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Meet Another Candidate!

Raja Culler had a fantastic idea, and so Auda's going to borrow it. She's hosting an open-questions night for anyone curious about why she should be re-elected to the Commoners' Council.


June 25, 2020, 7 p.m.

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Yasmine Orick Evaristo Samira Svana Ras Cocine Hamish



Arx - Upper Boroughs - The Unkindness

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Yasmine laughs brightly at Evaristo and Auda, happily seating herself at the chair kicked out for her. "Life's going," she answers, breathin out a soft sigh as she melts into the table's side with a smile aimed at Auda. "But it's Auda who's our star girl tonight, so how are -you- feeling? Excited?"

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Orick is a relatively well dressed fellow with a decidely askew mop of hair that looks oddly styled to stand out in unique clumps. His eccentric appearance is coupled by a gregarious demeanor and a wide grin as he shuffles into the Inn. He makes his way over to the bar, glancing around as he went as if unfamiliar with the place.

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Evaristo was here early and is sitting with Auda and Yasmine now, drinking an ale, nursing a hangover that isn't terrible but still visible in blood-shot eyes and general tiredness. "Auda knows the ropes already. Did you know I was a candidate, last time?"

Eager to escape the summer heat, Samira slips into the establishment and pulls the door shut behind her. She eyes the various patrons already gathered, a small grin sent toward the few vaguely familiar faces she sees and a polite nod toward the unfamiliar faces whose gaze she might happen to meet. "Everyone doing alright?"

"..'Star' might be a bit much, Yasmine. I'm alright, though." She's answering Yasmine, but a shift of her gaze and a smile to Samira kind of make it answer the other woman, too. Orick gets a nod and a little wave, seemingly the only person here that Auda doesn't know personally.

"Not with that attitude, you won't be," Yasmine teases Auda in good humor, raising a hand to have a pitcher of ale brought to her. "And were you?" she widens her eyes at Evaristo with a grin. "No, I hadn't known that. That must've been one fun campaign to watch unfold last time. I'm sad I missed it!" As more bodies stream in, she delivers an amicable wave yet again to Samira and Orick. "Hello, hello!"

Orick gets a pint of ale and settles in at the bar, turning to face the room and return the wave from Audra with a polite nod and a welcoming inclination of his beer before he took a sip, "Hello." His voice has a nasal edge but there is something controlled about it and when he lowers his drink he tosses a grin to Samira, "Right as rain."

"Hello there!" Evaristo says and he too greets the people filtering in. "Your candidate - and a most excellent one - is right here. Auda Florin - hard-working, one you can trust to speak for us. I've known her for YEARS. She saved my life once, you know," he adds and he grins charmingly around the room. "I mean, I was a candidate but it was probably a good thing I wasn't chosen."

Samira crosses the room to settle in at the bar, perching on a barstool and kicking her legs out to rest on the lower rung of the barstool next to her. "Glad to hear it," she answers the others with an amiable smile. She devotes a few moments to conversation with the bartender, requesting a drink, before attention returns to those gathered. Evaristo's enthusiastic support of Auda's candidacy draws a laugh and an arch of her brows. "Oh? Sounds like quite a story. How'd she save your life?"

Auda can't help but laugh as Yasmine encourages, and then Evaristo launches into his support. "I made him a hangover cure once, a few years ago. I thought he was going to die on the street." She looks at the hungover captain with a grin. "He was lucky enough to find my shop in the Lowers."

Yasmine beams a smile at Auda and Evaristo, then turns in her seat to regard the rest of the gathered lot. "Even though I've heard about some of your plans were you to be elected into a seat, I think it might be nice for all of us to hear a bit about them again, if you don't mind?" she asks softly of their candidate of the hour, then looks to Orrick. "Ah, I don't believe I've met you before. I'm Yasmine."

Orick glances sidelong down the bar at Samira when she selects stool but his eyes flick quickly back to Evaristo with the possible telling of a life or death tale. "Don't keep us in suspense." He agrees, tossing a conspirator's smirk to Samira and leaning his elbow easily on the bar-top as he settled in for storytime. The mention of the hangover cure though gets a laugh and a good-natured dismissive wave of his hand, "Ah, we've all been there-" He laughs again, recalling something fondly from his expression, and he mutters easily into his drink with quiet mirth, "No shame, no shame." He grows quiet when Yasmine brings the attention back to Auda's election- and then himself, "Professor Orick, recently arrived in the city. Apothecary and purveyor of vanity and other Delicate Wares."

Evaristo points with his thumb at Auda as she reveals the RIVETING tale of a daring rescue of his life. "I could barely WALK. Never had such a hangover in my life - in fact, I was convinced I was dying. She saved me," he says and grins wide and wild, teeth flashing. "I'm Evaristo Arterius - Harlequin and Bard and Captain, in no particular order, whichever works best for the situation. I also dabble in making jewelry," he says, eyeing Orick and Samira both curiously.

Samira sends an approving grin in Orick's direction, nodding at the unfamiliar like-minded patron. Leaning an elbow on the bar, she cups her chin in her hand, the epitome of rapt attention. Good-natured humor alights in her gaze, Auda's explanation drawing a peal of laughter. "Well, that certainly sounds useful. Hangovers are the worst and I'm sure there are plenty in the area that could benefit from such a cure." As introductions are given, she lifts a charcoal-smudged hand to wave at the group. "Nice to meet you. I'm Samira Culler. I'm an artist. Charcoal sketches mostly and paintings, sometimes sculptures if I'm feeling particularly inspired to dabble."

"Oh! I'm an apothecary, as well. It's good to meet you, Orick." Auda beams, glancing to Yasmine. "I suppose I should go over it for those that haven't heard, yeah. Alright, the official pitch!" Auda takes a big drink of wine, and actually stands up for this! "If I'm re-elected, I promise to make up for my absence this last go around. I'm already working on fixing up some of the worst-off buildings in the Lowers, and getting some rooftop gardens going. I'd like to try to fix up some of the roads, too. Boring stuff, but things that will help improve the quality of life for us commoners."

Yasmine rearranges herself in her seat restlessly, a hand rising to cradle her chin within its upturned palm. "Well look at that, I'm surrounded by artists," she observes with a light laugh. "I don't suppose you're currently taking comissions are you?" she asks of Samira, a hopeful gleam brightening in her green eyes. "My daughter is growing like crazy, so I wanted to perhaps find someone who could capture her now at such a precious age before she gets too much older." Her attention shifts to Orick, curiosity in her regard of him. "Is there a particular field of apothecary you're interested in? I know some love perfumes and the like, while others are more specialized in... less popular avenues." When Auda gives a quick overview of her plans, she's quick to listen. "That sounds wonderful! I know that there's a lot that could go a long way into improving things. But like, are there any things in your plans that you've not yet started that you'd want to accomplish in your seat?"

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"I DO find it very annoying with the mud when you trek homewards a rainy spring morning, after a night of partying, and the morning after your boots are more or less RUINED," Evaristo agrees wholeheartedly, raising his ale in a toast to Auda for the idea of fixing the roads up. He's got his priorities set straight, clearly. He eyes Samira and Orick both in curiosity as Yasmine asks those questions, as if he too would like to know. "Oh. I'd LOVE a portrait of Silk, my tarantula."

"Well met, each and every one of you." There is a certain sincerity in Orick's tone but it becomes thin as he turns to Audra, "Are you?" He speaks smoothly in response to Audra's admission about being an Apothecary, yet, that grin has a slightly superior edge that suggests he hears that sort of thing often. "I work at the college, if you're ever in need of professional contacts..." He offers and very open endedly, he trails off into silence so that the political speech can begin. Orick sips his ale in the silence, nodding and following along even though he's quite new in town and has nothing to add to the history lesson. It is when Yasmine asks him about his craft that both of his brows loft slowly and he turns to face her with a grin, "I consider myself something of a polymath when it comes to matters of the alchemical and other apothecary work. Seeking out all the recipes of nature... I make perfumes, certainly and oftentimes incidentally, but I also craft lip stains, rouges, masks and many other luxurious elixirs and tonics." He doesn't mention poisons.

Svana slinks in quietly, sans newborns. She looks around for friendly faces but stops at the bar first to order a glass of whiskey - and wine, since she's without children for the moment. The new mother pans the room once more and then slowly makes her way over to the small gathering once she's got whiskey and wine in hand. The whiskey is half gone by the time she reaches a seat.

Ras steps into the inn and glances around, pocketing one hand and tugging at the feather in his hair with the other. He moves aside to an unobtrusive corner from which to watch.

"I've mostly been making whatever inspires, but I wouldn't mind taking a few commissions, sure." Samira sends a smile toward Yasminea and Evaristo, perking up at the thought. "Let's meet when we have a chance, talk about exactly what you're hoping for." Her glance slides to Orick, lips pursed as she listens. "Bet your wares are popular with the ladies." The remark is polite enough, although she doesn't sound particularly interested herself, being a no frills kind of woman. Auda's words steal her attention and she nods, lifting her glass in the woman's direction. "Good plans. I think the rooftop gardens will be nice. Every bit of sustenance is a help."

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An eyebrow raises at Orick's demeanor. "I am, yes. I've been a part of the Apothecary college for years now, as well." She sips her wine, smiling to Svana as the merchant makes her way in. "Honestly, I'd like to get better communication between the Council and the people it's supposed to serve, and then see what the Boroughs actually -want-, as a whole." There's a nod to Ras, as well.

Cocine breezes on in, looking completely comfortable despite the heat, curiosity in her dark gaze and an all-around easygoing smile on her face. She sees a few familiar faces around the room and lifts a hand with smile and wave towards Evaristo, then Ras. Svana she approaches and offers a one-armed, careful hug, "Look at you! Like you were never pregnant.. you look amazing, my dear Svana." There's a Lycene lilt to her tone but its muted, dulled by either extensive travel or time away from the 'homeland'. "I hope I'm not too late. I left Yvette in charge of the shop and she's just fretting herself to pieces poor thing."

Orick only has a smirk for the look he gets from Audra and he wrinkles his nose playfully at her as she correct him, "Forgive my assumption." He says and no matter how sincere he was earlier, he just seems like he's amused by the way this conversation was twisting and turning. Or perhaps that's the ale. He turns back around to order another drink and asides to Samira, "You could say that, sure, but there are more than a few affected nobleman who can't tolerate their face without a little touch of color on the lips."

"Looking forward to it! I will bring Silk and you can see for yourself how pretty she is and how well deserving of a portrait. Oh, hmm, maybe one with MORE spiders to hang in the shrine..." Evaristo muses, but he realises he's digressing and makes a deferential gesture to Auda so she can get the attention. "Well. I got something you could ask the Crown about - what's the word on that blasted Whirlpool? where did it come from? Where will it go?"

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Svana hugs Cocine gently, able to juggle the glasses to do so. She presses a kiss to the woman's cheek and smiles at her happily, blushing. "Oh, shush you. It looks like I'm still pregnant with at least one baby, but thankfully that is not the case - otherwise that would make this /very/ bad." She finishes her whiskey and then sits down, sipping the wine. She waves at Auda and listens to the conversation, sweat beading on her brow. Orick's comment about noblemen needing a touch of color in their lips makes her snort.

A pair of Templars flank Blessed Hamish Farmer as he wanders into the Unkindness, though he stays in the back toward the door and watches the Q&A. When he sees Evaristo he offers the man a slight nod, but he looks to Auda when she talks political positions.

Samira's gaze flicks toward the door and the newcomers that filter into the establishment. A darkened look crosses briefly over her features, a scowl sent into the bottom of her glass before she recovers and turns attention to Orick, snorting at his words. "That sounds vain. Although I admit if it's true, I'm not entirely surprised." Evaristo earns a faint smile and a singular nod of her head. "I'm not averse to spiders. They're actually rather fascinating little creatures. Fun to sketch, too."

"Oh, bah. You look -great-." Cocine will hear nothing of it! She returns the kiss to Svana's cheek and moves to order herself a drink, then glances quickly around the room before adding to the order with a smile. Slipping the silver across, she collects her drink and glances to Svana with a smile, "So how have you been? How are the babies? I'm looking forward to the dinner!" She starts to usher Svana away from the bar and towards a table, offering a smile and nod towards Hamish along the way.

"I can ask, Evaristo, but I'm not sure if the Crown's going to know much more than the people down on the docks. I think I've been on a boat precisely.. twice." Auda laughs and shakes her head, more or less making fun of herself. There's a nod to Hamish as he steps in!

Ras leans against the wall in his corner and gives Auda a nod back. When she answers Evaristo, he lifts his voice to project a question, too. "D'you reckon commoner Iron Guard ought to be able to arrest silks if they see em doing crimes in the Crown wards?" Awfully specific. He casts his gaze around to note any others who might be interested in her answer, and knits his brow momentarily at Samira's expression.

"Of course its true!" Orick admits to Samira and his nasal voice raises up a pitch to an unpleasant register as he squaks, "Aye, vanity's my bread and butter." He stops talking after that and the cheeky grin he shoots Svana when she laughs at his joke is enough of a greeting, looking away from the recently pregnant stranger as Cocine ushers her to a table.

Evaristo has nearly finished his ale there, but without even asking - a server comes over to refill it and he looks surprised, then glances over at Cocine and he beams a broad grin her way and lifts that ale in a toast to her, and Svana. Seeing HAmish - whom is hard to miss - he gives the Archlector a respectful nod and a lazy wave. "Oh, I'm sure they KNOW things. They just don't want to TELL," he retorts to Auda. Then Ras asks THAT question and he looks a bit surprised, then thoughtful, and he nods slowly as if he thinks that makes a whole lot of sense.

Svana sits down with Cocine, looking at her with a smile. "Babies are doing well. Rowan has found his smile. Elanne - well, if she always remains this pouty, someone can foster her when she turns thirteen," Svana teases. "I'm looking forward to it too! Should I ever be able to pin Asher down at some point..." She leans in to whisper something conspiratorily to Cocine, sipping her wine. She nods to Orick and Evaristo, but her eyebrows raise when Ras asks his question. She becomes all ears.

Hamish snorts at Ras's question. "Noble Iron Guard isn't going to do much to arrest a noble getting up to no good, Goodman Ras. Not likely that Guardsman Ras is going to be allowed to do so."

Lifting her own glass towards Evaristo, Cocine flashes a brief grin and takes a swallow and looks between all the people talking back and forth. Lifting a brow at the question from Ras, she looks to Auda curiously. There's a blink and then she's chuckling and nodding towards Svana's whisper, then leaning in to return the whisper. Hamish's response has her glancing his way briefly before looking back to the rest. Orick gets a curious glance but introductions can wait!

Samira smirks at Orick's remark. "Whatever kind of business works for you. Sounds like you've found your market." No judgment here. Her eyes slide to Ras, studying him intently as he poses his question, her brows arched. Her focus lingers for a brief moment after he has stopped talking, before snapping to Auda to capture her response.

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"In the areas that the Iron Guard has jurisdiction, it shouldn't matter if the Guardsman's noble or commoner." Auda looks to Ras, then to each face that's looking at her. "The rank that should matter is their rank in the Guard, not their birth. The Archlector has a point, though. If nobles aren't arresting nobles when they should, it makes it harder for the commoners to do so."

Orick, being so new in town, has very little input but he seems very seriously listening to the conversations and questions posed to Auda.

"Ah. Lady Zoey described it as being something like a blob that was sentinent, but unable to understand what it was saying from Lord Ian's reports," Alaric says of the whirlpool. "Did I mention Emissary Zulana offered to help with investigating the whirlpool, according to Lord Jyri, if the Compact approached them more as friends?" he shares, then grins at her reaction about the Duke of Ostria. "I've met him on a number of occasions, but it was in recent months that I made the decision to contact him and see just how true his accumen for politics and social nuance goes. I sent him to serve on behalf of the Crown once already, which was without incident and success overall. And I chose him specifically because I think who he has to deal with will be appreciative of him. I've realized that it's better to have a few more people set to the task of specifically dealing with each of the dignitaries and their unique needs and demands, rather than it falling completely on say Sabella or someone else. I'll team him with one of the Whisper House, just as I've planned to do for the two names I have in mind for Jadairal diplomatic ventures."

Ras lifts both eyebrows at Auda, then squints at her. He has a mug of ale in his hand now all of a sudden, and lifts it in a sidelong toast towards Cocine before taking an absurdly small sip from the rim. "Guess the commoner's council members have different ideas about how shit -should- be," he notes aloud, and gives Hamish a narrow-eyed look at that emphasis. "The law's the law, ain't it? And laws can change." The Lower Boroughs slur in his voice doesn't temper any determination there. "As long as you've got a fair idea of how shit -should- be." A nod to Auda.

"We want a council built of unique and interesting personalities with different view points, I thought," Yasmine posits to Ras from over her glass of wine, seeming to have been content with listening to the flow of conversation around her than immediately participating.

Svana whispers back to Cocine briefly, but she listens to Auda and nods softly. She sips from her wine and crosses her legs, reaching out to give Cocine's arm a brief squeeze. Her jaw is clamped tightly for the moment on matters of the Iron Guard.

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Ras gives Yasmine a frustrated look. "Maybe that's what some want," he says, downtoned and darkly subdued. "But I want all of em to have the right ideas about how to change shit so it'll be fair and we'll all be more free." Most people with some higher philosophy training might not be so assumptious about their own ideas being objectively right. But obviously he has not been tutored in any such way.

"I wouldn't worry. I mean, nobles doing crime in the Lowers TEND to be sorted out somehow," Evaristo says cheerfully. He finishes his ale, drinking thirstily and deeply, then stands up. "Afraid I got to go, but remember one thing - there's those that don't WANT the Lowers to change too much either. And if we changed the Lowers to something.... really no different than other parts of the Crown Ward, there'd spring up another Lowers just outside the city, perhaps on the other side of the river next to the Pravus ward. So..." He smiles, shrugs. "It will NOT be boring, either or." And, he waves, and heads on out.

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"There's more than one way of getting things done. And more than one set of 'right' ideas," Samira notes to Ras, although she appears more concerned with peering into her glass to see how much ale is left than actually meeting his gaze. "Unless you're gonna spell out exactly what you want the candidates to do? They're representing a /lot/ of people. I'm sure it can get a bit complicated."

Orick is looking down into his ale, trying to decipher the mystery of the foam, as he listens responsibly to the politics.. still saying very little about the current topics. His hazel eyes do flick from one speaker to another in between his studious sips of ale.

Cocine stays largely quiet during the back and forth, keeping her own council and wearing an inscrutable expression. The only time it shifts at all is when she leans in to respond to Svana, where a brief grin flickers to life before the mask slips carefully back into place. Sipping on her drink, she finally lands on the newcomer Orick and asks, "Are you also newish to the city? I'm Cocine Arcuri."

"I want to start with rooves that don't leak, and gardens atop them tvo help with the food issues. After that, I want to see what thte bulk of the Boroughs want, because that's not all going to be the same. The Council's nee .0

Ras shrugs at Evaristo, adjusting the way he's settled against the wall. Something about that shrug looks almost pained, though not physically. He focuses on Samira evenly, and then glances at other faces, including Orrick and Cocine. The avoidance of his eyes, the quietness, the inscrutable expressions. Finally he lowers his gaze into his own ale, and shifts upright to set it down on a nearby table.

Svana looks over toward Orick and Cocine, chuckling briefly at whatever Cocine last said to her. She glances with interest at Orick, but slowly turns her head to Ras. She gives him a look. It's hard to say what kind of a look it is, exactly, but it's a look nonetheless. She finally smiles at him, nods, and turns back to Orick and Cocine.

"I want to start with rooves that don't leak, and gardens atop them to help with the food issues. After that, I want to see what thte bulk of the Boroughs want, because that's not all going to be the same. The Council's never going to make everyone happy, ever." Auda's realistic, at least. "Svana's a candidate, too, by the way."

"New enough, I've visited over the years but I've only recently decided to take up residence here. Professor Orick, Apothecary and purveyor of vanity and other delicate wares." Orick remarks, getting up from the bar and moving a little closer to chat with Cocine and Svana without having to shout over the other conversations in the room.

Ras watches Auda for a moment, then pockets both hands and slips silently (and somewhat sullenly) out while the others chat amongst themselves.

Yasmine rises to her feet, leaning to deposit a light kiss upon Auda's cheek. "You're doing a great job," she murmurs, offering a wave of her own to those gathered before slipping out to give chase to the sullen Ras.

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Samira glances once more into her glass, realizing she's reached the last few drops of ale. She tips it back to catch those little droplets remaining, then sets her glass upon the bar alongside a few coins. "I have to be getting to a meeting, but thank you, Auda. You've got some good ideas and it's easy to see you're invested in making things better." She lifts a hand in farewell to those gathered and then rises from her barstool to slip out.

Svana looks up when Auda mentions her name and blushes. "Oh yes, I'm a candidate too." She looks at everyone departing however, and laughs. "Not a very popular one. I think you have it in the bag, Auda." She winks at the other woman and runs her finger along the top of her wine glass before she finishes it off and signals to the bartender for another. And another for Cocine. Might as well!@

"Ah, nice to meet you! I'm a jeweler and alchemist, though I never really got into the medicinal side of things. I mostly use it in regards to my jewelry. There's a number of minerals and oils that you can add to a metal as it cools that will give an interesting visual effect without tampering with its innate properties. I like things of the earth, largely. Though I suppose you could say that I deal in vanity as well since jewelry is hardly a necessity." Cocine lifts a shrug and smiles towards Orick before motioning towards Svana, "This is Svana Grayhope, she's a renowned tailor in the city."

"Well met, both of you." Orick says conversationally to Cocine and Svana but he doesn't find a new seat somewhere nearby when they offer their introductions. "Jewelry is a wonderful thing though and the craft of metallurgy is a treasured art." He lingers there and finishes off his drink before nodding to the room with a grin, giving Auda and Svana an honest, "Good luck with your campaign, both of you."

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Auda waves to those that are on their way out, offering thanks for showing up. "Svana, I think you're far more popular than I am, as a person! I've just been talking about what I want to do, a lot more." She grins, and offers a one-shouldered shrug. Of course, then there's alchemy talk, and her attention is swivelling. "I mostly just work with botanicals, at the moment. floral perfumes, scented candles, bath salts. I'll have to come check out your jewelry, Cocine."

There's a laugh from the Northerner. "If I'm popular, it's for all the wrong reasons," she says, winking at Auda. Svana leans back in her seat and gets somewhat comfortable. She's looking more floppy than she was when she came in, at least. "I want to do the same things as you, Auda. So, may the odds be in your favor - and I think they are." She looks between the two women, especially interested when topics of jewelry and smell-goods are brought up.

Waving to Orick as he takes himself off, she lets her gaze follow after him for a moment before turning back to Auda and Svana with a smile. "You're welcome to. I have a number of pieces on display at the shop in anticipation of the grand opening even I mean to throw. I use scented oils in my lamps, just some light woodsy scents to help counter the roses and jasmine bushes and cherry trees." She clucks her tongue at Svana, "I happen to like you for plenty of good reasons that have nothing to do with either politics OR wrongs resons."


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