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Grand Opening: The Crimson Rose

Arion Harrow is opening a new shop in the Ward of the Compact. The Crimson Rose Salon offers a selection of perfumes, full cosmetic sets, commissions and makeup and hairstyle consultations. This is the Grand Opening. The shelves are stocked with an assortment of scents and makeup sets and everything in the shop is arranged to receive guests. There will be refreshments of wine, tea and cakes and Arion will be offering a demonstration of his styling abilities on a volunteer, Amanita Whisper. So come, socialize, shop, and enjoy an evening of beautiful sights and smells.


Feb. 10, 2021, 7 p.m.

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Orland Thea Domonico Pasquale Sunaia Amanita Merek Esme



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Crimson Rose Salon

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Comments and Log

The new Crimson Rose Salon hosts its grand opening tonight! Arion has been busy planning everything. The foyer of the salon has some comfortable velvet upholstered couches and chairs for seating arranged. Small cakes of various flavors as well as fine wines and tea have been laid out on offer on a table near the sitting area. The main part of the shop is bustling with activity. The shelves are stocked and shopper and guests are browsing. Arion himself is dressed in a beautiful outfit of aquamarine seasilk with silver deep sea pearls adorning the corset and heels. He is all smiles and excitement, greeting each guest with boundless enthusiasm and seems quite happy to show off his latest line of creations. There are several perfumes and full sets of cosmetics which are getting a decent amount of attention tonight.

Conall, a huge, friendly sable Wolfhound with bright platinum eyes, Ylva, an impressively-large, silvery Wolfhound with bright gold eyes arrive, following Sunaia.

Alberico, the Malespero aide, Sunaia arrive, following Pasquale.

Conall, a huge, friendly sable Wolfhound with bright platinum eyes have been dismissed.

Orland ran into Arion, a little while ago on a beach. Thus after hearing about the announcement of Arion's shop, Orland has of course come to the right place! "You, look stunning," Orland compliments to Arion, first and foremost, "Not that you didn't look that way when we first caught up on the beach. Congratulations," he of course is scoping out a few things to buy and quickly rushes to snatch a few products off the shelf. MINE.

Thea steps in with Rocco with trailing behind her. "I'm aware I have no idea about--you know. But We're supporting or whatever and this could make my life easier. And not to mention Mushroom will be here,"her voice low. Thea heads to check out a few of the shelves, taking in their contents.

Domonico comes into the shop, looking serious as always as he sweeps his gaze around the room, trying to see if there is anything he can identify. "Thea. You're here too? Hmm... come to see Mushroom get pampered or whatever it is he does here?" He catches Arion's eye and gives the redhaired man a respectful nod.

Pasquale arrives just a fraction to late to claim to be on time. Stepping through the door he pauses and makes sure it stays open until Sunaia and his retainer, Alberico, are also safely inside. He murmurs something quietly to Sunaia, sets a hand onto the small of her back, and then gently steers her in the direction of Arion. "Congratulations on your new shop messere Arion."

"Amanita Whisper." Sunaia asides the answer, not quite lowering her voice, "Formerly Malvici. Mushroom." Offering Pasquale a vaguely crooked smile, "Makes sense now, doesn't it?"

Gold-flecked green eyes drift over to Arion and Thea smiles for the briefest of moments. "Messere Arion? This is your shop? Congratulations. It looks well put together." Smirking at her brother, she answers Domonico,"I'm not going to watch Amanica get pampered, no. You can if you want. I'm more of a doer." He knows better. When Pasaquale and Sunaia enter, the younger Malvici offers them both a wave, her feet still continuing to drift along the store.

Arion smiles warmly to Orland. "Thank you! I'm glad you could make it Lord Orland. I hope you find something you like." And it seems he does Arion giggles softly as Orland lays claim to not one but two items and happily packs them up for the lord. He offers smiles to the others coming in. Domonico gets a polite dip of his head and a happy smile. "Count Magnotta, welcome. I'm glad to see you this evening." He curtsies gracefully then goes about greeting the others. Mention of a certain mushroom draws his attention. "Yes. The wonderful Amanita Whisper volunteered to let me style her this evening as a demonstration of my talents. She will be here soon. Until then feel free to mingle and look around. I also take custom commissions if you have something specific in mind." He smiles brightly.

Amanita opens the doors, looking to the guests that have already shown up. She smiles briefly and reaches to adjust her hair, tugging her thick braid over her shoulder. "I hope I haven't missed anything important yet, I was having trouble getting my bodysuit fastened. Thankfully a few Apprentices offered to help." She looks over at two of her cousins and cheeses a big grin for them before settling back into an expression of poise, making her way over to Arion.

"She's the one with the seafoam-green cat-eyes and the glass --" A pause to squint silvery eyes, surprised, and Sunaia adds toward Pasquale. "Or something slippers. Very shiny."

Orland makes a few purchases already, quickly settling on some cosmetics and perfume, with a wink, "Not for me, but for Savio." He looks at the others who've come to support Arion, watching them for a moment, brow lifting at the multiple uses of 'mushroom' but having very little time to inquire about it. He does murmur to Arion, "I would stay to celebrate this with you, but I have a ship to catch!" He bobs his head to Arion, "You'll do great Arion." There's a twinkle in his eyes, but he's already making his way out with apologies to sneak by others who are coming in.

Orland is overheard praising Arion.

"I suppose it does." Pasquale replies to Sunaia as he moves the pair of them across towards Domonico's place. A single brief smile is given to Thea in return for her wave. "You know all the Malvici's then Sunni?" wait. He tilts his head to look at Amanita's feet. "They dont look very comfortable."

Domonico looks to his sister and chuckles, "Wait. Does this mean you will be helping pamper her if you are more of a doer?" He chuckles once before looking over the shop again, hmming as he inspects the wares with distracted interest. Amanita gets a friendly nod at her entrance, "Ah... Mushroom. I trust you are well?" He gives Pasquale and Sunaia a half nod/half bow as they move towards him.

"A couple of them. But, mostly, I recall the courtiers." With an expressive shrug, the pale Ashford lifts a hand to greet Thea with a brief wave, and then she offers Domonico a bow of her head. Only after, yes, Sunaia smiles.

Amanita turns her head and looks to Sunaia curiously. She purses her lips and then smiles at Domonico. "I am well, cousin. And quite happy to be here. My darling Master Arion is going to make me beautiful tonight," she says, full of conviction. She waves at Pasquale and looks to Sunaia again, trying to place a face with a name.

Arion beams at Amanita. "Thank you for volunteering to be the first person I style here. I already have a lovely idea in mind. I came up with a new hair product just for this. Whenever you are ready, we can begin." He looks like he wants to bounce with excitment. He waves to Orland as he departs. Peering at Domonico. "Do you want me to pamper you as well then?" He asks with a hint of mischief in his eyes before he averts them politely. He smiles and goes to get everything ready at the counter for the demonstration.

"Do you know each other?" Pasquale asks both Sunaia and Domonico once he and Sunaia get within a comfortable conversational distance. "I tend to assume everyone knows Sunaia but I suspect that is only as true as everyone knowing me." A brief little smile is offered to Sunaia and then he looks to Thea. "Is that true Thea? Are you going to be Arion's assistance as he attempts to make Amanita even more beautiful?"

Thea glances at Amanita. "You have Malvici blood. You don't need help with that,"clearly opinionated. Looking over to Pasquale, Thea grins a little,"I think most of us are knowin in the city in some form or another,"before she glances at Dom. "I doubt she wants me do touch her. Trust me." Thea goes to reach for something, appearing curious. "hmmm.."

A look over at Domonico, considerately, and Sunaia nods. "I do. A pleasure to meet again, Count Domonico." A smile. "Lady Thea." Another glance over, "You fell at Lord Pasquale's birthday party -- and you said it was only your pride that hurt." Lightly spoken, offering another glance around the shop. "Mm."

Amanita steps up to the demonstration area and takes her hair out of it's long, but ultimately simple braid. Her face is devoid of makeup and she has come to be as helpful as possible to the young alchemist. "I am eager to see how you can expertly transform me!" She says, before laughing at Thea's comment and grinning but only briefly. She sits down in the chair that Arion has put aside for her, allowing him to better work with her face and hair. "Oh! Lady Sunaia! I have been meaning to write you back!"

Domonico hmmms and nods to Pasquale. "Indeed I do. Lady Sunaia was well prepared for an excursion a year or so ago. I was impressed by that." Thea gets a chuckle and adds, "I suppose its a fair point though." Arion's comment makes the Count hmmph a little before nodding to Sunaia, ",Indeed Lady Sunaia. I am glad you seem to be well."

Thea gasps at Sunaia, a bit dramatic perhaps when she tells her. "I did not trip.." Not that she recalls. "Maybe a toe. Or something,"her impish eyes lit up. Distracted, Thea looks over and as Amanita gets all made up. Shiny and all. "Aren't you afraid of getting stabbed in the eye,"her head tilted in curiosity.

Arion smiles and bustles around Amanita working his magic. He starts with the hair, working a sparkling golden oil into it that leaves it with a subtle glittering sheen. Then he styles it, curling it and pinning it into an elegant partial updo. He smiles to those around him but is focused as he finishes up the now sparkling hair. Then he goes about fixing Amanita's makeup. Eyeliner, eyeshadow, a touch of bronzer and finally lipstick. Then he offers her a mirror. Brushing back his crimson locks he smiles. "It was a challenge to improve on someone already so beautiful. I hope you approve though? What does everyone think? Does the beautiful Amanita look even more radiant?"

Thea realizes the time and gasps. She smiles a moment at Amanita. "You look beautiful,"before waving to Domonico and the others. "It was good to see you all, and Congratulations again!"

Thea is overheard praising Arion.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant leave, following Thea.

Pasquale casts a somewhat amused look over at Thea before turning his attention back towards the work of art taking place on the stage. "Exceptional work." he looks back to Domonico. "I would love to hear that story some day."

"Very pretty." Sunaia murmurs, and she does lean into Pasquale to murmur a few quite words into his ear.

Amanita looks at Thea, shaking her head. "I hate to tell her this but the only times I was nervous about my eyes was when she was 'just trying something' when we were children." She pauses and smiles at Sunaia, seeming happy to put a face to a name finally. "I did fall. And nothing was wounded but my pride. Though if I had been styled by Master Arion that night, I think I would have turned out fine." Amanita beams and a healthy blush comes into her cheeks, further setting off the effects of his makeup. "Well done, Master Arion."

Domonico hmms and begrudgingly gives a nod of appreciation to Arion's handiwork. "It's,impressive. I will admit that Messere Arion. It suits you Mushroom." To Pasquale he nods, "Indeed I will have to think over it to ensure I give you an accurate account."

"I dont think anyone remembers the fall Whisper Amanita." Pasquale says "Just the grace of your recovery." He looks to Sunaia after her murmurs and leans to offer his own. Then he nods to Domonico. "We should sit down over some brandy one day and share tales."

Merek makes a way along into the place, finding anywhere he can to relax for a bit while looking to the new place.

With a short, briefly amused bark of laughter, "No thank you." Sunaia's cheeks are bright for a moment. "Well -- maybe. I'll think about it, my lord Pasquale." With a tip of her chin. "I remember the fall. But, only because of the letter. Write back. When you can." Then, she catches her brearh, and she starts to test out the various scents -- "Hmm."

Amanita looks like she wants to say more to Sunaia -- but she stops herself and instead just smiles -- a sincere one, no less. She looks at Pasquale and bows her head very gently, perhaps to artfully show off the bronzer on her cheekbones. "You're kind to say that, Lord Pasquale. Perhaps the kindest Malespero I've met in the City, as it were. No deference to Lord Macario." A twinkle of mischief lights in her eyes and she turns to Domonico. "What do you think, cousin? Will you step up next a bit of gloss on your lips?"

After merely nodding to acknowledge Sunaia's decision Pasquale tells Amanita. "Macario hasn't been a Malespero for as long as I have. Given another year, or perhaps two, I'm sure he will outstrip me on that front." He looks across to Domonico following Amanita's words. "Yes. I do believe you should go next Domonico."

Domonico hmms to Pasquale, "Indeed we should... Although I prefer wine myself." There is a pause at Amanita's words and Pasquale's encouragement. A frown appears on his face and he shakes his head, "No no. I'm just a soldier and sailor at heart. I have no need for such... decorations. Thank you for the offer but no."

Arion smiles warmly looking rather proud of his work. He lets Amanita show herself off. When Domonico gets volunteered to be styled the Harrow blushes. "Don't pressure the Count. He is quite handsome as he is. I think a fine cologne would suit him better than makeup anyway." Arion smiles timidly to Domonico.

Sunaia's expression thins, pulling more introspective, and she leans against Pasquale a little. "It's just an accent to one's own beauty. It highlights it, doesn't it. ALthough -- I suppose I would rather --" she murmurs a touch beneath her breath, "Favor darker colors for myself. Stain, like wine, not gloss."

Amanita tilts her head at Arion. She stands from her seat in her crystal slippers, an almost mischievous grin on her face as she regards Domonico. "Come now... you could have at least laughed at the notion." She leans in to whisper something in Arion's ear before squeezing him around the middle and sauntering away from the demonstration area. "Arion does do beautiful work. And his scents are one of a kind. I shall beg the Softest for pocket money for one of my own." She moves over to Sunaia and if allowed, uses her fingers to tilt the woman's chin up. "A wine stain on your lips? It would suit nicely."

"When it comes to enhancing someone like Sunaia or Amanita's beauty I wouldn't even know where to begin." Pasquale looks to Arion as he speaks. "I can see that golds and bronzes are an excellent choice for Amanita but what would you recommend for someone who's beauty is cool like the moon?" he looks to Sunaia there.

"Maybe --" Sunaia murmurs, hushes, and she blushes a bit brighter. "Too many compliments. Even if it's simple fact. Cooler colors, maybe? Colors can be cool?"

Domonico hmms at the suggestions, "Maybe. *Maybe* a cologne but I prefer the smell of sea spray on my skin than anything else." His frown turns to a smile at that and he adds, "With that in mind I need to go and see to the Tempest in dock, make sure it is resupplied and rearmed properly." He gives his curt nod/bow to each in turn, "Lord Pasquale, we will have to talk again soon. Lady Sunaia, a pleasure. Mushroom, I need to discuss chocolate with you. Messere Arion, an outstanding opening. You must be proud." He straightens up. "Until next time," and then he is gone.

"Silvery blue," Amanita gently says in regards to Sunaia. "Chocolate?" She asks to Domonico, her eyes widening. "I'll call on you soon then! You can only tempt me so much."

Arion peers at Sunaia after hearing Pasquale's question. "She is a diamond if I ever saw one. I would go with hues of silver and pale pink, maybe some purple or a light rose red. Silver eyeshadow and glitter in her hair would make her sparkle, dust those pale cheek ever so faintly with a pale pink or very light red blush. Paint her lips with a rose hued stain. She would shine brighter than the moon." He beams and whispers something back to Amanita with a mischievious look lingering in his eyes.

Pasquale nudges Sunaia to step forwards. "We both know you're curious to see what it looks like Sunaia."

"I think she would rather look like a celestial body all of her own golds and very light blues, a touch of contrasting silver. Her lips done in translucent pink to bring out their natural color." Amanita does her best not to stare at the woman. She smiles, looking at her, then winks at Pasquale. "And a blue silken gown? She would look like part of the Heavens. But -- I do agree with what Arion said as well. All of that would suit her."

Sunaia's not even going to consider withdrawing, she's here -- she's wide-eyed, lips tugged into a thin smile. "If you like. Just, ah, maybe not all at once. Too much -- too many -- maybe, not today." Her lips curl over her teeth, flashing an uneasy grin. "But it does sound lovely." Her expression softens, head ducking slightly. "Just not here, perhaps."

Ralph the wrecking messenger goat arrives, delivering a message to Sunaia before departing.

Joy, the advisor of roses arrives, following Esme.

Arion smiles kindly to Sunaia. "If you wish it, I am willing to do house calls for styling as well. If you are curious to see how it would look?" He smiles and lifts a dainty hand to cover a soft giggle. Stealing a glance to Amanita he nods in approval. "You have excellent taste Amanita. But that is not surprising to me, you seem like a woman of excellent style." He winks playfully at her.

"This has been lovely." Pasquale says "But Sunaia and I have a lot to do before the morning." He inclines his head towards Arion. "I look forward to seeing more of your work Arion." he looks to Sunaia. "Shall we?"

Esme saunters into the shop with a feline grace as she speaks with her assistant, "Of course, look at the name of it. Would I be a Fidante if I did not come and see something with rose in the name?" A soft scoff adn then she turns to look around the room with a brilliantly bright smile upon her features.

With a subdued nod, offering Pasquale a smile, then Sunaia offers Arion -- Amanita -- and Esme a briefly sketched out bow before she accepts Pasquale's arm as escort. "After you, my lord."

Alberico, the Malespero aide, Sunaia leave, following Pasquale.

Amanita laughs quietly. "I went to an academy where I was taught to have good taste... but I thank you nonetheless." She winds back around to Arion, giving him a brief hug before bowing to the newcomer, then to Sunaia and Pasquale. "Though it is a bit early, I should take my leave. I promise that I would get back to the Whisper House to help a few apprentices with some diplomatic issues. It was nice to finally formally meet you, Sunaia." Pause. "Good to see you again, Lord Pasquale. And -- of course -- I am so happy and proud for you, Master Arion."

Amanita is overheard praising Arion: Congratulations on a new booming business!

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