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Whitehawk Gallery Opening

A new art gallery is opening in Grayson Ward, named Whitehawk Gallery. Lady Elora Whitehawk and Lord Jyri Whitehawk hosts the opening of the gallery, with an exhibition of works from the family and others. There will be light-hearted mingling with snacks and drinks, and quite possibly some games. Also the chance to learn the basics of painting!


Aug. 18, 2020, 2 p.m.

Hosted By

Jyri Tabitha Elora


Emily Katarina Talia Niklas Sabella Alessia Piccola Monique Liara Alarissa Branimir Haakon


Grayson Whitehawk


Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Whitehawk Gallery

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2 House Deepwood Guards, Rona, Aurora, a dark coated Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Emily.

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, 3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards arrive, following Alarissa.

There's a near magical glow from all the candles in the gallery this evening, and since everything is brand spanking new, it's shiny and glossy and perfect. Art either made by Jyri or family, or borrowed pieces from Grayson fealty houses, decorate the halls. Each guest get a small pamphlet with a number - and told it is a lottery number, so keep that safe! The prize? A painting called 'He Sees You'.

Jyri is greeting the guests upon entrance, looking sharp in a bright pink seasilk tunic, that contrasts well with his wife Elora's purple ensemble. "Welcome," he says with his usual no-nonsense manner, polite and calm; if he is nervous about this opening, it doesn't show much, but there IS a little excited gleam in that one green eye.

Piccola takes small figurine of a squirrel with an acorn from a chest of gifts for gallery guests.

Elora Whitehawk makes one tiny adjustment to straighten a nearby painting even more -- it's only the sixth time she's done it. She just wants things to look nice and perfect! A hand lifts to tuck away some stray wisps of blonde hair that have escaped her braided chignon, while her other hand fixes the adjacent sparkly hairpin one last time. When she's finished, she straightens and casts her gaze over the gallery with a very pleased smile before making her way to the entryway to greet guests.

Niklas takes small figurine of a squirrel with an acorn from a chest of gifts for gallery guests.

Arriving at the gallery, Emily finds her comfort in a light linen skirt and silk blouse. An understated combo save for the embroidery down the arms and along the hem of the skirt. A smile pulls at her lips as she gingerly steps aside to allow others entrance and so she can adjust. Guards remain at the door for her but the lady looks a little taxed with a soft sheen of sweat to her brow despite the chill. A quick wipe of her hand and the dark curls are swiped back behind her ear in the same motion. Jyri is finally spotted and the lady lifts her hand in quiet greeting.

Katarina accepts her pamphlet at the entrance graciously, though there's a moment where the guards with her stare down at it, and at Jyri, before allowing Katarina to accept it. The Valardin Princess offers Jyri a small smile -- less 'apologetic' and more 'coy,' really. "It is a strange time," she comments, and holds the pamphlet to her chest. "I will keep this close~. Thank you~." Her accent is from somewhere in the Dune Kingdoms, so she hits her syllables and vowel sounds in ways that aren't quite USUAL for the Compact, and to the right ears it's almost like a musicality to her lilt.

Emily gets small figurine of a squirrel with an acorn from a chest of gifts for gallery guests.

Talia slips into the gallery quietly, a soft, hesitant smile offered to Jyri and Alora at the entrance where they stand greeting guests before she tries to duck past them as inconspicuously as possible. Dressed in a gown of plain brown wool, she is obviously not part of the crowd of nobles that usually attend such events. Still, she gets drawn into the gallery all the same to look at the artwork.

12 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Liara.

Niklas wanders into the gallery with Sabella on his arm. "See?" says Niklas to his wife, gesturing to a painting that is clearly her. Her and a unicorn. "I told you there was a good reason it had gone missing. And look, it's in a place of honor!" It probably isn't in any sort of place of honor, but it's a nice thing to think. "I should have sent him the paintings I made of the Nightingale and Renatta, but I think Gianna keeps the former in her bedroom so she can kiss it every night and I'm not sure what Ford or Octavia did with the latter."

Sabella beams at Niklas when he points out the painting, "It looks as lovely in here as it did in the mansion and I'm sure the Nightingale doesn't actually mar the surface of such a wonderful piece," She assures him, turning to look at the others and say to Jyri and Elora, "Lord Jyri this is all just amazing! What a fantastic idea and I can think of no one better to have brought it from dream to reality than you and your lovely wife!"

Not wasting any time since acquiring it, Alessia drifts into the gallery having donned the prismatic gown. "My lord, my lady." She offers to the hosts of the event as they give new entries their greetings, taking a pamphlet eagerly. A warm smile is offered to Talia as she passes, though she doesn't disturb the woman before focusing her gaze on the artwork.

"Welcome," Jyri repeats again, and he even manages a smile, offering his arm to Elora now so they can stand together while the guests start mingling inside. "Lord Jyri Whitehawk," he introduces himself, "and this is the light of my life, Lady Elora Whitehawk." He looks a bit speculatively at Katarina, but more curious than suspicious. "Ah, thank you, your highness," he tells Sabella. "I did not quite realise what a great artist your husband is. That painting of you is amazing," he says. "I admit, to my shame, I have not made a painting of Elora in a long time - I need to do a better one. There is one from when I started painting but my skills are better these days." He gestures at the chest with little figurines in it. "Have a little memento, everyone," he suggests. "Mingle about, look at the art, try some painting or sculpting if you wish. I am also happy to give some pointers, if someone is curious."

Piccola appears, reading over the pamphlet she was handed at the front.

It's a little funny, and perhaps a little rich, to see people completely out of her element. Completely. Although she may look like a lady -- she's dressed in a white dress with green and purple accents -- she's still armed with a sabre at her side, tied about her waist by a black sash. And although she can read what's on the page, she looks around as if the words were not quite matching what her eyes were taken in. So, she looks back down, squints, and looks back up again.

With an exasperated sigh, she folds up the flier, slides it under her sash, and walks from the entrance further in unguided.

Emily is quietly giving herself a moment before she walks over to the small trinkets. Plucking one out she turns it about in her hand to eye the acorn and squirrel. As Jyri is occupied by others her eyes find Piccola and a brow lifts before she takes long, slow steps after the Tessere. "Lady Piccola, it is good to see you," the Deepwood ranger greets with a nod to her.

Her gaze flits across some of the displayed work before she draws closer. Her movements are meant to ease whatever tension is in form.

Talia is doing her best to be quiet and unobtrusive as she explores the artwork. She doesn't even take a gift, assuming such things must be for people above her station despite the invitation. She does, however, look up at hearing Emily. Her gaze slides over to the lady, before finding the woman she's addressing.

Unsurprisingly, Alessia stops by a painting of a giant cat, her eyes glittering with delight. "Oh this one is amazing." She says as she looks upon the figure. "So stately yet fierce." She comments, to any nearby.

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid have been dismissed.

3 Thrax Guards have been dismissed.

2 Thrax Elite Guards have been dismissed.

Katarina offers Jyri and Elora a deep royal curtsy, pulled off despite the fact that she's wearing trousers and not a gown. "I look forward to taking in these masterworks," she purrs, before moving to mingle. Her eyes are caught almost instantly by Alessia's gown, though she doesn't approach the Mazetti woman, for whatever reason. Instead, she almost seems to set herself in the other direction on purpose, chancing upon Piccola and Emily, just in time to overhear Emily's greeting to the General. "Lady Piccola, is it? Who helped build the Domenico Fidante Cavalry Academy~?" Katarina grins, at Piccola and Emily both. "I am Princess Katarina Valardin. It is a pleasure to meet you both~."

Elora smiles brightly as people begin to browse the gallery There's a gracious nod and curtsy to Emily, Katarina, and Talia when they arrive and then the same for both Niklas and Sabella. As she makes her way across the room again, she gives a polite nod and smile to Alessia before drawing close to Jyri. She accepts her husband's arm when it is offered and stands next to him when he gives their introduction, unable to slow her quickened pulse from all the attention. "I think I will try to paint something today."

Piccola's attention turns to Emily, and she looks relieved.

Except, of course, that the Deepwood Ranger looks perfectly at ease here. At least, that's how she seems. She gives the other woman a brief smile, and seems about to say something when Katarina calls to her, and the General turns her attention to her as well. "Your Highness." To the Valardin Princess, the Littlest Snake gives a bow at the waist, curt and awkward. "I did, thank you." She gestures to the Ranger. "This is Lady Emily of House Deepwood."

Up close, it looks like Piccola didn't get much sleep last night; she looks exhausted.

It's hard to tell who looks like they might be worth more in ransom, Alarissa or Monique. The two arrive together, chatting quietly, looking for all the world like they could fund construction of something large. The Greenmarch lifts her crimson head from the private chatter to look around in earnest, eyes widening. "Are we going to be competing against each other for the same pieces, do you think?" she asks of the Thraxian Princess-Consort, only half teasing, pairing the words with a friendly wave to the gallery's owner.

Sabella is looking at the paintings and sculptures on offer, but also everyone that comes in to look at things, "Lady Piccola! You must tell me which one of these is your favorite! And Princess Katarina! I hope this inspires you to do more of those art nights that were once so popular! Lady Emily! Isn't it just so wonderful to have something like this so close to home?"

On entering the gallery, Liara offers an easy smile over to Jyri and Elora, remarking, "I'm delighted to see this place come to fruition - I'm really rather looking forward to seeing what you have up." She then proceeds to find herself a spot of finger food and goes to mingle and take in the paintings on display.

Niklas makes his way over to Jyri and Elora. "This is quite an accomplishment, my lord. I'd thought to do something of its like several years ago, but things just kept coming up. I'm glad to see it done. You should reach out to Marquessa Samantha to see if the Crown would be willing to offer some backing for the continued running of the gallery." He nods to Elora. "My lady, so good to see you again."

Turning about, Emily catches Talia's gaze and offers the woman a smile before her attention shifts to Piccola. Comfort is relative in this case and for her part the ranger is looking like she needs to get off her feet as much as she attempts to present a calm expression. "I trust you are well," she speaks to Piccola of course only to hear the voice of another. Slowly turning the Deepwood smiles at the Valardin and offers a stiff inclination of her head, warm and genuine despite this fact. "A pleasure, your highness. I am quite happy to have a moment out of the manor and a great location to enjoy my time," she says as Sabella's energetic greeting wins out full force. "Princess, yes, we are very lucky. I walked across the plaza and there it was. Quite impressive," she says with a look around. "I am not an artist myself but I have one of Lord Sebastian's originals."

"Lady Emily, it's nice to see you again," Jyri says and calls out to her with a severe lack of discretion - but hey, it's his gallery! Hearing Alessia's praise of the cat painting, he grins wide. "My lady, that one is tonight's winning prize in the lottery," he explains. "Maybe luck will be with you! I am actually not sure what to do with the rest, but since we have plans for something even bigger, related to Art, perhaps I will auction them all out?" he says and makes a vague gesture. "Well. My OWN art, anyway," he adds, and gives Niklas and Sabella an amused look. Seeing Monique and Alarissa, he gives them both a little wave in greeting and welcome. To Liara, he gives a bow. "Your Grace, I am very happy to see you here tonight. This would not have happened without you."

“Depends” Alarissa replies to her partner, a strange contraption of wood and gems and... grapefruit spoons where a left arm would be. There is a lift of her right to Jyri and a smile. “I do home to find something for the shackles or the cross hall.”

"That's exciting." Alessia's smile brightens on the subject of the lottery. "He reminds me of some of my own." Her gaze shifts to a random corner in the room, where a furry thing may be briefly glimpsed, her smile fond. Her brows rise when she sees Monique. "I didn't know you'd be here." She grins, approaching her swiftly. "Your highness." She greets the princess with her warmly. Her eyes naturally shift to the grapefuit spoons she's wearing.

Katarina's smile is, per usual, borderline feline in the way she always seems to be grinning about something she knows and that everyone else doesn't. Even if it's not the case, it still LOOKS like it's the case, and as the fine arts have taught us, appearance is everything. "Princess Sabella," Katarina purrs, giving her a curtsy with a little extra sugar on it, as one does when curtsying to a friend. "I find myself standing in the company of celebrities, for if I am not mistaken, this is the Lady Emily Deepwood who helped fight to free thralls inside the Saffron Chain... what is an art night, next to the accomplishments of Lady Emily and Lady Piccola~? I almost find myself feeling something such as envy~." She's teasing, but only gently.

And then there's Sabella.

Piccola makes a face as she hears the Princess' voice from across the Gallery. She looks to her, and smiles in wan fashion. "Your Highness." To Emily and Katarina, she murmurs, "Would you excuse me?" And then she heads to where the Grayson Princess lingers with her husband. "Your Highness," she repeats, probably to Niklas, but maybe she's just reiterating it for Sabella. "I honestly do not have a preference at the moment," she tells her, visibly wincing. "There are so many people around and I will admit, I haven't an eye for artistic merit."

"I'm sure my taste is quite basic."

"Your highness, surely not quite so much a need to be envious," Emily remarks. She glances over her shoulder to watch Piccola walk over to Sabella and Nicklaus before her attention returns to Katarina. "I did help yes. My focus has been with House Eswynd as of late and their reaving of the pirates that hold their own thralls. House Deepwood stands strong against any for of slavery and its trappings." She smiles easily before her eyes flit over a landscape painting. "But art is the measure of the day, tell me Princess. Which is your favorite? I admit to not browsing as often as I should."

Elora is pleased to see Piccola and Monique arrive and gives them a polite nod and a welcoming smile. The same is given to Liara and Alarissa, although her smile broadens at Niklas's greeting. "It's always a pleasure to see you, Prince Niklas." Then to Liara, "Thank you for coming, your Grace." When conversation begins to happen around her, Elora falls quiet and listens with interest as Jyri talks of his paintings. The admiration in her eyes is clear and she then sweeps her gaze over the gallery to view the other pieces of artwork, especially the one that is to be given away later.

"I'm hoping to acquire anything daring," Monique replies to Alarissa confidently. "Or nude, for my collection. Ah, Lady Mazetti, light of my eyes! You're looking especially enticing today. I do like your sparkle. Have you got your eye on anything in particular?" There's a bright smile for Elora in return from the Greenmarch.

Monique has joined the a small rosebud table.

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Monique gets small figurine of a squirrel with an acorn from a chest of gifts for gallery guests.

"Oh, I very much doubt that, Lady Piccola! Why look at the way you've married such a lovely outfit with your weapons!" Sabella enthuses, gesturing to the many pieces of art around, "The best thing about a gallery like this is that there's usually something for everyone! Sometimes more than one somethings for some people like me, but I tend to like almost everything! Things that are a bit too...graphic I sometimes don't like, but I can appreciate the artistic sentiment behind them at least!" She gives Alarissa and Monique a bright smile and a wave as she notices them, then looks at Alessia and actually gasps at that dress, "Oh, Lady Alessia, that is stunning!"

" that a cat," Jyri says quietly to Elora. There is a ball of fur curled up in a more dark corner there, near a table. "How the heck did that get in," he says, looking more than surprised. "Uh... I bet it's scared, hungry and upset, or all three. Or it is looking for ways to knock things over," he says. There's a hopeful look at Elora there, as if he's expecting HER to sort it. "I think we could maybe start with the lottery numbers!" he calls out. "And don't forget those squirrel figurines. THat means YOU too," he says and points at Talia for some reason. "They're for everyone."

Katarina wags her brows at Emily while maintaining her coy, I-know-something smile. She doesn't pursue the topic of envy, as her attention is steered toward the gallery itself. "I feel as though I owe it to House Valardin to choose that one," Katarina says, motioning with a dainty hand toward the big blue and teal 'The Judging Eye.' "But for my own personal tastes...?" Her hand moves, to point toward the simply titled 'Sunset.' "There is something in that one that calls to me -- perhaps its universality. Whether you are born in Sanctum or Maelstrom -- or the City of Veils -- the beauty of a sunset can be taken in by the hearts of all."

“Lady Alessia. A pleasure to see you. Always a delight to be in the company of a Maserati” Elise gets a wave from Alarissa as well as they shift to a table and she too looks appreciatively at Alessia’s dress.

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"I adore it!" Alessia says with a grin, swishing the skirt. "I heard the steelsilk version went missing. Which is a pity." She waves off the matter, before settling down at the table. She glances briefly at the cat under the table, which seems to be staring intently - possibly eerily - at everything in the room. Though takes no ownership, smiling faintly and turning to Sabella. "Thank you, your highness. I was lucky to get it before they were sold out. Mistress Talia is a talent." She beams.

Following that which Katarina points out, a nod is given as she mmmmms but then her attention shifts to the one that Katarina personally favors. Emily tilts her head, hands folding before her lightly, favoring her left side. "I believe you are right, though I think anything to do with the wide open and free world would call to any soul." She says idly, but is giving a side glance to the Valardin Princess. "Would you mind if we took a seat to admire things from afar? I admit that I am still healing from an event at the house of Solace."

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Gods, help her.

Piccola draws in a deep breath and smiles briefly at Sabella. "Yes, your Highness. I suppose there is something for everyone here." Beat. "Presuming one can appreciate art," she adds in a low murmur. "But, forgive me, your Highness, I suppose I am poor company for you here. Thank you, though, for the -- " She looks at herself, self-conscious. " -- the compliment about this dress." She runs her fingers through her hair slowly. "And the sword too." Fingers tap the pommel gently.

"I received this from Brother Felix Meadson."

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Liara offers an easy reply to Jyri and Elora, "I am glad to be here. House Grayson looks forward to supporting the undertaking further, too." She slips on through, browsing the sundry paintings on display.

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Jyri receives a bowl from one of the staff, which containes small wooden 'coins' with numbers painted on them. He shakes it thorougly, a cloth over it, then sticks a hand inside and takes a number out of it. He's actually doing this more dramatically than one would expect - a bit of flair to it, his chin held high. "WHO will win the painting of a cat that will keep staring at you in the room, wherever you sit?" he asks. "It is number....eighty..." pause - "...eight! Who has number eighty-eight? You just won the painting!"

Katarina's attention is briefly caught by the lotter announcement. She looks down at her pamphlet, to check its number... and affects a mock-pouty frown, giving Emily this look like 'oh, this is the worst thing to ever happen to me,' and so forth. Of course, that look has zero seriousness behind it. "Of course, Lady Emily. Come, let us sit." 'Us' being Emily, Katarina, and the guards that follow Katarina closely. (They do not sit.)

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"I think so?" Elora says to Jyri when he points out the cat. She can see it underneath a table and so she slips her arms from her husband's and makes her way toward said table to see if she can figure out ownership. It takes a little effort, but she eventually crouches near the table close to Alessia and peers at the cat. "Aww. How are you?" Her attention is clearly focused on the animal and, yes, she's talking to it. When the winner of the lottery is announced and she glances around to see who won! "Oh! Eighty-eight?" It's not her.

"Thank you, I appreciate your graciousness to join me," Emily remarks and with a look about, finds the nearest area to sit and heads towards the sofa. Its with a ginger lowering of her frame that she finally lets out a sigh and eases back to arrange her skirts which seems to take her a moment, not some knowing elegant sweep of her hand like someone well practiced to it. "I was as far as one could get from that number I think," She sets her pamphlet down and begins to speak with the Princess.

Niklas holds up a hand. "Eighty eight! That's me! Born winner!" Niklas turns and bows to the room, even though he didn't actually accomplish anything, then turns and heads over to Jyri. "I hope it isn't a pygmy goat. I won one of those at some event a while back and it wasn't good at all. Very gamy, not filling."

Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing arrives, delivering a message to Talia before departing.

Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing arrives, delivering a message to Talia before departing.

"It's absolutely gorgeous!" Sabella certainly does not look envious of Alessia at all. Maybe just a little, "I'm sad to say that while I rushed over I wasn't able to even see the gowns, never mind purchase one, but I am glad to get to see it now and it absolutely suits you beautifully! Sometimes I think Mistress Talia's works should be shown in a gallery such as this, but then we would never get to wear them and that would be a shame!" She doesn't seem to have noticed that Talia is actually here. When Piccola politely makes her excuses to probably try to leave, Sabella turns her cheerful aggressiveness back towards the other woman, "Oh nonsense! In fact I find that it's far more fun to tour something like this with someone who has interests that do not align with mine for they are far more likely to point out something I've missed! I'm sure you have a sharp eye for things like if there's a statue of someone holding a sword you can tell me if it's right or not! And Brother Felix and I were almost engaged for fifteen minutes once, I absolutely adore him! Not only is he talented but he's one of the kindnest and most knowledgable souls I've ever met. You'll not find many better in the city or even beyond, than he is at the anvil."

Katarina takes a seat next to Emily, and almost immediately makes herself so comfortable on the sofa that it's like she was born specifically for the purpose of reclining in this one spot.

"Of course, why am I not surprised you won," Jyri tells Niklas with humor, glancing at the pamphlet sort of habitually - he is a man of LAW after all. "It is a painting of a cat," he explains. He points to it there in the art gallery. "Please don't eat it. Might give you terrible indigestion. But you can do with it what you wish - give it away, stuff it in a closet..." He grins. "I'll have it sent over afterwards." He looks around, realising there are several he does not know here, so he throws a hand out to Piccola there to start with, random but cheerful enough. "My lady - nice sword," he says admiringly. "Lord Jyri Whitehawk, Lieutenant of the Iron Guard."

Jyri gets He Sees You, a painting of a cat from an elegant art gallery.

Clapping for Niklas when he wins the prize, Alessia beams. "Lucky day for you, your highness." She stares at the painting with an admiring smile. "Hopefully the next masterpiece will be yours." She says to Sabella with a warm smile. "You'd certainly get more buzz for it, than I." As for the weird brindle cat, it seems to tilt its head, considering Elora intently with emerald eyes. It doesn't respond, thank god. Though does seem to be absorbing something. The staring goes on for a while till it accepts that it's been had and simply slips out from under and saunters off.

It's ok; Talia is doing absolutely nothing to draw notice to herself. And with the crowds of nobles that attend events such as this, one commoner dressed in brown wool isn't going to be much but a drop in the bucket. After seeing every painting, she looks once more towards Piccola and her companions, but then the young woman ducks quietly out of the event.

The General appears overwhelmed by Princess Sabella's sheer force of personality.

"Yes. Yes, Brother Meadson is a wise man." Piccola looks nervous. "I did not realize you were -- what? Engaged to Brother Meadson?" That might have been said a little loudly. "I mean -- of course, your Highness, I understand -- " Her fingers come to rest on the pommel of her sword, anxiously. Maybe she can stab or slash her way out of this? No? Well, fuckaduck. " -- yes. Differences matter. Diversity matters." And then there's Jyri, and the short woman looks to him with some relief.

"General Piccola of House Tessere, Lieutenant, and thank you," she greets, with a swift bow at the waist.

Elora stands up from her crouched position near the table when the brindle cat wanders off and watches as it lopes across the room. A smile curves her lips at the sight and she glances at Alessia with blue eyes that glint with much curiosity. Not wanting to focus /too/ much on the animal, she straightens and makes her way toward the painting that Niklas just won in the lottery. "Congratulations, Prince Niklas! I hope you enjoy it. I do love this one." There she goes straightening it just a /little/ again. She can't help it.

"My glaive is from Brother Felix," Jyri says, "but for once I didn't bring it. Usually not far from my side, it's a great weapon," he says and seems more happy to talk about that than about the art, amusedly - even if this is his gallery. Still, he remembers himself and looks around sheepishly. "Right. So! Princess Sabella, I'm wondering if you can help me with something in the near future. An auction to sell some art - the dragon eye paintings specifically, plus I am working on two very large statues of Aurumadin. It'll be for the benefit of the Art School."

"Accidentally almost engaged! It was a very lovely misunderstanding and I've never been happier to not be actually courted by someone that delightful," Sabella clarifies for Piccola. Sort of. When Niklas' number is drawn she claps politely, but eyes that cat piece with the quizzical expression of someone that's sure that's art, but not sure she likes it. But also might not be sure she doesn't? "You'd best keep that piece away from Relara, who will insist there is some color to it. And also that she wants a cat," she tells Niklas, giving Jyri a brilliant smile, "Of course! You should talk to my cousin, Prince Laric about the statues. He makes a study of Gold, it's like his life! Ah, that is the whole Gold story, right? At the Merchant Gate? Anyway, of course! I will talk to everyone I meet about it!" she turns then to the Lady at her side, "Lady Piccola! Would you be interested in buying a dragon eye painting? Lord Jyri is an exceptional artist!"

Amidst those browsing the gallery, Lady Emily is seated with Princess Katarina at one of the couches. The two speak quietly and share smiles. Their interest in conversation for the moment. Emily adjusts on occasion, a faint wince and then a pluck at the collar of her silk blouse before she nods to something and makes a motion at herself with her hand.

Niklas peers in at the painting of the cat, looking entirely too pleased with this turn of events. "Well! Now that my children are old enough to start asking for a pet I suppose this will be better than actually getting them a cat." He doesn't sound like a fan of cats.

Liara offers some light applause for Niklas, and after taking a good look at the painting, she suggests, "Probably not one to hang up over one's bed, at least unless you are wishing to be judged by a cat every time you oversleep. Not as much as a real cat might, though."

"I'm rather partial to cats," says Piccola in an offhand manner.

Jyri's presence seems welcome; his apparent soldier's temperament seems to comfort her a little. To Sabella, the General says, "I wish I could afford it." And she explains. "I have been trying to help another House secure the resources it needs in order to build its fleet. The exchanges needed have left me, I'm afraid, a bit cash-strapped. Soldiers are good at many things, but not raising money if there's no one to kill." She smiles briefly. "Perhaps in a little while I may be able to afford something fine. Until then, I am content with simple things that cost little."

She doesn't elaborate on what that might be.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Alessia before departing.

A gold bedazzled grapefruit spoon falls to the floor by the rosebud table and Alarissa looks down at it with a sigh.

"Don't I know it. Spent a small fortune on new silk tunics - but I was wearing out the two I had," Jyri tells Piccola with a severe lack of caring about convention. That IS a very fine seasilk tunic he's wearing though - outright snazzy. "Figured I can't walk around looking like I just walked in from the street, if I want to get this gallery going, and other things," he grunts, sort of reluctantly admitting defeat on that point. He nods to Piccola, in full understanding. "Would rather spend it all on armor, but it gets hard to paint in it," he adds, dead pan.

He's mingling around and trying his best to talk to the guests, but he's not exactly a social butterfly - but he's also not particularly shy, so that's something. "Anyone got any questions on the art, let me hear it," he calls out helpfully.

Monique rises, bending over to pluck up Alarissa's fallen spoon and offer it back to the Thraxian Princess with a fluorish and murmured words.

Sabella looks over at Alarissa when the grapefruit spoon falls out and blinks a few times, but then politely looks away, "Oh, if you ever do need help raising funds for something let me know! I've run so many fundraisers and charity events that I've got a ton of ideas! Let me tell you a basket auction of some kind of always something people love! And it's so fun seeing what people will contribute!"

Elora rejoins Jyri now that the little brindle cat has wandered off and then nods with approval when he mentions his new tunics. Some imaginary lint is plucked from his sleeve and she smoothes the fabric before grinning to herself at the topic of conversation. "I'm going to try painting at the easels. I don't have a muse just yet, but I'm sure it'll come when I pick up a brush, yes?" If she only knew the struggle! With a gentle squeeze to Jyri's arm, she makes her way toward one of the vacant easels to begin her masterpiece. Or half a piece.

With a half-smile, half-scowl for Alarissa, Monique slips out of the gathering quietly, a look of determination on her brow.

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Jyri gives his wife a warm smile. "You'll do great," he says lovingly, and there can't be any doubt this is a marriage that is happy. He glances around a bit - he's looking for something - but not seeing it, he scratches the back of his neck for a moment and looks faintly puzzled. Maybe it's that cat, no longer visible anywhere. "Still some squirrels left in the chest, if anyone want one. Welcome!" he adds to any newcomers. "Browse around, check out the paintings and sculptures, ask me questions - I am Lord Jyri Whitehawk. I didn't do everyhting in here, but I'll answer any queries. Pick out a little gift from the chest there, and have a drink and some snacks."

Branimir slips into the gallery more quietly than his height and bulk would suggest that he could. He pauses in the entry way, looking confused. "This is not what I was told..." he looks around from his vantage point just inside the door, head turning to see it all with his only eye. Paintings, sculptures, people walking around in finery. He steps back outside for a moment to check that he is in the right place, and then steps back inside. "I think I may have been had. This is what comes from taking invitations from nymphs." he says to no-one. He sighs, and moves out of the door way and off to the side, to avoid blocking others from entering or leaving. He stands there awkwardly in his rough sea-lion hide cloak, and fumbles in his pockets. "Didn't even bring my *fancy* patch. Doesn't that just beat all..."

Speaking of having just walked in from the street, a pair of Prodigals walk in, clearly from the street. Haakon enters a step behind Branimir and turns a narrow-eyed regard around the elegant chamber, taking it all in with a long breath drawn through the nose. In a flat cadence, he admits to Branimir, "Sea and Sky swallow me if I lie: I thought the message read 'new galley'." Then Jyri is addressing them (among others) and the younger Eswynd gives Lord Whitehawk a short dip of the head and shoulders in acknowledgement. "Ah. Fair met," he settles on.

Hard to miss the two Eswynd's who arrive, Emily's grin shared with Katarina is settled upon them and the Deepwood hesitates and speaks softly to Katarina. "A moment, two people I need you to meet." She lifts her hand into the air, the scarred palm hailing the new arrivals who look - put out. Confusion is written across her brow at their reactions. "Lord Eswynds!" she calls out as ..demurely as she can. Emily is not exactly that but Gods knows she puts on a good face. The 'nymph' aforementioned by Branimir may perhaps be the one seated at the couches waving at them. "Princess Karatina, I have been helping Lord Haakon with the pirate problem." she intones. She nods at something she says and does not get up from her seat as her hand lowers.

Well, there's no ships here, but some people are wearing swords.

Piccola turns to look towards the door. The dour General's demeanor brightens a notch when she sees the entrance of two burly armed men. More of these are needed at art galleries, clearly, to make the militant women feel comfortable. "If you would excuse me, your Highnesses," she murmurs to Sabella and Niklas, before parting and heading towards the entrance with a growing grin on her face. She doesn't have to say anything: her amusement at the situation is in her eyes.

She's wearing a dress, by the way -- a m-f-in' //dress//.

You know those moments, when someone lifts their chin from having picked up some foods, and then their gaze falls upon someone that could be how they'd look in about twenty years (although still shorter?) THAT is the reaction Jyri has seeing Branimir there. He blinks slowly with his one eye. His tattoos seem suddenly more prominent where they hint under his tunic and more visible on his head and neck - he lowers that cookie down and puts it on a plate in pure surprise. His patch is quite fancy - made from some exotic kind of leather and fitting perfectly. "... isn't 'galley' a boat," he says to nobody in particular. Not 'ship', but 'boat'. "I once painted both a cog and a caravel in the same week, which is pretty impressive since I hate sailing."

Overhearing the exchange between Branimir and Haakon, Liara mentions, "New galleys do sometimes get a good turnout, too, lest you lose all hope." Then she wonders of Jyri, with a gesture towards the two paintings of dragons' eyes, "What prompted the two great big eyes?"

Liara's question has Alessia turning her head attentively to Jyri, intrigued by what inspired the dragon eyes.

Alessia is overheard praising Jyri: An incredibly talented man!

Branimir grunts at his nephew. "Aye, and some galley this is. Half don't look like they even own an oar. I bet there isn't any rum, either." He gives a bow as well to the people walking by at his nephew's cue. No time is wasted, though, once he hears a familiar voice. "Speaking of misread invitations, there is your Dryad of Deepwood now. No doubt having a good jolly at our expense." Louder, and to the question about galleys and boats. "Yes, a galley is a boat. This... is assuredly not that. I doubt the place'd float well, nor are there enough rowers. I'm sure we can make due, though." he chuckles. "Surely better decorated than any galley in my memory."

Haakon glances aside to Liara as the posh lady makes that idle comment. "Aye, a galley will see a good turnout, but a new dromond would make the month," he notes with the ghost of a smile bending his scarred lip as the lady in black and white gets a short dip of his head in greeting. He catches Emily's eye to acknowledge her wave, before doing a short double-take at the approaching Piccola. "Well met- ...Tessere?" He literally did not recognize her at first glance.

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"I'm trying to fit in," Piccola explains sardonically.

"I'd stay, but I have a couple of other matters to attend to." She gestures towards Emily with her eyes. "Have a good day, Lord Haakon. And -- " She looks to Branimir and lifts an eyebrow.

She apparently doesn't know the slightly-larger man's identity.

"Well, I've had a fascination of dragons ever since I found the old memorial to Aurumadin - the OLD one, not the new on that is there now - and learned more about him, and other dragons," Jyri explains readily. "One could say, that I think the MYTHS and STORIES of them still being around and watching over us - or watching us for entirely other reasons - inspired those eyes," he explains simply. "That, and they were fun to paint. Might not fit on a bedroom wall. Maybe a very large hall above a fireplace or something." His one eye does a bit of an impressive glare at the two sailors as if he's wondering if they're making fun of this place, or mocking him. It narrows suspiciously. "I am glad you can make the distinction between an art gallery and a boat," he says dead pan.

Emily stands, but much more slowly, as Katarina does. "Princess, it has been a pleasure. I will write to you of course and I hope you do not have too much on your plate. Enjoy the rest of your day." She inclines her head as she remains upon her feet, smoothing the skirt and blouse now that she is not trying to rumple it into position. She glances up and over at the Eswynds as she walks with the Valardin part of the way and smiles at Jyri. "This is truly lovely. Wonderful work, Lord Jyri."

"That wouldn't be a so wrong for a bedroom wall either." Alessia says with a shrug. "It'd be a nice reminder of the myths surrounding them. Like a bedtime story." She muses before rising from her seat, excusing herself from the princess, approaching the painting for a slightly closer view.

Liara gives a little tip of her chin in acknowledgement to Jyri and looks up at the paintings once more. "I might see if we have such tales in our library. I do enjoy the colours."

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Katarina curtsies toward Emily. "You as well, Lady Emily," she purrs as her goodbye, and then she and her guards move outward, occasionally pausing en route toward the exit to say the just and proper goodbyes that noble and royal norms require.

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Emily is overheard praising Jyri: A lovely gallery and great host.

Branimir gives a bow to Piccola, and then looks down at her with amusement. "Ah, my nephew doesn't speak of me in polite company, I see. I am Lord Branimir Eswynd One-Eye. Well met indeed." he says brightly. "Pray, pardon me for the moment, if you would." He steps carefully between guests and meets Emily half-way, near the Dragon and the Artist. He turns his eye critically to the painting and gives it a once-over. "Indeed. Gallery and galley. I may have but one eye, but I can see the difference just the same." He turns his head to the side to better frame the painting in his view. "I may not have seen much canvas-work in my day, but I can appreciate the beauty of it." He then turns his head to look Jyri over once. "Did you paint this with your own hand, Lord Jyri, was it?"

Jyri is overheard praising Grayson.

Jyri is overheard praising Whitehawk.

Attention then taken back towards Haakon, away from the dragons' eyes, Liara muses, "A dromond might indeed warrant it, although I suppose it has never occurred to me as occasion for a party. I had eight commissioned last year - perhaps the scale of it just makes it seem mundane, however impressively large they may be. Something to contemplate for the future."

"Lord Branimir."

Piccola gives Haakon another salutory bob of her head before heading out, as stated.

"Not so easy a distinction as you might think," Haakon notes with a dry curl to his lip in response to Jyri. Piccola's sardonic quip gets a short sniff. "Fitting in too well. Didn't know the sight of you." When Branimir offers his introduction, and before the elder Eswynd steps off, Haakon supplies context for the diminuative Lycene, "General to Fidante." Under his breath he mutters something to the smaller soldier, before Liara addresses him anew. Returning his regard to the richly attired lady, he notes, "Mandane only to those who've not seen them in battle, lady. Folk far and wide coo over caravels, and they are fine ships, to be sure.. but a dromond is the better to any fighting folk. Eight in formation would be quite the occasion."

As Branimir joins her slight swaying form that takes leisure in the moment of rest on her feet, Emily nods to him. "I did write gallery..I am certain. I do hope it was merely a hopeful mistake on your part." She says with amusement though as he studies the painting with one eye she drifts closer so that her shoulder brushes his and she makes a thoughtful sound. "I have but one painting in my possession, it has great meaning. I am rather taken with the mountain range of Crovane lands," she remarks and then glances aside to watch Haakon, Jyri and Liara. Her arms fold across her chest.

Well, Piccola does exchange a whisper with Haakon before she goes.

"Aye?" Jyri says and looks curiously at Liara. "I know some tales of dragons, but admittedly, it's not been my focus in the last year or so - been busy with other things. But they sure are a thankful subject to pain," he admits with a grin. He relaxes as Branimir steps up, nodding politely at him. "WEll met, Lord Branimir. I am indeed Lord Jyri Whitehawk - I didn't do all the artwork here, but most of it." He seem matter of fact about his own art, nor prone to babble in strange terms about it. "Thanks for that, Lord Branimir." He looks curiously at Branimir's tattoos - his are different and clearly suggests origins that are wildly different. "Eswynd? Hmm, I've heard the name somewhere," he admits, no shame in not knowing.

"Thank you for the opportunity to view your work, my lord. I'll be at the auction for sure." Alessia smiles warmly, one last look at the remaining cat painting, and then she's off, giving waves to other familiar faces.

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Emily is overheard praising Whitehawk.

Emily is overheard praising Grayson.

Emily is overheard praising Elora.

"I do hope people find a use for all these caravels - I am surprised at the numbers of aspiring explorers around, really," Liara replies to Haakon, then snaffles a small glass of wine from a someone carrying a tray past. She then remarks to Jyri, "I know more about boats than I do about dragons, and that is saying something, because my knowledge of boats is limited to some being big, some being small and some not fitting properly into shallow water."

Branimir says, "Well-met indeed." He says to Jyri. He motions to the Lord's arms. "Seems that canvas is not the only place that you have art-work. Very distinctive, if I may be so bold. And as for our house, we are from the Northlands. My nephew Oskar is Marquis of Eswynd Rock, the King who Knelt to House Thrax." He then leans down a bit to speak to Emily. "No harm done, Dryad. I am sure my nephew just got his hopes up." he chuckles. "Fitting, that you should be taken with the mountains. I should like to see this painting of yours some day. Beauty in all of its forms is to be admired, after all.""

Haakon sniffs sharply at Liara's comment. "You know enough to wonder what other folk should be asking," the Prodigal opines. "Truth be told, I suspect most folk are launching caravels because they don't know sailing, and want more of whatever's newest. Folk are quick to forget that what's been best for a hundred years has lasted for good reason. Be a screaming comedy to see all these folk sailing to battle in their fancy cargo ships, then looking confused to find themselves outnumbered ten to one after sinking their thousands of thousands into an exploring ship that dies without wind." A dry smile lingers as he regards his uncle, Emily, and Jyri in conversation.

"There!" Elora is painting at an easel and looks remarkably proud of herself for painting what looks to be a... cat? Could be a cat. (Just say it's a cat.) She didn't mean for her voice to project as loud as it did and her cheekbones tinge red soon afterward. Oh dear. She goes back to putting on the finishing touches of her work of art before stepping back to look at the painting she just made. "I should probably sign this."

"I have to admit I am amused at the hopeful mixup, no offense to Haakon," Emily response to Branimir, amusement growing as it flickers in her gaze. She glances past him to Jyri but stops to study the elder Eswynd. "So it is...well then. It would mean you would have to be a guest at Deepwood Manor. I can justify dragging it out and down the stairs to the parlor but not hallways across the city," she intones. "I will speak with my cousin to see if we can not set up a dinner between Tyde, Eswynd Deepwood and Seliki. I think the Seliki's would like to meet fellow sailors after all." She glances past him to Haakon, meeting his eye as she gives him a knowing wink and makes oar rowing motions.

"I... think I may know slightly more about dragons than boats," Jyri replies and lifts his glass in a toast to Liara. "Together we could outsail a dragon?" he suggests, dead pan. He makes an aahing sound of understanding when Branimir explains where they are from. "I don't think a house wastes all the coin on a caravel if they don't know how to use it," he says, sounding dubious about Haakon's theory. "I might not like to sail, but from what I hear, they are faster and superior across the large open waters. Considering Cardians, the Empire and Eurus sails them, we might want some to be able to at least catch up. Or sail away." Elora comes back with her painting and he looks it over eagerly. "I love it," he declares softly, voice changing from one emotion to another immediately, his whole demeanor turning more gentle. Here's one that adores his wife, clearly.

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