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Fashion of the World: The Cardian Collection

Are you interested in Cardian fashion? Talia Baseborn is premiering a new collection, two steelsilk gowns named The Praetor and The Tribune to showcase some bit of what she's learned of Cardian fashions.

(OOC: The ultimate bit. Disappear for months after working on the Crownlands collection, come back, do another collection the same day.)


June 9, 2021, 9 p.m.

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Petraea Marcus Nina Emberly Zakhar Caprice




Arx - Ward of the Compact - Elegant Impressions - Showroom

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Clowder of nine 1-year old cats, Shekies, Capt'n Waddles the small cock with a bell arrive, following Zakhar.

Dim lights have lit the interior in mysterious shadows, with trays of champagne passed around by veiled women to blend further into the shadows. In contrast, Talia Baseborn looks plain in her simple charcoal dress, positioned at the back of the room. The two dresses are both modeled on women who could be Cardian, in this dim light, or perhaps half-blooded or a quarter of it. But both models are tall, tall enough to lend to the fact that there is a lot of skin on display. They both stand in the middle of the room, unmoving, like statues.

(OOC: Though, the mannequins hold the dresses for this purpose.)

Nina wanted to come to the showcase purely out of curiosity - though she prides herself on being up to date on matters of fashion, she was not entirely up to date on what Cardian fashion looked like! It surely involved steelsilk, the most expensive of the fabrics that money could buy, and Nina is wearing her own steelsilk gloves just as a tribute to what is likely to be a marvelous showcase. But she's mostly here to learn! Nina takes champaigne when she arrives, and walks to look at the gowns on display, moving through the dim light of the mysteriously lit room in her own gown of black.

Emberly looks over the praetor gown, she smiles a little as she looks it over, she tilts her head slightly "this one is lovely. she says as she looks to how the silver and snakeskin go together.

A beautiful songbird have been dismissed.

The tall old man with snow-white wavy locks, long scar running the middle of his face, and a... rooster sitting upon his head... Enters the showroom along with a cloud of blue smoke emitting from the rolled leaf tucked into the corner of his lip. Two glasses of champagne is taken from a passing try as one is finished off before the tray gets too far away. (despite what the guards following say...) Three cats follow him, one of which is a burnt ember short haired cat who beelines directly to Nina rubbing against her ankle with a low purr. Zakhar nods to Nina, "He'll find you every time." Then turning to the dresses, "This is to be armor too?"

"Sir," Talia says, awkwardly, clearing her throat. "Sir, you cannot-- you cannot smoke in here. Not around the gowns, please. They are-- very expensive." She flushes, curtsying, as she says it.

"Oh, hello!" Nina recognizes the cat, but Zakhar can't be too far behind. So he is. She looks over her shoulder, holding her glass aloft. "It IS armor. Steelsilk, that is. I think the Cardians design with some effort toward..." She looks again at the dresses. "I can't say practicality is the right word." She won't get in the way of Talia's ask, certainly, but she wants to comment on the works themselves. "They must have taken ages to work, considering the difficulty of steelsilk."

With a silly smile, Zakhar takes the smoke from his lip, it is then held between two fingers out to Talia. "This? No, this is medicine." He then takes another puff from the smoke before dropping the whole leaf into the glass of champagne and drinks it down with a small chew on the leaf before swallowing. "Is that better?"

Talia turns slightly red but she nods to Zakhar as he puts out the smoke, relief washing over her face as he complies with her request. She nods to Nina, offering: "Yes, though my talents-- have grown immeasurably in doing so, through the years. But I spent the better part of my time away in Bastion, working on the sketches first and then the gowns themselves."

Nina checks composure at easy. Nina is successful.

Nina tries not to laugh, when Zakhar... has to eat his medicine, and succeeds in merely cracking a smile. He is quite literally playing with fire, she thinks. "I was really curious about Cardian fashion. Is it standard for it to be... so revealing, in Cardia, or are there artistic liberties? I'd remember that, but it's so hard to get this much steelsilk at a time to work! And the gowns are inspired by the notable Cardians?"

Rylan, a distracted scholar, Captain Bryon Gethrys, 2 Seliki Pikemen arrive, following Scythia.

"From what I gathered-- they are quite accurate to Cardian styles, but I may be incorrect. They only take some inspiration, but I am afraid I do not quite know what a Tribune or Praetor are. Only that they sounded like good names to give the gowns," Talia admits, chewing on her lip as embarrassment flickers in her eyes. "Though-- I think they fit the ones that I know."

Revealing? What good timing for the Lycene to arrive! Caprice slips into the showroom still dressed for the lingering warmer weather, an oversized shirt repurposed for a dress and understated jewelry to keep the seasilk company. Bright gaze flitting about the space, it lands quickly enough upon those already gathered, and the newly-minted Guildmaster directs her footsteps towards them, faces both familiar and less so.

Rylan, a distracted scholar, Captain Bryon Gethrys, 2 Seliki Pikemen leave, following Scythia.

Nina looks to Caprice's entrance, and gives a one-handed curtsey. Her other hand was holding the drink still. She nods to Talia's explanation, not registering any embarassment (or meaning to cause it). "Since we can't go there ourselves, at least, not yet, I suppose part of it must simply be art and inspiration. I think the gowns are very lovely and I'm sure that the Tribune and Praetor would find them worthy if they were here. But I think those are both busy jobs."

Zakhar doesn't choke on the smoldering smoke from the drink, though does hiccup a cloud of smoke, followed by a blech. Grabbing at the vest he wears, "Ooooh. Gonna feel that in the morning." Looking back to Nina, "Pyre just has a liking for ya Nina, I'm surprised that he comes home half the time. Pretty sure he just sits outside your door at times." Another sip of the drink is taken as he looks back to the dresses. "If that is what passes for armor, then it'll be easier to find a shot. Frying pan or bow." He has a amused look as he shakes his head, looking over to Talia. "I'm Zakhar. Or Zak. Tailor, Inventor, Carpentry, Hirable sword."

"Of course," Talia agrees, a flicker of a smile easing the worry at her lips for Nina's conversation. She curtsies to Caprice, on habit rather than recognition, as she hasn't been back in the city long enough to be told about the newness of Guildmasters, given her own demotion from Assistant after she left to return to Bastion. She flushes, answering to Zakhar a simple: "Talia Baseborn."

"Tribune Livy is in the city," Caprice helpfully supplies as her ticket into the conversation. The curtseys throw her off just a little bit, but both women receive a flickering smile of gratitude and a bow of her head. "..Or was," she amends, "for the opening of the Embassy. I hope she'll have a chance to see your work, Master Talia." Having stepped into introductions as well, she offers for herself, "Caprice Artiglio, Disciple of Jayus. Guildmaster for the Crafters. I'm so glad to catch one of your collections in public, myself."

"Oh, that is really splendid," Nina says, when Caprice mentions the Tribune might see it. "Maybe she'll get a chance to come by." A smile to Caprice. "And congratulations on your appointment!"

Zakhar turns a little too quickly to grab at the next passing tray causing the rooster upon his head to flap its wings to readjust and start chirping away in dissatisfaction over its roost moving. "Teach! It is good to see you again." His drink is raised by a little, though is mostly to make a clear path to his lips than as a toast.

"Oh, did Ap-- Master Apollo? Is he--?" Talia starts to ask, worry creasing her brow and her cheeks flushing red. She chews at her lower lip, before rushing to say, "It is only that-- We have lost many Guildmasters. One wouldn't think it'd be a dangerous position, however--. Though, given my visit to the market earlier today, it seems to be running smoothly under your guidance, Mistress Artiglio. By which I mean--" She flushes again, curtseying, saved by Nina as she also offers a, "Congratulations." She smiles, adding, "I shall have to write, if she's in the city. I will leave these on display for those who come through the shop."

"Wha- oh, no, no," Caprice is quick to assure, her eyes widening subtly in a flash of horror. "Thank you. No, Apollo- er, it's Lord Apollo Darkwater now. And Felix- Brother Felix- -Blessed Felix-," correction tumbles over correction, ending on a helpless laugh, " the Archlector of Magnata, now. The Guild held a round of nominations; I serve with Assistant Guildmasters Samira Culler and Audgrim Veilandir. Which... is a fairly long-winded way of welcoming you back to the city, mm? It's brighter for your return."

"I believe he stepped down after being ennobled. And with Felix also..." Nina grins happily as Caprice explains the rest. "It's a lot of changes fast but it's well earned and you'll do a terrific job!"

"Thank you, guildmaster. It is always good to know who I may write to for help," Talia tells her, nodding quietly as she folds her hands in front of her. Yet still, she worries her bottom lip between her teeth, something distant in her hazel gaze, before she finally exhales on the softest breath, "A commoner to a noble-- That must be-- quite the hard road that Lord Apollo has been called to take."

Zakhar looks to the rooster muttering something to it while taking another sip, then a nod to Caprice, "Good on yea. Were able to help me find me stitching again. Should do a good job with others."

Zakhar mutters, "If you ... it up ... show you just how easy ... is to fry a cock, add some tomatoes and butter, ... be a complete meal. Then yer ... can ... ... ... want ... you being gone. Now sit still ... ... play with the kits."

"Whenever you'd like," Caprice invites Talia with another nod, mouth curving upwards at the corners. Nina and Zakhar earn a similar smile, tinged just a little bashful for the moment. "Ah, you honor me. I'll do my very best, of course, though I'm confident the bulk of our success is a credit to our members. But this is a celebration of your art, Master Talia! Beautiful work, thank you for sharing it with us. I'll take my leave, but I'm really so pleased to make your acquaintance at last. And to see you again, Messere. Zak."

"Yes, it can't be easy, considering that the peerage tends to look down on such elevations but I think Lord Apollo will handle it well! I do wish him the best!" Nina looks over at the gowns again, and finishes her drink. She leans over to give the favorite cat a good headscratch. "I appreciate the chance to see these designs. I feel newly inspired. Thank you for a lovely event."

Nina is overheard praising Talia.

Zakhar is overheard praising Talia.

"Thank you," Talia accepts the compliments with a blush that turns her nearly completely red. She curtsies again to her new Guildmaster, smiling softly to Nina and nodding to Zakhar. "I should make sure that the gowns get off the models without any issues--. But they will be on display here with my other steelsilk gown, on the mannequins." She curtsies yet again and moves to slip away towards the models as quietly as possible as the last of the champagne gets passed around.

mannequins covered in dark navy velvet is now unlocked.

Talia puts A Visit From Inspiration, a steelsilk gown in mannequins covered in dark navy velvet.

mannequins covered in dark navy velvet is now locked.

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