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Spring Brunch

Come have brunch for no real reason at all! Avoid spooky dark lightning in the safety of Grayson Mansion. With food and drink.


April 11, 2021, 5 p.m.

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Ian Vincenzo Thea Cirroch Cambria Lore Sydney Gehenna Zoey Ilira Niklas



Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Grayson Mansion - Great Gray Hall

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Comments and Log

Possum, 6 House Mazetti Guardians arrive, following Cambria.

While a dining room is usually a better spot for a brunch, the Great Gray Hall has been turned into a space for dining and respite from the stormy spring weather (the servants really don't want mud tracked through the mansion). Tables and chairs have been arranged with linens and fine plates and cutlery. Servants wander to assist guests with drinks and clearing plates. A wide array of foods are available including eggs, sausage and bacon, pancakes, muffins, cheese pastries, roasted potatoes and onions, pies, fruits, cookies and more. There's also tea and wine and coffee and liquor. Sabella is standing near the door to greet everyone.

Ian would be soaked on coming inside if not for the fact that Isles clothing, especially of the sailing variety, is designed to resist water. As such, his short hair is wet and there's water on his clothes, but nothing that's getting through to soak him to the skin. He has a puzzled look on his face.

Carolina, an orphan from Bravura arrives, following Lore.

Back in the city for only a couple of days and Vincenzo is already invading the Grayson Mansion for free foot. Making his way into the Great Hall, he's just in the process of wiping away droplets of water from the leather of his armor as he takes a look about. Catching sight of a passing servant, there's something murmur softly, no doubt a request for a drink and then he's catching sight of Sabella off to one side and there's a grin offered in her direction, "Your Highness! I just couldn't refuse the prospect of free food!"

2 Redreef Wardens arrives, following Gehenna.

Thea is definitely soaked, dripping really. Her hair is plastered to her head. Stepping into the hall however, Thea greets Sabella with a slight smile. "Your Highness, hello,"brushing wet from her persons. Not that it does any good.

Cirroch strides in leaving a trail of mud behind him, covered up to his knees in thick splattered lines of mud with additional trails getting to his waist and lower torso. Wearing only his leather trousers, extra wide belt with hanging Sanna Sigil pelt which is also covered in mud that is slowly slipping off and hitting the floor. And a silk aeterna robe that is the only thing not completely covered in mud, though is doing an amazing job at spreading thick globs of mud out across the floor as the Marquis strides in with a large smile. He takes a little detour from the path completely into the hall to pick up a few feathers, / don't know where these came from... / then looks back to Sabella and the gathered few already here. "I found the best puddle for jumping in!"

"Ian! What a fantastic surprise it is to see you!" Sabella says warmly to her sort-of relative. "Is anything the matter?" Upon seeing Vincenzo, she reaches a hand out to the man, grinning. "And why should you? There is plenty and more, it would be an insult to waste it, no?" A servant steps forward to offer Thea a towel as the princess greets the newly-married woman. "Lady Thea Wyvernheart," A wink, "Congratulations and welcome. Cousin-Marquis!" Her attention shifts to Cirroch with a grin."Did you?"

It was anyone's guess as to why Cambria found her way into the Grayson mansion, but if one was a betting spirit, then they'd likely find themselves a silver or two richer if they thought something along the lines of...This woman was in the area when the downpour struck, and did the only sensible thing available to her: find the nearest shelter from the storm. She is, of course, drenched, and looking rather like a cat in similar condition: miserable. Even so, a woman of her stature has a certain dignity to maintain, and so, with a toss of her wet hair back and free from her face, she holds head and shoulders high...

Only to burst out laughing at the sight of Cirroch.

Whatever path she had been planning to take is suddenly abandoned in favor of approaching the Marquis, and ultimately those he himself had approached.

Lore has an oiled leather cloak that's held over her head to carry her from carriage to door. Its shaken out as best she can and handed off as she steps into the hall. Smoothing a hand over her blazer, she glances around, offering smiles towards those she recognizes. A wave given to Sabella, a nod to Ian, a smile to Vincenzo. She's moving in Cirroch's wake and side-stepping his muddy tracks as she make her way forward.

Ian lingers in the hall like he's worried about dripping all over the floor, that is until Cirroch barges on past him, trailing mud in his wake. After that, he has no problem taking off his coat and shaking some of the water off of it. "Weather's been weird," he says to Sabella, when asked what's the matter, like this is news to anyone. "The storm just, uh, went down the drain."

Darting over in the direction of Sabella and the offered hand, Vincenzo is accepting it, only to lower a touch to brush his lips against the back of it, "Indeed. It would be a shame to waste such a delightful spread." Releasing the Princesses' hand, he's then turning to look towards the others that have arrived and there's a smile given to Lore, along with a quick laugh in the direction of Cirroch, "Jumping in mud puddles. Sounds like an interesting prospect." Ian, Thea and Cambria all get a smile and a lift of his hand, so that he can offer a wave. Then, he's looking to Ian, brow lifting up, "The storm's done already?"

"Thank you,"Thea says as she accepts the towel, a smile appearing. "Yea. That storm just--what was that,"she asks. Seeing Cambria, Thea gives her a wave from her current spot. "Oh and Lore Ian, thank you kindly for my wedding gift." Gold-flecked green eyes light up, hiding a mischievous all their own.

"Duchess, hello and come in, come in," Sabella gestures Cambria in and has another servant bring her a towel as well. There are a lot of towels being offered around to all the guests, along with taking cloaks and jackets to hang dry near a fire. "Lore, glad to see you made it," the princess says as she looks curiously with Vincenzo toward Ian. "Down the... drain?" The expression is a strange one.

Lore takes Liquor Bag from Large Oiled Leather Rucksack.

"It went away right before I came in," Ian tells Vincenzo. Then he looks to Sabella. "Downward. Like something going down a drain. I'm not sure I want to know." There's a bit of an 'ohshit' jump when he realizes that Thea is here, but he gamely replies to her with: "Any time."

Lore takes Shifting Sands Fire Whiskey, in memory of Prince Damik'uhl'daja from Liquor Bag.

Lore takes Squid Ink from Liquor Bag.

Lore puts Shifting Sands Fire Whiskey, in memory of Prince Damik'uhl'daja in Liquor Bag.

Dressed in what passes for her best spring attire - in actuality little more than her armor, given the woman seems to favor function over fashion - Sydney is among those who's clearly been caught out in the rain, and looks none-too-thrilled by the prospect. Damp. Considerably damp, which is an unenviable position to be in with hair that's quite so long as the common pugilist's. That's going to take an eternity to dry.

"Well," She announces as she meanders in, "At least my timing was good enough that I'm not dripping all over the floor." Even if her boots sound a touch... squelchy as she walks.

Cirroch looks to Vincenzo, with a light nod and muddy hand over his heart, "Marquis Cirroch Sanna, of Giant's Reach." His voice has an echo of its own, "Yes. Can't miss up a good puddle." If any have been around the Marquis the last few weeks, he seems to be in better spirits now. "Cousin Princess! I found some more of the feathers." He's handing them off to a server, then looking to what the selection of drinks are for a moment as he heads in direction of Cambria. "Duchess Cambria, did you also find the perfect puddle?"

Gehenna is fashionably late. She's also, miraculously, dry. Perhaps something to do with the piece of fabric her guards are wrapping up. She inclines her head towards people in passing, "Lord Kennex. Lady Ma--oh wait, it's Wyvernheart now, isn't it?" Before making it to Sabella, "Your highness."

"Well, that just begs for someone to look into it." Glancing to the food and the alcohol, especially as a servant delivers a glass to him, Vincenzo is then giving a shake of his head, "But not right now." A grin tugs to his lips and then he's looking over towards Cirroch, "Vincenzo Villente, owner of Pins and Needles tailoring shop. Pleased to meet you."

"Of course! Any excuse to wear a fabulous outfit and come say hello!" Lore turns a bright smile towards Sabella, offering a quick bow before reaching inside her blzer to withdraw a dark bottle that's offered to the Princess. "Never arrive empty-handed. I've found its excellent advice that's carried me nicely through the years. For you, Your Highness." She turns towards Ian and tips her head, "Lord Kennex. Always a pleasure. How have you been these past months?" THen to Vincenzo with a warm smile, "Hello again. And still we continue to run into one another like this!"

"Lady Thea, good to see you," Cambria says to her own relation through marriage. "The statue was delivered yesterday - the Duke is still thinking about where he wishes to place it, but we all love it." Of course there are well-wishes for Thea's recent marriage. Thereafter, Cambria responds to Vincenzo's wave with own of her own, and then, of course, she's presented with a towel, so that her greeting to Sabella is accompanied by the drying of her face and neck. Some things must give way to practicality, after all.

"I am afraid, dear Marquis, that no, I did not find the perfect puddle..." There is no real large amount of mud upon her, except for perhaps the hem of her skirt by virtue of having been caught in the rain.

Ian shrugs to Lore while he pulls a hand through his hair like anything is going to put it into any discernable style after that soaking. "I'm glad the ice is melted. The winter was driving me out of my head."

Thea promises Ian, a nod following,"A gift so great will be paid back." Dun dun Duuuuuuuun. After getting a drink, the now Wyvernheart smiles at Gehenna,"It is, yes. And Im certain I'll fall into Malvici on occasion as it's still new." Taking a drink, there is a greeting to Sydney as well. "Messere Sydney, it's been I feel months. How are you,"before she laughs at Cambria. "Oh good. He said something about setting it up in his room. A guard donkey has a nice ring to it, yes? And thank you."

Looking over towards Lore, Vincenzo is offering a quick chuckle, brow coming to be arched just a touch, "Well, since I was here first, you must clearly be stalking me, hmm?" There's a touch of a tease there, only for him to then lift his glass to his lips, a small sip taken before he's lowering it back down.

Well-versed in the decorum of such events, Sydney is not. Rather than making her way over to begin properly mingling, the very first thing she does is make a run for any food and drink in sight, and fix herself up a smorgasbord of what's on offer, tucking a long and damp strand of hair back behind her ear and letting her eyes wander for a few moments.

Mercifully, she's not left to her own devices for long, and relief washes over her features as Thea approaches. She flashes a wide smile in greeting, and rubs the back of her neck, "Oh, you know. Running this way and that, doing the occasional errand. Winning the occasional contest. Ah." She blinks, and pauses, "...I had a perfect opportunity to wear your gift, and I forgot to bring it. Had I known you'd be in attendance, I'd have made a better go of it."

She lofts a brow, "...An ass guard?"

Sabella gives a dip of her chin in the direction of Sydney, clearly not bothered at all by the boot squelching. The servants are a slightly different story, but they are managing to ensure everyone is comfortable shortly after arrival with the drying and the bringing of drinks both hot and cold as requested. Gehenna pulls her attention. "My lady... Redreef? Your guards appear to have had the right idea! Let me know if there is anything you need as you get settled." The bottle offered by Lore is looked at with interest, her smile widening. "Oh dear me. Niklas will be thrilled to have a new addition to our collection. Thank you!" She passes it to a server with a whispered instruction - a small glass is poured for her before the bottle is taken off in the direction of (presumably) her chambers.

Cirroch has joined the a regal sofa with green silk cushions and silver accented carvings.

"Yes, my apologies, your highness. Lady Gehenna Redreef." Gehenna smiles, as for the guards, she shrugs faintly, "They can be useful sometimes, when they're not spying on me." She says that like it's obvious that they are. She nods to Thea, "I can imagine. It must be quite the adjustment, but I'm sure you'll settle into your new normal soon enough."

With a bottle that has been poured into the goat horn, Cirroch falls into the silk cushions of the sofa. Anyone watching the servants might catch the collected groan that sweeps the room as the mud covered marquis leads a trail from entry through the hall to then land and spread out on the regal sofa.

"You and I both, my lord. I hate the winter months, they're so restrictive." Lore gives a nod back towards Ian before turning towards Vincenzo. Clucking her tongue, she offers, "Now that's simply not true. I just have farther to travel to reach the Hall! Conversely, I could also be stalking the Princess, and you just conveniently manage to be here." Winking at him, she chuckles before turning a warm smile to Sabella, "You're quite welcome! Its a bit of a complex blend, but tasty nonetheless. Been working on it for.. oh, five years now? Almost six? It was finally ready for distribution!"

Ian gives Thea a dubious look when she promises to repay his present in kind.

"Yes..." Cambria says to Thea. "He mentioned that to me as well." There is a certain quality to her tone that suggests the Duchess was not likely to approve of the idea. "I suggested it go some place where many people can enjoy it." At the mention of an ass guard, the Duchess of Ostria only nods sagely as she says, "To go with the age-old order of rooster guards." Their blocking abilities were, without a doubt, legendary.

However, her attention is drawn towards Cirroch, most especially as he gives the collected servants of House Grayson something close to physical pain as he flops onto that very fine, very fancy sofa. She makes a move towards him, to say lightly, "We are /definitely/ going to have to work on your sense of propriety." But she would say no more, however!

"I choose to believe that you're stalking me," is what Vincenzo offers to Lore, a grin dancing back to his lips, "Otherwise, it's merely chance and that surely isn't possible." A wink, another swallow of his drink and then he's glancing back over towards Sabella, "Good idea for this, Your Highness. Great way to get out of the weather, even if it did only last for a rather short amount of time."

With the weather finally cleared, Zoey makes her way across the city to brunch at the Grayson home. She blinks a bit as she looks around, saying softly to herself, "Quite a crowd."

Taking a drink, Thea is already interested in Sydney's story. "You did? Where? I told you it would happen,"hiding her smile. "And yes. An ass guard. I had a rather statue commissioned for my cousin....,"nodding then to Cambria's words. "Hello Messere Vincenzo, is it? Im Lady Thea Wyvernheart-nee Malvici."

Cirroch looks to Cambria in mid sip from the horn, running what she just said to him through his mind. Eventually looking up to her from his seat, "Propriety. I have not acted any different than I would in the mountains. There was a lovely puddle, it had to be jumped in. And it is too hot here. Where did I go wrong?" He seems geniunely interested in this.

Sydney laughs and shakes her head to Thea, "Here! Wouldn't it look proper fancy?" She raises her arms to stretch, the open shoulders and plunging neckline of her attire briefly put on display. In so doing, she picks out a face she recognizes among the crowd and freezes mid-stretch. She sets her plate of goodies down and strides over with all the elegance and grace that a commoner with noisily wet leather boots can manage - which is to say, very little - and reaches out to nudge Lore's shoulder with her index and middle finger.


"...Messere Artiglio, yes? Have you been keeping well? I'd been hoping to bump into you again. Large city, and all. Have you been, uh... well?" She quite nakedly observes Lore's face, her expression modestly guilty.

"Whichever makes you feel better, Vincenzo," Lore chuckles lowly in her throat, plucking a glass from a passing tray before glancing towards Thea and offering a bow towards her, "Lady Wyvernheart. My congratulations on your recent nuptials. The Oathlands are lucky to have you." The poke to her shoulder has her winging around, then laughing at Sydney's expression before clapping a hand over her mouth, "I'm terribly sorry. Please, think nothing of it. It was a competition and you had the greater drive and better skill! Believe me, the bruises faded within a few days and nothing was broken. I've certainly had worse, though that was an unexpected blow you landed!"

"Am I being stalked?" Sabella asks the question light heartedly, taking the opportunity to then take a small sip from her glass. Her expression remains unreadable until several seconds after she swallows, taking a slow breath in before her lips curl up in delight. "Lore, truly, time well spent. Zoey!" The princess opens her arms to greet the woman with a hug, looking around quickly. "Oh. Your husband was /just/..." Her brow furrows. "Come, get a drink and some food." Then she is wandering about to make sure everyone is well. "Duchess, Marquis, I understand you did enter a patronage relationship! That is exciting! A surprising match, but I am genuine in saying I like it for both of you."

A quick chuckle to Lore and Vincenzo gives a nod of his head, "Exactly." Then she's congratulating Thea and he's looking over towards her, "Ooh, wedding? You're recently married, My Lady? Well, in that case, let me offer congratulations, if a bit late!" A smile is given to Thea with that, only for him to look to Sydney as she pokes Lore, a chuckle passing by his lips before he's looking over in the direction of Sabella once more, "I'm fairly certain everyone is stalking you, right now, Your Highness. Or, at least your food and drink."

Cambria gestures to the muddy Marquis, on the aforementioned very fine, very fancy sofa. She then discreetly motions towards a few servants that are still looking quite bloodless in the face. "If you were at home, it would be a little different, but here you are a guest. But really, don't worry about it so much. I don't want to turn a good time into tutor hour. It will just be something we can discuss later." When Sabella makes mention of their patronage relationship, Cambria nods the affirmative. "I appreciate that, your highness. I do believe it will turn out wonderfully for us both."

Zoey returns Sabella's hug with a smile. "Yes, I did pass him on the way in. I was comforting the babies through the storm," she says. Once parted from the hug she noticed the Duchess to whom Sabella was speaking and dips into a practiced curtsey. "Well met, Duchess. I am Lady Zoey Kennex nee Bisland. I do not believe we have properly met before."

Thea chuckles at Sydney. "I will create an event purposely, just so you can wear it." Lifting her glass to Lore, she gives her a word of genuine thanks,"Thank you,"'before waving to Zoey. "Lady Zoey! I was just telling Ian that his gift was so good, I would make sure to return the thought!" This poor woman. "Thank you, Messere Vincenzo. It was actually just yesterday, so you're not too late."

"Only in the most polite of ways, Princess," Lore responds to question of stalking with a smile towards Sabella before it grows to one of delight. "Oh good! I do love seeing a venture pay off. I wanted to make something that would be as good for sipping as for guzzling or mixing." Back to Vincenzo and she clucks her tongue at him, "Bite that tongue of yours, Vincenzo. I came bearing gifts to Her Highness, not to rob her of her food and drink! Company is what I seek!" She turns then, smiling towards Thea before glancing towards Cambria and Cirroch, watching them for a moment with a faint smile playing about her lips over the admonishment for the Marquis.

Sydney lifts a hand to settle high on her sternum, and she puffs a breath of relief, which mirrors the expression on her features after Lore's reaction and words. Some tension bleeds out of her, and she shakes her head, "...I've been on the receiving end of such things, and sometimes a lucky shot is just a lucky shot. You can wear the finest armor in the land, but if you take a jostle to the head just wrong, none of it matters. I'm merely relieved you didn't take it personally. Wouldn't be the first time I created a grudge out of my carelessness."

She bobs her head gently, "...Thank you for taking it in stride. It speaks to your strength of character." She quiets down as Lore's attention divides. She's apparently satisfied with even that brief exchange.

Cirroch looks at the mud trail and the couple of servants and gives a little shrug then goes back drinking from the horn. He does slide over a little on the sofa so that there is plenty of room for anyone else to join him.

Zoey cringes slightly when Thea mentions the wedding gift. "Again, I am so sorry about that. I saw the book, I saw the crate, and I know the note was not much warning..."

For what it is worth, Sabella also does not seem bothered by the mud and the couch. "Good, good." The response is as much to Cambria as it is to Lore and Vincenzo. "Ah, yes, Zoey, you know Marquis Cirroch, and this is Duchess Cambria Mazetti. I shall leave you to get acquainted." She then continues to mingle, making her way toward Gehenna. "I have a soft spot for the people of the Isles. From the sound of your voice, you were born there, yes? How do you feel about rum?" A hand is lifted to summon a servant to fetch a drink for the lady.

Acknowledging Zoey, Cambria offers a nod of greeting as she says, "I do not believe we have, no." Her features light up with a smile. "But I have heard of you, not least because you are wed to Lord Ian." To Cirroch, however, Cambria only looks amused. She's content to simply enjoy her time with those well as to let others do the same! She was, after all, a woman of the Lyceum. Live and let live.

"I'm fairly certain that the Princess knows that, Lore." A smile is flashed in her direction as Vincenzo then turns his attention over towards Thea, "Ooh. Well, then I apologize for missing it, my Lady." His glass is brought back to his lips and he's taking another small sip before lowering it back down. There's a smile to Sabella and an incline of his head before he's catching sight of Zoey and Gehenna, each of whom is getting a smile and a lift of his hand in a wave.

"Ah, yes, my husband certainly does have a reputation of his own. I have lost count of how many times I have been introduced as 'Lord Ian's wife' and seen the surprised looks on people's faces," Zoey chuckles. She lifts a hand to Vincenzo in return.

Looking back to Sydney, she chuckles and gives a nod, "I can see where your skill might cause some hard feelings, but no. My pride took a blow, but I'm not one to hold grudges, especially not for something like the Tournament. Its meant to showcase all of us to the best of our abilities! You did a damned good job." Lore pauses, then adds in a conspiratorial tone, "And in hindsight, it was good that I left immediately after the fight. I think getting the compresses onto my face immediately did a lot in making sure that I didn't wear the marks for too long. But please, should we ever find ourselves in similar straits... it will never be any fault of yours for being better." She flashes a grin, "Actually... here. Consider this a late prize, from me to you."

Motioning to her assistant, she pulls another bottle from her bag and offers it over to sydney with a smile, "My own making. And, a damn fine rum, if I do say so myself." Her eyes trail Sabella for a moment before returning to Sydney with a grin, "Please, take it with my congratulations."

She looks back to Vincenzo and tsks, "It never hurts! And we were all at your shop during the lady's wedding celebration. I'm surprised one of the criers didn't trumpet it through the open doorway. They love open doorways." As if she's been personally assaulted by the town criers before.

Cirroch stands up from his muddy, now drying to clay seat upon the sofa and tries to wipe some of it away. "Lady Zoey Kennex." He gives a little bow of his head, then looks to Cambria, "I look forward to the lesson, as you say for the moment we shall enjoy the party then." Another sip from the horn is taken as he is also looking for the next bottle to fill it, most of the servers are trying to stay away from him, which prompts his assissant to trek off to get a bottle. "And how has the Kennex's been?"

Lore takes Squid Ink from Liquor Bag.

"The smallest ones were bothered by the storm, but we are all well enough otherwise," Zoey replies to Cirroch with a nod. "Just keeping busy, as we do. And the Sannas? Is all well for you?"

Graciously outstretching her hands, Sydney accepts the bottle of rum and gives it a little slosh from side to side, flashing a less restrained smile that flashes damn near to her ears, "Couldn't have said it better myself. Believe me, there were was no shortage of frustration in chasing your tail through the first legs of the race. I'll hold onto this and use it in good health." She spirits away the spirits into her pack, and offers a firm nod of her head, "...And yes. Treating it quickly is the key to keep the swelling down. Pardon me, Messere. If I don't tend to this, I'll go mad."

Making use of her temporarily free hands, Sydney retreats back to the nearest wall and yanks all of her hair accoutrements free in order to gather her damp hair and - the height of polite decorum, wrings a fair bit of water out of it, to the horror of the onlooking servants.

A diplomat she is not.

"More, I have heard of your renown talent with language," Cambria says to Zoey. "A most impressive and admirable skill within your possession. And, of course, if I am not utterly mistaken, you are a venerable scholar in your own right as well. It is a pleasure to finally meet you properly." Of course, as others move to greet Zoey, Cambria does not detain her from going to mingle as she chooses, looking quite content to slowly but surely begin to dry off, even if it ultimately resulted in wrinkled clothes and messy hair. To Cirroch, just before he moves to get that drink, she says, "Oh, I am sure it will be a most enlightening lesson for us both!"

Watching the exchange between Sydney and Lore, Vincenzo is simply quiet, listening and then watching the former retreat off, which has him looking to Lore, "Lose a tournament to her, I take it?" That's then followed by the hint of a laugh, "Ahh, that explains how I missed it. Company and all. And yes, you're right. I'm surprised they didn't come in to assail us with their trumpeting of such an event." That said, he's then looking over towards Cambria, only to call out, "Duchess, how are things in Ostria these days?"

Zoey turns once more to Cambria, her smile brightening. "If you ever have need for a translator or a language teacher, I am happy to offer my assistance," she says. "I have a couple of parties on my agenda, but I am always eager to get out for a bit of adventure."

Sabella continues her mingling, quietly directing Grayson staff on occasion to fulfill some task - refilling drinks, cleaning the wet floor. "Lady Thea, aside from the grand adventure of marriage, have you been in any new near death situations I should have sent you a recovery gift for?"

Once a drink has been found and is in the process of being emptied into the horn, Cirroch replies to Zoey, "Sasha and the children are all in the March for the time being, she was missing them thus when we went to the edge of the world for the false thaw games we brought the children with to head to the stronghold." He has a bit of a sigh, "And now I have an empty manor, save for a cousin that the staff claims is still around though its been ages since I've seen them myself."

"Of course! Thank you for saying something, I would never want you to feel guilty for competing well," Lore dips a nod and smile towards Sydney before turning back to Vincenzo with a nod. "People's Tournament. I was the frontrunner through the first half. The last event was a pugilist competition, for which I'm fairly well-known. Sydney there, though, knocked me out of the running with one blow. Surprised me! It was a damn good hit too, caught me right between cheek and nose, I wore the bruises for a good few days. I still took third place in the overall, but that hit put me out of the contest. Glad she sorted that out, though. Hate to think anyone was feeling bad about doing well. She's got some amazing skill." Lifting her glass for a swallow, she chuckles, "So am I. They don't normally hesitate." Falling quiet as he speaks to Cambria, she merely smiles towards the Duchess and offers a small bow.

Looking up for a message Thea received, she looks to Sabella. "Your Highness, I am always off on some sort of adventure,"shameless in her answer. "My first visit to Highhill, I was fighting a rather large bear. Then Ive been--doing a few experiments." Taking a drink, Thea hands her letter off to Ricco.

"Better than ever, master Villente, thank you for asking!" Cambria calls back to Vincenzo, her smile wide. Looking back to Zoey, Cambria nods. "For some, adventures /are/ parties, and vice versa." Clasping her hands behind her back, the Duchess regards Zoey thoughtfully. "I shall certainly keep your offer in mind, and you have my gratitude for making it at all." To Cirroch, Cambria remarks with a laugh, "I feel the same. Your cousin, Braith, along with her husband," which was Cambria's own cousin, and Sword of the House. "Have been so involved with one another, they are but rumors to me at this point. But then, maybe we will have news of a third child soon." The bow from Lore is not missed, and it is retuned with a nod of acknowledgement, a smile still on her features.

"That's fantastic! Somehow, I didn't manage to make it down that way during my most recent set of travels. One of these days, I'm certain." A smile is given and then Vincenzo is looking back over towards Lore, brow lofting up a touch, "Well, I'm sorry that I missed that tournament. That would have been something to watch and I may have even participated, though I have absolutely no doubt that I would not have progressed that far at all." Looking to his glass, he's then finishing the remaining liquid within, "Well, I suppose I should have another."

Sabella looks toward Lore and Sydney as she hears the explanation of what happened at the People's Tournament. "Oh! I was unable to attend the events to see how they turned out, but I had given Radiant Anisha a donation to cover a crown. Congratulations to you both, really! Those tasks are not... Well. I would have failed at every one of them." The admission is laughed off, but it is clear the People's Princess has respect for the other women's entirely different sets of skills from her own.

Zoey nods in appreciation to Cambria and then looks back to Cirroch. "I could not imagine being so far from the children, but given the state of the Isles is makes more sense to keep them here in the city anyway," she says. She goes to the refreshment table after that to find some wine.

Sydney looks up from wringing the last of the water that she can manage out of her overlong hair as the conversation remains on the matter of the People's Tournament. Straightening, she offers a brief shake of her head to get the last bit of dampness banished away, and turns her focus between Vincenzo and Lore in turn, "...Certainly not as well-rounded a competitor as Lore, here, but I'm quite confident when it comes to anything that has to do with tumblin' around in the sand."

Her fingers casually return hairpins to their proper locations, decorative comb slotted back into place.

The commentary from Sabella gets a soft snort of laughter from Sydney, "...Every year, I promise myself I'll do better at fishing. Every year, I catch damn near a handful of minnows. We all have our talents."

"Oh the People's Tournament is a blast to take part in, I highly recommend it to anyone of common blood. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and look forward to next year's!" Lore nods to Vincenzo with a chuckle and a grin before looking back to Sabella. "OH I got a crown! Anyone that placed first in one of the individual events got a crown for it. I keep mine in a display case back home. And thank you, it was great fun and Radiant Anisha managed it all wonderfully!" Looking back to Sydney, shelifts a small shrug, "I've had a rather... odd... upbringing and adult life. Its lead me to having a broad variety of skills. If you ever want to train up on some of it, I'm happy to tutor. Then you'll be an even more fierce competitor next time!"

As Rocco slips a message in her hands, Thea starts to rise to her feet. "Im sorry, but it seems Im needed elsewhere." Looking to Sabella, she nods her head,"Thank you for this,"as her gaze looks around around the table,"Was good to see and meet you all."

Turning his attention in the direction of Sydney, Vincenzo is offering a smile, "Well, congratulations all the same." A dip of his head, "Sounds like it was a good time." A glance to Lore and he's giving a nod of his head, "Well, I'll have to make certain I'm in Arx next year so that I can consider attending. If only to provide some humor to everyone as a result." A curl of his lips to a grin and then he's distracted long enough to scoop up another drink, exchanging his empty glass for a full one.

Cirroch nods a little to Zoey, "It is rather hard without them near. Atoli was getting very good with her sneaking and less tantrums when missing from launching an attack with her siblings. Watching Entreri grow to attempt to protect both Jacqs and Rikkon was something that reminded me of my own brother and sister. Even though it was typically Jacqs protecting them." He has a large smile on his face as he discusses the Sanna children with Zoey. "I'll have to find more time to get back to the mountains to see them, or convince Sasha that they are safe in the city." Cirroch doesn't look too convinced that he'll be able to pull of that last suggestion.

Turning to Cambria, "Many little ones running around your halls these days? It's been near what feels like several lifetimes that I have even heard from Braith."

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant leave, following Thea.

"I do hope so," Cambria says to Vincenzo. "And not only because I am especially partial to Ostria and its charms." Her smile turns into a fey grin, and in that moment, she seems hardly the icy, unapproachable Hydra of Ostria, but a very warm, very affable woman anyone might find themselves relating to. "There are a few, and yet not nearly so many as I would like," Cambria says to Cirroch. "But I think that is always the way of it. You get used to the sound of children around, and it suddenly feels very empty, very lonely, when they're elsewhere."

"Fishing?" Another skill Sabella simply does not have. "Do let me know when there is a competition for sitting with perfect posture while pouring tea." She grins at Sydney and Lore. "I have not even seen them! Perhaps sometime you might let me take a peek at the crown?" The question is asked of Lore before the princess takes a moment to glance at Sydney's hair pins and comb. "Do you ever have your hair done up? In fancy braids and woven with ribbons or flowers? It would be stunning, I bet."

Sydney winks toward Vincenzo, "...watching the disastrous folks have a painful time of it is half the joy of watching. I was an absolute /wreck/ the last time it was held, but I captured enough hearts in the process to at least walk away with the People's Choice Crown. Regardless, I completely recommend it." She drifts her focus back toward Lore, and smiles, "...I've got plenty on my plate at the moment, but if things ever slow down, I might have to take you up on that."

Sabella's commentary has her pausing in her tracks, and she looks as though the question catches her entirely flat-footed. A nervous laugh, "...The closest to that would be when Apollo has a mind to braid it for me. He's got defter hands than I could hope to have, but... no. I... no. I don't think that'd look all that good on me." Her self-effacement seems genuine, there.

"Oh I'm certain you would have a lot of fun, Vincenzo, and you might do better than you think. You're learning some of the proper skills for it from me now, after all," Lore winks at him, hiding her smile behind her glass as she takes a drink. She looks to Sabella and grins, "I do believe your events fall under the Tournament of Thorns, Your Highness. I distinctly remember etiquette and other social skills featuring quite heavily in it." There's a pause and then Lore gives a nod and grin towards Sydney, "Anytime. I can usually be found. If you can't find me, I'm likely out of the country and will return... whenever the tide allows!" She lifts a small shrug at the end and flashes a smile.

Zoey finds her wine, but no sooner than she takes her first sip she finds a servant at her side handing her a note. She reads it, keeping her expression neutral aside from a light sigh. Quickly and quietly she gives Sabella a parting hug on her way out the door.

Looking to Cambria, Vincenzo offers a grin, "I'll make a point of it, then." A quick smile and then he's looking to Lore and Sydney, "Mmm. It's settled, then." A little nod of his head following it up, "I'm very much going to have to take part." He then looks to Sydney, a smile dancing to his lips, "Well, congratulations on claiming that honor." Looking back over towards Lore, there's a twitch of a brow, "Oh. Plan to teach me some of the things I need to know for it? In that case I may not entirely make a fool of myself."

A light breeze picks up beyond the open doors and swirls through the main hall, seeming to bear aloft the woman that glides in with it. She wears blue gossamer and the luxuriant cascade of her hair, her steps catlike on small, bare feet. The Whisper, Ilira, sweeps a contemplative gaze across the modest crowd gathered and her eyes linger on a few faces, musing in the curve of her lips. "Well, doesn't this look /fun/!" she smiles as she sashays up to the table where Lore, Sydney, Vincenzo and the princess converse, fluttering her fingers at Zoey in a little wave before her patron departs. In the name of decorum, she lifts her gaze to the hostess first and dips a curtsey, "I know I'm late, your Highness, but I promise it isn't personal--I'm never on time." She flickers a wink at the People's Princess and turns to address the table at large, "Will any of you mind if I join?"

Cirroch looks to the sofa the mud seems to be dried up enough that he can brush some of it off of the pillows, then does the same with his free hand to his pants. He has a momentarily glimpse of understanding why the servants might be avoiding him, though it is washed away quickly as Zoey mades her leave and he raises the horn to her. Taking a look around the room for a moment.

Sabella's gaze lingers on Sydney's hair a moment longer as the woman mentions Apollo, causing the princess to grin cheerfully. "Perhaps I can convince you and my protege to indulge my vision sometime." There is a glimmer of hope in her cerulean eyes before turning to Lore again. "Of course. I was teasing, it seems... Hm. I have no desire anymore to pit myself against others. Uplift. Collaborate. That is where my focus is." When Ilira comes in, the Whisper gets a brilliant smile. "There is no such thing as late to a party with no specified end time, you are welcome to join. Let one of the servants know what you might like to eat and drink and they will fetch it for you." Then she looks over toward Cirroch and Cambria. "Are you both still well over there?"

Vincenzo is turning his attention over towards Ilira as she makes her arrival and comes over to where the group is located, a smile taking hold of his lips as he lifts his glass in a salute to her, "Ilira, good to see you again. Welcome to the party." The glass is brought to his lips, a small sip taken before it's lowered back down. He's then looking over towards Sabella, "Speaking of party, Your Highness, where is Prince Niklas hiding, anyways?"

Sydney hard-blinks at Sabella mentioning Apollo as her protege, and her slightly nervous smile tempers into something perceptibly warmer. "...Well. If anyone is to be trusted with my hair, I suppose it would be Apollo. If you're half so deft as he is, perhaps I'll allow you to indulge yourself. I make no promises with how it may or may not suit my temperament or features." She traces a self-conscious line down her face with her fingers. Some surface-level scarring and a poorly-set broken nose mar what would otherwise be a classically pretty face. Certainly, she's not without charm.

"But for now, if you'll excuse me - I believe I stranded a plate." She lapses into silence for a moment when she reclaims her plate of goodies, and quietly munches on her haul of snacks.

Lore finishes her drink and sets the glass aside before smiling towards Sabella, "I understand. I'm not usually one to take part in contests, but the People's Tournament is one that I just can't resist." She nods to Vincenzo and grins, "You may find yourself doing better than you expected, at least." Letting out a breath, Lore looks to Sabella once more, "This has been lovely, but I should probably check in on the Count and make sure he's actually eaten something today. Thank you very much for hosting and I will look forward to our next meeting." She offers a small bow towards the gathered nobility and royalty, winking at Vincenzo, smiling at Sydney, then moving to collect her cloak and assistant and heading off!

Cambria gives Sabella a friendly wave when she happens to hear the question directed towards herself and Cirroch. "Quite well, thank you," she answers cheerily. "However, I do believe I must begin making my way back to the Ostrian Quarter." With word that the storm had lapsed, it seemed safe to make the journey. "Undoubtedly, I will have servants and relations wondering if I made it safely indoors, and I must make certain to assuage their concerns in a timely manner."

Carolina, an orphan from Bravura leaves, following Lore.

Cirroch raises the newly filled horn to Sabella, "I'm still here, though keep finding myself wondering about another slide down the stairs, or finding another good puddle to hop into. Something about the day." He leaves the sofa still with some dried mud upon it and heads closer to the existing conversation about the games.

Possum, 6 House Mazetti Guardians leave, following Cambria.

The question of Niklas's whereabouts gives Sabella pause. "Oh, you know, the siren song of the artist, or some such thing." Her shoulders lift in a small, gentle shrug as she forces her expression to remain cheerful while answering Vincenzo. A fond farewell is offered to both Lore and Cambria before giving Sydney a reassuring smile. "I have two sisters and three daughters. Hair is something I /can/ do with some skill. Though, I understand it is not for everyone. I do recommend engaging in a bit of frivolity when the chance is offered - it keeps the heart light." Cirroch's words bring a laugh bubbling past the princess' lips. "No stair sledding today, Marquis, but I could be convinced to take a stroll to the training center to watch a spar or two."

"Thank you, Princess!" Ilira beams to Sabella as she draws out a seat and settles herself beside Vincenzo, turning to flash him a more quicksilver grin. "And you, my princely friend." She winks, then lifts her attention to a server who leans in to hear her murmured order, scurrying away a moment later and leaving her with her company. Her eyes drift, lingering on Sydney as if in contemplation of something, but waits until the Waterfall is less rapt to strike up conversation. Instead, she returns all focus to Vincenzo, leaning languidly back in her chair as she faces him. "I've begun work on those designs," she remarks, just a hint of mischief in the barest quirk of her lips. "Perhaps I'll send the sketches later to you, for review, mm?"

"Vincenzo, you had mentioned that you were a tailor. Do you have any suggestions for someone that is going to be near naked soon if the weather keeps getting warmer?" Cirroch nods to the man then looks to himself as the robe flows behind him in his walk. A smile upon his lips.

"This is now twice that I have missed him when graced with your company, Your Highness. Tell him that I'm beginning to think he's avoiding me." There's a tease there, accompanied by a smile as Vincenzo dips a nod understanding towards the Princess. When Lore and Cambria take their leave, each is offered a polite nod and Cirroch gets a smile as he approaches the group. Then, when he and Sabella talk of stair sledding, his gaze drifts to Ilira, listening to what she has to say, only for him to offer a warm laugh and a little dip of his head, "Please do. I would love to see the ideas that you've come up with for them." Cirroch's question, though, draws a laugh and his gaze slides to the other man, "I'd recommend seasilk, Marquis. Nice, light and breathable."

Sydney chomps lightly down on a cheese-laden cracker and is caught immediately thereafter by Sabella's response, leaving her in the awkward and unenviable position of having to solemnly chew and chew, and chew until she can actually respond. When she does swallow, she lightly lifts a fist to her chest and offers, "I'm more'n able to have a good time, I'm just not wonderful at tending to my hair as I ought to be. You'd think letting it get this long, I'd have picked up more tricks, but it's mostly just been pony's tails and clumsy braids. Before I decided to grow it out, I kept it sheared to my scalp, so it's been... an adjustment. Believe me, I'd trust either of the two of you more'n myself with it."

She just barely misses Illira peering her way, and thus goes about resuming her eating. Nom.

As most silk is expressed to be the bet direction to go, Cirroch's face cringes a little. He holds an edge of the robe out, "This is probably the most that I'll wear of silk. Ever. There's got to be something that can breath that is not more silk?" He looks back to Sabella, "Your mention of heading out for a spar could be interesting. Is there anyone here that would be inclined to hit me?"

"Seatouched wool, perhaps? If one can find bolts of a summer weight fabric made from it?" Sabella offers the fabric alternative when she notes Cirroch's reaction to the seasilk. "Or aeterna. Still a type of silk, but cool in the weather and resistant to mud. And children's messes." She keeps from saying blood, but it is also resistant to blood. "Vincenzo, that may be a project to consider. Linen may be what the marquis seeks, but how to keep it from getting destroyed easily?" Her eyes flick to Sydney, moving on from the talk of the woman's hair. "The city's favorite brawler might. Wish to hit you, I mean," she says to Cirroch.

"What's the matter with near nudity, Lord Cirroch?" Ilira lifts her gaze to Cirroch with a smile as he approaches, "I go barefoot and minimalist through all the hot months. I, like our Messere Vincenzo, am a tailor as well, if you should like a second opinion--and 'go barefoot' is a good one, I assure!" she winks and flickers that smile, her lips curling like the edges of a flame at first kindling. She turns from the two a moment, then, facing Sydney and raising one hand in a gesture for the redhead's attention. "Sydney," she greets when she draws it, "It's good to see you again." Something a hint more tentative softens the play of her smile, but her eyes burn with an inner brightness beneath the shadows of her black lashes, hopeful.

"Well, silks make up the lightest of the fabrics. Wool is option, as the Princess has said." A nod to Sabella and then Vincenzo considers a moment before looking back to Cirroch, "Hmm. A linen that holds up well. I suppose I may have to go back to my shop and tinker and enlist the aid of an alchemist for a bit." A low chuckle in the back of his throat, his gaze then playing over towards Ilira, grin dancing to his lips before looking back to Cirroch, "There you go. Just go barefoot." The grin holds in place, "I'll see what I can find, Marquis, and let you know." The drink is brought back to his lips, the remaining liquid within drained before he's turning to deposit it upon the table.

Cirroch looks to the now dried mud upon his feet and wiggles his toes a little, "Nothing is wrong with near nudity or nudity." He gestures to his current attire of being barefoot and tunicless, albeit covered in drying mud, while smiling back to Illira. "I'll take any advice that is offered. I've mostly only leathers, and while I do have this robe, I have yet to find a lighter material that really feels right."

The words of praise from Sabella earn a chuckle from Sydney, and she lifts a hand to prop her cheek against her fist for a moment, "...Damn near the city's only brawler outside of Dame Ida, so far as I know, and I'm quite sure she outshines me in every way. Still, I never turn down a well-intended compliment."

She turns her focus to Cirroch, and sizes the man up for a moment to try to get his measure. She sets down her plate and folds her arms, "...You might have the reach advantage, but that's never stopped me before." Hearing her name, she pivots towards Ilira, and offers a smile, "And you as well. You'll have to forgive me. I'm rubbish with names."

Isabelle, who is just so tired of everyone's nonsense, Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise, Roland, the worst bard in Arvum, Duc De Wool, a most curious golden fainter arrive, following Niklas.

Cirroch nods to Sydney, "Never estimate height to a fight. I've been bested by many shorter than I." He raises the horn to take another sip, with a small belch before finishing the sip. "I'd be open for a spar if you are."

Ilira's focus remains on Sydney as the server sets down her whiskey before her. The smile in her eyes warms slow as rising sunlight to her lips. "Ilira. I was a little different when we first met; no blame on you for forgetting me," she says kindly. As Sydney leans subtly in, she tilts her head to hear what she whispers, and a grin quirks the corners of her mouth as she murmurs her reply.

Sabella is at a table that's been set in the hall for brunch, joined by Vincenzo, Ilira, Sydney, Cirroch, and Gehenna. A full spread of brunch foods and various drinks are available. "Mm. I know nothing of /making/ fabric, but I can wear it splendidly. Let me know if you come up with something, Vincenzo, and I will fund it.' Her eyes dart between the others, wondering a spar might actually happen, but then she turns to look at Ilira. "I have an idea for brocade you might help me with."

Drawn by the sound of voices - an audience? Niklas saunters into the Hall to find a man bare-chested, bare-foot holding forth. He blinks at Sabella, gesturing a servant near, and then slewing his gaze towards those gathered. There are signs to be discerned here, he's certain. Just now, to a servant: "A drink, Avna." Was that Avna? Hmm. To Cirroch, "I'm afraid I haven't started holding audtions, yet." He tips his head, studying the man. "I'll keep you in mind, though."

Sydney offers an appreciative look Ilira's direction, "...Yes. Well, time makes strangers of us all. Either way, I'm glad to see that you're well. It's been a spell since our paths crossed good and proper."

Her attention drifts back to Cirroch, and she offers a low shrug of her shoulders, "...A bit damp, but that's hardly stopped me before. If you're looking to blow off some energy, I'm always up for it. Though, I confess - I'm not familiar with the nearest arena. I'm quite sure there must be one closer than the Training Center, but..." She looks thoughtful.

With his glass set aside, Vincenzo is rising from his spot, a smile coming to be offered to Sabella, "Your Highness, it was a delight to be able to attend, but I think I shall return to my shop for the time being." His gaze then drifts to Cirroch, "Marquis, I will let you know what I encounter." Then to Sydney and Ilira, "A pleasure, miss. And Ilira, glad to see you again." Niklas' arrival has him lifting a hand to give a little wave, followed by, "Your Highness."

Cirroch looks over to Niklas with a raised eyebrow and questionable stare, "Auditions? I believe you have me confused with something else." He looks back to Sydney with a smile the to Sabella, "Cousin, you must have grounds that we can spar on in the ward?"

"Wouldn't mind it again sometime soon." Ilira flashes Sydney a joyous smile and then lifts her eyes up to Vincenzo, tilting her head in regard. "Good to see you once more! And I must come by later on to discuss our plans," she grins and flutters her fingers at him in an airy little wave before he departs. Brushing back her thick hair over one shoulder, she rises smoothly to her feet and pushes in her chair, then pauses a moment with her eye on the whiskey. In a single flash, the glass is to her lips and gone within moments, and she passes it off, empty, to a nearby server as she turns. "Princess," she smiles to Sabella, "I've just learned to weave that particular fabric. What might you like done with it?" Her eyes glimmer with the echo of the liquor.

Gehenna is overheard praising Sabella: A lovely party

Sydney whistles low as Ilira puts away that shot of whiskey. Approval, plain and simple.

Cirroch is overheard praising Sabella: with pools of mud, still gracious

Niklas's brow furrows as folks gather to leave on his arrival. Face shaped into an expansive frown, he examines his garb, "You don't all have to leave because I'm unseasonably fashionable. Truly."

Sabella perks up at the sight and sound of Niklas. "Darling! You are just in time for the last of brunch. And that was Sera, not Avna," she says with a soft laugh. It's an easy mistake to make, the two being sisters. "There is not. Not to my knowledge. Duke Michael has spoken of having one built in the ward, but the training center is /just/ outside our gate. I do not see the point in cluttering up our beautiful ward with something that is not a necessity." To Ilira, she smiles. "I was thinking a sleek, long cutaway jacket with slim pants. And then perhaps a sleeveless blouse of seasilk with matching slippers."

Cirroch is overheard praising Sasha: the light of my day, dawn, and early evening. Then the moon that glows so bright to keep me laying awake in wonder

Ilira flashes white teeth in the sidelong grin she shares with Sydney.

Resettling her focus upon the princess, Ilira laces her pale hands against the gossamer of her gown as she smiles, "Very sharp, Highness." Her eyes twinkle with approval. "I'd be happy to design it for you. Though, may I suggest a pair of ankle-boots over the slippers? They would lend an edge to the sleekness you intend."

Makes a disappointed sound when there's no real talk of an alternative to the training center. She sends a look Cirroch's way, "...Perhaps a rain check? I'd rather now wander all the way over to the Training Center. But any time you feel like a good challenge, I'm your woman. Ah." She raises a finger, "...And don't go thinking we need to duke it out with bare hands. I find that makes people shy away from wanting to have a go with me. I can stand against any weapon you feel like wielding. If I can't, it's a learning experience."

"Yes, we take weapon play very seriously here." Niklas gestures off with an airy turn of wrist, "And by 'here' I mean 'not here at all.'"

Cirroch smiles to Sydney, "I might favor my axe, though, I'm more inclined to go a couple rounds with fists. You won't find me shying away from a fight, no matter what the choice of direction is within in. As long as there is plenty to drink."

Sydney briefly lifts her brows toward Niklas, her eyes sparking with momentary interest. "...You go without weapons, as well?" She doubtless senses the error in her interpretation almost immediately as she speaks, and she clears her throat, turning her head to the side and mumbling, "...I get the impression I misunderstood that. Nevermind that."

Torsney, an attentive high strung law clerk arrives, delivering a message to Gehenna before departing.

Torsney, an attentive high strung law clerk arrives, delivering a message to Gehenna before departing.

Torsney, an attentive high strung law clerk arrives, delivering a message to Gehenna before departing.

"Hmm." Sabella contemplates the option of ankle boots. "Perhaps? It may depend on the exact cut of the jacket." She looks appreciatively in Ilira's direction before giving a laugh in response to Niklas. "Yes, as he says." Standing, the princess moves toward her husband and leans against him lightly to press a kiss to his cheek. "How about I have Sera fix a plate for you and we take it to the garden where you can get some sun? The storm broke a while ago." Her attention turns to the guests with a smile. "Thank you all so much for coming."

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