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Sirens in Silk Opening Consultations

Nina is opening her new shop in Pravus ward and is selling some new stuff in time for winter! Sirens in Silk is also open for a limited number of personal commissions from Nina Autumndale whose work will be on display. Come visit the shop location and chat with Nina about personal style and fabrics selection. This is a low-key casual event to chat fashion and shop, open to anyone.


Aug. 26, 2020, 8 p.m.

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Caprice Donella Harlan Rook Theophania Viviana Ember Svana Lisebet



Arx - Ward of House Pravus - Butterfly Lounge - Sirens in Silk Showroom

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A pack of giggling and gossiping Redreef handmaidens arrives, following Ember.

Caprice says, "s dress"

Nina has officially opened her shop up, though it's more of a 'soft opening.' The official opening of Pravus ward is set to occur in just a few weeks, and Nina is also in charge of all the events associated with that... including preparing a musical event and a mixer party. She likes to keep busy!

But she's absolutely thrilled to be opening her own shop for the first time, and worked her fingers down knitting and sewing to provide some new dresses for people to try out. Some of her older work is on display here in a locked case, showing a variety of fabrics and skills, and her newest work - all gowns for winter - are set up for sale. Now she unlocks the door with a bit of nervousness, wearing, herself, a dress of her own make in casual cream seawool. Similar dresses are the ones up for sale here in the shop.

This shop has a boutique atmosphere, and the attendands that run the Butterfly Lounge pass out glasses of Setarcan wine, in your choice of color of course, upon entering. Some ladyfingers, cheese, and other little items are sitting on the side tables, near the comfortable seating for those that wish to linger about.

Rabbit, The Raccoon have been dismissed.

Donella is no sooner within the boutique than she has a glass of wine in hand, and a little plate of nibbles. And she doesn't even recall reaching for any. Those attendants are like... snack ninjas. Blinking off her confusion, she deftly maneuvers both glass and plate into the hands of her doting old Nan, and patting the octogenarian on the elbow places her by a chair. "There, there, Nanny, you've had a long walk. You know I get lost in a walk-in closet, left to my own, so you've earned it..." Unaccompanied now by mothballs and cat-smell, Donella approaches the dress display to peruse with questing fingers.

Njall, a Northern nullifier, Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant arrive, following Svana.

Njall, a Northern nullifier, Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant leave, following Svana.

In come the Duke and Duchess of Ashford. Well more like the Duchess and Duke. Seems Lisebet is moving a bit quicker than normal, kind of dragging Harlan behind. Seems someone was rather excited by the promise of nice clothes. Harlan has a smile on his face, who wouldn't be happy to see their wife so excited after all? "How many dresses are we getting today? Do I need to send someone to the bank?" He asks, with a slight teasing tone. He pauses and gives a bow to all present. "Ah Greetings all!"

Caprice is among those prettying up the doorway outside Nina's shop prior to the official opening of the doors, bucking her own usual trend of arriving fashionably late. Snuck in at the tail end of a first wave of notables, long jacket hugged close against the chill, she stakes claim on a glass of red before starting a casual hunt for the proprietor.

It wouldn't due for a new shop to open and the Crown Minister of Coin to not drop by and check things out and as such, Rook is one of those who happens to be waiting in line. When the doors finally open and he's able to get inside, he finds himself with a glass of wine, offering up a murmured thanks in response to it. That done, he's then beginning to make his way over towards one of the displays so that he can take in the design of the dresses.

Njall, a Northern nullifier, Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant arrive, following Svana.

Nina's staff is extremely loyal and very well-trained. Amazingly enough, she's even seemed to have found herself a sewing apprentice or two already, which is a nice feat considering that she's only begun doing this work. She may not be the most established yet, but some people seem to be inspired by her get up and go attitude and her particular take on fashion.

Nina has been working mostly in seawool in anticipation for the winter season. As people start filtering in, she seems happy and maybe just a touch overwhelmed, at first... but she also has herself a glass of white wine, which makes her at ease. She's dressed in cream and white and so even the wine is coordinated. "Oh, welcome! Please make yourself comfortable. I see some new faces, so I'd love to introduce myself. My name is Nina. I'm a courtier trained in Setarco in the keep of House Pravus, a Bard and entertainer, and now a seamstress and tailor as well!" She nods her head, graciously to everyone. "I decided to open this shop on behalf of those who were looking for a style consultant. I have a few things up for sale but I will also be willing to take a certain number of personal commissions as my schedule permits, so for those who want a special outfit, an addition to wardrobe, or just a consultation I'd be happy to provide! You can see some of my earlier personal work in this display, though..." She looks at Harlan, and smiles. "I have done some menswear for clients as well! And if I sell out of my current work I'll consult with you about making something new that's seasonal and to your liking!"

Theophania was invited to come and get a fashion consultation from Nina a few weeks ago, once everything was ready for the grand opening. She's in desperate need of one, and she knows it; more than that, though, she'd like to support someone she cares about! So naturally, here she is, yet another Minister of Coin, snagging a glass of wine without even the slightest hint of hesitation. After a moment, she thinks to acquire some cheese too.

She comes in about midway through Nina's introduction; she says nothing just yet, but she *does* give a small wave.

A moment or two behind some of the others, the Sword of Setarco slinks through the Butterfly Lounge and into the clothing showroom. An easy grin already lingering upon her features, the duelist lifts her hand to waggle her fingred to any familiar faces, but largely busies herself with finding something to lean against for the moment while listening to Nina's introduction and little speech. Viviana flashes a grin at the courtier before letting her lonely emerald eye drift around to consider the other people present.

Some nights are for Ember's girls. Not 'girls' as in 'children' -- ask the Bloody Baroness when she'll be having any of those, as a new and exciting way to play the popular party game 'risk getting punched in the mouth by nobility' -- but 'girls' as in her ladies-in-waiting. The Baroness Redreef is the caboose of a train otherwise comprised of four young Islander women in matching Redreef fineries, who are terribly different from one another as people but quite alike in how they all ooh and ahh and point and whisper and giggle and so on, getting drunk on the fashions on display. Ember herself seems mostly resigned to the role of quasi-chaperone, trailing after her ladies with an expression like she's just trying to figure out who controls the drink tickets.

Svana sneakers in as best she can, looking around the shop with a an approving eye. She smiles widely and immediately buzzes toward the display racks. A discerning eye rakes over the sweater dresses on display and Svana looks very proud of Nina, her eyes finding the woman and giving a big grin, a nod. She runs her fingers over the seawool of each dress. Her assistant trails behind her, whispering about the who's who of Open Houses while Svana quietly ignores her. (Or seemingly, anyway.)

As Nina begins her introduction, Rook is shifting his attention from one of the displays so that he can look towards her, a pleasant smile tugging at his lips, though it's masked a moment later as he lifts his glass to his lips for a small sip of the wine. When it's lowered and he catches the bit about doing menswear, the smile deepens, only for him to then offer up, "I would quite like to be added to your list of people to consult with in regards to menswear. I'm /always/ looking for something new and fashionable .." His eyes dance back to the dresses before he's looking back over towards Nina, ".. but I'm fairly certain that the dresses just aren't my style."

Harlan smiles at Nina, "A very kind offer. I will have to take you up on that. I suppose you could work with my wife here to find something she finds pleasing to see me in." He says in his deep and jovial tone. "Although if you are offering your services, I do fear you might take all our families coin. She does like to dress nice." He pauses and gestures to Lisebet, "This is Duchess Lisebet Ashford, and I am Duke Harlan, luckiest man in Arx." He smiles warmly as he peers over to Lisebet.

It probably looks funny with Lisebet so petite and Harlan so tall. If she's tugging him along that is. The petite dark haired jewel of westrock reach - now house Ashford - smiles brightly as she arrives. Nina's pretty speech wins her a bigger smile. "Good day to you," Lisebet says brightly. "I'm often on the lookout for lovely clothes. Even if perhaps you can't sell Harlan any for himself, I'm sure he'll be interested in buying things in my size." She pauses and then adds, "Lisebet Ashford."

Donella says to Rook, "Bubbles. There you are. There is aa lamentable lack of pret-a-porter men's fashion, but I recall you have ever favored the bespoke anyway. What do you think of the staanding collar on this one?" she taps the case before the dark umbra gown.

Nina gives Viviana such a cheerful wave that it's almost disruptive to the Sword's cool and spicy aura. Almost. Then, she looks at Theophania, who she did personally invite, and broadly grins at her. "I'm glad you were able to find it! So is there a particular type of outfit that you'll be looking for to purchase? For winter, I think you'd do very well in velvet, perhaps with an accent of lace..." Nina then sees Svana is here, and gives her a wave as well, walking over with small steps. "I'm glad you came! I told you I'd find something useful to do with all that wool."

She walks over to Rook next, and takes him in with a long look. "Oh. You look so splendid in colors, sir. I LOVE this purple. I can already tell you have amazing taste! May I ask your name, sir?"

And then Nina gives Harlan and Lisebet a nod of the head, offering the Duchess a hand. "Lovely to meet you! Do you have a particular style for winter you'd be searching for?"

There she is! Situating herself to keep a clear view of the woman of the hour, Caprice lifts her glass in distant toast towards Nina. "Just lovely!" she comments, on the dresses or the woman. Or both! But she's making the rounds on her own so the copper-haired seamstress bides her time, wine and a ladyfinger or two keeping her company while she takes a turn at admiring the work on sale, the past pieces on display. A thoughtful eye passes over Rook when she overhears his comment. "No? I think you've the hips for it."

Harlan give a little bit of a grin as Nina starts talking to Lisebet about clothes, "I may have to raise taxes I think..."

It doesn't take Svana long to make up her mind about what she wants. She picks out the orange sweaterdress and smiles at Nina. "I'm just narcisstic enough to be grateful that I had something to do with all these beautiful dresses," she says, winking at the other woman. She goes to pay for the dress but on the way back, circles to Nina and touches her waist, leaning to whisper something for her ears only with a mischievous little grin.

The one-eyed Sin looks aside from where she's posted up with her hip cocked against a piece of furniture, her gaze going to the group of giggling handmaidens, and the Baroness that comes in trailing behind them. Viviana quirks a brow at the Redreef leader, a lopsided grin curving her lips before she waggles the fingers of one hand at the woman, "Look at you. I like that dress. When are you going to leave behind that Bloody Baroness business to take up a serious interest in fashion?" The Sword's grin grows all the wider as she makes her playful comment.

Svana is overheard praising Nina: A seamstress who knows how to get return business... and her work is fabulous!

"Rook Champagne," is what Rook offers to Nina, accompanying it with a slight incline of his head, "And thank you. I do like to think that I have rather excellent taste when it comes to fashion." He's then quiet, to let her deal with the others. Hearing a particular nickname has his attention turning over in the direction of Donella and there's a dash of a smile once again, "I'm here, there and everywhere these days. Though it's been noted that I've been spending /far/ too much time with my nose buried in ledgers. So I've decided that it's time to once again mix and mingle and show my face." Turning his attention to the dress in question, he lifts his glass upwards in mock thought, only for it to be interrupted by Caprice's comment, which has him looking towards her, a warm laugh falling past his lips, "Careful, or you'll make me blush .. or buy the dress and model it to show that I /so/ do not have the hips for it."

Theophania takes a moment to consider -- she's already a touch bowled over by the idea of... having to have an opinion! So she decides to take a long drink of wine before answering. "Well," she says, with a smile, "I think what I'm looking for most is -- something to catch the eye, really. A lace accent does sound nice..." She dithers for a few seconds, before finally conceding, "To tell you the truth, I came because I trust your judgment, so that sounds quite nice!"

When Viviana throws out her playful jab at Ember, Ember responds by staring as though it was an actual jab thrown with an actual fist. If there's any amusement on the Redreef's face, it registers only as a minute quirk of one dark eyebrow. "It would be cruel of me to deprive my ladies-in-waiting of their opportunities to advise me," Ember replies to the Sword of Setarco; her response is so brutally deadpan that it's not actually clear if she's joking or not. "So for the good of my people, I must remain focused on the battlefield rather than the armoire."

Lisebet arches a brow, and then reaches for Harlan's hand, as he teases her. "I adore clothing that is comfortable, eye catching and fashionable all at once," she says. "Which may be somewhat strange given as I've come from the Oathlands to the Crownlands, but I do so enjoy that feeling of a beautiful outfit wowing people wherever I go." She half shrugs delicately and steps back. "I hope to be able to speak with you more on the topic, definitely."

Donella comments to Caprice, "We could insist that he model it, just to make sure, but I am sure he will decline. Because it's beneath his dignity anymore. Too busy making the number's dance," she sighs in a long-suffering way. "How's the graft, these days? Tolerable?" She says to Nina and Svana, "I do love the cabled knit on these. And they are so delightfully slinky, when you're inclined to slink."

Harlan kisses Lisebet's hand, "Oh I have a game we can play! You should pick an outfit for me, and I will work with Mistress Nina here to create one for you." There is a huge grin with that.

Nina is thrilled Svana likes the work, raising her glass cheerfully. "I couldn't have done it without you! But of course I had to come up with something for winter, and I LOVE to work in colors. So when you said you had some extra..." She nods to Donella. "Exactly! Comfortable, and slinky at the same time. You can wear them casually or wear them to dinner and they will keep you warm as well." She nods to what Svana tells her, happy as well to make a sale.

Nina looks to Rook again, and then gestures to him as she speaks with Harlan. "I do love this look with the brocade jacket. I think this is a very nice look for men's fashion. I have worked with brocade vests as well, which are terrific with a silken shirt." She looks at Ember, and grins to her comment. "I'm glad you came out to support us anyway! Do you like the setup for the lounge and shop?"

Svana smiles at Nina, then looks toward Donella, giving a curtsey. "Oh yes. They're beautiful." She has forgone a bag of any kind to take the orange sweatdress home in. She looks, in fact, like she might start rubbing it against her cheek any moment now. Like a child with her prized pet bunny. "I think this is one of my new favorite wardrobe pieces, and I already have jewelry to go along with it! Doesn't mean I can't pester the husband for new jewelry though." She smiles fondly and looks at Donella. "You would look great in one of these. You have the figure for it. Something I hope I can keep."

If the Sword of Setarco is the least bit phased by the Bloody Baroness's stony reaction, it certainly doesn't diminish the grin on her thick lips. "I'm surprised they haven't yet advised you that you need a bit more jewelry," Viviana muses as she cocks her head and looks the Redreef woman up and down as if judging her outfit and accessories. A little pause, and the one-eyed Sin adds, "--I do like the earrings, though." That grin returns to accompany her words, before the Sword glances to Nina as the courtier addresses the Baroness. "The shop is looking wonderful, Miss Autumndale. And unsurprisingly, there's always an interest and need for new clothes here in the capital, eh?"

Rook is looking back to Donella, his features taking on a look of indignation that lasts for all of a second before the hint of a grin is tugging at the corner of his lips, only for his gaze to shift to Caprice and then back to Donella once more, "Hardly beneath my dignity to model something of such quality. Though I do think Yasmine would smack me for missing the opportunity to see it." Catching the fact that he's gestured at, he's looking back to Nina and then to Harlan and there's a smile offered to the other man, "I find brocade to be quite comfortable and the style of this jacket .. well, it has the potential to go with so very many different outfits."

That gets a soft laugh from Lisebet. "I'm sure we can manage that," she says. Her gaze goes to Rook, who she has met in passing quite some time ago. "What do you think? Could we find the perfect look for Duke Harlan here?" she asks, enlisting aid promptly. She gestures towards her husband with that, and maybe this was her plan all along?

"Alas," Caprice laments to Donella, green gaze too bright to really sell the sorrow of it all. But she does lift her wine glass to sip her respects, "To a lost opportunity. What we've given up in favor of balanced ledgers, hm?" Overtly listening in as the conversation continues to flow, she follows in its wake, paused to beam Svana's way.

Nina turns to Theophania and considers her again. "You're good at the markets, Theophania, so how about I make a deal for you? If you'd be willing to supply your velvet yourself I could make you a few gowns at a much cheaper price. The trickiest things these days is sourcing new materials. I want to do a velvet line next so I need to get more in stock!"

Donella laughs at Svana lightly, and asides: "That's called baby fat. And I have well-deserved a little curve in recent days, with my youngest not yet half a year old." She sighs a bit and skims a hand down her hip, forlornly. "I try to tell myself its like living with a little more... padding. I have a sweater gown though. It would be nice not to feel frumpy, though."

Harlan looks between Rook and Nina. Then to Lisebet, "What ever the wife wants I will wear it! I will even try to not get it dirty." A short pause, "Especially if it means I get to pick an outfit for the Duchess."

Ember turns toward Nina, and regards the shopkeeper as though she was sizing up a castle to be sieged. There's something horribly intense about Ember's gaze, but it doesn't seem like it's something she's TRYING to do -- she's just a horribly intense person, and to her, this is just 'looking at Nina,' where others might see 'glaring at her like Nina just besmirched the good name of reefs.' "Her Highness speaks true, Messere Autumndale. I leave the... enthusiasm to my ladies, but I appreciate fine work nonetheless -- if I did not, I might as well dress in rags. And of those, I own none."

"That isn't true! You look lovely! I don't see any padding on you." She looks down at herself, blushing. "My two are getting to almost six months now. My husband and I are already keen on expanding the family, so... if anyone shall have some padding, it will likely be me." Svana winks. "I doubt you could look frumpy in anything." Svana looks at Caprice and smiles, waving her over. "Mistress Caprice, do come and meet Princess Donella Redrain! She is quite a woman."

"It's not padding, it's drape," Caprice insists both to Donella and Svana, as if she has any authority on the subject with her thin frame. "It's the shapes and contours that really play up a fabric, you're only showing it off to best effect."

Turning his attention to Lisebet, Rook is giving a nod of his head, even as a grin dances to his lips. He's then looking to Harlan and then back to Lisebet, "I'm certain the Duke would look grand in that soft pink dress." A nod in the direction of it, though his tone is clearly teasing and he does follow that up with, "Though he seems more of trousers and tunic kind of man."

Harlan holds up a finger to Rook. "Climbing trees could be so easy in a dress. Think of the freedom of movement." He glances over at Lisebet.

Lisebet smiles at Harlan. And then Rook's answer has her laugh. "I think I would look spectacular in the cobalt blue, and Harlan might well look adorable in that delicate pink, but - I suspect you are right that he might be trousers, silk shirt and warm vest sort of fellow. Or maybe a jaunty jacket?" She then blinks, glancing back at Harlan, and says, "I do not think it easy to climb trees ever."

Nina looks at Donella, and considers, but agrees with Svana. "You look lovely! But. If you are worried about the fit on a knit, consider, I could make something with a little boning for you. It wouldn't be as comfortable but it would pinch everything in just as you like." She notices Ember looking at her, and Nina looks back. Nina does not seem particularly phased by an intense look. For a moment, the very simple cheerful woman looks as if she's staring right back at Ember, unblinking. Then ... she brightens into a grin. "Of course! Only the finest!"

The offer gets Theophania's attention *immediately*. "Oh, that's *very* agreeable," she says, brightly. "In fact, if you're hurting for velvet, I can cut you a deal on some o that, too... I happen to have invested in a fair bit of the stuff before the recent unpleasantness with the whirlpool." She seems *extremely* excited now. She's still browsing, but the idea of a custom piece is too good to pass up. "This is such a lovely storefront, too. The atmosphere is relaxing without being smothering..."

Donella teases Svana, "Really? I would never have guessed it. I have told his Grace that the first time be makes a joke about my being swollen in any part, or if anything is said about milk-cows, his person will find himself sleeping in his princely study and having the next one himself." To Caprice she jokes, "I have found that drape, when not talking about fabric, is only a polite way of saying sag. Ah, me. But perhaps Mistress Nina is correct, and some boning would not go amiss." She turns about to look at them over her shoulder, the posture only jokingly come-hither. "Can't hurt to build in some redundancy."

"Climbing tree's in a dress .." Rook trails off a moment, considering that with a little shake of his head, only to then look back over towards Lisebet, "I'm certain that you would as well, my lady." A pause and then a considering and then a nod, "A jaunty jacket would do him well. Especially if he's going to be climbing tree's in the attire."

Harlan looks around to all present, "Please note she still has yet to agree to let me pick an outfit for her!"

Svana nods in agreement with Caprice as well. "Very true. Honestly, this kind of knitwear... wool and such, it conforms to the body in such a way that is flattering." When Nina mentions adding some boning, Svana nods once more. But she doesn't look near as serious once Donella shoots back with her comment. "Oh, no... I cannot imagine Prince Darren... having a baby... please, take your anger out on Prince Kieran and make him find a wife instead." She smiles widely at her own idea. "Then the boys can fight and you can resolve a family matter!"

Lisebet checked charm + diplomacy at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

"Stop trying to scare the poor seamstress," Viviana chides the Bloody Baroness as she stares at the courtier, a smirk touching her lips briefly. Pushing away from where she'd been leaning, the Sword moves to snag a glass of one from one of the attendants. Taking a long drink, the one-eyed woman eyes the people present before Harlan draws her attention, and the duelist muses aloud, "I'm uncertain the good Duchess trusts your fashion sense." Looking back to Ember, the Sin wonders, "Are you going to get a sweaterdress, Baroness? I think they seem /perfect/ for your style. Maybe the pink one?"

Of climbing trees in a dress, "They do it all the time in North. And even the men do it in skirts, some places. Hardy thighs, the northern men..." Donella muses idly. "Ah, Prince Kieran. I suppose he is getting long in the beard."

Lisebet blinks before she says, softly, "If you've such a trick, I know a duke who perhaps should bear a child himself." a glance at Harlan, and then back to Rook. She inclines her head at his compliment, before adding, "I shall certainly allow you to pick out as many lovely expensive outfits for me as you wish, Harlan, providing you get someone like the talented Mistress Autumndale here to assist in ensuring good taste and fashionability." She nods to Princess Donella, before she says, "It's not the dress that stops me, I admit."

"I don't /try/ to scare people," Ember says to Viviana, with another very faint quirk of her brows. She gives Nina a deep nod, apparently of appreciation? Who can really tell, with this one? Ember's amber eyes set upon the pink sweaterdress that Viviana points out, and her deadpan continues, even though she almost certainly is teasing the Sword: "I'm not certain of that, Your Highness, but I suppose that if a Princess was to gift me such a thing, I would be honor-bound to wear it."

"Is he?" Nina asks, tilting her head curiously. "How IS Prince Kieran doing these days? I should stop by and visit him. He had a commission done for a Lycene style gown as a gift." She looks at Lisebet. "Now, tell me, if you'd like a custom gown, I can put you down on order for one and we can work out the details of pricing and color and style and so-on. You too, as well, boning or not," she says to Donella.

Harlan claps a few times, "Of course!" He pauses, "Gods know I can not design clothes. And it's not as if you could possibly look bad in anything!" Then the comment about a kid registers. "Oh! So we can have another?" He teases Lisebet.

Rook looks over towards Donella, a laugh falling past his lips, "His Grace spending a lot of his time climbing tree's these days?" To Lisebet, there's a smile and an incline of his own head before he's lifting his glass to his lips, to take a small sip before lowering it back down, "Please, no. No such trick. Yasmine will declare that I bare the next child." There is a smile on his lips even with that comment.

Donella grins to Lisebet, "Then I doubt it is anything to do with your thighs, either. But I will not ask the Duke to confirm it." She comments to Rook, "If you have four children under the age of seven, a household full of dangerously unmarried princes, and your mother in residence, and a somewhat ... mmm, mercurial wife, you might well climb a tree, as well. Thank you, Mistress Nina. I will think on what I would like for an order."

Svana merely smiles when Kieran's Lycene gown gift is mentioned, hugging her new dress to herself. She looks at the trio of women gathered and then to Rook. "You're married? You have kids?" Is there shock in her voice? Perhaps a titch. She bows to the women. "I must be heading back now, lest I forget my way home. The Pravus Ward is exceptionally sinful and inviting. I don't need led down any roads to temptation when I can find those myself." She turns to Nina and smiles. "You have done so well. I will be frequently visiting."

"Svana, thank you! I plan to turn in that certificate myself soon, and please come back when I have new wares in stock! I'm so happy you showed me how to properly open a shop." Nina beams at her, and sets her glass down so she can walk over and, even if Svana isn't sure about it, give her a hug. It's a soft seawool hug. Then she considers, the matter of the candy pink dress, and the conversation around it.

"Honor-bound? You should really be careful what you say, Baroness. Such things can get you into all sorts of trouble, don't you know?" Clearly less than serious while she speaks to the dark-haired Baroness, Viviana is still already fetching a coin purse from the inside of her coat. Beckoning one of the attendants over, the Sword of Setarco passes over some coin and points towards the pink sweaterdress on display. A quiet murmur, and the attendant takes the garment over to the group of Redreef handmaidens after fetching it from the display. The one-eyed woman looks back to Ember with a grin, "I think they'll positively /love/ getting to see you in that. It's for your people, right?"

Theophania starts doing some calculations in her head about the order(s) she intends to make; it really is quite a lot. She's been practicing how to move for just such an occasion -- and now that it's finally time, she's genuinely excited... if still a little nervous. She doesn't really want to jockey for Nina's attention *too much* right this second, either, since she seems plenty occupied with other customers and she's pretty sure she'll have a more thorough consultation later, so she returns to browsing.

Lisebet's smile is warm and gentle. "Absolutely, sign me up for a consultation. Though it seems Harlan would like to pick out an outfit for me, as well." Did she just request two? Perhaps. She blinks, and then laughs aloud, a light and musical sound. "Indeed, Minister, I am failing to see the issue there, though I suppose it would do terrible things for those hips." Her cheeks color slightly but her smile is both mysterious and kind at the same time. "Probably wise, your highness. I hear the Duke can gush on when he feels it called for."

"Mm. I suppose that is quite true. I don't think I'm going to have to worry about several of those little .. issues." That's what Rook offers to Donella before his attention shifts to Svana, a laugh falling past his lips as he dips a nod of his head, "Indeed I am. Married to Yasmine Champagne and we have one daughter." Then, he's finishing his wine, only to lower the glass down, his attention shifting over towards Nina, "I, too, should take my leave and return to my ledgers. Reach out to me, please, Meserre Autumndale, when you might have the opportunity to discuss more mens fashion. And congratulations on the opening of your shop." Then, he's looking to Lisebet, "Get him something in pink, my lady, just to see how it looks." A little grin there and then to Donella, "A pleasure, as always. Maybe it won't be as long as it has before we stumble upon one another again."

Chuckling softly, Caprice cedes the point on drapery and contents herself with more sipping and listening in. "I may follow you out, Mistress Svana, as I've got a commission or two of my own I'm put off. But Mistress Nina, congratulations! I imagine only great things for you here and I'll be excitedly watching your progress. Maybe we'll have a chance for a bit of wine and a chat sometime soon? I feel we could be sister shops."

"Without my honor, I am nothing," Ember says to Viviana. Ember's ladies-in-waiting are simply agog, watching wide-eyed as a Princess goes and buys their Baroness a sweet and simple sweaterdress -- sweet, simple, and above all, stylish. Their murmurs among themselves intensify threefold. "With my honor, I am well-dressed." Ember actually affords Viviana a small uptick of one corner of her lips, perhaps the closest to a smile that Ember will give anyone all week. "You have my gratitude, Your Highness. And you shall be sure to see me proudly wear the work of Messere Autumndale."

Nina walks over to Viviana, saying something to her as well. It's quiet, though there's that brightness and cheer to Nina's voice.

Nina then looks to Lisebet, and nods. "Are you interested in seasilk or something a bit more winter-ready?" She then grins to Rook. "Absolutely! It was wonderful to meet you and I think we will be in touch about your style! I think it will be a lot of fun."

Harlan seems a bit lost looking at all the clothes for a moment. Although something catches his attention. "What about the Duchesses Thighs? Are they out?!"

"The pleasure is mine," Svana says warmly to Nina, giving her a big hug. "Congratulations. And yes, do come talk to me about the voucher soon. Once I get this damnable aeterna gown done..." She smiles at Caprice. "I know how that feels." She bows to everyone gently and moves outside to hold the door for those who are following her out.

Njall, a Northern nullifier, Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant leave, following Svana.

Rook is overheard praising Nina.

5 Silvershields, Jeeves, a sophisticated valet leave, following Rook.

Lisebet arches a brow. "never, Harlan. that would be quite shocking." She turns back toNina, to say, "I do have some brocade and ironwool that needs something done with it. I've been hoping to find the right designs to use it, but nothing as yet has come to my attention." She pauses and then adds, "Seasilk is lovely material, and I am also fond of umbra."

Donella mock-salutes Rook with her fingers glancing off her eyebrow, and chuckles. "I think if they were we'd be able to talk of nothing else. Do they USUALLY come out while you are shopping?"

Lisebet shakes her head negatively. "no. never," she replies earnestly to Donella.

Harlan grins over his shoulder at Lisebet, "I was just teasing dear. Find anything you like yet?"

"As are we all," the Sword of Setarco offers in agreement with the Baroness regarding honor while flashing a smile at the woman. Her gaze does stray to watch the handmaidens react though, and judging from her grin, it's already silver well spent in her opinion. When Nina wanders over to murmur to her, the Sin cocks her head to listen and lets out a little laugh and lowers her voice to offer a response before nodding to the redhead. Glancing back to Ember, the duelist hmm's half to herself while considering the islander before deciding, "We'll have to see about something to accompany it. A necklace maybe."

"Ironwool! Yes!" Nina claps her hands once. "I was planning on putting some ironwool cloaks out soon. Perhaps some socks as well, but I have to make sure to be careful about the itch. I think they'd be great accessories for the colder months. If you'd like an ironwool cloak or gown we can definitely make that happen. It'd be good for the season." She looks at Ember again. "All joking aside, pink would look splendid with your coloration. I have a hard time pulling it off unless it's a bit to the purple side."

Harlan looks about and waves to those he hasn't exactly had conversation with yet. "Well I do apologize. Apparently Ashford plans to be hogging all of Mistress Nina's consultation slots."

3 Last Watch Sentries have been dismissed.

2 Redrain Guards have been dismissed.

Old Nan, a mostly harmless old woman have been dismissed.

Ember looks at the dress that she's been given -- carefully folded, ready to be brought home. Her eyes scan it for a long time, before she looks back up toward Nina, and then Viviana. "Your Highness, your generosity may well send my ladies into palpitations. Please do show some concern for their health." Ember then turns her attention back towards Nina: "My ladies have tried to convince me of this before, but now it will finally be put to the test, Messere Autumndale."

"Oh no, don't worry about it! I am going to be taking a few commissions a week. If I forget anything, just send me a messenger. I have a song I need to finish writing before my concert too." Nina however doesn't seem too harried by Harlan's comment. If anything, she's quite excited.

"I am quite sure we'll be in touch," Lisebet says seriously. "Please do accept our word on this, and we'll send a messenger. Also, that cobalt blue sweater dress. I'm certain it will fit me perfectly."

"My generosity is one of my few venues of entertainment, so long as the whirlpool keeps my beautiful ship stuck here in the capital," Viviana laments in response to the Baroness's words, and then she adds, "And please, they are ecstatic about it, aren't you ladies?" The one-eyed fencer flashes a grin at the handmaidens and dips into a showy little flourish of a bow towards them, the tail of her coat swaying with the motion. "I look forward to seeing how right you are," the Sin adds after Nina's remarks about the pink suiting the islander woman.

"Thank you all for coming! I think I will begin closing up for the day," Nina says, folding her hands together, "But for those who want nice things... I'm going to be in touch with you!"

Harlan smiles and nods at Lisebet. He hands over some coin for the Blue dress. "I shall forgive you didn't pick the Ashford Colored one! As I am sure you will look amazing in this regardless" He says clearly teasing. He offers an arm to Lisebet, "Shall we Duchess?"

The ladies of Baroness Redreef, to a woman, nearly swoon at Viviana's bow. A Princess! Bowing at them! They'll be talking about it all night. Ember, meanwhile, watches with her usual degree of stoic detachment. "I'll make sure to approach from the correct side," she says, in what is almost certainly a joke. Because if it isn't... well.

"I picked the Farshaw coloured one, alas," Lisebet says. "You will have to pick the Ashford colours." There's a tease there, no doubt. "And we shall definitely head out, indeed. A pleasure to catch up with folks, and to meet new ones. Good day all. Mistress Autumndale, we will be in touch."

Nina makes a mental note of this business of colors, because she does want people to like the colors they choose. "I'll make a note of house colors too in the future," she says thoughtfully. Then she sighs. "I believe now I'll retire to the outer lounge for a bit. It will be open lots, so come and drink wine and visit as you like!"

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