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Falconry: an Exhibition and Competition

With the sponsorship of House Grayson, House Fidante, and House Whitehawk, Lady Elora Whitehawk will be holding an evening of falconry!

Split into two parts, the first will be an exhibition of falconry. Handlers will guide their birds through a free form display of falconry commands, culminating in a popular vote from spectators. The Crowd's Favourite award of 50,000 silver and a trophy will be presented as a result of that vote. The second part of the evening will involve a competition wherein handlers put their birds through an increasingly difficult series of maneuvers and tasks. The bird-and-handler team that performs the best will receive an award of 150,000 silver, and the spectators will be encouraged to bet on the trials.

This event is open to falconers of all abilities.

((OOC: We'll be running through a few different things in this event. The falconry part has been partially discussed, but the coded format will be as follows: In exhibition, animal ken and command rolls at difficulties of the PC's choosing dependant on the complexity of what they're trying to demonstrate. In the competition, the same rolls will be performed at increasing difficulties as the handlers are asked to put their birds through a series of tests.

This part is for the spectators: The attendees will get to vote at the end of the exhibition to give the top-place award to the favourite. In the competition, betting will be encouraged as will cheering. Hope to see y'all there!))


Jan. 22, 2022, 6 p.m.

Hosted By

Elora Calista Liara


Grady Terese Ryhalt Rosalind Celine Desma Tesha Triton



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

"Have to write to Liam, yes?" Grady chatters cheerfully at his assistant Mortimer as the two of them approach the tournament grounds. His two bored-looking guards loiter somewhere nearby. "He'll be terribly jealous, won't he, but I'm sure he'll love hearing about it. I'm sure he will. One really can't, can one, help a little jealousy."

Terese smiles warmly at her fellow companion as they enter the tournament grounds together. Her eyes scaning the area with the keen focus of a well trained knight as she also keeps up with the conversation she has with her friend. She seems excited for the event to start as they find their place among the people gathered here

12 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Liara.

Ryhalt doesn't have a traditional falcon, but arrives carrying his perpetually grumpy owl on his arm. Being an eagle owl he is quite large and as he looks around in disapproval he still manages to look dignified as if being escorted on a Duke's arm is natural. Ryhalt is smiling as he teases the owl which ignores him.

The tournament grounds have largely been cleared for the high flying exhibition about to commence. There to the side, a bird wearing a cap roosts quietly on a stand, and a blonde woman is going over some papers. There's also few crates of all different sizes with various prey animals munching away at grass and nuts, seeds or berries. A feast of a last meal.

When people walk in, the blonde looks up. Blueberry blue eyes are warm and genial, even if she doesn't call out to greet people. Instead, she walks closer to the stands. "Good evening," she says, voice projected to carry without being loud. "Welcome, all. I'm Lady Elora Whitehawk, and I'm so glad that you could make it. Will anyone be ehibiting or competing tonight?"

2 Telmarine Guards, Cale, the Highhill War Hound pup, Atramentous, The Highhill War Hound arrive, following Tesha.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: |306The tournament grounds have largely been cleared for the high flying exhibition about to commence. There's also few crates of all different sizes with various prey animals munching away at grass and nuts, seeds or berries.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The tournament grounds have largely been cleared for the high flying exhibition about to commence. There's also few crates of all different sizes with various prey animals munching away at grass and nuts, seeds or berries.

Lifting a hand to wave to Elora, Ryhalt nods to Elora. "I'll do both, if I may." He glances at Palamon with a proud grin.

Rosalind comes practically running in. There's no bird behind her, but there's a dog. And is that a caribou? "Hi El! I came to watch!" Realizing the crowd, Rosa grins. "Hello!"

Splinter, the golden-eyed osprey arrives, following Desma.

Showing up just as things begin, Liara strolls on up to the stands, electing for a spot among the general seating. Once she's settled in, she turns her gaze curiously about, the occasional little wave offered to familiar faces.

Splinter, the golden-eyed osprey have been dismissed.

Celine would turn to Terese with an excited expression, "This looks lovely. I wonder what sorts of trials they'll put the birds through first?" Bright blue eyes scan the crowd before attention turns to the prey animals munching at there last meal. She then looks to Terese, "I suppose there the main course?" the princess would mutter, looking a little more wide-eyed then before.

"Princess Liara! Hello!" Grady is headed for the general seating as well, with Mortimer peeling off the moment he's not being watched to go hang out elsewhere. Grady, in the meantime, bows to Liara with his usual awkward lack of grace. "Have you come to watch as well? No, of course you have. Frightfully odd place for one to be, yes, if one were simply out for a walk. How have you been?"

Liara has joined the General Seating.

Elora's smile grows at Ryhalt's words and she dips her head. "You are certainly encouraged to, my Lord. May I have your name?" Once she has it, if she has it, she nods and looks to the others. "Would anyone else like to try their hand? Even if you've never tried it before, I have well trained raptors that won't peck at your eyes." Comforting.

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Desma definitely does not arrive in a rush and took a moment to catch her breath and murmur something to the osprey that is looking at her with a very gone out expression. She wears her colours proudly, bedecked in her Magnotta osprey armor because if you gotta represent you do it wholeheartedly. "I- we are here! Desma Magnotta and Splinter."

Terese chuckles at Celine's excitement as she watches in both curiousity and excitement herself. "I would assume they in fact are, seems we shall shortly find out," she replies as she politely aknowledges anyone who should come speak to her

Liara turns an easy smile Grady's way, a flutter of her fingers given in greeting. With the first question already answered, she goes on to say, "I have been very well. I trust you are in good health too. I have been rather looking forward to this. It is a long time since I have seen a show of falconry, but it is always quite a spectacle."

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Tesha enters into the tournament grounds with her two guards in tow and no one else. It's the usual for the lady from Telmar. She gives a look to see who else is in attendance, giving a respectful bow to Liara and others that she might pass. She then makes her way towards a seat where she could observe the surroundings and watch the birds that had been brought. She looks excited, but contains it in her usual way.

Ryhalt smiles to Elora. "I'm Duke Ryhalt Farshaw and this is Palamon."

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Elora suddenly spots Liara and she offers the woman a curtsey. "Good evening, your Grace. Thank you again for your kind sponsorship." She grins at Desma's rush. "You're in plenty of time, my Lady. Why don't you and Duke Farshaw come with me to the ring?"

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Celine says, "Yes I suppose so," Celine would say to Terese before they would take a seat amongst the general seating. "See anyone hear that you remember?" The princess' attention would shift around curiously as she looks to one person and the next. "It's been so long since I've been back to Arx that I can't say I know anyone here.""

"Im Lady Rosalind Ravenseye,"the tall redhead introduces herself with a friendly smile. Naturally to everyone she doesn't know and vice versa. She gives a wave to Ryhalt, nodding,"Nice to see you again, Duke!"

Ryhalt nods to Elora and smiles to Desma as they follow her over to the competition area. Around this point Palamon seems to come to an understanding that he's been tricked and this isn't going to be a hunt in the forest since he somehow looks even more disapproving of the world. Hearing Rosalind, he waves over to her. "Good to see you, too, Lady Rosalind."

Liara directs a warm smile to Tesha. "Lady Tesha, always a pleasure." She lifts a hand in a gentle acknowledging gesture to Elora. "Of course, Lady Elora. I have been rather looking forward to this." Then as things start to get set up, she looks along to a few of the others also at the seats nearby.

Terese shakes her head slowly. "I am afraid we are in the same boat, I do not think I know anyone either, other then you," she says in reply, looking around

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Celine offered a friendly pat to Terese's shoulder, if allowed. "Well, it is good we know each other then." a bright, bubbly chuckle escaped her parted lips. "Good thinking on coming to the event though, plenty of people to meet and plenty of things to learn about birds. Perhaps instead of a cat, I should invest in learning a thing or two about birds, maybe get one as a companion." the woman would smile politely at Liara before looking back to Terese, "Perhaps you should too. I'm sure birds would be beneficial when you go on adventures and what not."

Desma heads out to the field, Splinter on her arm, blinking as he looks around. "Duke Farshaw. It's been a while. I didn't get back to you about that chocolate. Sorry!" She then considers the field and options she has.

"Oh yes! I have been quite well." There is, truth be told, something a little worn in Grady's thin features that might look more pronounced if not for his amiable expression and sense of high strung energy. But his eyes are bright and he's in a good mood! "And very much looking forward to this."

Terese chuckles lightly, "Perhaps, I am definately curious to learn more and meet new people if possible," she replies to Celine. She offers a friendly wave to the others sitting near them, smiling warmly

Ryhalt checks command and animal ken at normal. Ryhalt fails.

Elora checks command and animal ken at normal. Elora is successful.

"Not a worry, the world's gone a bit insane of late, but there'll always be time for trade." Ryhalt smiles to Desma. "It's good to see you again, though."

Looking over the field, he scritches idly at Palamon's chest. "I know it's not the same, but... want to show off for everyone how well you can hunt some vermin?" Palamon turns his head away from the Duke and serenely pretends to ignore that he exists. Ryhalt chuckles and shrugs to Elora. "Seems to be a 'no'."

Desma checks command and animal ken at normal. Botch! Desma fails completely.

Tesha gives Liara a dip of her head, "A pleasure to see you again, your Highness." she tells her. "I hope that you have been well." she comments. There is a smile to Celine and Terese along with a bow of her head, "Your highnesses." she greets them. She gives a smile to Grady and others that are sitting in the stands as well. Not wanting to leave anyone out!

Seated near to Elora, Triton seems to have little to say even though he shares amiable nods with newcommers and actually reaches out lazily and without looking to tweak Rosalind's hair without much force. Mostly he watches Elora do her thing while kicking back comfortably.

There's a quiet word at the field before Elora raises her voice again. "Okay, we'll get started. For the exhibition, we'll put the birds through routines of our own choosing. I'll demonstrate a simple example." She crosses back to the side and tugs on a thick leather falconry glove; the bird's cap is removed to reveal the cruel-eyed stare of a Whitehawk falcon. "Step up." The bird moves onto the glove and rides menacingly. It's a beautiful bird, though. "This is Josse, my personal raptor. Whitehawk falcons are bred for speed, agility, and precision targetting of animals. Josse will leave my glove, fly around the grounds and return, using his top speed." And she murmurs to the bird. "Away." With a push of her arm, the falcon soars off. As it reaches altitude, the bird seems to become poetry at a screaming speed. It circles and then flies in low over the head of the crowd before slowing itself and returning to Elora's arm.

Ryhalt gets a grin. "I'll let out a mouse this time."

Liara offers Grady an easy, amicable smile, a small duck of her chin given in agreement. Then she answers Tesha, "I certainly have." The Telmar's greeting to Celine and Terese draws Liara's attention that way too, and she gives a flutter of a wave, though when Elora starts to speak, she turns her gaze back over to the field, watching the bird go with a broad smile.

Grady finds a warm, friendly smile for Tesha, and then Celine and Terese, but with the exhibition beginning, he turns his focus to the field, shading his eyes a bit against the bright sky.

Ryhalt watches Elora's display with her falcon with a grin. Leaning closer to Palamon he teases, "You sure you want to let a *mere* falcon upstage you?" The owl seems intent to believe this isn't happening.

Celine looks on impressed by the bird's speed watching it fly through the air with ease and agility. She then turns to Terese, "On second thought, perhaps a bird isn't the best choice for me." she chuckles, blue eyes glancing to Tesha, "Oh Lady Telmar, a pleasure to see you again. And this time watching birds and not men slapping each other at the Refinement Center." a sort of snort laugh comes abruptly from the woman. There was a rosy flush to her cheeks at that. "Hmm~, excuse me. Sometimes I get the better of myself." there was a look of embarrassment from the snort and she turns her attention back to the birds.

"I'm glad of that." Tesha tells Liara with a smile. Though her eyes are drawn back to Celine and her comment about the refinement center makes her chuckle warmly, "I think it is a good past time." she muses to that. Then her stormy gaze is looking back to the birds and their displays.

Desma didn't bother with a cap for Splinter as the osprey didn't seen bothered by anything around it. Desma listens carefully to Elora's explanation before watching the display with a nod of approval. She clears her throat before she speaks a little loudly. "This is Splinter. He is an osprey I nursed back to health a few years ago. He's my best friend and um... he isn't good for catching anything but fish. So! He's going to fly around the field like Josse but with tighter turns... so... go Splinter!"

The osprey doesn't move, looks at Desma before having a crap then and there.

Rosalind is watching Elora with a tilted head. Until her head is tilted. She swats Triton's hand, but finds herself grinning,"We should get birds! And teach Aella's obnoxious raven this stuff."

Josse is set on a perch, his cap back in place as she moves to assist Ryhalt with his owl. She selects a small cage, this one with a mouse in it. "Okay, it's night, so he might actually be hungry." She smiles at the owl. "Good evening, Mister Palamon. Do you mind if I help your human?" She adjusts the man's arm. "Let him use the bone as if it was a tree branch, my Lord." Then she lets the mouse out and it begins scurrying about. It seems to know that the owl is there and books it. "Push you arm into the air, keeping it straight. Away, Palamon." She looks to Desma and smiles. "I didn't bring fish, but there's rabbits? I'll be right there."

Terese smiles warmly returning the greetings politely. She is facinated by the falcon in flight and tries to stiffle a laugh at the two birds who seem to not want to take orders. "I am Princess Terese Valadrin and this is Princess Celine Valadrin. They are definately beutiful birds with a mind of their own, learning to master them would be a challenge for sure," she says, unable to stop from chuckling anymore

Ryhalt checks command and animal ken at easy. Botch! Ryhalt fails completely.

Desma checks composure at normal. Desma fails.

Desma checks command and animal ken at normal. Desma marginally fails.

Ryhalt accepts Elora's tips, adjusting slightly, but nothing seems to make the owl look less disapproving of the situation, let alone the world. Some of that can't be helped, Palamon is an owl. "See Palamon, a delicious mouse just for you." He lifts his arm to give Palamon a boost to flight and Palamon takes off, gliding with an owl's serene, ghostly grace. He doesn't fly after the mouse, however, he goes to land on the peek of the concessions stand. Palamon has the general air of a bird which will hear no more of this nonsense!

Elora checks command and animal ken at hard. Elora is successful.

Desma turns red as Splinter decided to relieve himself in front of all these people, embaressing her thoroughly. She glares at the raptor, who looks back with an unreadable expression. "You. Are. Being. Awkward." She hisses at the bird, who gives a chirp back at her. Elora's offer of rabbit gets rebuffed with a huffy. "No! It's fine. He won't touch rabbit anyway. I can do this. Right. Splinter! Up and back!" To his credit, the osprey takes to flight, soaring majestically over the field, circling it once, twice and a third time, stubbornly ignoring the first two commands to return before reluctantly returning to Desma's arm after a very, very lazy approach. Splinter will not be rushed it seems.

Desma mutters, "... for fuck's ..."

"In the wild," Elora says, returning her attention to the crowd, "most hunts by raptors are unsuccessful. It depends on split second timing and accurately anticipating the movements of the prey animal. With tame birds, you can actually run into the kind of stubbornness that you see here. It actually helps to keep your bird in tune with its natural instincts to take it to hunt regularly. Not only does it keep the bird in shape, but the training is excellent bonding with your animal." Palamon gets a grin and then she laughs softly at something or another before getting Josse again. When her help is rebuffed, she settles into watching the animal and its handler for the moment.

"We'll see how Josse does with an aerial hunt." She looks at the bird then pushes him into the air, the bird begins circling overhead. After a few moment, Elora opens a bird cage and pulls out a pigeon. Without a word, she tosses it up and off it goes. Josse circles higher and higher. All of a sudden, the falcon dives. With no flapping and a rapidly increasing descent, it slices through the air... and snags the pigeon out of thin air before landing near Elora with it. -Everyone- gets a look like that bird will cut anyone who comes close to its meal, and the feasting begins.

Celine is quietly watching the event; the different birds catching her interest and of course, the informative information. "Wow this is quite wonderful." she says to Terese.

Terese smirks at Celine and nods. "I am glad we decided to come," she says in agreement.

Ryhalt checks command and animal ken at easy. Ryhalt marginally fails.

Desma checks command and animal ken at normal. Desma is successful.

With a sigh, Ryhalt goes over to where Palamon's perched himself. No matter how he cajoles or promises, Palamon does nothing more than swivel his head or shift is feet so he no longer is looking at the owl. It's an exhibit all right, that of how stubborn owls can be!

WHile seeming to thoroughly enjoy the entertainment of watching the birds, Triton absently pets his shaggy mongrel with an affectionate sweep of his hand. ELora still has most of his attention, but Rosa gets an evil grin at the mention of the raven. He does, however, spend a few moments eyes Elora's falcon speculatively.

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Desma gives Splinter another glare as the osprey lands and sets her jaw. "Right. Bloody do this right this time. I don't know if you are showing off or just being bloody obstinate right now but I have had enough." With that she murmurs something else and raises her arm and the osprey takes flight, sweeping low around the field, buzzing over the stands before swooping down to latch onto Desma's bracer, causing her to smile broadly.

"And that's the end of the exhibition," Elora says, smiling once Desma's osprey cooperates. "Well done. Now we'll move on to the competition; obviously, I will not be competing."

Young men come out dragging various things and setting them into some pattern known only to them. Among them are tall uprights with perches, shrubs in pots, and shelter for prey. "Lady Magnotta, Duke Farshaw, if you'll bring your birds. The first maneuver is an easy one. Send your birds to the top of the first upright and call them back please."

Ryhalt checks command and animal ken at easy. Ryhalt is marginally successful.

Desma checks command and animal ken at easy. Desma is successful.

As the exhibition wraps up, Liara offers some brisk, cheerful applause from where she's seated, then settles back down to watch as the competition part opens up.

Sitting upright again, Triton grunts and seems more intent now that the contest has begun. "Interesting little gathering, Lady." This is provided aside to Elora as he settles again with eyes flickering amongst bird and people.

Desma feeds Splinter something she got out of a pouch at her belt before listening to the instructions. Another brief fussing of her osprey before she directs it towards the perch with a 'Hup!'. It sweeps there, lands and gives a chirp before she gives a chirp and click of her tongue and Splinter swoops back to her arm obediently.

Ryhalt manages to talk Palamon down and back to his arm. Though he praises the bird, it continues to look upon the world in grumpy displeasure. Hearing Elora's first task, he chuckles to himself. He spends a little while fussing over Palamon before he attempts the trick. Maybe Palamon is in a better mood thereby or maybe the owl is trolling him for Palamon flies to the first stand. Though the owl lingers there, casting his disapproving scowl upon the world, he eventually responds to Ryhalt's call to return to him. "See, this isn't so bad." The look he gets is... the deepest disapproval an owl can give.

"We could teach our scouts this,"Rosa murmurs to Triton, clearly growing excited. She listens to Elora and watches Desma and Ryhalts birds.

"Well done!" Elora does seem genuinely delighted that the birds are having a better time now. "Second, send your bird to touch the bell on the last upright, and call them back."

Desma checks command and animal ken at normal. Critical Success! Desma is spectacularly successful.

Ryhalt checks command and animal ken at normal. Critical Success! Ryhalt is spectacularly successful.

"To fly the birds?" Triton glances from Elora to Rosalind. "Be nice if the birds could spot enemies or pace game, though...or bring us back reports of what is ahead." He looks back to Elora at that comment, perhaps seeking some expert input on the new thought.

"Birds can alert to armies and prey," Elora says with a nod to Triton. "They'll obviously never be able to tell you the sizes and whatnots, but Josse is trained to circle counterclockwise if he spots game." And then she quiets to watch the owl and osprey.

Ryhalt speaks quietly to Palamon for a while before he focuses on the upright with the bell. "Go get the shiny for me." Palamon blinks a few times before he decides to take to flight. The owl glides over to the perch and starts yanking at the bell, making it jingle, before he gives up and returns to Ryhalt's arm. Even Ryhalt looks surprised at this.

Desma might actually be looking like she has a sly grin right now as she overhears the conversation going on right now. She shares a moment with Splinter, murmuring to the bird before the osprey flies like an arrow at the bell, smacking it with his talons with a jingle in mid flight before banking and soaring back to Desma. "That's it Splinter!"

A deep chuckle rumbles from Triton at Sir Palamon's antics, but he tips Tyhalt a quick salute at the result. "Not bad. Josse may track the enemy, but your owl will be the one rings the alarm and wakes the troops!"

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2 Valardin Knights, Terese leave, following Celine.

Ryhalt chuckles and grins at Triton. "I'm not so sure he's the heroic sort." He glances doubtfully at his owl, squinting slightly.

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Terese waves to Celine as she leaves, turning her attention back to the event. If anyone has talked to her she may have missed it with her focus being on the birds

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"Well done indeed." Elora looks at Ryhalt and Desma for a moment. "This one will be more difficult. Send your birds through the uprights, past the brush and bushes, and grab the red ribbon set up at the end." She points. It's a demanding flight pattern, but way off over there are ribbons hanging from a stand. One on each side.

Ryhalt checks command and animal ken at hard. Ryhalt fails.

Desma checks command and animal ken at hard. Desma is successful.

No matter how Ryhalt tries to coax Palamon into performing again, the owl just latches on stubbornly to the Duke's arm and refuses to fly. It seems that the owl has had quite enough of the games and prefers to preen and display his disgruntlement instead. Chuckling, Ryhalt shrugs to Elora with an easy smile. "Not today, it seems." Or ever, by the look Palamon is giving the world.

"We're going to move to aerials." Elora steps away to an open space. "Circle the grounds twice, lift, take a sharp turn at the far end and grab the ring on the second upright. Call the birds back once they have the ring." Glinting and small, one of the roadies tied gold rings from the middle upright.

Desma has a determined look on her face as she looks at the task relaying her instructions to Splinter. "C'mon. Eye of the Osprey. You can do this!" With that Splinter chirps and zooms off, sweeping low and weaving past the obstacles to snatch the red ribbon before climbing and sweeping back to deliver it to Desma with a triumphant chirp.

"We're going to move to aerials." Elora steps away to an open space. "Circle the grounds twice, lift, take a sharp turn at the far end and grab the ring on the second upright. Call the birds back once they have the ring." Glinting and small, one of the roadies tied gold rings from the middle upright.

Tesha was talking with one of her guards who had brought her a missive, but now she is paying attention again. Work was never done! The redhead looks delighted to see the birds performing as they are. This was going to prompt her to get one.

Ryhalt checks command and animal ken at daunting. Ryhalt is successful.

Desma checks command and animal ken at daunting. Desma is successful.

"Hmm." Ryhalt furrows his brows as he listens to the instructions and nods to Elora. "Look it's shiny again," he teases Palamon. Maybe he likes the shiny things or maybe he just likes the longer flights for this time Palamon doesn't hesitate before he takes to the air. Silent and graceful the large owl swoops a couple circles about the area before Ryhalt calls him towards the ring. Is that a moment of Palamon looking *pleased* when he catches up the ring? Don't show you saw it! Ryhalt calls Palamon back where there starts a mini tug-o-war over the ring when Palamon doesn't want to give it up. He'd probably fly away with it if Ryhalt lets go of the ring!

Oh it is on! Desma gives some more encouragement to her feathered friend before she launches the osprey off again and Splinter circles the grounds before rising up. Desma blinks a few times and shakes her head, focusing again on Splinter as the osprey performs a turn and dives for the ring at speed. At this time, anyone watching Desma would notice she is staring blankly ahead, swaying before jolting as Splinter snatches the ring. "Um... uh... back here...." she calls, looking very disorientated but Splinter smoothly returns to her arm, looking intently at the Magnotta lady.

"And that concludes the competition!" Elora beams at Ryhalt and Desma. "Congratulations and thank you so much for coming to share your animals and passion with us. In second place with Palamon, Duke Ryhalt Farshaw." From somewhere, she gets a beautiful carving of a falcon and a bank note. "Goodman Zakhar carved this for the occasion, and here is the purse of fifty-thousand silver. And to our winners, Lady Desma Magnotta and Splinter, goes the first prize of one hundred and fifty thousand silver. Her Grace Liara Grayson kindly sponsored the prizes, and we thank her for her support." She murmurs something softly to Desma while handing over the note and beginning to applaud.

Elora drops Falcon captured in flight, wood carving.

Ryhalt smiles warmly to Elora and Desma as the winners are announced. He chuckles as he lets the ring go to accept the prize only to have Palamon fly away to preen over it on the corner of the spectator's stand. He shrugs as if to say what can you do and grins to Elora. "Thank you, this has been a treat."

Having been a rapt audience for the contest, with just occasional chatting with other people at the stands, Liara smiles broadly as it comes to a close, and offers some enthusiastic, cheerful applause. "That was marvelous! Well done!"

Ryhalt gets Falcon captured in flight, wood carving.

Terese claps for all the birds and their masters. "That was amazing, great job," she cheers.

Tesha gives a round of applause, "Splendid!" she calls out to those that were competing, she was a fan of animals. She then reaches out to give a pat to Atramentous' big head, "You were such a good boy, thank you." she whispers to him.

Desma still looks very unsteady on her feet currently as Splinter swoops off her arm to land on a perch, turning to watch her. "Well done Duke Ryhalt,' she says, her face scrunched in concentration as she claps before accepting the prize from Elora. "Thank you... Sorry... that was a dizzying experience."

Elora smile is warm, and now that the event has ended, the projection of her voice stops cold. She seems almost relieved to be speaking at a more 'reasonable' and soft-spoken manner. "It was my pleasure," she says, eyes bright. "Thank you for coming, Duke Farshaw and Lady Magnotta." She sidesteps all the applause, letting the winners take centre stage without supervision. Silently, she collects Josse and moves to sit by Triton and Rosalind now.

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