty.

Marian checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 25, resulting in 29, 4 higher than the difficulty.

Percephon checked wits + leadership against difficulty 20, resulting in 36, 16 higher than the difficulty.

Eirlys checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 25, resulting in 40, 15 higher than the difficulty.

Aiden wasn't combat savvy, not even close! His practical experience was somewhere safe nocking an arrow down range at an unmoving target, not, having dead bodies flung at one's self! Aiden unfortunately doesn't have the reactions those who live the life of the blade do, so he has a few seconds where he mimics a deer in the headlights look. The body of the dead guy sails at him and only last minute does his guardsmen standing near by realize what's happening enough to yell at Aiden to move it! Too far to even shove the lad. Aiden lets out a yelp of terror as he tries to get out of the way... No dice. He's clipped by the bone crunching body flinger, limbs clobbering him in one terrible flailing mess as he's tumbling hard to the ground with a sick thud or two. Rolling on the floor, he is dazed, something having hit him in the head... maybe the dead guys foot or hand or... whatever it was. Sprawled out on his belly, he pushes himself up onto an elbow and hand, spitting out blood and feeling terrible pain. What he sees frightens him however, for that Bringer was coming at him. In hopeless desperation the Grayson limps toward where his bow scattered, grabbing up an arrow... twisting onto his butt and firing a difficult shot from the ground. The Bringer is close enough that it doesn't matter about the force, only the aim...

"I'm fine. Worry about the thing trying to mount Alis over there." Comes Percephon's dry response to Eirlys, head craning about momentarily to catch sight of the current ebb and flow of the fighting. Every problem a positive, it would seem, as his voice lifts up once more, "Stalwart, they are! Follow their calm lead with your own, and protect those next to you to see them out." It's Mira he finds, who at least seems to have more of a head on her shoulders at the moment then most in the crowd, his hand reaching over to grip her momentarily by the shoulder to catch her attention. "Help me check the knights, see which can be roused and shown out? We won't leave them behind, and the Mercies will surely be outside in short order." Those knights, of course, being the ones that were scattered against the statues in the very beginning.

Silas leaves the beastly Bringer in favor of going after the Bringer which targets Aiden, mistaking the Prince's strident shout as a shout for help instead of concern for his safety! Unfortunately the Bringer is far too quick in its assault for Silas to close the distance between them, but Silas is there slashing down at the artisan Bringer's head not a second afterwards. "Aiden!" His attack finds purchase, blood spurting was the alaricite cleanly slices through flesh, and he steps away briefly to inspect the wounded Grayson as Barric descends. His gaze doesn't linger for too long, however -- the threat was still alive. He raises his sword again...

Another dent is added to Roland's armor as the Big Knight Bringer's fist cracks it inward, nearly throwing off his thrust -- but he adapts with the force of the blow, rolling with it, and bringing his sword around cleanly to slam into the Bringer once more. If he's moving a little more slowly from his injuries, it still seems enough to at least do a good hard bit of damage to the creature.

Sparte smacks the bringer again and lets out a little yell as though struck in turn. One gloved hand comes off his sword hilt for a moment to be glanced at before he is pulling the sword free to give it another go. "Like cutting down a blasted tree this one is."

     More so than taking down a Bringer, Aiden seems to be in trouble, and it appears several of them seem to come to the same conclusion and rush the artisan bringer. IT is struck by Elvesbane, his sword raking across its back, cutting deeply into the creature that made itself like a man. The wound burns and with Silas and Roland attacking the same one it seems to be in a place that it wouldn't have much of a chance to attack back anymore. He nods to Silas, and seems Silas has the finishing blow in mind and He turns to face the last two threats, the greater of three.

It may be a smaller Bringer, but it's still a damn Bringer. And when it looks at over at her and leaps towards her to try and pounce... Alis actually grins a little. Being small has advantages! Lower center of gravity and all, which she takes full advantage of by dropping towards the floor before she can be hit - trusting that Marian is right there to have her back - and swinging out the flail to hook around her target's legplates and pull with her... well, marginal might. But she's counting on momentum okay?? Either way, she is at least out of the way before he can land on her. And hopefully he makes a nice, tantalizingly easy target for Fia and Eirlys too.

"We can't stay here either," Luis argued, staring grim-faced as the beserkers all but brushed off the heroic attacks. The boy had hidden himself in his mother's skirts but the girl was clinging to Luis' leg with all the tenacity of a barnacle. His grip on his sword was sweaty, making the smooth metal slide around his fingers. "We have to get them out of here." As much as Luis wanted to be a hero, he didn't fancy having his heart ripped out of his chest. That was pretty final.

Marian lets out a cry, "Princess Alis!" when the Bringer brings his weapon down upon her. The horror of his attack is staged before her, and only by the powers that be is her life spared as the princess rescues herself from the blow. She grinds her teeth and lunges to the Bringer on Alis, leaving the big guy to the other knights as she takes her place back at the princess side. While her sword does a glancing, burning blow against the beast, the creature doesn't take very much damage. She yells at the Bringer, "Coward!" Taunting the Bringer with low, dark tones, daring it to take on the Oathbinder. Her venom green eyes look to Eirlys, encouraging her to yell at the Bringer, drawing his fire to either herself or Marian.

Merek looks as people are slammed into, and frowns a bit. This rubicund will not do well for what he has in mind, so he tosses his shield to the side, which clatters on the floor. He then reaches into his belt and takes out a vial, then lets out a shout that's sure to attract some Bringer attention, "MANGATA, WITH THOU BLESSING, MIGHT MY BLADE STRIKE TRUE. PIERCE THROUGH THE POWER OF THE ABYSS AND SING," he then slams the vial over Nightsong, while water splatters upon it, and rolls down it in small waves. As Roland is taken to the ground, and then others such as Sparte rush to strike the biggest of the Bringers, and Roland as well as Barric having hurt it already.
    Merek lifts up his blade, and then takes a moment to let out a shout that echoes across the Hall, then he rushes at the Bringer, taking his blade into both hands, then he rushes at it. Is this man insane? The last hit had him stumbling and rebounding, but then it happens. "FOR THE GODS!" As the blessed blade cleaves across to the weakened creature after a few strikes on it, it slices like a knife through butter as he severs the head clean from its shoulders, both hands around the hilt of his blade as he screams. Blood of his enemy covers him, in a splash.

Fiachra is drawing and setting another arrow against his bow as the reeling faux-Knight tries to pounce on Alis. His eyes narrow, but a quick flash of relief and no small amount of pride crosses his face as his betrothed avoids the attack, though he calls, offhand, to Percephon, "Really?!" with an audible sigh in his tone. He doesn't turn his head at all, though and takes and releases a breath, his arrow flying as that breath hisses out between his teeth. Again, it flies true, finding another chink in the armour to bury itself in and pierce the Bringer's flesh beneath it.

The girl in glasses tenses and yelps when Percephon's hand suddenly comes down on her shoulder. Turning to face him abruptly, Mira stares up at him, very much not the model of calm. But she nods, swallowing hard, and the law-scrivener hikes up her skirts and hops and dodges and bounces her way around fleeing people. Outright screaming when a dead body flies through the air directly ahead of her, Mira hops back briefly before scowling at the Bringer that threw the body! The temerity! Looking like an angry school-marm for a moment before remembering where she is, Mira eeks and bends down to check on one of the less destroyed of the fallen Knights. "Um...hey. Hey!" She gives him a gentle shake on the shoulder before placing the back of her hand to his neck. "Please don't be dead..."

When Eirlys sees Alis getting attacked, even though she manages to evade, her temper raises. "FUCK!" She yells out then she yells. "Seriously, Percy?" After which she starts to taunt the bringer as soon as she sees Marian's gaze. She moves as she stabs, so that when her sword sinks in, it's pulling the bringer's attention away from Alis. "Over here asshole!" She screams at the bringer. Hopefully the burning as her blade sinks in and the fact that she is moving slightly away from Alis will be enough to get the Bringer's attention off the Princess.

And the Biggest bringer expires. Violently. Sparte buries his blade into the largest bringer. And as it tries to pummel Sir Roland to the ground, the powerful man from the Oathlands manages to stand strong. Running the monster through with his blade. Straining as he holds the creature alot. As if refuseing to buckle beneath it's fearson strenght. And as i t snarls in rage, Merek's blade, coated with the blessed water of Magnata tears into the Bringer. Causing it it scream, shrill and loud as ie expiress in and explosion of blood and ash and all around causing a mess.

Maybe we should call these things, "Bringers of Sreaming like Pussies When They Die."

The other Knight Bringer, is taken off balance by Princess Alis, proving, as she often has, that her strenght is her quick, decisive mind, allowing her fellows to rain down more punishment upon the unholy foe.

The last Bringer reaches Aiden and strarts to snatch at him and lift up off the ground, only to scream as Barric and Silas Alaricite blades bite it's flesh.

Barric checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 25, resulting in 45, 20 higher than the difficulty.

Sparte checked dexterity + huge wpn against difficulty 25, resulting in 45, 20 higher than the difficulty.

Silas has rolled a critical success!
Silas checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 20, resulting in 91, 71 higher than the difficulty.

Alis checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 25, resulting in 38, 13 higher than the difficulty.

Merek checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 20, resulting in 38, 18 higher than the difficulty.

Eirlys checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 25, resulting in 48, 23 higher than the difficulty.

Fiachra checked dexterity + archery against difficulty 25, resulting in 45, 20 higher than the difficulty.

Roland checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 31, resulting in 78, 47 higher than the difficulty.

Percephon checked wits + leadership against difficulty 20, resulting in 22, 2 higher than the difficulty.

Marian checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 25, resulting in 42, 17 higher than the difficulty.

Aiden's gray eyes widened with a surge of fear! The arrows he had in his quiver had scattered across the floor when the body hit him, which is probably the reason why there was blood streaming down his face once it's weaved through his springy curly hair. All the same, the Grayson is struck with some profound startlement as the Bringer reaches for him, no sense to even evade. It's just there and grabbing him by the neck, hauling him upward in a way that's dizzying the concussed Aiden, the prince producing choking sounds...

"Really? Well, would you prefer scale? Violate? Squash? Really, now doesn't seem to be the time to have a debate on vocabulary." Comes Percephon's quip reply over his shoulder as he looks to get any stragglers out of the Halls before heading over towards Mira, offering her as an aside, seeking to let the levity bleed away a hint of the fear they both share from the fight as he kneels to help her drag the knight she's found up to his feet. "Really, quibbling over words. As if it was an inaccurate statement."

Merek's blade comes back from the Bringer which had been slain, and he looks to make sure Roland is alright, and offers a fast hand up if he needs one, before charging the next. If not, he charges the next either way with an upnod to Sparte. He rushes in, and while his blade does cause another Bringer to hurt this time, all it does is distract it for the other fighters for the most part.

As the tide turns against the Bringers, Antonio nods once at Luis. "Let's get them out of here, then, berfore-" He's interrupted by a shrill scream as ash and blood rains down onto his overcoat. "-before that happens," he says wearily. Motioning for the woman to pick up one of the children, Antonio pries one from Luis' leg and motions toward the doors. "Let's get them out, we can help with the Knights afterwards," he says, tucking the little girl under his arm like a sack of flour, if princes routinely carried sacks of flour (with pigtails) under their arm.

As the Bringer is turned into a veritable pincushion, Dirge comes down at the creature's neck in a graceful arc. The head is cleanly lopped off, guaranteeing it's demise, and leaving plenty of gore in its wake. When Aiden is dropped, Silas promptly moves to pick him up and drag him away from the immediate carnage so he could regain his bearings.

Barric nods as he knows Silas has the one that goes down under their blades, that Bringer was toast essentially. Turning on the middle biggest the last one left after Merek beheads the large one. He rushes into the last one and seeing as they are all doing so he thrusts Elvesbane deep into the creatures side and then pulls to the side. The purity of the metal doing most of the work as it slits free and with the rest of the strikes taking aim at the thing, it simply becomes a mess quickly, burning chunks of it here and there. The Prince then looks around the room to be sure there isn't anything more. He whistles again, bringing Synder over to one of the Bringer corpses, "Get a good sniff... This is what we are looking for." He ruffles the large hounds head after the bear like dog takes a good long whiff, something to remember to maybe help this from happening again, "Is that all of them? Only the three or all that showed themselves at least?" The blue eyes of Barric look around the place, "We'll need to get the MErcies in her quickly to save lives." He nods to his guard to go get anyone who can heal and get them into the great hall.

"But really, Percephon. //Mount?//." Alis is maybe going to have nightmares about that now. But at the moment, she is more concerned with bringing the flail to bear against the purloined armor at this point. And this time when the spikes sink into the steel, the piece of plate is torn right off with a bloody trail left behind as the flail drags across newly exposed flesh. Or whatever it is these things have.

Aiden does forget he has limbs to stand on and when he gets dropped it's to his knees and he spills to the side, his hand going up to his neck as gore sprays all over him. He's going into a state of panic and shock by the time that Silas picks him up and drags him somewhere without blood and gore and bits of things... his hands clinging for purchase on Silas, muttering words that quake with terror and nonsense at the Lord Commander.

Roland's sword goes snicker-snack as he pivots away from the exploding (ew) remains of the big knight. He's definitely a little slower, but he keeps his feet, and with an elegant twist lops off a chunk of the Bringer going after Aiden -- his focus is tight enough that he doesn't even notice Merek. Once the immediate danger is past, he grunts softly and holds his sword carefully, not sheathing her until he's relatively certain no one else is going to turn into an evil guy and start murdering people. He looks around until he spots Alis and swerves in her direction, as if awaiting orders.

"I was quibbling over sentiment, not words, thank you!" Fiachra calls to Percephon, apparently having no trouble having what sounds an awful lot like a kind of sibling quarrel with the Telmar scholar. It's still not really affecting his ability to actually fight, though, and he draws and looses another arrow at the Bringer that seems to be going to pieces slowly under the onslaught of the combined Compact warriors. This one finds the neck of his target with a solid thunk, and then he's looking around for other targets, watching and covering those who are trying to help the wounded or innocent out.

Marian has murder in her eyes and a snarl on her lips as she slashes at the Bringer's back, burying Oathbinder deep into his right side and then twists, pulling upwards to do the most damage to the creatures intestines. Blood sprays her torso as she is joined by others in dismantling the foul creature. As the blood drips down her, she gives a satisfying growl. As the Bringer falls under her blades, she sings a soft funeral dirge so the creature can tell it's maker that the Houses of Valardin and Greenmarch are not to be trifled with.

"Hey, he's alive!" Mira sits up sharply from the knight she was kneeling next to, pointing at him as she looks up at Percephon. "This one is still alive!" Hopping up onto her feet, Mira leans down and tries to drag the bewildered Knight toward the door, or to his feet if the guy can manage it. Ducking aside when Antonio barrels through with kids, and growling through her teeth as she tries to pull a guy in armor plate with scrawny lawyer-y muscles, "Vocabulate later!"

And once the biggest has fallen the remaining Bringer's are descended upon. Sometimes fear can only take you so far, sometimes people can only be so afraid before they push back against the darkness and tell it they are done hiding.

Tonight was such a night. The last two bringers are brought low and torn appart, even as the Heroes stand high, even if wounded, they are able to stand high.

But not all heroes to day fought. Lord Percephon, helped keep people calm as and helped them escape the scene, while Mira helps tend to Wounded, and Prince Antonio and Lord Luis help save lives keeping bystanders safe from the fighting. It was a bloody day. But it was a day people could hold their heads high.

Silas looks up to quickly take stock of his men. Upon finding them alive and relatively unharmed, Silas's attention fixates on the traumatized Grayson prince in front of him. Brows furrowed in concern, he murmurs a few comforting words at the young men, attempting to calm him.

Eirlys lets out an eerie laugh. "Alis I might have nightmares, Fuck." She shakes her head. "Seriously Percy there are some things you don't put with..All this!" She mutters, obviously bickering back with Percy like family as well. She shoves the sword into the Bringer, probably harder than she has to, ending up removing parts of it's body from the thing. Maybe she was a wee bit over zealous with that hit.

Sparte wipes off his blade when the fighting is done, sheathing it before flipping up his visor to survey the carnage nearby. He gives the downed knights a worried look, commenting to Merek and Silas. "I'm going to finish my patrol, make sure this wasn't a distraction from something else being done to the halls." And just like that, back off he goes.

That young Prince Aiden over there with the Lord Commander... suddenly hurls and probably a little bit on Silas too. The green rookie of a fight certainly needs to learn to stomach gore, or could it be to an injury suffered by flying bodies?

"Well, if it's the /sentiment/ you don't like, you should really take it up with-" Percephon's off checking another knight even while he speaks, ever so hopefully he will be alive and aboe to get out without too much trouble, given his lack of strength. The scholar's head swivels onyl to see that the Bringer in question is quite dead, before he concludes, "well. Never mind. I see you rejected his offer. He wasn't your sort, anyway." Up the knight is helped to his feet before Percephon tries limp off with him, heading towards the doors.

Keeping his sword in hand, Luis used the other to grasp the woman by the shoulder and shake her. "Take your boy," he ordered, but the mother just stared at the pitched battle with glassy eyes. He was forced to sheathe his weapon, propping the boy on his hip and grabbing the woman's hand. He watched as the last Bringer burst into bloody rain. "I don't think they'll need our help now," he said dryly. But they had their charges, and no honorable man abandoned the weak. "We should take them home."

Merek, covered in blood, takes a moment to sheath his blade, while he moves to check on a few Knights, and help people where it is needed, then he will report back to Silas afterwards it seems, collecting his shield as well.

Barric walks over to Aiden his cousin and offers the young man his arm, "Welcome to the siege young warrior prince. Never forget that first time... There will be more. Use it, don't lose it. That is how we face fear." He seems to be saying this as he is covered in Bringer blood and gore, or more his armor is. He flicks Elvesbane and the blood seems to sparkle off to the ground before he resheathes it after.

When the last Bringer falls, Alis finally looks around her. Checking for wounded, especially of her own first. And her eyes settle on Roland. "Get yourself looked at, Sir Roland. You're one hellova fighter." she adds, with a slight smile, before her expression turns a bit grim. "I... will take the plaque until the place is cleaned up. Give it to the King's Own to hold onto until there's a better time for it to be placed." she murmurs, picking up the item. "Are there any other wounded knights to see to? We can help get them to the Mercies." Automatically, her eyes seek out Fia, looking relieved he's alright. And then Eirlys and Marian. Silas. Barric. She takes stock of all those she knows, and the rest she doesn't, before trying to find someplace else she can help with this unholy mess.

Silas simply nods to Sparte and Merek. Then gets puked on. He wrinkles his noise distastefully and leans away from Aiden, but given he's covered in Bringer blood and pieces, it really wasn't -that- different than what he's rapidly getting used to. "Can we get a healer over here? I think he has a concussion..."

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