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Saikland Vinters Present: Pellerossa

The vintners of Saikland Greens are proud to release this rare wine to the city for the first time. You won't want to miss this opportunity to try one of the Saik family's private stock wines!


May 26, 2021, 7 p.m.

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Thea Patrizio Martinique Raimon Cesare Lucita



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Saik Tower - Music Chamber

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Martinique gets Pellerossa - a Saik private reserve wine from crate of Saikland wine.

6 First Legion Centurions arrives, following Patrizio.

The music chamber of Saik Tower has been transformed into an elegant summer respite. The evening sun yet streams through the windows, casting dazzling color from the stained glass across the walls and floor. A long banquet table has been draped in wine red linen and laden with platters of fruits and vegetables, small pastries - both savory and sweet, assorted nuts and cheeses and cured meats. Guests are welcome to help themselves or have a member of the house staff serve them - several are stationed around the room and circulating among the guests to refill drinks or clear away empty plates and glasses. The star of the evening, the Pellereossa wine, is poured readily for any who wish to drink it, but other Saikland-made wines and whiskies and brandies are available at the bar that has been arranged near the entry. A string quartet is playing music, and the floor has been cleared for dancing. Small potted trees and vibrant bouquets of flowers create the feeling of stepping into an oasis.

Medeia stands near the bar, hands empty for the time being. She shines in a figure hugging aeterna dress with minimal adornments. Her hair is pinned in a loose braided bun and her makeup is tastefully applied - wine-stained lips and a bit of kohl around the eyes. Of course, no party outfit is complete without a warm and welcoming smile, which she greets each guest with. Some have already taken to the dance floor, or found a spot to settle and talk with their selected nibbles as she speaks, "Hello, welcome to Saik Tower! I'm so happy to see all of you. Have a drink, mingle a little! I'll be sharing information about the wine throughout the evening."

Thea has come early this time. EARLY! "Shite Deia,"Thea exhales. "I sort of miss living closer for these things,"she admits as she goes to greet her friend with smile. Plucking a wine glass on her way over, the now Countess asks,"How are you? It looks nice in here. We have a lot of catching up to do..."taking a much needed a drink. The woman is now dressed in a shorter dress, hair up, as summer is in full swing. Thea's skin is even darker than it's usual bronze.

Thea takes Pellerossa - a Saik private reserve wine from crate of Saikland wine.

It's into the music room that Patrizio comes - admittedly, with his regular entourage of centurions behind him, but the Pravusi prince is, for once, bereft of his familiar armour. Clad instead in silks of blue and steel, and clearly enjoying the summer heat as it clings to the city, he's taking a moment to turn his gaze about the music room with a hint that he's perhaps gotten lost once or twice on his way to the event, but a smile lingers on his features as he's considering that he's /not/, like his cousin, often late to things. "This is a fabulous idea, my lady," says he with warmth to Medeia as he's coming in, and there's a familiar bob of his head as well to Thea when he notices her present as well. "Thank you for the idea of holding such a thing. I look forward to learning about the wine."

Free special wine you say? Why yes, Martinique will come avail herself of that. Clad in a relatively simple umbra gown, the soldier has pinned her hair up for the evening as well, with small combs worked with the shape of...sharks of course. She'll follow the servants' guidance to the music chamber, eventually simply following the music, and enters the hall cautiously. She hasn't spent much time in the Lycene ward, so this is new, but there's the wine and there's Medeia, so she'll avail herself of one and go greet the other with a bright grin. "Lady Medeia, good evening--as always I am delighted to see you. And curious to taste this, I never had much Lycene wine growing up."

Patrizio takes Pellerossa - a Saik private reserve wine from crate of Saikland wine.

Medeia's hands lift as she shrugs at Thea. "Who has the time to catch up these days?" She laughs, winking at her friend. "We do, you're right. Soon. I have ideas to share with you." Her gaze slips to Patrizio, her smile widening. "Your Highness, welcome. I hope you find tonight's offering to your liking. Please, come and make yourself comfortable." As Martinique enters, one of the lady's brows rises, but she looks no less pleased to see the woman than anyone else. "And I you." That's a genuine sentiment. "Let me fix that for you! I'll have to give you an introduction to my family's wines sometime. A more full one, I mean."

Raimon takes Pellerossa - a Saik private reserve wine from crate of Saikland wine.

Thea finds Patrizo and smiles a moment. "Your Highness. Good to see you,"she greets as she makes her way to sit. There's a nod to Martinique as well. "I'm not sure we've met. I'm Lad--Countess Thea Wyvernheart. Pleasure to meet you." Taking a sip, Thea greets Raimon as well,"Your Highness. Hello.."

Martinique meets Medeia's raised brow with the very picture of innocence before sailing off to try out her first sip of this wine. Which, hmm, yes. Her expression is thoughtfully pleased as she makes that sample, though she doesn't have the sophisticated palate for wine that some have developed. At Thea's greeting she pulls a reasonably graceful curtsey. "Lady Thea, pleased to meet you. I am Martinique Barlinnie--I serve Redreef, and I came to be acquainted with Lady Medeia in the course of that." She'll offer small smiles of greeting to Patrizio and Raimon as well, a pair of 'Highnesses' here with here 'Messere'.

Raimon arrives and orbits the room, slowly, taking things in. His stiff-collared dress blacks are a contrast to his usual sartorial 'whatever, in steel' and he's taking his time to get used to moving in them without also hauling 2 stone of armor. In due course, Raimon collects the prized Saik reserve offering, and his course takes him near enough to Thea to be greeted in turn. Raimon bows, "Countess Wyvernheart -- a pleasure!" and pauses, in case there's more talk to be had here. Another bow for Martinique, then, as introductions continue apace. Patrizio gets a grin and a bow as well. Bit by bit Raimon surveys the patrons of inestimable taste who've come to partake of Sailand's finest, latest offering!

"And likewise, countess," Patrizio offers to Thea with warmth, even as he's making his way about - there's no urgency on his part to sit, perhaps, but he's seemingly far more content to be mingling and taking his time to enjoy being free from his offices. The greeting from Medeia gets a broad smile from him. "I imagine quite well that I will," he says, the words coming easily to him. "There's just /something/ about southern wines that can't be captured by any other region of the Compact, or so I've found in my wanderings." Martinique's smile of greeting gets an inclination of his head, even as he's likewise doing such for Raimon on noticing the other prince present.

Dolente, a mourning dove, Dolce, a collared dove arrive, following Cesare.

"Prince Raimon, I'm glad you could slip away from the Thrax ward to join me in visiting our former homes." Medeia smiles brightly at the man, giving a polite nod of her head. "Messere Martinique originally hails from the Oathlands," She offers to the room, though to Thea more particularly. "Perhaps she may have some insight for you - or, a desire to assist should you need another blade at your side. I would trust her with my life." Another genuine statement. One hand rests fleetingly on the soldier's back as the compliment is made. "As I would the countess." After a moment, she takes up a glass of wine for herself. "How is everyone, anyway? I feel like I've been thoroughly out of the loop lately."

Cesare takes Pellerossa - a Saik private reserve wine from crate of Saikland wine.

Thea lifts an eyebrow at Medeia before turning her gold-flecked green eyes to Martinique with curiosity. "Oh? I'm origionally from Southport. I'm formally Malvici and have only recently married into Wyvernheart, so my time within the Oathlands is fairly new,"she explains. "You're a sword as well?" You wouldn't tell by looking as Thea that she's a general, but if you knew her, you'd know theres a blade on her somewhere. Taking a sip, she exhales, complimenting. "This is rather good, by the way. The south is rather good for it's wine..."

Raimon takes this in, and shifts his stance to amble over to chat with Martinique. No rush, but Medeia has just payed her a very high compliment, and Medeia does not do such things lightly. Raimon passes a few moments in observation, as Medeia has taught him. Patient man. Raimon offers no comment on the praise being directed to Souther Wines. He's well - acquainted. And, being born in the south himself, it might be a gaucherie to chime in himself.

Martinique ducks her head demurely at Medeia's praise. "The Lady is too kind to me." She voices quietly, though she does give Medeia a sincere smile as well. "I serve as sworn sword of the house, yes, and command the Fury of Redreef, though they are not that numerous a force. Enough to fight pirates and protect the Isles." She explains to Thea. Martinique's gown is not all that revealing, but there are scars visible here and there nonetheless. "I will probably always prefer the fruitier Oathlands choices, but living in the Isles now, I am always grateful for a chance to drink something that isn't rum." Not that she turns down the rum.

The instant Cesare enters the music chamber he is immediately far less interested in its inhabitants than he is 1) the instruments and 2) the wine, in that order. But it's only an instant, really. He spots the hostess of the evening in the next instant and offers her a brief but radiant smile, gliding in her direction to reach for one of her hands and place a kiss on the back of it. "Lady Medeia. After enjoying myself so thoroughly at the last event you hosted - and certainly knowing the talent of the Saikland Vintners - I made it a point that I would be certain to attend." He steps back slightly after that, not eager to interrupt any more than his short greeting already has.

"Quite well, my lady. I don't know that there's much to tell, of matters about the city that you might not be up on," Patrizio says to Medeia, at the asking about matters that are afoot beyond the walls of the music room. "I can't say that there's been all /that/ much excitement." A fact that, to hear his voice, he sounds quite grateful for."

Which is excuse enough, indeed, for him to get a glass of the evening's vintage, to take a brief inhalation of it from within the vessel before he's enjoying a taste, and there's a look of pleasure upon his features. It's a look that's not at all disappearing even as he's hearing matters martial being discussed, and he smiles easily. "Though hopefully, there's not a lot of call for military force for a while. I, for one, would like to enjoy a bit of peace."

Raimon nods in agreement of Patrizio's sentiments about peace. Peace -is- good. It just never lasts. There's always 'the next war' and the one after that. A veteran of four such already, Raimon's by no means 'old' chronologically. Accordingly, Raimon enters into the conversation now swirling about Martinique's presence, agreeably saying, to her: "Aye, the Lady is kind. But also discerning. Perceptive. Incisive. And wise. From thence we wind our way to 'Truthful,' which I admit has special resonance for me. So. I'd -gladly- learn more of what you've done with Amberji, and listen with interest to what your next plans might be?"

"I am /never/ too kind," Medeia insists, though her tone remains light as she turns to greet Cesare. "You'll find no battle here, this time. And I do hope I can assure you that the Saik staff has everything well in hand this evening!" She gives him a gentle admonishment, recalling the last event. "Please, have what you like." A gesture is made to the table laden with food. "It does seem to be quieter lately, even though I seem to be busier than ever." (Having three month old twins will do that.) "I have so many projects in various stages. But this?" A motion to the wine. "This is a piece of me. /This/ is Saik, my family, my heritage. So it gets priority." She grins there, offering to answer any questions the guests might have for her of the wine, and settling back to let everyone get to know one another.

Thea winks at Martinique. "And I will likely always prefer the heat and sun of the south. Perhaps we can talk one day. You can tell me what to expect of the land of tea and honey." When Cesare enters, Thea greets with a nod of her head. "I know that I've seen you about, but I'm not sure we've sure met. Countess Thea Wyvernheart." Her eyes peer at Medeia and she smirks a bit, though there is a warmth in her gaze. "I have seen Deia in a---scarey demeanor. Watch yourself..."

Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Gunther, a Rottweiler, Micana, an efficient assistant, 1 Saik Guard, Severa, the Guard Shepherd arrive, following Lucita.

Patrizio dips his head briefly to Cesare at the familiar face from his own end of the city, though he's perhaps a little more busy for the moment with the slow roll of his wrist, enjoying the hue of the wine as it laps at the sides of the glass he holds. "It's a beautiful thing, to have something to be working on," agrees the prince, though it seems clear that he is perhaps of fewer words for once. Though he does make his way closer to Raimon, his voice holding a note of mirth to it. "You're well, I imagine, your highness? Not that I'd imagine otherwise, as we keep bumping into each other and I've yet to see you /not/ be okay."

Martinique will lift her glass to Patrizio's words upon desiring peace for a time at least; the soldier's face seems to echo the sentiment. Most of being a soldier is loitering, after all. When Raimon addresses her, she slides her attention over to him with a slight smile that falters with startlement on her face when he mentions Amberjil. It's just for an instant but the light in her eyes changes slightly as she responds. "Amberjil is, along with Horderacht, Baroness Ember's possession--she has not finalized anything about it yet, though I prefer not to visit the place if I can avoid it." She doesn't really elaborate immediately, but adds to Thea, "Certainly, that would be pleasant. The Redreefs tease me when I go outside without my cloak in their excuse for a winter."

Lucita arrives freshly bathed, impeccably groomed, and with an apologetic smile showing. She stands near the entry of the room, her gaze sliding over those attending and a wide, warm smile showing as she advances to greet each person. "Oh, it is so very good to see all of you! A curtsy is given royals, cheek kisses to family and friends. Caesare is given a gentle hand resting on one shoulder and a little squeeze of welcome.

Raimon -is- well. Because all of the Shavs missed. At least they did yesterday, and that's what's important. Second, of course, to having them all miss him tomorrow as well. "Aye, I -am- well." Raimon grins toward Patrizio. As per usual, the correlation between what Raimon thinks about a thing and what he then says about that thing is extremely high. A man who takes his truth-telling seriously. "Your Highness," Raimon bows to Patrizio, now that Patrizio is within 'polite bowing distance.' "Most excellent to see you at the unveiling of the statues and paintings! And equally grand to meet you here, for the sampling of an even -more- sublime art form." Raimon *toasts* the Prince with a courteous hoist of his glass at a respectful nod of his chin. "To -your- good health!" Raimon turns then, to regard a new entry. Lucia, as yet not familiar. As is his wont, Raimon spends a moment or two in patient observations.

Cesare returns Thea's smile, bowing his head to her. "Cesare Whisper," he replies. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Countess. I've always liked the Wyvernheart name, you know? It conjures up such a vivid mental image." He lifts his glass to Patrizio as well. "Congratulations on your elevation to Voice! I'm sorry I had to step out to attend to something before I managed to speak to you at the event, but it's well deserved. I hope you're able to take some time away from the arena of war and enjoy yourself for the time being. Summer is such a beautiful time of year."

Lucita receives another warm smile - so many smiles, all of them fleeting, but genuine. "So nice to see you! It's been too long."

Medeia looks thrilled as Lucita enters. "You're here! Baroness Lucita Saik, have you met Prince Raimon Thrax? Perhaps when he was a Fidante. And this is Messere Martinique Barlinnie... Cesare Whisper..." She looks around, unsure if there are other introductions to make. Once done, she steps close and offers a few words quietly to Martinique before moving off to collect an unopened bottle of the new wine.

Patrizio lifts his glass, in turn, back to Raimon, as if to toast the man's health as well. "Just the matter perhaps of finding things to be doing, other than cloistering myself in my office," he counters to the Thraxian prince, with that warm smile on his expression. "Though I'd agree about the matter of enjoyable things to drink, and the finer pleasures of life." Another sip, as he's turning his gaze about the room, and the hint of listening in about life with the Redreefs. "Personally, I'm quite content for winter to keep its distance. I /might/ this coming winter take refuge back in Setara for some of it, and not torment my thin southern blood with the Abyssal weather we get here." There's not much of a serious note to it, but a faint hint of it does linger.

And a smile to Cesare as he dips his head. "As I told Sebastian and the Marquessa... I'm not certain it's as deserved as that, but I hope to prove worthy of the task." Hearing the arrival of the baroness, there's a respectful dip of his head to her as well. "My lady," says he to Lucita. "A pleasure to see you joining us."

Thea chuckles a little at Cesare. "Thank you. It's still getting a bit used to, but it does have a certain strength to it, doesn't it,"before her attention drifts to Lucita. "Baroness, how good to see you again. How are you? I feel like it's been quite a while..."

Martinique gives a curtsey to Lucita as she is introduced, deftly keeping her wineglass steady. She nods to Medeia's words, her eyes flicking to the other woman's face briefly as she straightens. She'll voice something quietly back before brightening to the room once again. "A pleasure to meet you Lady Lucita. Lady Medeia, you must tell now about the wine--after I've had half...most of a glass of it already." She eyes the depletion of her glass with some disapproval.

Lucita murmurs in a gentle tone of voice. "It has been a while. I admit to having become rather reclusive since the .. battles. I spent days unconscious, then more days being pampered by family and enforced rest till I could have yowled of too much rest. Then a short trip to help the Ashford family with some explorations and finally back here. We'll have to return to do a bit more with the exploring but got the initial part done safely.

"I agree, tell us about the wine," Cesare seconds Martinique. He gives Patrizio a gentle 'tsk.' "You mustn't say that. Prince Sebastian and Marquessa Tyche have proven their excellent judgment again and again. They wouldn't have promoted anyone who was anything less than worthy. But - should you ever be in need of counsel, the doors of Whisper House are always open."

A glance toward Lucita, and a small nod, taking in her words. "You mustn't overextend yourself. All three parts - body, soul, and mind - need rest, you know. Even if one part does feel it's been overcompensated for."

Raimon bows to Lucita, introducing: "Raimon DiFidante, serving Thrax. Indeed a great pleasure to make your acquaintance, Baroness. My regards to the Ashfords as well!"

Medeia holds up the bottle in her hands. "Of course!" She replying to Martinique's request of information about the wine. "This wine, the "Pellerossa," is one of the oldest types we make. Not one of the first wines ever produced in Saikland, but it has its origins going back a couple hundred years, at least." A servant comes to refill the soldier's glass. "The grapes themselves are small - it takes a large number of them to produce the juice needed for a full batch of wine. That makes it very limited, especially if there's a bad growing year. That's part of why it has always been kept in the Saik private wine cellar. Or, rarely, given as a gift."

"I appreciate the vote of confidence, and the offer of such counsel, Messere Whisper," Patrizio says with warmth, and the lifting of his glass to Cesare at the words. "Time and the gods shall tell us if they're right, though. But more importantly, may I do proper honour to the house in my duty to the archduchess." He's grinning, but silences himself when Medeia's speaking about the wine to Martinique, listening keenly for those moments as he does turn his attention once more to the liquid in his glass..and then the jade eyes turn instead to Lucita. "It does sound like you're staying quite busy in the wake of things. May peace reign long enough to enjoy the fruits of your explorations."

Raimon takes Pellerossa - a Saik private reserve wine from crate of Saikland wine.

Lucita says, "Thank you. Prince Raimon. I shall extend that when next seeing them. One of my cousins and one of the Ashfords founded the Society of Explorers. There has been a family friendship there since before the Silent War." She nods to Cesare with a little lifting of her shoulders as she acknowledges his comment. Her smile toward Medeia is given as she awaits her speaking of the wine. "I have confidence you will do well, Prince Patrizio. And it is good to meet you, also." The last spoken to Martinique."

An Unremarkable Associate arrives, delivering a message to Patrizio before departing.

Thea rises her to feet as soon as Rocco slips a message into her hand. "I'm sorry. It seems I'm needed." Looking to Lucita and Medeia, she smiles. "It was nice to see you both again. We'll have to catch up soon,"before extending the same to Patrizio. "Good to see you as well." Thea nods to the rest, sincerely noting,"It was a pleasure to meet you. I hope to see you all again soon.."

Patrizio chuckles warmly when Thea's making her apologies, even as he himself is dealing briefly with a messenger. "I know the feeling, my lady. It was good to see you, and hopefully we'll cross paths again soon, mmm? Preferably /without/ combat being involved in the matter." The prince smiles warmly, as he's taking another sip from his glass.

Martinique listens to the explanation about the wine and gratefully accepts the refill of her glass with a slight lift of thanks to Medeia for both the vintage and the explanation. "Then this is a treat indeed, my Lady. Both because it is a pleasant vintage, and the rarity makes it all the sweeter--which is the point I suppose." She grins. "I haven't seen much of your Saik heritage in general, since we usually meet on Islander business."

"It's delightful," Cesare replies, nodding to Medeia's description of the winemaking process. "Red wine has always been my favorite. The drier the better, often, for me, but this one is - rather refreshing, especially on a summer day." He tilts his head at Martinique's statement. "Begging your pardon - you're from the Oathlands, you said? I think I came in in the midst of that conversation."

Thea has left the a table with inlaid Saikland glass tiles.

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An Unremarkable Associate arrives, delivering a message to Patrizio before departing.

Medeia shoots a glare at Rocco - he's used to it by now, before she bids Thea farewell and promises to catch up properly soon. "It was... It took a bit of convincing to get the vintners to agree to letting this wine go public. However, this is a rare year! We have two wines that are very exclusive, and they bottle at different times. Every forty years, they bottle at the same time. And we had great crops this year. Everything came together to provide a surplus of both at the same time." She grins at Cesare. "You'll love the Violamara that is being released later, then." Her fingers tap the bottle, thinking for a moment. "The grapes aren't very good on their own, they're not the type you'd enjoy plucking from the vine while strolling through the vineyard. Their skins are thick and quite bitter."

An Unremarkable Associate arrives, delivering a message to Patrizio before departing.

An arched brow as the messenger comes to find the prince once more, and Patrizio's shaking his head briefly at the associate when he stumbles off. And the note's slipped into a pocket, rather than handed off to one of his entourage. "I should probably make my way out as well," he says regretfully, though there's a chuckle, and the dip of his head for Medeia. "Thank you for the lovely evening, my lady. I hope not to be a stranger, but it seems that affairs of my office've come to catch up with me." There's a smile to the others and a brief gesture to the sextet that they ought perhaps stop eating all the hors d'oeuvres.

"Most wine grapes are, I've found." Cesare is quite intrigued by this turn of conversation, watching Medeia tip the bottle. "I'm sure there's some kind of metaphorical lesson in that about finding the right use for everything. Did you know the Marquessa Malespero has an orangery? On the topic of edible fruit, that is. It sounds delightful, I haven't been to a proper citrus grove since I left Setarco." A quick pause, and he inquires, "What is it about the conditions that contribute to the bottling occurring at the same time, but so infrequently?" A small smile, and a nod to Patrizio.

Lucita says, "I'm glad you had time to work with them in figuring out the wines this year. Admittedly the war efforts and the marriage, dealing with those bandits in Saikland have eaten into the time I usually allocate to that." She says to Medeia. "Thank you for your efforts with that.""

Lucita is overheard praising Medeia.

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"Well, it sounds like we are blessed this year in the area of wine--and I think we're deserving of some blessings now, after all the struggles." Martinique supplies once Medeia has finished explaining about the year's bountiful double crop. She'll take another almost-delicate sip, in contrast to her usual more soldierly swallows, even of fine vintage--she wasn't raised at the high tables after all.

Medeia bows her head to Patrizio as he makes his way out then turns her attention to Cesare, her eyes alight with happiness at the conversation being picked up by another. "The Pellerossa and Violamara wines actually come from similar grapes. Several generations back, an experiment was done on a few vines that the Pellerossa grapes grew on, altering the plant. They're now distinct enough to be considered different types." She gives Lucita a smile. "I love doing it. It's my favorite part of the family history." Back to the grapes and wines, she notes, "The Pellerossa grapes fruit earlier in the summer, and require a longer barrel time to reach this wonderful point."

Cesare is clearly imagining vinery land and trellises heavy with grapes as Medeia speaks, his gaze having drifted somewhere into the middle distance. "You said several generations - how old is this particular vintage - not the bottle, I mean, but rather, when were these varieties developed? Actually, if I may admit my ignorance, how long has the Saik family been making wine? It must be quite a long time, to create varieties so distinct yet refined."

Lucita quietly watches the others for a long moment. "I'll look forward to sampling the other new wine. Sooner or later we will have to figure out a venue to market our niche wines amid the more widely known ones like Setarco fire or Setarco Red or Lenosa Red. I had an agreement with one of the shops to stock our wines for a while but the merchant moved to another city.

Martinique listens to the explanation of the grapes and the extended history of the vintages, how they separated and then of wine marketing and--well, it's clear from the soldier's expression that she was not expecting how much complexity there is in winemaking. But she listens nonetheless, because that permits an opportunity for more drinking.

Lucita hears her name called and with a little sigh rises from her seat. "I hope you will pardon me but I need to tend to something it seems. Please, enjoy the wine and the company." Glancing to Cesare she murmurs. "Feel free to play any of the instruments if you should choose. They are all in tune."

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"It's unclear if the grapes were already growing in the area or whether they were brought in after being brought back under Compact control," Medeia explains, letting her attention move from Cesare to Martinique to Lucita. "But vineyards and orchards, farming and winemaking, have been the backbone of Saikland for several hundred years." A flicker of a frown tugs at her lips as she thinks of the history the house. "The Violamara is only around a hundred years in the making."

"Only a hundred years," Cesare teases gently. A smile dances across his face. "It's lovely that the house is still able to practice its heritage arts. I think such things should be cherished and protected. Especially when they result in such sublime creations."

"Only a hundred years," Martinique echoes with a similarly jesting tone. "Winemaking is a fine art to support the house with however my Lady." Another sip. "My own family has no great history of making or lineage of course, though many of the women in my line have been physicians, so far as we know." She rarely mentions her family, or talks about the Oathlands in general, and also simply stops there.

Medeia is quiet for a moment, clearly grateful for the ability to refer to something going back so far. "I settled in to working with the vintners about six years ago. It's, in a lot of ways, an extension of my apothecary work. Alchemy, medicine, drink, farming... It's all connected." Her eyes meet Martinique's briefly - the woman is familiar with Medeia's skills as a physician. "I had it written into my marriage contract that I would still have leave to manage the winemaking after moving to Eswynd." She smiles at that, a faint wistfulness coloring the expression. "Are there any other questions? Or shall we get on with the dancing and merrymaking?"

Cesare nods. "I'd say much the same about everything I do as a Whisper," he agrees. "It's all connected." He brings his hands together in a short clap, fingers still curled around the wine glass and somehow managing neither to spill anything nor to particularly slosh the liquid, as she suggests dancing and merrymaking. "You've been very informative - and piqued my curiosity further, but that's something for me to deal with on my own. Indeed - let's make merry!"

"You have given me a greater appreciation for the vintners arts." Martinique agrees, smiling a bit. "I'm glad you could keep that part of yourself when you came to Eswynd anyway." She genuinely gives thought to the question of further questions, but truthfull the soldier really doesn't know enough to begin to know what to ask. Instead, she'll finish her second nearly-depleted glass of wine and ask instead: "Would you care to dance then, Lady Medeia?"

To Cesare, Medeia dips her chin with a satisfied smile. "You may come to me for any future inquiries you might have, on wine and sparring contests, at least." She laughs softly and hands off the bottle of wine to a servant before clapping her hands together. Her eyes sparkle with the pleasure of doing something she loves as she looks at Martinique. "I would be delighted to!"

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