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Research Group II

Oswyn has some assistants free and is interested in helping coordinate people seeking research. Drop by if you or your assistants are available to research or if you have something you are looking into that you would like help with. Get to know some nerds. Oswyn might make sandwiches.


Aug. 26, 2021, 1:05 p.m.

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Cassiopeia Tarik Ophne Raven Angelica Kiera



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Vellichorian Academy - Hall of Tutelage

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Oswyn sits at one of the desks, shuffling papers about and making a small pile. His gloves and hat are drying on the seat beside him, and he's still sporting his heavy coat and scarf. Let it not be said that Oswyn doesn't know how to dress for winter. As people file in, he looks up to squint at them, offering a vague smile from time to time as he does so. He seems content to let people wander in.

Cassiopeia comes in, bundled up in a thick cloak, which she has drawn up over her head. Tugging the hood down, her cheeks are flushed from the winter cold. There is a curious look in her eyes, finding a spot to quietly slip into, settling in and looking around for any familiar faces. A friendly smile is offered to Oswyn with a flicker of appreciation in her eyes, recognizing him as their host. Otherwise, Cassiopeia sits silently, waiting for the discussion to begin.

Tarik walks into the room and takes a sit at the Aion starlight table.

One of the patrons of knowledge filters in with a slight, if permanent, frown affixed to her face. Ophne's pace is unhurried, her attire form-fitting and made for easy movement. Once she reaches the desk upon which Oswyn is positioned she comes to pause and wipe at the bloom of pink in her cheeks from the cold beyond the academy's walls. Nodding to Oswyn with a carefully blank expression, she waves to Tarik and finds a seat near a potted plant.

Oswyn squints up at Ophne and offers a smile as well, though it's one without any hint of recognization. He nods to Cassiopeia, and Tarik, and rises from his seat. He takes up his stack of papers and holds onto them. "Welcome," he addresses them. "We managed to help each other quite a bit last time, or at least I thought so. Today we're here for the same reason - to talk about things we're researching and see if maybe others know things or can offer time or assistants to help."

Raven steps in with her entourage of guards, looking around at the wholly unfamiliar establishment a bit wary. Maybe she's lost. She doesn't look like a researcher, scholar OR a bookworm. She seems well aware that she is distinctly out of her element.

Angelica enters quietly, silent and tall, the hilt of her large blade peeking over her shoulder. Dressed in amber silk and umber wool, her wide-brimmed hat is tilted to obscure one eye, the woman staying on the peripheral for now, observing the others as they enter, as well as scrutinizing those that are already here.

Ophne fidgets, her eyes roaming the room to see who would first offer up a subject for interpretation. Warden that she is, Ophne is no closer to being a scholar than Raven might be. Still, there is a need driving her to make an appearance, if not an effort. For that she remains sitting in her chair, which was neither comfortable nor uncomfortable, neither at home or at odds. She takes note of the newcomers one by one: there was the uncomfortable one, the familiar one, the tall one with the big blade, the lector...

Raven pauses and admire both Angelica's attire and then that lovely two handed sword. Her gaze sweeps on quickly so as not to be caught to oogle her gaze flits between other unfamiliar faces and fidgets a bit, tilting her head and noting the exits as if out of habit.

Oswyn reaches up and rubs his bearded chin with one hand. "Is anyone looking into anything in particular? Right now I'm likely going to be researching the Metallic Traitor, but I have assistants available to help others research."

Oswyn peers at the door when Angelica enters, squinting, and sort of nods to her like he maybe doesn't quite recognize her.

Angelica gives Oswyn a small smile and a little salute, touching her fingers to the brim of her hat in recognition.

Cassiopeia shifts a little in her chair, nudging the toe of her boot against the ground. "As a result of the last session, I was helping someone research into the concept of wards. They've since left town, if anyone is interested in this topic, or if you have information you are willing to share, I would be interested in continuing it."

Ophne looks left, then looks right. There seems to be a word or two hedging up behind her lips, but yet she hesitates. A pregnant pause later, and she blurts, "The First Children?" Her fingers fiddle with the ends of her hair.

Raven bobs her head, "I'm looking for any information about who the Sylv'alfar witch with him is, how she came to be in his service, and or anything that can be known about the magics that she uses." A pause and a side-eye towards Cassiopeia, "Though wards are of interest. The only writing of use I have is the ritual of the five paladins."

Angelica tilts her head at Cassiopeia's remark, arching an eyebrow and looking interested.

Oswyn nods to each in turn as they speak. He turns his head toward Cassiopeia and says, "I was helping with that one, too. Did I share the Jade Empress' commentary on warding misconceptions last time? Or... let's see. Someone's meeting with Ashe on warding?"

Cassiopeia nods to Raven and presses her lips, opening her journal and flipping. "I don't believe I have information on that one specifically, would you be willing to share what you know?" Cassiopeia nods to Oswyn, "you did share those last time, yes, I believe," she says warmly.

"Anything in particular on wards?" Tarik taps his fingers on the starlight desk before digging out a piece of paper, "I am looking for information on dreamers, dreams, recipes, elven houses, and bears. Tarik scans his notes, "I don't have that Jade Empress research."

Ophne swings a quick look out to Tarik, noting the mention of bears and giving him a knowing look. Her shoulders slump a little and she regresses back to a quick study of the rest of the room.

"I'll get the reference to you," Oswyn tells Tarik. He turns back to the desk he was at and reclaims his seat. He pulls out some papers and writing implements and sets to work scribing out notes. He has very neat handwriting. To Ophne, he says, "And the First Children - dragons, or the, ah, others as well?"

Raven lifts an eyebrow, "You'll need to be more specific, My lord. There's Aionic theories, there's Eidolons, stories and the like. I just have notes on the dreamer of Eurus, some notes on the lost dreamer, some commentary on the types of dreamers, and unbreakable rules on the dream." She looks up from her stuffed satchel, "Anyone who's got notes I don't have on Wards I'd be keen to see. Gotta be a better way to talk than freezing my ass off in the hall of heroes."

Cassiopeia nods to Raven, "I am happy to share my notes with you if you don't mind sharing what you have on the ritual?," she asks her, seeming keen to do a trade.

Ophne refocuses on Oswyn, who addressed her. "Ah," she hedges, "the others as well, if you do not mind. Especially the others." She swallows, the feeling like a rock in her throat. "...And perhaps anything else you might have."

Oswyn finishes off note, considers Raven, and then starts writing again. He tears the paper in half and has one passed along to Tarik and one to Raven. Ophne, he squints at a bit. "That might take me a bit of time to dig at," he warns. "Let me think of what I can recall off the top of my head..."

Oswyn adds, "Would anyone else like the references to warding?"

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Raven pulls out the copy of the Five Paladins, "I don't know if anyone's done this in a very long time. I've never observed it but it seems legitimate enough if I had that kind of pull I might give it a shot. I THINK Possibly it's how the Hall of Heroes was warded but I can't recall why I think that. too many blows to the head."

Angelica speaks up: "I have encountered three spaces in the city that are successfully warded." She nods to Raven. "The Hall of Heroes is one of them."

Cassiopeia tucks the piece of paper appreciatively from Raven, into her book and smiles. "Certainly need a lot of pull to do something like this, and it's no doubt dangerous and unpredictable. I suspect there is a reason it is not commonly used," she says, "one can never be sure about things, what gets lost in translation, etcetera." A beat as she hears all the different topics, "those are some deep and complex topics, perhaps it might be worth having specific conversations around some of them. For example, I think we could all talk for hours about dreams," she muses.

Oswyn looks at the remaining expanse of paper in front of them and starts writing again, jotting down more references. The paper is passed to Ophne.

Ophne nods imploringly to Oswyn, happy with anything he might come up with on the lesser known First Children. She settles back into her chair, face washed and pale. Her fingers on one hand interwine in the spaces between the digits of the other and she waits. When a paper is passed to her, she lights up and accepts it with a small thank you.

Raven blink-blink-blinks and turns a curious green gaze to Angelica, "What are the other two? An I suppose warded how matters cause there's...ah wards I'd rather not walk into to-if you get my drift."

Tarik peers back at his notes, "I am trying to look into information specifically dreams, and if has something to do with stars or stargazing, the better." Tarik taps fingers again, "I heard a term at the Traders Tavern from someone who was muttering. Someone told me it referred to Sibling Houses, if anyone has information on Sibling Houses, I would greatly apprecaite it."

Angelica arches an eyebrow back at Raven. "I don't. Catch your drift, I mean. I suppose that relies on your intention and the source of the wards. The latter I can't tell you."

Cassiopeia seems interested in the different conversations, a brow lifts from time to time, and she looks at Angelica curious as well. "D you know where the other two are?," she wonders out loud. Pressing her lips together, she moves them back and forth, flipping through her notes.

Ophne is rifling through the documents Oswyn provides her. Her eyes slide around the pages, scanning the information ardently. At one point she glances up. "Brother Oswyn," she asks, "Do you have anything more specifically on unicorns?"

"I've never heard of Sibling Houses," Oswyn tells Tarik. "I can offer one of my assistants to help look into it if you like." He reaches into his satchel and consults more papers before noting, "I don't have... hmn. Unicorns? Let me see." And he's shuffling through again.

Raven purses her lips, "Well. Maybe I don't understand wards and magic but I know there are..." She pauses and purses her lips, "Nevermind. IF I don't know them then I don't need to know if the wards will kill me dead." She seems completely fine with not knowing some things. She smiles to Cassopeia, "Somethings are better not proded. True for most places but quite true for this city."

Angelica gives a small shrug. "There are weavings in the city. You can sense them," is all she offers.

"I think that one of them was House Soulsage." Tarik puts down his notes, "What information were looking for on the Traitor?" Tarik scans through his notes, "If anyone is still researching the Mor'ral, I can provide some notes."

Oswyn clears his throat gently and shoots Angelica a bit of a wry look. To Raven, he says, "I've heard the Ambassador Salon is protected. Or it's... something."

Kiera walks in rather late to the meeting but overhears wards being banded about "Didn't her majesty mention nethicite in connection with wards I have that note from the meeting at the palace but no notion to what it refers

Raven shrugs and examines her callouses, suddenly disinterested in what Angelica mentions. Nope. Surely she doesn't know anything about what Angelica's talking about. After a moment she oh's and looks up, "So, Anyone have information on the Sylv'alfar witch riding around with the Traitor or the means he controls them? I heard references of namestealing but would need better understanding of how that works before could look to see about chipping away at his means to control the hordes. If nothing else that might make him think twice about going all out like he did in Bastian." She looks to Oswyn "I don't know anything about that."

Cassiopeia lifts an eyebrow at what Angelica says about sensing, considering her for a moment before she returns back to her notes. Cassiopeia looks at Kiera, "I'm afraid I wasn't at the meeting with Queen," she says to Kiera, "to know much about that, but others may have been," she murmurs warmly.

Kiera hms "also i have heard the ambassador salon is warded but but please don't take my word for it. i cannot independently confirm

Oswyn holds up a stack of papers he's had set aside. The papers he was holding when he stood up. "These, ah, are for you," he tells Raven. He holds the papers out in her direction.

Raven adds, "I also have some information on the Mor'ral though I didn't bring all my notes on them with me. As for the discussion with the Queen, She warded it herself at apparent personal cost. I don't suspect it's reasonable to expect any of us will likely be able to replicate such feats. I think the Aionic potential or whatever it's called is considerably more limited in humans."

Angelica snorts softly at Raven. "Ah. I see." She steps down to Oswyn. "Forgive my disruption," she says, and hands him a note. "You're doing quite well, friend. I'll talk to you soon." To the room, she gives a nod and heads on her way. As she passes Cassiopeia, she murmurs something at length, then exits the room.

Raven blinks and accepts the papers and oh's! "I'm reminded, I brought something I meant to share with you, we spoke of Seals, no?"

Tarik snaps his fingers at something Kiera said, "There is a piece of research I have been searching for dealing with nethacite. I believe it has something do with Jayus. It might be called, "Jayus something or something Jayus." Tarik peers around at the others to see if anyone knows what he is talking about."

Oswyn smiles a little at Angelica. "No disruption," he says. "It was good to see you." He takes the note, scans it, and looks back at her to nod. To Raven, he says, "I don't think we did speak of seals, no."

Ophne sifts through her documentation, still quietly reading beside the indoor plant.

Raven watches Angelica leave and wonders to Oswyn, "Who was that?"

"A friend," Oswyn tells Raven, folding the note up and pocketing it. He looks back at his papers. "Let's see... nothing on stars, really. Mention of a window at a palace chapel. Some things about Starfall Hold." He squints over at Kiera and notes, "Nethicite, I can give some references for." Out comes another sheet of paper. Oswyn starts writing.

Ophne glances up as Angelica departs, half-listening to the conversations between Oswyn and the others. Upon hearing the word 'Jayus' she cuts a quick, quizzical look to Tarik. Something pokes her brain, hard, and she has a sudden query. "Oswyn, what do you know about bears?"

"I know that we talked about nethicite at gathering about 3 to 4 years ago, I believe." Tarik raises his shoulders in a shrug, "I can also provide you information that is basically I learned from that conversation a couple of years ago. I can't remember the person who had experienced with it, but I can tell you the tale. You might find some people who were there, and be able to track that person down. (check the boards)

Raven notes to Cassiopeia, "A belated answer to your question, My lady. The Onyx Mausoleum and the Great Cathedral both have weavings of protection, those are the places The interesting lady with the fantastic sword mentioned." She rummages, "Where are my notes on seals and who was I discussing them with? Gods, how do you all keep track of all of this?"

Cassiopeia gives Raven an understanding nod, "I have papers everywhere, I suppose eventually I might consider an assistant, but the effort in finding one, seems better served in like organizing my desk space." A smile as she shares the locations and she nods slowly, "it's all quite fascinating," she murmurs. "I am happy to help anyone with their research projects, I am not really a bookish sort, but I am good at getting people to open up, so the offer is there, should anyone need it."

Oswyn keeps writing and writing and writing. Finally, he has a list of references, which he has passed to Kiera. "Most of that," he tells the Wyvernheart, "Is from Archscholar Sina, some time ago." A bit of a wistful look. He squints over at Ophne and says, "Bears are very big and scary. I've wandered near a few accidentally and I always prayed I wasn't going to get killed. That's... about it. My apologies." He exhales, then says, "I don't have much more time, I'm afraid. I'll have to get going soon."

Cassiopeia is overheard praising Oswyn: A wealth of knowledge and a great organizer!

Ophne is overheard praising Oswyn: Today Ophne learned more about the First Children from Oswyn. She is most grateful.

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Raven Smiles wryly to Cassiopeia, "IF you mean that my lady I will certainly take you up on that. I've been trying to make sure everyone has the information relevant to the Traitor but it's more than I myself can do."

Raven is overheard praising Oswyn: The tutor everyone deserves

Cassiopeia offers a smile to Raven, "I do mean it, I am happy to help where I can, I am lucky that people help me. It is only fair, that is how things should work," she murmurs warmly.

Oswyn starts gathering up his things. "As for how nethicite relates to the Traitor," he tells Kiera, "I don't know for sure. You would use nethicite to nullify magic, I believe."

Kiera nods well that sounds like it has potential then

Raven frowns and eyes the pair, "Nethi-what?"

Tarik turns to Oswyn, "Nethicite, I believe once it is taken through the mirror has the opposite effect." Tarik adds, "I knew a person who had a nethicite necklace that only appeared in reflections. It had the names of the enslaved on it.

Ophne stands, nodding. "So it is true, about bears." She flashes teeth, white distractions all in a row. Gathering her documents, she walks a bit and then hands a small parchment to Tarik before passing Oswyn with nod. "Thank you again, Brother Oswyn." The warden smiles and heads to the exit.

Oswyn blinks a few times at Tarik. "...Ah. Who was that? That sounds... fairly pertinent, doesn't it?" He nods to Ophne, with a faint, close-lipped smile.

Met with a messenger, Cassiopeia stands and smiles broadly, "thank you Brother Oswyn for another lovely conversation. I always come out more knowledgable than I entered." With that, she is off back into the cold.

3 Proscipi veteran guards leaves, following Cassiopeia.

"I think that matter resolved itself. I still have to talk to someone how the story ended, but the person who had the necklace left the city." Tarik lets out a sigh, and stands up. He peers over at Ophne, "What is true about bear?"

Tarik is overheard praising Oswyn.

Oswyn nods to Tarik; he scratches his chin and notes, "Oh. Bears. There are some Adepts than can shapeshift into bears. There's a whole list of animals like that, it's in one of Py's works."

Tarik nods his head, "I think those rumors were base of my ancestors. Tarik flips through the documents, "You have heard of White Bear's Children, right?"

Oswyn shakes his head. "No, I haven't. I know there are white bears up in Everwinter but I've never heard of White Bear's children. Can you tell me about them?"

Kiera reads notes that oswyn has handed her and her eyes shoot up, but she waits patiently as oswyn and tarik converse

"It is ancient story about the Morien. Most people only know about Clan Morien, Far Rangers, or some other information that links us to some our distant cousins." A small frown appears on his face for a moment at his last statement, "Where was I?" Tarik adds, "White Bear, she is the adopted Great Mother of all Morien."

A huge grin appears on his face, "She is beautiful, amazing, and.." Tarik coughs a few times, "Sorry, I was getting carried away." He starts to elaborate on the tale.

Oswyn listens, his eyebrows going up. "Oh. I like that," he tells Tarik. "And she's still out there somewhere? Wonderful. I hope she's doing well. Thank you for sharing that with me." A sidelong glance at Kiera, and an inquisitive look. "You look like you have a question?"

Kiera smiles "I would love to hear more but i noticed something from brother oswynn's notes on the traitor. it mentions a place where much of what oracalchum needs to meets ends are stored. do we know where that place is

Oswyn's brow furrows. "The, ah, notes about his daughters mentioning unicorns? I have no idea where that place is. I might know someone who does. I'd have to ask."

"Well, I am still searching for her." Tarik scratches the back of his neck, "That is a pretty old story. Who knows is she is still out there someowhere. Tarik puts his notes away. "Do you have any other information on the First Children?"

Kiera hms "your searching for a first One. Whatever place is being spoken of someone had best make sure its secured

Oswyn picks up his hat and tugs it onto the top of his head. "I can give you the references I gave... ah. I'm not sure who she was. The young woman interested in the First Children," he tells Tarik. He takes another sheet of paper out and rummages for his writing implements.

"Hopefully she has protection," Oswyn says as he writes. "At least she seems quite a bit friendlier than other entities I've heard of. Is she a spirit? If so, it sounds like something to ask shaman about." He finishes up and offers the paper to Tarik.

Kiera answrs "most of my knowledge on first one is of the draconic variety. However I do have a tale about first ones and stars

Moonsilver, the pale-feathered raven, 3 Black Fleet Reavers arrive, following Raven.

Tarik goes through the information that he receives here. "This will help be a lot." Tarik adds, "I can ever be assistance, please let me know."

"Well, there's something on stars for you," Oswyn says, looking from Kiera to Tarik. He starts buttoning his coat up. "Which I'll admit I'm also intrigued about, though I do very much need to get going."

Oswyn slings his ever-present satchel over his shoulder and offers a faint, close-lipped smile. "Be well. I've got to go."

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