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SoE: Remembering Archscholar Sina

The Society of Explorers will host a Remembrance in the name of Archscholar Sina, a stalwart member of the Explorers who aided in many an investigation or who helped further exploration efforts. Explorers and people of the city are welcome to attend this Remembrance in true Explorer style, trading stories of the Archscholar.


Feb. 26, 2021, 8 p.m.

Hosted By



Adrienne Lucita Merek Alessia Samira Griffin Cadern Kiera Mikani


Scholars Faith of the Pantheon Society of Explorers


Arx - Ward of the Compact - Society of Explorers - Charter Hall

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Comments and Log

Micana, an efficient assistant, 1 Saik Guard arrive, following Lucita.

Willen arrives, following Lou.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The tables are pushed back against the wall and the chairs are arranged in concentric circles around the room centering around a single, empty chair in the center. A basket rests on the chair.

Lou Grayson is busy greeting those who arrive as they are coming in, letting them know they can take any seat in the Hall except for the one in the center. She offers warm smiles and quiet words of greeting before she lets them wander off to find their place.

Adrienne Pravus, tanned and quite pregnant, offers Lou a compassionate look as she shakes away the snows from the street. Taking in the room with a slow gaze, Adrienne approaches Lou and tilts her head in greeting. "It is good of you to do this. Thank you." Just as quietly she takes a seat, cloak still draped around her shoulders to ward off a chill.

Lucita steps into the room having sent guard dogs off somewhere with a guard watching over them. Her warm cloak is drawn around her and she politely offers smiles to each of the others present and moves toward some of the seating. Her expression is somber.

Merek looks to have come to offer respects. The man wears the beltcape about his waist, while the hood upon his features is up, looking to the world while he finds a place to settle in.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The tables are pushed back against the wall and the chairs are arranged in concentric circles around the room centering around a single, empty chair in the center. A basket rests on the chair. Liquor of all sorts is stacked on the tables, with glasses for drinking of course.

Slipping into the society of explorers, Alessia slips off her fur coat, smoothing the material with snow melting on it. She doesn't say anything as she glances around the room, just making her way to one of the tables to sink onto one of the seats facing the center chair.

Bundled in her cloak with her hood tucked low over her eyes to protect against the cold, Samira slips into the hall. She lifts her chin, a silent upnod of greeting sent toward Lou when the other woman directs people to take a seat. Pushing the hood from her head to reveal a mess of frizzy, tangled hair, she settles into one of the seat nearest the door. Dark eyes flit over the others in attendance, traveling from face to face.

Quietly, Griffin makes his way to into the memorial, giving those who have come before him a nod. He takes a seat neat to the outside of the circles.

Lou smiles a bit at Adrienne, "The Archscholar was both a dear friend of mine, as well as an Explorer. She deserves no less than what we'd do for any other Explorer we've lost." They have a long tradition of giving Explorers who they're aware passed a send off.

She makes note of the others arriving, and when it seems like most have come, she goes to fill a glass with whiskey and then steps into the center of the room. "Thank you for coming this evening," she begins. "Tonight will be about remembering the remarkable woman that Archscholar Sina was. We're here to drink and share stories about the Archscholar so that we might all learn a bit more about the woman, and honor her in doing so. This is not a wake, but a celebration of life for Sina . So, I welcome you here, and hope that you can share stories of Sina - or in light of not having such stories, then stories of some grand adventure that you've been on, that Sina would have loved to hear."

Winter, A Highhill Puppy arrives, following Kiera.

Adrienne has joined the line.

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Turn in line: Adrienne

Lou smiles warmly when Adrienne steps into line first. She settles the glass of whiskey down that she had poured on the empty chair, then steps out of the way that Adrienne can speak. "Princess. It seems you are first," she says, motioning her toward the floor.

Merek has joined the line.

Lou has joined the marin'alfar wooden bench.

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Turning away from Lou with a last reassuring look, Adrienne finds Lucita amidst those here to remember Sina. "Hello Baroness," she greets after a pause, corner of her mouth lifting into an uncertain smile. "How- ah!" With a wry glance to the ceiling as she is announced, Adrienne murmurs, "Just a moment." It's water rather than liquor that she drinks and the glass rests loosely against her hip as she finds her way to the center of the room. "Water, I'm told, is a poor choice for a toast, but please indulge me. I know so many of you are Sina's friends." Pale eyes, gold tinted, filt over faces, familiar and not. "I am not one of them. We only met a few weeks ago. I did not have the opportunity that you did to know someone so remarkable. But. I did promise her something. Two somethings. One of those I may speak to now."

Clearing her throat, Adrienne continues, "While we embrace the Queen of Endings, I know that past lives are still something so new to us all. Sina was the incarnate of Queen Selendri Thrax, herself a woman of a complicated past who tried to save her people, a woman history has largely lost. It was Sina's last request to me that Queen Selendri be remembered. Not because of who Sina once was, but because that knowledge, that history, was so important to her, even to the last." Adrienne lifts her glass, toasts, and sips. "To a woman of incomprable knowledge and generosity, who insists on gifting to the world even after she is gone."

While Adrienne is speaking, Lou manages to go to the table again to get herself another glass of whisky, having left the other behind in the designated place for Sina. She settles down on the Marin'alfar bench which gives her a good view of the room. She gives Adrienne a curious look at her words. "I am one of the few that knew Sina's true background and history. If you need help with that project, do please let me know. I'd be willing to throw a considerable number of House Grayson resources behind it." Whether Liara wishes it or not, probably. There is genuine warmth toward Adrienne as she makes her offer. She then glances to the next person and calls them forward.

Turn in line: Samira

Lucita gives Adrienne a smile, one that is laden with warmth yet still holds sadness. She acknowledges the greeting also by placing the full weight of her attention on Adrienne but politely does not speak, at least not yet.

Cadern picks his way into the rememberance quietly looking... concerned. He surveys those around as he heads for a bench chewing at his lower lip looking unsurprisingly more somber than usual.

Passing Samira, Adrienne bows her head respectfully - an odd gesture from princess to Culler. It is the act of a moment as she again approaches Lou. "I accept your offer." She continues speaking in an undervoice, gaze turning away from the Pathfinder to where Samira takes the floor.

Samira's focus lingers upon Adrienne for a long moment, a respecful bow of her head given. Her glass lifted in answer before she tips it back for a long sip, and then she rises from her seat, her turn having arrived. "I didn't know Sina as long as I would have liked. I always thought there'd be more time." Samira's brow furrows with this thought, but she clears her throat and continues, her voice growing stronger as she goes on. "I first met Sina when I was searching for answers. As the Archscholar, I think she must have been accustomed to helping others. She was knowledgeable and honest. But as Sina, simply herself, she was tactful and warm and kind, too. That's just who she was. Even from that first meeting, I sensed she was someone I could count on, someone whose company I enjoyed." Her dark eyes lift to drag briefly across the gathering, meeting the gaze of those who look in her direction. "I guess I don't have a specific story to share, really. Most of the memories I cherish with Sina were simple moments -- quiet conversations, shared observations, knowledge to be considered. There is so much I wish I could say, but I think the important part is this: she was truly good and generous and selfless. I will not forget the woman she was, and I will help ensure that Queen Selendri be remembered as well."

Adrienne has joined the marin'alfar wooden bench.

Lou has a few quiet words with Adrienne, then looks to Samira as she speaks. She nods appreciatively in her direction. "She was very much, indeed, truly good, generous and selfless. Even before she joined the Faith," which speaks to how long Lou has known Sina. "Thank you for your words," she says to the other woman. She glances to the next person in line, nodding to Merek. "Merek, you are next," she tells him.

Turn in line: Merek

Speaking softly with Lou, Adrienne drinks deeply from her glass and watches Samira intently. "Thank you, Samira Culler," she replies as artist ends her reverie with a promise to help.

Lucita has joined the line.

Though it's a relatively small movement, the bow of Samira's head toward Adrienne carries more respect and formality than the Culler normally exudes. She nods to Lou as well and sinks back into her seat, shoulders rounded forward into slightly slumped posture. Lifting her drink to her lips, she takes a long sip before turning attention to the next person who speaks.

Merek stands up, then walks forward to speak. "I don't have a lot of words. Sina was, a wonderful Archscholar. Always kind and willing to support ideas. She was great at it, I... Admit I didn't get to know her as well as I would've liked, but we worked together enough to... For me to know Sina was an amazing person. I only wish she will still see the projects I was doing, and smile on them. Wherever she went, another turn of the wheel or to Elysia itself, I am hoping that she finds peace on the next path, she worked a lot for it. She's earned it." He then settles back in.

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant arrives, following Mikani.

Lou has a few more words with Adrienne before she listens to Merek's tale. She smiles warmly at him. "Thank you for sharing Merek. I'm very glad to hear she had such a profound affect on your life." She nods in his direction, then looks to Kiera and gives her a warm smile. "Lady Kiera, what do you wish to share tonight of the Archscholar?"

Turn in line: Kiera

Kiera ha to this point been standing quietly and unobtrusively listening to the others but moves forward as her name is called, speaking slowly and clearly "Mine is not a very personal story but it is my reflection and perception of the archscholar. we only interacted a few times but at each instance, she was always willing to share knowledge and answer my questions no matter how novice. she seemed commited to the the pursuit of truth. while i' am very much still determine the specifics of my path as a scholar but i hope to emulate her in this way and show as much dedication to my comitments as she did to hers and i hope to learn more of what she wished to be rembered, so that i can help spread if that was her wish

Mikani enters quietly not intending to be late. She silently moves to go and stand by Cadern.

Lucita stands slowly and folds her hands one in the other as she turns so her gaze can meet the eyes of each of those in attendance. "Archscholar Sina and I have visited each other, shared adventures. She was kind enough not to complain when we wound up sharing a tent or had to ride double for hours at a time but tried to speak in positive ways. She was always seeking more complete information and welcomed, encouraged contributions to the Archives. These words I speak seem so lame in trying to honor her but are aimed at sharing what I know of her not just as a wise and knowledgeable Archscholar but as a person, a friend. And she will be missed." Once done speaking, Lucita returns to her seat.

"Thank you, Lady Kiera. I'm glad that you had some time to get to know her even just a little bit," Lou says with warmth. "I hope that the Scholars continue to thrive with whomever follows in her footsteps, though they will have some very big shoes to fill," she says a touch sadly. She glances over to Lucita and gives the woman a warm look. "Baroness Saik, please come forward."

Turn in line: Lucita

Kiera walks over closer to cadern and stands respectfully as lucita speaks

Lou gives Lucita all of her attention when she speaks. "Thank you, Baroness," she tells the other woman. "If there are any others that wish to speak, do please come forward. I am waiting until the end to share my own tales of the Archscholar." She waits to see if anyone else gets in line.

3 House Mazetti Guardians, Sirra, a very quiet maid, an indeterminate number of cats, Lance, a rebellious swan that likes to headbutt leave, following Alessia.

Adrienne's attention focuses on Kiera then Lucita in turn (if perhaps a little starry eyed for the latter). She murmurs aside to Lou before tilting her head curiously at the promise of Lou's stories.

Cadern seems content to just observe looking a mix of emotions and chatting with a few who come near. The Marquis for once it seems without words and instead content to just be around those remembering.

Griffin has joined the line.

Mikani stays quietly by Cadern's side as she just watches people remember.

When it seems like everyone has had their say, Lou stands once more from the marin'alfar benches, her own whiskey glass in hand. She holds it before her as she turns around the room to take a look at those gathered. "I know Archscholar Sina when she was just Sina, a young woman in the employ of my cousin, Princess Alarissa Thrax. She was young, bright, and full of zest and wonder of the world then. She was helping Skye study dragons, I believe, and was among those that told me the tale of how many different dragons there once were in the world." A pause, and then a light quirk of her lips. "I believe there were 10."

Lou takes a moment before going on. "I knew that she had a keen sense of adventure, and took the Explorer's test, along with Alarissa, just for fun to see if she could pass it. She was both delighted and surprised that she passed the test and I invited her to join the Explorers. Since that time, she had become rather proficient in helping many an Explorer follow their dreams." There is a fond look on her face as she recounts those tales.

"Then came the call from the King to research what happened to his father, for he had heard a rumor that Alaric III was still alive. He set all of the Grayson to work on this task. I reached out to Sina, who had risen in rank of Archscholar over the years, with the hopes that she could help me. Not only was she a wonderful resource to the research I completed, but it also turned out that she had a mystery of her own to solve that went along with my research. So, for many years, we worked together to unravel the mystery of Alaric III's disappearance, and with that, helping her to uncover the truth about the White Singer, who serves at the Dune Emperor - Alaric III's - side."

Lou lets out a quiet, reflective sigh at that. "I will miss the long nights of research we spent together, and going over our various crazy theories. I will miss her caring and her compassion. I will miss her wit and determination. She was, I think, one of my very dearest of friends, and I am so, so very happy to see the impact she had on so many others' lives, as represented by your presence here this evening. I hope that she has inspired the same spirit in all of those disciples that follows after her, and that her spirit runs through the Scholars and everyone else she's inspired over the years. She was a very brave woman, who made a very brave, and difficult decision to try and make the world a better place and protect many people in the process."

That said, she lifts her glass, "To Archscholar Sina. May we always remember her," and then she takes a sip of her whiskey.

Lucita lifts her glass to complete a toast to Sina, "To Archscholar Sina, A friend to remember."

Kiera echoes "To the Archscholar"

Adrienne follows Lucita's example. "To Archscholar Sina. May we remember her always."

"To Archscholar Sina," Samira repeats quietly, lifting her glass along with the others. "One to be remembered."

Lou finishes off her glass completely, then sets it down on the empty chair in the center next to the full glass of whiskey. She then notices Griffin has joined the line and waves him forward. "Please tell us your story," she encourages him.


"Many of you know the Archscholar as a kind woman. A gentle woman. One who was willing to listen to your problems and weigh in on them." Griffin raised his voice to fill the room, and no further. "I'm here to tell you that she was a brave woman. I met her as the Archscholar, but I befriended her when she was troubled at the Shrine of the Queen of Endings. We talked over an evening, and regardless of how she felt inside, she still wanted to help. To listen. To let you know of the Queen she once was. Even though she was troubled."

His voice drops. "That is the woman I befriended. And I shall make my life goals so that her memory remains as she would want it." And he sits down.

"Thank you for speaking tonight," Lou says warmly to Griffin. She glances around the room one last time and says, "If there are no others, we'll end tonight's event here. Thank you for coming and for aiding the Explorers in remembering the Archscholar."

Lucita says, "Thank you for hosting this." She speaks to Lou and the others. "It is still hard to believe.. she is gone.""

Lucita is overheard praising Society of explorers.

Adrienne sets an empty water glass down on a chair for someone to clean up. Princess privilege. Her aide, a reed-thin man with plaited gray hair, offers his arm to help her stand. She mouths something to Lou - "I'll write" - and emphasizes it with a shake of her wrist. And then she is off, back into the winter beyond the Charter Hall.

Mikani is overheard praising Lou.

Mikani is overheard praising Society of explorers.

Griffin is overheard praising Society of explorers.

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Lucita nods to Lou a moment then settles her cloak around her more closely before turning and heading out.

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Cadern seems content to listen to all the things and he offers to Mikani, "I'll write some about it. It'll be a good way to remember." He shakes his head and he nods to Lou smiling at her for the hosting and waving at the others as he starts to slink out still looking thoughtful.

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