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What's Behind The Mask?

Marquess Quenia Igniseri and Lady Mabelle Laurent cordially invite the public to a very special paint night! What's Behind the Mask. Paint clay masks in a fashion show what best represents Who You Are as a person, helping to answer the question: Who Are You? Not sure who you are yet? Come experiment and see where it leads! Clay masks will be provided for everyone to attend.

OOC: Mabelle will be making the clay masks for folk to take home to represent their art. Please come prepared to describe your mask so you can have a representation of your artwork once the event is complete or alternatively mail it later and receive it in after the event.


Oct. 10, 2021, noon

Hosted By

Mabelle Quenia




Arx - Ward of the Compact - Jayus Gallery of Art

Largesse Level


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