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Saik Family Dinner II

Join the Saiks for another evening of exquisite food and wine pairings, music (dancing encouraged), and conversation. All are welcome! We'd love to see you - whether you're old friends or shiny and new.


Nov. 3, 2020, 8:50 p.m.

Hosted By

Medeia Lucita Neilda


Zoey Esme Rowenova Thea Svana Haakon Valerius Wash Ariella Talwyn Tyche Arcelia Kalani Cristoph Pasquale Catalana



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Saik Tower - Music Chamber

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Comments and Log

On a comfortably warm spring evening, a pair of Saik guards stand watch over the wide-open Tower doors that take advantage of the fresh air. As guests arrive, servants are on hand to assist with any overclothes or weapons being shed before directing them to the similarly wide-open doors of the music chamber. The space is inviting: brightly lit by lanterns and the hearth, lovingly appointed with thoughtful details like vibrant bouquets of spring flowers in glass vases, crisp white table linens, and fine silver and glass utensils and dishes. Musicians have been hired and are playing at a volume that still allows for conversation while others might enjoy a dance. The chairs by the fire make for a cozy spot to savor a glass of wine or whiskey, while the tables are arranged to allow for small groups to gather while dancers command the floor.

Along one wall, dinner has been arranged buffet style with options for those who wish to mingle with a small plate of nibbles or sit down for a full meal: cured meats and a selection of cheeses, olives and nuts, good crusty rolls, fresh fruit, roast lamb, stuffed grape leaves, flatbreads with blistered tomatoes and herbed cheese, lemon-garlic artichoke hearts, wedges of olive oil and grape cake, and petite honey and pine nut tarts. At the end of the buffet is a bar, featuring Saikland's prized red table wine, a limited vintage of Spring Awakening - a floral and herbaceous white wine, and plenty of whiskey and other spirits, as well as tea and lemonade.

Medeia is in the midst of all of this, looking her spring best in robin's egg blue honeysilk dress with whiskey colored leather waist cincher and slippers, her hair elaborately braided and woven through with a sea glass beaded leather cord, and whimsical aquamarine and gold jewelry that looks like jellyfish sparkling at her neck and ears. Her signature grin is affixed to her face and her warm hazel eyes sparkle as she greets everyone.

Before the door has a chance to close after the last guest, Zoey follows. Clad in her finest she curtsies to the hostess. "Good evening! I am glad to see you have elected to host again after the success of your previous dinner. I hope all is well!" Spotting her patron, she gives him a wave but does not move to his side just yet.

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound arrives, following Rowenova.

Talwyn has joined the a maple wood harp.

It's not winter. This is important three seasons out of the year, but especially the one following winter. It's in every happy beat of the saunter Esme possesses. She's almost skip-sauntering (it's a thing!). Her auburn hair is tucked in hairpins with that wild appeal as her brilliantly green eyes sweep the room. She nods to each person but she's really looking for alco--Medeia. Yep. Medeia. A vivacious smile curves her lips to an illuminating smile as she she sees her, but does not interrupt. "Salutations.." Her eyes track the moments of others and humor lines her eyes as Talwyn moves for the harp. Then she scoots over to where the wine is.

Jayne, Burly Sailor, Oakshed, an aged and white haired valet arrive, following Wash.

Showing up with Sir Floppington at her side is the Scout Rowenova who has her togo box at her side with her, too.

Rowenova gets a cotton towel embroidered with the Saik crest from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Arcelia has joined the a table with inlaid Saikland glass tiles.

Thea trails after Zoey, dressed in her newest gown. Lack of fabric and high shoes. Spying Esme, she ALMOST runs to hide, but nope, she heads to Deia first. Her friend and protege, greeting her first,"Medeia, hey,"a rare sincere smile on her lips. There's a wave given to the Kennexes and of course Esme as well before she grabs a drink and place to sit.

Thea has joined the a table with inlaid Saikland glass tiles.

While not quite in her finest, Svana has come in comfortable clothes that seem to suit the summer more than the spring. The Bonespire merchant turned seamstress smiles at Medeia widely and waves to her. "The babies wanted to walk the whole way in and see you, but we agreed only to the foyer. They didn't fuss much, thankfully. Thank you for inviting us all here again," she says to the woman. But the pregnant woman is soon looking for those buffet tables, her stomach growling terribly at the smell of all the delicacies that the Saiks have laid out.

Haakon had left his prized harpoon in the care of the house guards, and *isn't wearing armor*. There's even some silk being worn. Upon entry, the prodigal notes, "Lot of new faces," under his breath before waiting his turn to greet the hostess.

Valerius has been settled in and is drinking wine, as he arrived a bit early. Though he stands up and nods and greets those that he recognizes as they come. Between greetings he can be seen looking around the room at corners and maybe under tables. Holding his smile for anyone that asks what's up.

Wash swaggers through the door, his sobriety currently losing the war against whatever inoculation against the acknowledgement of existence is currently dangling from the fingers of his right hand. "I figured it out!" He says, levelling a finger at Medeia. "You have a sister!" He pauses and looks around, drawing himself carefully erect. "I am here to make her acquaintance."

Sometimes, Nova dresses up, but not this evening. She picks out a new towel to ultimately go with the other one from the last dinner before then sits down before the clavichord and sets her towel in her lap before she pings the keys!

Rowenova checks luck and performance at easy. Rowenova is successful.

Having temporarily smothered her sister, Arcelia, Medeia breaks away to do the Hostess Thing. She turns a bright smile to Talwyn, then greets Zoey. "Ah, Lady Zoey, I'm not sure an army could stop me from hosting a dinner." There's a sparkle of mischief in her eyes. "Please, come in and enjoy." Her eyes track to the door as Esme, Rowenova, and Thea filter in. "Lady Esme, grab a glass of wine, cake is on the... right side of the buffet table. Scout Nova, good to see you as always! Thea, that's a new dress, isn't it? Gorgeous." She leans down, hands reaching out to Sir Floppington for pets before she sees Svana. "Aww, they'll have a nice time with Luc's little ones, I'm sure." She steps forward to squeeze one of Svana's hands before gliding over to Haakon and pressing up on her toes to say something quietly.

2 Valardin Knights arrives, following Cristoph.

1 Inverno Ensign, 1 Inverno Captain, Cornelius, a studious looking attendant, Cristoph arrive, following Tyche.

"Good to see you, too, Lady Medeia!" says the scout as she plucks away at the clavicord keys and gets lucky because it does not sound terrible. She is not a protege as far as music goes, though, so this is no masterpiece or anything.

Esme was going to be on her best behavior and /not/ hug anyone, but Thea looked like she needed a hug. So it's over to her that Esme saunters and if the woman doesn't move quick enough; the standard Esme greeting is given. That is the greeting of her arms tossed about the person as if it's her best friend that she has not seen in ages. "Thea! You look..." Pause. Consideration. "Beautiful. It is as if the oceans misted you with a beauty that no one can handle. I'd say a Siren, but they are not what they seem. So you are the drops of ocean water with beautiful clarity." That vibrant smile is gifted to everyone that looks her way. A fear may ripple through the crowd that most might be hugged. It's a good fear to have.

Sir Floppington happily accepts the pets (and hugs) which come his way, indeed! Those soulful eyes are grateful for the affection.

Talwyn checks charm and performance at easy. Talwyn is successful.

"Thank you. I shall," Zoey replies to Medeia with a bright smile and a nod. Taking up a glass of the spring wine she goes next to greet Talwyn while occasionally glancing up to see whom else arrives.

Zoey has joined the a maple wood harp.

Ariella might be slightly late, but a sea captain has the right to look good in her new dress. She walks past the servants, dipping her head briefly to the host as a way of greeting and searching for some drink as her eyes go over the room, exploring and trying to find some familiar faces there.

As Rowenova sits down and pings the keys of the clavicord, Talwyn glances around and offers a smile for her efforts and brings his fingers to the strings of the harp he had just sat down at. Reaching forward, he plucks a few strings and creates a casual melody to fill in around Rowenova's playing.

Haakon turns a wary eye at Esme, blue regard narrowing with suspicion. He gets a.. hugging sense from that one. A short nod to Medeia, "Fair met to the Saik, her kith and her kin." The greeting given, he mutters a few words more quietly before scanning the room.

Thea exhales at Esme, taking a big drink. Then--pat pat pat--of the woman's back. Totally counts as a hug! "Thank you, Esme. I like to think I can clean up nicely,"a smile appearing as she nods to Medeia. Returning her attention back to Esme, she eventually asks,"How are you,"as she waves to Rowenova and Haakon as well.

Svana gives that handsqueeze back before she starts to fix a plate. A generous one. She smiles over at Rowenova and Flop, waving before she moves to find a seat, looking about carefully. The pregnant woman is showing rather plainly now, clearly out of the first trimester. As the music starts she sits back with a glass of less than hard cider and starts daintily shoveling the food into her mouth, watching the musicians with rapt appreciation.

Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Gunther, a Rottweiler, Micana, an efficient assistant, 1 Saik Guard arrive, following Lucita.

Gunther, a Rottweiler have been dismissed.

Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound have been dismissed.

The very small Marquessa and the very tall Duke walk into a party - and the joke stops there. Tyche's hand rest lightly against Cristoph's forearm as she moves through the Saik Tower with her companion. She's continuing some conversation their journey over merited, speaking to him on the merits of fashion, apparently. "I didn't say thank you," she remarks, lashes dipping to take in her dress as it moves from each step. "For the compliments. I thought the honey might be appropriate," she flashes him a grin, and then her gaze searches the gathering for a familiar face. "Lady Media," she explains to the Duke beside her when she spies the woman, "is the reason we're here. I could not resist the invitation." She looks up at him, a brow arching as she adds something much more quietly.

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Esme offers a bright smile. "I am always well without a complaint. I have wine. I have a wonderful life, is there more to want or need?" She will kiss the air near Thea's cheek. A sign that the woman is out of her entrapment. "I should greet Medeia since she invited me. We shall of course talk later." She winks and then saunters over towards Medeia to patiently wait her turn.

Since Nova happened to get lucky and key something which is working as far as a melody goes -- simple as it may be -- the scout keeps up the playing of keys across the clavicord's board, doing so with her ungloved hands which let the Saikland ring glint when the light hits it just right. There is a sprinkle of higher notes that is spontaneously added before Nova returns to repeating what works. She nods up a bit, sensing those who wave her way, an acknowledgment paired with a smile, but she mostly watches the instrument. Meanwhile, Sir Flop slumps behind the bench seat upon which his human sits, being the lazy good boy that he is. Talwyn's efforts with the harp filling in the gaps when it takes the scout a moment to find the right spot on the instrumet she plays. It all come together quite nicely.

Medeia looks at Wash in amusement. "I have two, Lord Wash. Arcelia, elder-" she gestures to the woman seated nearby, "And Neilda, also older, though by just a few minutes. I'm not sure where she is at the moment. Though both would be good for you to know, as they sail better than I do." She approaches Arelle with a smile. "Hi! We haven't met, but I'm pretty sure you're another Igniseri, no? Harlequin Medeia Saik, pleased to emet you." The arrival of Tyche on Cristoph's arm has her eyebrow raising, but quickly shifting into a smile. "Did you ever get one of those little paper horses from the Duke at the wedding?" She steps forward to greet the pair. "Marquessa Tyche, Duke Cristoph, it's an honor to have you both here tonight." She finally takes a chance to go and collect a glass of wine for herself.

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Arcelia returns the hug her sister glomps onto her. "I'm here." She agrees with a smile. "The kids are out in the garden playing if you want to meet them tonight." She is aware that many of her family might not have met her children and adopted children and so they are lingering about to meet the family. She looks at hte various non-Saik guests and nods her head to each of them before looking back to her sister. "You've a lot of guests tonight. A very successful dinner. Well done." Her words are well intended and she's trying to be a polite guest and supportive sister but that light just isn't there to say she cares much about anything these days. Save maybe her children because when she mentions them a smile peeks onto her face. No doubt the reason she's stuck around with Turo in Navegant, to remain with her children.

Enjoying the walk in the warm spring evening air, Lady Kalani Seliki is a little later than intended, and arrives in the wake of the very small Marquessa and very tall Duke. Carrying a handheld fan that stirs the air nicely as she moves, Kalani looks around the room and the already arrived guests, a smile forming on her face as she recognizes several people already. "Marvelous," she murmurs, hearing the music and moves lightly through the room with the goal to say hello to Medeia and then circulate around the room afterward. Goals!

Lucita has been going back and forth as would have been expected, seeing that the twins are occupied and out of the way, making sure she has seen to fresh spring flowers and to her own grooming before quietly slipping into the gathering. She hears music as she enters the room and her brow raises as her amber gaze sweeps over the gathering and spots just who is playing! "Nova? I didn't know you had picked up ability to do that!" Glancing toward those gathered she smiles and says softly. "I'm sure Lady Medeia has greeted you to Saik Tower. "Hugs are offered to her friends and family as she makes her way through the room. "Lord Wash, Lady Ariella! You goth got here. That is wonderful! So happy to see you.

"Oh I know Arcelia. Sorry. Lady Navegant." Wash says, correcting his manners and offering the Lady a bow. "Though I did not know you were fruit of the same vine." He looks from one oto the other curiously as if looking for some family resemblance. He tromps over to a chair, collecting a glass so that he can drink properly, now that he is in esteemed company. "I look forward to being introduced to your... twin? Baroness Lucita. I danced with Medeia last night. She should have been in Arx years ago. Would have made this cesspool a little more bearable."

Svana waves over to Lady Kalani eagerly before smiling at Valerius. "Marquis Valerius, how do you fare today?" She asks, before digging into her plate a bit further. "This food is divine. Quite different from what we eat in the North but I've never said no to good food no matter where it comes from." She watches the people trickle in with interest, eyes flitting back and forth to the musicians.

"I'm sure that Lady Mabelle would appreciate your gown, she's very proud of that material," Cristoph can be heard remarking to Tyche as they enter the party. His eyes take in the room and the occupants quickly, tallying up who's there before his gaze drops down to her again. "I think that I've met Lady Medeia a time or two." He doesn't force Tyche to try to stand on her toes or anything to speak quietly to him, instead politely dipping his head down a bit lower to catch her words. Whatever they are, they earn a rich laugh and a nod of his head. There's something quietly replied and then he's ansering in a more conversational voice, "Of course." When Medeia approaches them, he's mid-way to saying hello when she mentions the paper horses. He turns to Tyche, momentarily confused. Then there's another laugh and he has to admit, "/I/ don't even have one of those horses, unfortunately. I left them at the party, alas."

"Yep, Lady Captain Ariella." The Igniseri introduces herself, reaching her red sash to display it proudly, "Proud owner of the best damned war galley of the Compact, but the pleasure is mine, Harlequin." Ariella says, flashing a smile to Medeia when a familiar voice has her head turning, "Sis," She greets Lucita, "You're looking good tonight. I missed you!"

Talwyn laughs aloud as Rowenova continues to play, more than happy to continue with the spur of the moment jam session that is taking place. His fingers continue to pluck at the strings of the harp in a manner that fills in the gaps between Rowenova's own playing. He's chatting with Zoey as he plays, offering a nod her way before murmuring something to her.

Thea nods her head as more people make their entrance, but Rocco as brings her a message, she murmurs,"Tell her I'll be right there." That said, the Malvici slips out, just as quiet.

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Esme waits until Medeia starts to pass and then she pounces. Her lips curve up at the lady, "My Darling..." She will attempt to wrap her up in the same hug that she does when she greets people. "This event is wonderful. Glorious even. I am most jealous that you have not had me over a million times before now." She looks over at the woman. "Oh! Your jewelry is beautiful, but that honeysilk dress. It just is beautiful upon you. I think the fabric is jealous for being upon someone so glorious. I know I am jealous of the fabric." She laughs fully as she looks back over the people. Perhaps finding her next victim.

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After what Lucita says, Nova lets out a laugh. "I think I got lucky when I started and did not hit the wrong things, and I just kept repeating it, but... anyway! This would not be as good as it is without Prince Talwyn helping!" Eventually, she draws her hand from low to high across the keys before then performing a final dingaling with no rhyme or reason at the high end before finally ceasing the song on her end. She stands from the bench, steps out, turns around, and then bows to the right then to the left as if this were an opera house. Once stood to her full height, she grins over to Talwyn there. "Thanks for the help!"

Lucita spins on hearing a familiar voice. "RELLIA? Sis, when did you get back? I got your message and went to pound on your door to welcome you home but you were not there at the time!" She abandons all the others she was going to greet and rushes over to wrap arms around her twin. "I was beginning to worry you had run afoul of something horrid." Her color warms a little and she turns toward the others. "Pardon my enthusiasm, has been well over a year since we saw each other."

When Rowenova winds down on her own playing, Talwyn's fingers wind down to a stop. As the harp's notes fade away, Talwyn offers a grin and bow of his head toward Rowenova before saying, "Any time! Keep that up and we will be arranging a concert before long."

Spotting Svana, and returning the wave - actually using the fan she's holding to wave - Kalani alters course and walks in her direction, "Svana, you're looking lovely and radiant tonight," radiant of course being code for the glow of a healthy pregnancy. "How are you feeling?" is asked in a soft voice as she continues to use the fan she's holding to gently stir the air.

When Medeia intercepts the pair, Tyche's smile deepens, and she reaches out a hand to brush the woman's arm. Until, that is, she's ratting her out about the horses! She laughs, looking up to Cristoph, his own reaction winning an explanation. "I /may/ have tried to get those at my table to win me a horse no matter the cost. None rose to the occasion," she exhales a sigh. "Because I was pulled away. A pity you lost them, or I would try to win one now," a small shrug for their missed chance, and she's turning back to the hostess - who is being accosted by Esme for all of the compliments. She allows the two women their reunion, stepping closer to Cristoph and asking, "Shall we find a drink?" A beat. "A corner to lean against, maybe? Or do you prefer a chair tonight? There are some lovely ones by the fire, if I recall correctly."

Spotting Kalani, Medeia sweeps over to the Seliki Lady with a cheerful expression and a hug offered, if she wants. "'Lani! You made it, I'm so glad to see you. Have wine, lots of wine, and food." Wash grabs her attention and a blush blooms on her cheeks at the compliment. "Oh. Yes, Neilda is my twin, though we look little alike. And... You're too kind. Truly." Her eyes light up when Ariella confirms her identity and she leans in quickly to whisper something to the woman. As she steps away, she's ambushed by Esme and hugs her back. "Esme, you're the most radiant jewel among preciosu gems, and I can only hope to live up tot he praise you heap upon me."

At Wash's declaration, Zoey looks over curiously from where she sits beside Talwyn. Her expression seems to say, 'I want to ask, but I fear to know.'

Svana smiles at Kalani, looking quite happy. "You're too kind. I feel like mostly I look quite greasy right now," she says with a laugh. "I'm feeling much better than with the last pregnancy. Lady Medeia was kind enough to tell me it's only one baby... but... if it is twins again, it shall be a blessing. Though my first set are not one yet." She grins a most ornery grin at that, chuckling. "I have meant to follow up with you on a good number of subjects! Would you like to sit with us?"

"I really am." Wash agrees amiably. "But in wine one finds truth." He kicks his boots up on an footstool and basks in the fires warmth. "One should never dive into the depths of my mind's inner workings. It raises more questions than it answers, and I've heard that it is hard to find one's bearings afterward."

Kalani smiles as she hugs Media in return, "I'm glad to be here, thank you for inviting me. The weather is just so lovely, you picked a wonderful night to host this. And the music," there's that fine thread of longing in the Seliki physicians voice, her love for music is a real almost palpable thing.

Nova gives a grin back to Talwyn, nodding his way. "One day! I do plan to eventually learn how to truly play and sing, but that will be a bit before... well, if my lovely patron, the loveliest patron..." She looks over to Lucita. "Wishes to teach me one day." She moves over to Svana and gives her a hug!

Not caring about who might be looking, Ariella receives Lucita in her arms, turning it into a hug before she replies the woman. "It must have happened when I was at the ball or when I was checking on my ship." She suggests, "Leena is helping me fit some new weapons to it, but we still have to see whether it will be effective." She leans closer to Medeia in order to reply her questions, keeping a low tone about it.

Svana beams at Rowenova and turns to hug the woman back, squeezing her tightly. "Hello you! I didn't know you were so talented! The three of you sounded great together." She leans up to whisper something to Rowenova while patting the other woman's cheek fondly.

Overhearing Svana, Medeia calls to her, "I /assure you/ Svana, if that is twins, I will pay for the younger one to attend some fancy school when they are old enough for fooling me." Her eyes scan the room and she moves to the bar to collect a glass of wine for herself and a glass of whiskey for... Haakon, whom ehe moves toward just then and presses the glass into his hand, wordlessly. She smiles before moving away to mingle again, making her way over to Tyche and Cristoph. "Marquessa, I don't think we've seen each other since the wedding, I trust you've been well?"

As Tyche continues with her explanation about the paper horses, he cants his head slightly to the side taking it in. Amusement gradually floods his features, "I'm terribly sorry that I didn't save a few for you. If I'd known it was so important that you'd apply the price of 'no matter the cost', I'd have taken them with me." He watches the accosting happen with the same level of amusement before he turns back to Tyche, "Please. Lets find something to drink and ah, too hot for the fire tonight. But I think I picked our last place, so this one is on you."

Esme finds her next victim in ~Tyche~. "Oh! Marquessa.. I'm not sure we have spent too much time together, but your colors are glorious. The golden color. I cannot decide upon a color for spring, but you have done it so well. You are the epitome of beautiful." She will attempt to hug the woman if allowed. Then her eyes slide to ~Cristoph~. Those emerald eyes slide higher and higher to the ... bee on his head. There is a tip of her head. "Duke of Milk." It's said warmly and she will offer him a hug too, but does not launch at him.

Nova squeezy hugs Svana! After a half grin and return whisper, Nova lets go, with a back pat. "Thanks, I got lucky, really I did! Also, I might have been repeating something I saw my patron play once before, too." Music sampling!

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Azzurra marches up to Valerius as he is in conversation and has some quiet words with him. Then slowly steps away and picks up Vix who has been hiding under a nearby table. "Excuse me, it appears that I am being called away. It was lovely to finally meet you Arcelia. Svana, have a lovely evening."

Arcelia smiles at Svana. "Good, I'm glad to hear that. He was once upon a time a very good friend of mine. Moira's death was hard on him, I think. I haven't heard much from him since. Though I've provided him assistance on a few occassions. So he's still in my life to a degree but not heavily, not any more." She looks over to Azzurra. "A pleasure to meet you as well. Have a wonderful night."

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Azzurra, a proper personal assistant, Vix, a small red fox leave, following Valerius.

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"What cost would you have me pay?" Tyche wonders, but it is clear she expects no answer from the Laurent, because with the turning of her head back to Medeia, she shifts the conversation easily. She certainly caught the quick drink handing over to the Eswynd, and this earns the arching of a brow in curiosity. "Oh, I've been well. Forming bonds of friendship that go beyond -" Esme! That's when she's hearing the compliments, and feeling the surprising hug. There's a laugh, but the Marquessa does not resist the show of affection. "Lady Esme, thank you." She pulls back, her dark eyes dropping quickly. "You look lovely as well. The roses are perfect for you," she easily returns the compliment, sincerity to her tone. When Cristoph is subjected to the compliments, she watches with a grin, sliding her hand from his arm so he might likewise be hugged (if he takes it). When that finishes, she returns to his side, glancing around the room in search of something. "Lady Medeia, the lighting in here is lovely. Not a dark corner in sight!" She looks to the clavichord, back to Cristoph. "Do you play? Do you want to... try to play?"

"I'd love to, thank you," Kalani adds as she turns back to Svana and slips into a seat nearby. "Twins are a handful, this is true, but it so often means that both children grow up so closely connected that they forge a life-long friendship that eclipses mere sibling connections." She continues to gently stir the air with the fan she's holding, "If it's twins again, just imagine the domestic chaos," said with a faintly impish grin and lifts one hand to wave to Rowenova, "Nova, hello and how are you this lovely evening?"

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Nova waves back to Kalani, "Doing well: thank you! Hope the same for you, too!" Then, she gets herself a seat at the glass-tiled table.

Meanwhile, Sir Flop just rests by the clavicord cause that was where he was!

Wash chats pleasantly with Haakon, more interested in drinking than being the center of attention after all.

Svana calls out to Medeia, "I might have to take you up on that, you know."

Medeia tilts her head at Tyche's lifted brow, a whole conversation happening in subtle body language. She laughs softly at the comment about the lighting. "I had enough of shadowy corners at the masquerade, to be honest." She turns to sweep her gaze over the room, a pleased smile on her face.

"Moira Grayhope, one of the people that accepted him into the family originally." Arcelia clarifies for Svana. "Once upon a time, much to Kima and Hadrian's... well, they didn't like that I was involved with the Grayhopes." She pauses. "Anyways, they were... close. But Moira has long been claimed by Death and time."

Lucita says, "There will be a lot of catching up to do, and I'm glad you found someone to help you with the ship. I expect there is going to be... problems where you and your ship and skills are needed. " She speaks to Ariella and then turns toward the others. "Come, share a meal and drinks with us and get to know some of our friends and allies.""

Being called the Duke of Milk earns a pleasant smile from Cristoph, however when Esme tries to hug him, his expression transitions to one of confusion. But he doesn't cause a scene, he just pats her on the back rather simply and disengages as soon as it's over. "It's good to see you again Lady Esme, I hope you're keeping out of trouble." It's true, he has no set price on the cost of paper horses. Instead he'll answer about the clavichord. "I've never played one in my entire life. Which honestly, that's reason enough to go sit down at that one, isn't it?" He turns once to Medeia, his eyebrows lifting briefly at the idea of having had enough of shadows before he smiles. "It's a very lovely room, thank you for hosting tonight."

When people at tables speak his name, and when there is talk of the clavicord, Sir Floppington lifts his flop-eared noggin from where he rests behind the bench associated with the instrument. Then, he gets up and wags up to where Kalani is, leaving the clavicord behind.

Ariella retreats from the whispering with a smirk still curving her lips, half impish, half curious. "I thought the same, it's part of what motivated me to return to the city after so long." She tells Lucita, moving her eyes back to the crowd, "Where do you think we should sit? Are there any of your friends you'd like me to meet tonight?"

"I'll let you get to your guests," Tyche murmurs to Medeia, before lowering her voice to impart something secretive, a not-so-secretive glance case Haakon. She squeezes the woman's arm, and then turns away to sweep Cristoph off. "Can I admit to you that I have also never played?" she confides in him her weakness. "But I am certain if we stare at the keys for long enough, we might be able to make a note together, you and I." She passes them by the drinks, her gaze sweeping over the array of wines available, along with whatever else Medeia and her family have set out for the guests. "Your choice here, Your Grace. I imagine the wine won't taste the same as last we had it."

Esme gets to hug him!!! Esme bounces a moment and then disengages quickly. She doesn't hold the hug for long. "It is most wonderful to see you, even if the Sleepless Knight /still/ will only serve me milk." She winks to the Duke, it's not flirtatious just friendly, before she looks for her next victim of greeting. This brings her to... "SVANA!" It's more happy than a shout. "I feel like I haven't seen you in /forever/. Last time I saw you, I think you were .. with... child.." Esme's brows lower a moment and her telltale eyes can make one see if she is still in the same pregnancy. However, if allowed, she will get a hug. "You are positively glowing."

1 Saik Guard arrives, following Neilda.

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A look of absolute confusion washes over Medeia's face as Tyche walks away from her and she casts her eyes about the room, before following quickly and reaching out to catch the Marquessa's arm, whispering something urgently. She seems to have completely stepped out awareness of a party happening around her.

Neilda meanders in late, impeccably clean but with wet hair. She's chatting with Pasquale while she walks, talking with her hands in an animated fashion; the wiggly fingers suggest the topic may be something with tentacles, like she does.

Svana looks at Esme, then slowly grins. Widely. She stands and hugs Esme, chuckling. "Don't worry, those babies are almost a whole year old now! Just a month and a few days before they're toddlers! They can even almost walk now!" The Northerner smiles at the other woman. "Soon enough they will have a little brother or sister to join them." She looks around the party, catching something about the mood before looking back to Esme. "What have you been doing with yourself? Are you still looking for crafter donations? I was thinking making some special perfumes or colognes."

First Tyche begins walking over to the instrument and Cristoph is more than alright with this, following her along and nodding politely to some of the others as they pass. "We can always just start touching things and see what happens, I find that's an excellent way to learn," he comments off-handedly. When they pass the ines, he trails his fingers along the table and picks up two glasses of white. Which is about the time that Medeia re-engages Tyche, so he waits quietly. There's a raised eyebrow and note of confusion as he looks between the pair of them.

Pasquale has little of his unusual intensity about him as he accompanies Neilda into the room. He too has dampened hair. Theres a small, amused, smile on his face in response to whatever Neilda is saying at that point. "And then what?"

Tyche's attention is drawn by Medeia, and she blinks to hear whatever whispered words are shared. Again, she looks to Haakon. "Lord Haakon Eswynd," she begins her reply, before her voice lowers. The perfect tease of just enough information for the room at large before secrets are shared. There's a small hesitation to the Marquessa, but when she finishes, she steps back to look up to Cristoph. They haven't quite made it to the musical instrument yet, so everyone is saved from their attempts at playing.

"That's a fantastic idea," Neilda tells Cristoph approvingly, with a nod of her head - a non-sequitur in the middle of whatever she was talking with Pasquale about, but apparently enthusiasm for manual inquiry overrides actual conversation. She blinks, looks back to Pasquale, and says (after a delay to remember what she was saying): "Oh! I stuck a stick in and stirred them around? An hour later, that one was on top again. I think it's on purpose!"

Medeia shouts from nearby, "They WHAT?!"

That? came out significantly louder than Medeia intended. She stands frozen, turning a brilliant shade of confused and embarrassed red. She can't hear anything for a moment as blood rushes through her ears and she quickly deposits her barely touched wine glass on a nearby table. One hand raises to her throat as she looks back at Tyche. "/Are you certain/?" That normally pleasant alto voice is choked with?. Horror.

Lucita sees that all the guests are comfortable and seem to be having fun before she very discretely slips out of the gathering.

Micana, an efficient assistant, 1 Saik Guard leave, following Lucita.

Esme brightens easily towards Svana. "Oh, I am! It is not until later, but I would like to have something for the auction. If I don't, such is the way it is meant to be." Her smile wavers only slightly. "Though it seems, I may have unintentionally offended some, but such is life I suppose." She has an apologetic look if one of those is Svana. "Oh! I should come see them. I do adore children, although I must confess I love babies." Esme's eyes slide over toward Medeia and the shout from the woman. A pause.

Haakon looks up from a conversation with Wash beside the fire when his ear catches his own name. A turn of his eye to find Tyche looking at him. "So I am, Lady. How fares?" The even words are accompanied by a raised brow as his eye shifts to a suddenly agitated Medeia.

He sips his whiskey.

The yelling draws Zoey's attention, and she sips her wine while glancing that way and listening.

While Tyche and Medeia converse about- Lord Haakon Eswynd? That has Cristoph looking around. He spots the man across the room and calls out conversationally, "Oh! Good Evening, Lord Haakon. Good to see you, thank you again for participating in that duel on behalf of Princess Zara. You're an excellent Champion!" By the time he hears Neilda, he's already forgotten what his idea was. But that doesn't stop him from smiling at her in completely self-assured way, "Thank you." And then? Medeia is screaming near him. He turns slowly to stare at her. He hands off one glass of wine to Tyche and takes a sip of the other. Apparently they're going to need this.

Talwyn's eyes similarly are drawn toward the shouting that is taking place across the room. He sits comfortably at the harp where he had been conversing with Zoey, but like the others in the room the raised voices have drawn his attention.

Medeia checks composure and diplomacy at daunting. Medeia fails.

"I will work on something, Lady Esme. As long as it is love, devotion, or Limerance-themed, I'm sure I can whip something right up for you!" She smiles. "As long as I know it's going to a good cause, I don't mind not getting paid so much," Svana says before she looks around the room, with Medeia's sudden yelling. Her shoulders tense and she looks at Esme. "Oooer... I err, think someone's upset."

Wash looks up from his place by the fire as Tyche approaches, but since he isn't addressed his attention wanders to the shouting Medeia, and one eyebrow rises. He lifts his cup of wine to his lips to watch whatever unfold.

Pasquale smiles when he sees Tyche, his gaze following her path towards the piano with a moments curiosity, but its Neilda he talks to. "Do you think" he asks before dropping his voice in mock conspiracy. "It is trying to communicate?"

At the a table with inlaid Saikland glass tiles, Kalani continues stroking one hand along Sir Floppington's fur, so distracted in fact that she hasn't actually acquired any food or drink as she laughs at Svana's reassurance regarding wine. "Thank you for introducing us, Svana, and Lady Arcelia, it's a pleasure to meet you." Medeia's shout from the nearby table make her jump, visibly, and glance in that direction, eyebrows arched upward in curiosity.

While filling up her togo box, Nova suddenly pauses with ladel held mid air, about to feed it under the lid of said box but she just stops and assesses whatever might be happening.

Tyche's hand reaches out to touch Medeia's arm, urging her not to choke herself in the fit of horror she has inadvertently caused. She simply dips her chin to the question, and then with a perfectly easy shift, she's turning a smile on the Eswynd. "Lord Haakon, a pleasure to see you again. Isn't it wonderful to spend a spring evening among friends?" She seems completely at ease, but there is an added whisper to Medeia, something encouraged. When that is imparted, she turns back to Cristoph, the wine looked to, a quick laugh. "You read my mind, Your Grace. Perfect timing, as always."

Neilda looks at her sister, head tilted like what-could-that-possibly-be-about, a hand rubbing absently at her poor ear. "Uh," she says to - oh, probably Pasquale, honestly, but she's staring at Medeia, like she's trying to figure out what happened just by looking. "Maybe." A blink, then, to Pasquale for SURE (looking at him this time): "I mean, at least communicate 'leave my shells alone' - but the pile really did look like the wheel."

Haakon inclines his head and shoulders toward Cristoph in greeting, "The Laurent. Fair met, once more." The compliment earns a second short dip of his head, but Tyche (and Medeia) draw his eye back soon after. "Mmm. It is a spring evening, beyond any doubt, Lady. How full of wonder stands to be seen, aye?"

"Nononono..." Medeia isn't even aware she's making a sound, she's half turning away from Tyche as if to flee the room when the marquessa touches her arm and she... deflates. Listening to the quieter words. She swallows hard and meets Tyche's eyes, looking very much like a terrified 15-year-old girl on the run from something dark and evil. She closes her eyes and takes a steadying breath. "Thank you, for..." She slips away and suddenly becomes aware of all the eyes upon her. "I... apologize. Pardon me for just a moment, please, continue your conversations. I'm fine. Just a moment, please." She slips into a side room normally reserved for servants.

"Yes, /the/ Laurent. I'm the only one," Cristoph replies to Haakon with dry humor. "Don't let anyone else convince you otherwise. They're all imposters." He lifts his glass to him from where he's standing very near a hysterical woman. He puts his free hand to Tyche's back and leans forward, catching her words. There's a look of understanding and a simple nod of his head. He watches as the hostess flees her party and then glances around the room, watching the other guests curiously.

Esme touches Svana. "We'll talk later." The Devotion moves with light feet to attempt to follow Medeia. A smile on her features, but she does pick up a whole bottle of wine upon her way in that direction.

Pasquale leans to give Neilda's cheek a brush of a kiss followed by a few murmured words. A touch of his hand to her shoulder and then he starts the table.

Arcelia looks over at her sister when voices are raised. Seeing that her sister is distressed she rises to her feet and moves to follow her sister a simple, "Please excuse me for a moment." She may not be super close with her siblings at this point in her life but she is still her sister all the same.

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"Excuse me," Svana says, largely to the group she's been sitting with and to Esme, but before she does slip away, she smiles at Esme. "You tell me a time and day and we'll get together. My little ones are in a lovely stage where they love being held still but they know some words and can walk around like they're little drunkards! It's amusing!" She gives Esme a squeeze before seeing that a flock of people are feeling after Medeia, which makes her hang back.

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Ariella sends a kiss to her departing twin, turning and sensing the gathering storm. Both of her hands are clasped together and she has to contain herself from clapping at the prospect of chaos. However, as she doesn't fully understand the situation her reaction soon turns into a shrug.

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Neilda gives Pasquale a tart look, and looks around the room - settles on heading toward the fireplace, smiling in greeting. Maybe her hair will dry.

Tyche's gaze follows Medeia as she rushes off - and perhaps surprisingly, she does not follow. Perhaps because she spies Esme stepping that way already? She draws her attention back to Haakon and Cristoph, a quick laugh to their exchange on /the/ Laurent. "I am certain Lady Mabelle will love to hear you're the only one," she teases, bringing her glass of wine to her lips. She shakes her head to something whispered, looking again in the direction of Medeia. "You two are friends, I take it?" she asks of Haakon then. "You and Lady Medeia. Not you and /the/ Laurent. As I hear, /the/ Laurent has no friends. He is an island." She says this gravely, casting him playful grin.

"There are many Laurents," Haakon answers Cristoph. "Only one is *the* Laurent." Medeia withdraws, followed closely by several ladies. Haakon elects not to join the rush and takes another taste of whiskey. He does mutter a few words to Tyche, audible to those nearest..

Wash smiles at Neilda as she joins the armchairs. "Wine?" He offers, already pouring her a glass.

Haakon mutters, "... ... are. What ... ... ... Abyss did you tell ... that struck so?"

Esme wraps a hand around the back of Medeia as her voice drops low. It's all the comforting Devotion-ness of her. It also shields the woman a bit more from the party as they converse. The wine bottle may have been handed over.

"Please!" Neilda tells Wash, approving of the hospitable offering. One day, maybe she'll realize that hospitality ideally flows the other direction... in her house. "You're Wash Kennex, aren't you?" Coulda been a 'Lord' on there, or a bow, or whatever, you know. Often her enthusiasm supplants the need, though, and it's plenty present.

Nova sees that people are going to help Medeia, and then she resumes ladelling the food she is acquiring into not only her togo box but also her plate, too.

Zoey nods to Talwyn and rises from her seat, then heads for the fireplace.

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Pasquale stares at the wine and food for a bit but in the end he just pushes the chair back which he's just sat in, offers an excuse me, to the others at the table, and then does what he can to slip out without either of the Saik twins noticing.

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Svana gets Flowers of Saikland - Spring Awakening Wine from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

"Have been for twelve years now." Wash says, careless about titles.

Cristoph really has no idea what's going on here and ends up just drinking his wine. There's a quiet sigh when Haakon doesn't go along with his humor and he simply shakes his head, tsking to himself. As some of the conversation swirls around him, he looks from person to person. When there's a bit of a pause in the conversation he leans over to Tyche again, head tipping once more to the direction Medeia went.

Rising from the harp when Zoey gives him the nod, Talwyn makes to follow her over toward the armchairs near the fireplace. When they draw close, Talwyn offers those already there a slight bow of his head in greeting.

Svana looks to Kalani, "It was good to see you again. I think that's enough excitement for me this evening. I'm going to go take a nice hot bath. If anyone hurt Medeia's feelings, I'll be back to stab with my mammothy horns."

Medeia is murmuring somewhat nonsensically behind a wall made by Arcelia and Esme.

Nova closes the togo box with a satisfying *click*! And then she sets the ladel upon a platter which used to have more food stacked on it than it does now. Strapping the leather around the box, she buckles it for extra security.

For no particular reason, Cristoph is eyeballing Rowenova in confusion.

Nova cheesily grins at Cristoph then chuckles before sliding the togo box under the table and stashing it in her lap before she goes back to dining!

Esme speaks low with Medeia and Arcelia, but she seems relatively calm about it all.

Medeia checks composure at normal. Medeia is successful.

Tyche is seemingly fine. Whatever she had told Medeia, she speaks with Cristoph, and then with Haakon, and she appears unfazed by what chaos she's caused. The discerning eye, however, might notice how she looks toward the wall Medeia hides behind. "Although it really is lovely in here, it seems almost a pity to waste such a lovely spring night," she remarks to Cristoph. "Do you want to see if we might find out how lovely the Saik garden is?"

Quietly, Medeia gives Esme and Arcelia each a tight, thankful hug befor emerging back into the music chamber properly. If not for the fact that everyone just witnessed her having an actual meltdown, no one would gather than anything was amiss. Her smile reaches her eyes, her eyes are bright, and her posture is that of someone who commands a room. "I believe a dance is in order. Who would like to dance?" She is not even goign to acknowledge what just happened.

Cristoph lifts his wine glass to his lips, taking a careful sip while Tyche and Haakon speak. He looks around the room, taking in the other guests. His expression is polite, generally composed (when he's not eyeballing Rowenova eyeballing him and smiling cheesily). There are a few more whispered words and then he's turning a smile onto Tyche. "Yes, lets do that. I admit to having never seen the Saik gardens and I've heard that they're lovely. Good to see you again, Lord Haakon, good bye." He turns to Medeia when she re-engages with her party. There's a quick bow, "Marquessa Tyche and myself are going to visit your gardens. Excuse us." It's not really a question. He's promptly steering the other woman in that direction. Which is interesting, since he just said he's never been there.

After the eyeballing between Nova and Cristoph is finally broken, then the Northern scout lets out a little chuckle before looking to Kalani.

Neilda is sprawling in one of the fireplace-adjacent chairs, talking to two Kennexes, one Eswynd, a very prince-y prince, and zero partridges, lacking pear trees in which to store them.

Tyche allows herself to be steered toward the door, which will most likely entail the pair of them wandering the Saik estate until they find something that looks like a garden, or until the guards usher them out. One last glance toward the party, and she places her glass down at a table. They're almost out when she pauses, "One moment." To servant she murmurs something, and the young man moves off to deliver a quick message. Then they escape!

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Cornelius, a studious looking attendant arrives, delivering a message to Medeia before departing.

Arcelia follows her sister and Esme back out from the small room and looks to her sister when she suggests dancing. She offers a smile. "I think I will be in the courtyard with the children. If you are free I'd love for you to meet them." With that she makes her way out to the courtyard to check on her children.

Haakon rumbles to Talwyn, "Mmm. Indeed, will see what my salted wits can work up by the time we next meet, Prince." His eye is drawn as the hostess returns a d calls for a dance. Haakon deliberately sets down his cup, to rise unhurried to his booted feet and walks toward Medeia. A short bow of the head and shoulders. "A dance, you said."

The servant comes and passes on the message from Tyche, and Medeia's smile flickers but recovers. The expression freezes when Haakon is the first to his feet and offering that dance, but she curtsies in response to his bow and offers her hand.

Ariella seizes the opportunity to leave the room, trying to be as discreet as possible.

Esme saunters over to the place by the fire. She would hug Wash, but he's sitting down. So she will attempt to touch his arm. Her eyes fall to Talwyn, "My prince, if you aren't on your way out, perhaps you would like to dance?" Her eyes slide to Wash and a smile tucks her lips. "Or if you could remember what it was like to be courtly.." She teases him. "Perhaps you would like to?"

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Wash raises a hand to Esme. "Considering the company, just being your second choice as a dancing companion is an inestimable honor." Wash responds to Esme getting to his feet. No matter how much he has had to drink, his feet never seem to be placed wrong, even if his upper body occasionally sways like an exotic palm tree. He gestures to Neilda.

Nova speaks to Kalani, doing so quietly, then she rises up from her chair and stretches out her back one direction then the next, grabs her tea, then nods to one of the servants who knows what the head jerk means. They totally help with relocating efforts.

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Haakon accepts Medeia's offered hand, and- while none who watch would mistake him for a graceful dancer- he manages not to make a full blunder of the effort, as a few low words are offered to the Saik lady.

Medeia's brow creases as Haakon attempts to lead the dance, but quickly makes it just /look/ like he's leaing. She's good at making other people look good. Something he says quietly to her has her biting her lip and moving their dancing bodies to the far edge of the dance floor from the gathering at the fireplace. She murmurs something back.

Considering for a moment, Talwyn eyes Esme before he says, "How about a dance and then I will take my leave?" Extending a hand Esme's way, Talwyn bows his head in a formal fashion before he makes to lead her toward the dancefloor.

Wash manages a pout when Talwyn leads Esme away from him.

Esme winks towards Wash. "Darling, let me dance with the /single/ man first." There's a tease, not a sincere to that. Then she moves with Talwyn, "Your talent is going to have to carry my lack of it. If you had a blade in my hands, it would be wonderful. Dancing.." Esme makes a face though and moves with the Prince.

Talwyn checks charm and performance at normal. Critical Success! Talwyn is inhumanly successful in a way that defies expectations.

Esme checks charm and performance at normal. Esme fails.

Leading Esme out toward the dance floor, Prince Talwyn doesn't seem to have any fears at all for how skilled or otherwise Esme may be. He chuckles and offers a wink toward Esme before saying quietly, "I think we'll be okay." Leading Esme through a simple twirl at start, Talwyn sweeps into motion, leading Esme around the dancefloor in some fashion of elegant waltz.

Zoey covers her mouth to stifle a laugh. "Oh goodness! How indeed?" When Rowenova speaks up she looks to Neilda. "Well, he did speak up first, but I think you and dear Nova would make a good pair as well!" She offers Wash her hand so that he can lead her to the dance floor.

BUT THEY AREN'T OKAY! Well okay, they are. Surely, no one saw Esme trip over Talwyn's feet because he's just so amazing at the moves. She offers a soft comment to him and laughs fully right after. From there though, she lets him lead and falls effortlessly into pace with him. It's all his skill though.

Wash takes Zoey onto the dance floor, because there is no chance that he would let her go without a partner justbecause Ian would rather have his hand around a sword than around her waist. He matches Talwyn's lead with a waltz and is a passable dancer, usually.

Nova jokingly asides to Zoey, "Just ask Prince Kieran sometime." Then, the cheesy scout picks up a chunk of cheddar which she pops into her mouth after having joked so. Since she is eating, she cannot really say too much more, except she gestures from Sir Flop to Neilda. Suggesting the knightly hound.

Wash checks charm and performance at normal. Wash is marginally successful.

Zoey checks charm and performance at normal. Critical Success! Zoey is inhumanly successful in a way that defies expectations.

Catalana is late! Not that she seems to mind. Handing off a coat she smiles at the Saiks present before finding food, drink and spy on her husband dancing.

Medeia checks charm and performance at normal. Medeia is marginally successful.

Haakon checks dexterity and performance at normal. Haakon is marginally successful.

"Getting thrown sounds exciting, but I think Lucita will kill me if I break anything," Neilda says to Rowenova, grinning. "Next time." That's to the pair of Kennexes there. She stretches her legs, watches others dance; there doesn't appear to be an /actual/ longing to do it herself.

While Wash is passable, Zoey moves with the ease and grace of a trained dancer, going where he leads in a way that compliments rather than outshining her partner. She smiles to him as they turn together on the floor.

Talwyn checks charm and performance at normal. Talwyn is marginally successful.

Nova looks to Kalani, "One of the legends taught me, but she is super shy, and so I try to teach people as much as I can before I send them her way, y'know? Should you wish to learn more, you can join us at the Defense Lab which is on Honor Walk Central. I teach there regularly. I have a bunch of assistants and gardeners who believe I am the greatest." Then, she lets out a little laugh! "Recently assisted Marquessa Reigna Keaton with her request for lessons, and that was a nice time, if I do say so myself." She looks to Neilda, "Well, I doubt Sir Flop can throw you around, but he can dance. Just ask Lady Zoey." Because, she saw it once!

Medeia is still dancing, still making Haakon look like he's a competent dance partner, and even seeming as if whatever unpleasantness from earlier has largely passed. Haakon's head is dipped close to speak into her ear as she eyes the others that join them on the dance floor, offering momentarily brighter smiles as she meets their gazes. One of her hands finds one of Haakon's wrists and slides carefully up his sleeve for a moment before returning to its proper position for the dance. Her head tips up to whisper something back.

Esme checks charm and performance at normal. Botch! Esme is simply outclassed. This is monumentally beyond them and the result is ruinous.

Talwyn continues to turn with Esme on the floor, though something she says has him snorting in laughter and his stride falters somewhat. They continue to dance, falling into form alongside Medeia, Haakon, Wash, and Zoey as they move about the room chatting.

"I'd love that, absolutely, there's always so much more to learn," said in the tone of voice of someone who genuinely enjoys studying. "Reigna? Marvelous," Kalani says this softly and shakes her head, "I'll carve out time, absolutely. So many questions!"

Medeia checks perception and empathy at hard. Botch! Medeia is simply outclassed. This is monumentally beyond them and the result is ruinous.

Rowenova checks perception and empathy at hard. Rowenova marginally fails.

"Wash is familiar enough with courtly dances to coordinate his movements with Talwyn's. He is also polite enough not to comment on how outclassed he is by his partner.

Neilda's brows go up, a degree of skepticism at the suggestion. "I think I can probably find a /person/ to dance with," she says to Rowenova, and turns her smile on Kalani. "Like Lady Seliki here. What do you say? I'll even lead." The dimples are on: resistance is futile.

Esme is talking with Talwyn but apparently talking and walking is hard.. talking and dancing is worse. There is a spin and that spin out goes really well. Damn, Talwyn has all the moves. Then Esme has to swing back in and that goes well... until it doesn't. Her body comes in and it occurs to her a few seconds too late that she's not stopping where she should. One hand comes out and Esme flings herself hard against Talwyn. Her foot also finds the top of his foot. This. This is how you dance. However, she laughs even harder. This time she snorts.

Nova nods back to Kalani. "Sounds good!" She leans back after finishing off her plated food and then awws softly after Neilda's words. "He is a /person/!" Then, Nova pats her lap and the good boy Sir Flop hops his front paws up onto said lap, and she hugs him.

Catalana cringes faintly at Esme and safely deposits herself with the sensible sitting group. "Good evening. May I join?" She glances at Sir Flop and gives him the briefest of half-hearted pats.

"Oh, we have another," Zoey tells Wash, nodding to Catalana before adding something softly to him.

"I should say so!" Wash declares upon seeing his wife. "My dance card is filling up quickly!" He nods to Zoey and waltzes her in Catalana's direction, expecting the women, both more graceful than him in such circumstances to switch partners without missing a beat.

Talwyn has likely seen a spin go awry before in his life, so naturally he manages to just brace himself enough to keep them both from going to the floor when Esme comes in a little too hot off that spin. She crashes into him and steps on his foot and he winces and stumbles before managing to hide the obvious sting. Stepping back, Talwyn offers Esme a bow before saying, "I am afraid that my evening is drawing to a close. Thank you for the dance."

Sir Floppington lifts his nose, thankfully touching Catalana's wrist for the bestowed pet, no matter whether it was half hearted. Many wags for her and those soulful eyes to gaze upon her, indeed!

Neilda blinks a couple times at Rowenova, then at the dog, and then... gets up, glancing at Kalani before stepping aside to get some food. And more wine. More wine may be... instrumental.

Nova watches Neilda, and she does not know what to say, but Cata's question soon distracts her. She looks over to the Kennex woman. "Of course you may. Hope you have been having a fine day!"

There's a beat. The briefest of beats but then the dog is -touching- her and so she's up. Drawing the gown around herself so Wash doesn't trip, she moves out onto the dance floor with him. "Just don't stomp on my toes this time. I only just got your boot prints out."

Esme laughs and will attempt to hug Talwyn in a friendly manner, the same way she's hugged everyone. "Thank you for the dance. You are /amazing/ as always." She will lift up a bit to attempt to press her lips to his cheek. It's again, friendly over flirtatious.

With a smile, Zoey lets Wash go as she spins away from him, allowing Catalana to dance with her husband.

Offering a bow toward those still present, Talwyn thanks the Saiks for inviting him to the dinner before he offers his goodbyes and makes his leave.

"These are new boots!" Wash complains. "They'll leave entirely unique imprints, I assure you." But he is twirling his wife onto the floor with the confidence that no one will fault him for giving her preference on the dane floor.

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Catalana checks charm and performance at normal. Catalana is successful.

Esme faults him! Esme really doesn't fault him. He just saw how she danced, avoidance it is. Esme moves back to the seats and drops a hand on Sir Flop. "You still think I'm great, right, pups?"

Catalana moves in an easy effortless rthymn with Wash. Years and years of dancing together renders the moves slow and easy. The warm smile for Wash let's him know she's kidding. "More boots? I swear. You have the largest boot collection in all of arx."

Wash checks charm and performance at normal. Wash marginally fails.

Medeia offers a quick wave and call of well wishes to Talwyn as he departs before listening to something else Haakon says to her. She looks about to make some retort, but her cheeks flush pink and she leads him back across the floor and deposits him back at the fireside with his whiskey. She turns back to the people remaining and looks to see who might be up for the next dance. "Who next?"

Wash says, "Especially if you count all of the boots I have left in the ocean."

Kalani seems to have the attention of a fruit fly tonight, or maybe a mayfly? It being spring again, that is. She realizes, also, that she's fed Flop all of the choice bites of meet from her plate and, with a murmured word to Nova, "Thank you again for letting me feed Flop, and I hope to see you again soon." She rises, dusts her hands off with a napkin, and moves through the room toward Neilda. "I'd love to dance, but I had planned to make an early night of it. Next time, though," she adds in the same quiet voice before stopping by Medeia, "Thank you also for inviting me, this was lovely, as always," and slips out as others are moving around the room.

Kalani has left the a group of armchairs near a fireplace.

Nova lets go of her hug around Sir Floppington so he can move closer to Esme, and all she has to do to know the answer to her question is to look into the soulful eyes he possesses and take note of the wag behind him, too!

Zoey offers her well wishes tot he other guests, thanks the hostess for the invitation, then departs as well.

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Octavian, a silken spaniel, Ruslana, an aide in Kennex livery, 2 Kennex corsairs leave, following Zoey.

Neilda glances over from the food - and smiles, seeing her sister unoccupied. That's better. She heads over to offer a hand. "Make me look good?" she stage- whispers; but there is a whisper a moment later that is not a stage whisper. A whisper-whisper, that is.

"Haakon.." Esme calls out. Run Man Run. "Would you care to dance with me? You can see how amazing I am at it." Which she may have looked good because of Talwyn's skills, not her own.

Neilda has left the a group of armchairs near a fireplace.

Catalana sighs theatrically as she tries to encourage Wash into some more complicated steps. "The trials of marrying a Grayson Prince. Best decision I ever made," A beat, "To not let you near the house purse."

Within her high backed chair with armrests, Nova lounges majestically, doing so whilst leaning back and crossing one pant-clad legs over the other whilst enjoying her tea and watching the dancers as they move like they do.

Wash snorts. "What house purse?"

Medeia checks dexterity and performance at normal. Critical Success! Medeia is spectacularly successful.

Neilda checks dexterity and performance at normal. Neilda is marginally successful.

Medeia actually laughs good-naturedly at her sister and takes Neilda's hand. "I'll see what I can do." She leads her sister expertedly onto the floor and smoothly sets into a quick step to the music, making them /both/ look amazing.

The key to making Neilda look good, in fact, has as much to do with Medeia's insight as her spectacular dance skill; Neilda slow-dances only with great reluctance. A quick step, though, makes it like play, and she's soon enough actually having a good time, grinning and murmuring something that is appreciative or glad or both.

Catalana grins at Wash. "Touche." She encourages Wash after. "Lady Esme looks lonely. You should get her to dance with you."

Wash says, "As you wish." Wash promises his wife, going three more steps to the side before spinning into a charming bow to Esme. "As promised. And wearing sturdy boots in case you get any ideas.""

Rowenova says, "Mayhaps she would let you wear her shoes, since they do not stain, then if she stomps your feet, it will feel like a feather light breeze."

Haakon gives Esme a wary look. "You're not going to... hug me, are you?" He makes it sound so sinister. A short sniff follows. "So be it, then. Remember later, you asked for this," he 'warns' the woman with the ghost of a smile bending his scarred lip. But Wash swoops in! "Thank the Winds."

Catalana gladly twirls and flops gracefully into a seat and an awaiting wine. She grins up over her glass at Haakon. "I've heard that Lady Esme's hugs cure the sourest of moods. Perhaps we should test if that is true."

Esme looks all excited at Haakon. "Of course, I'll hug you. You will adore it. I give the best hugs. If you.." Oh Wash is there. He gets a vibrant smile and she will attempt to hug him. She didn't get to greet him yet really. Her eyes slide over to Cat to make sure that is okay. She will also pause to try to catch her up in a hug as well. "Cat, my darling, I will try not to use Wash in any fashion that you have need for him." Then she will move to take Wash's arm. "Shall we, Most Dear?" She might use petnames and such, but it's clear she's not really flirting with him.

The Saik twins twirl, exchanging a few soft words between them, and Medeia even manages to make Neilda look like she Definitely Meant To spin her in a fluid motion. Her eyes flick to Haakon and Esme and Wash with a look of amusement before she dips Neilda - a feat given the height difference.

Wash does his best to honor Esme on the dance floor next, obviously used to the way she gives hugs. He parades her across the floor before posing dramatically, then sweeping her into the steps of a waltz. He is wearing thick boots.

Esme checks charm and performance at normal. Botch! Esme is simply outclassed. This is monumentally beyond them and the result is ruinous.

Wash checks Charm and Performance at normal. Wash fails.

"I'll do no such bloody thing," Haakon growls back at the 'threat' that he'll enjoy being hugged. Catalana earns a deadpan sniff. "I'd sooner swim in maille," he claims, probably/maybe in jest as he watches the dancers turn on the floor, reclaiming his cup and offering to clink it against Cat's before drinking.

Wash checks charm and performance at normal. Wash is marginally successful.

Catalana almost smiles and threatens Haakon. "It could be arranged. Wait until the win a caravel race. You never know what will happen."

At least Neilda knows to stretch the line when Medeia dips her. For the drama, you know. Even if she is muttering something that makes her laugh ruefully as she rights herself. "I... think I need some time shipboard," she says. "Pasquale snuck out anyway. You see him, tell him?"

A chuckle passes Medeia's lips at Neilda's muttering and she rights her sister before releasing her. "Of course. Enjoy." She moves back toward Haakon and Catalana, grabbing whatever kind of drink she can find on the way.

Esme is all wrapped into Wash like a glorious happy person she is. She's expecting him to lead, but that lead isn't going so well. Esme catches the skirt of her gown and flails trying to get her balance. This brings her throwing hands a bit too close to Wash, but they may not end. So she thinks she's successful and gets her right foot free right as her left foot gets caught. It's here that she falls full weight into Wash. It's either a violent flirtation or a head butt. Or maybe she's confused and trying to give him a lapdance. They are dramatically close to tipping into a chair.. whatever will happen....

Catalana slowly tilts her head to the side as she watches the dancing/flailing and just takes a long sip of the wine.

Wash initially seems uncertain about his ability to dance. He might even be intimidated by Esme, despite dancing confidently with a woman six inches taller. When everything goes sideways, Wash manages to find his bearings and hooks the leg of the chair behind them so that when they fall, they fall into the chair together. He would laugh, except he doesn't want to embarass Esme. Instead he takes a deep breath and says in a level tone: "And that is how you make chocolate mint cookies."

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