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AoW: Tactical Adjustments

The Academy of War continues to meet to provide a forum for the discussion of topics that improve coordination and allow our attendees to avail themselves of lessons others have learned on the battlefield. The topic at hand for this discussion will be a continued exploration of the necessary adjustments to tactics used by the Compact's armies, when the enemy we face has those that are so very different. The goal is to get people thinking and used to communicating with those they may not usually encounter in their day to day lives. Come prepared to participate in the discussion; it's pretty dull for those who sit quietly.

The event is ICly open to all AoW members and associate members (Whispers, Iron Guard, Solace, Inquisition), and those who have been invited; if you would like to come but aren't invited, one can presume OOCly an invitation was possible where reasonable. If you're not sure, please ask!


June 27, 2021, 8 p.m.

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Arx - Ward of the Crown - Academy of War - Headquarters

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