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Hunting the White

Word of a stag with an unusually pale skin has been making the rounds in the markets and taverns of late and people have started to make bets about when, how and if, it will ever be captured. Will you be the ones to bring that hide back?

A hunting story focused on stealth, tracking and archery.

I can take 6 people. Please contact me in advance if you want a spot reserving.


Jan. 16, 2023, 8 p.m.

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Caspian Cillian Temira Vitalis Filshiar



Outside Arx - Crownlands near Graypeak - A collection of forested hills

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Comments and Log

The rumours of an unusually pale deer have brought a number of hopeful hunters to the tiny village of Celen where the innkeepers and local farmers have been taking full advantage of the unexpected bounty of paying customers. Yesterday one of the village hunters came back claiming to have seen a glimpse of the animal up on Cinder Hill and that is where we start today, a small group gathered at the base of the rocky and heavily wooded slope. Your target is somewhere on that hillside maybe. You just have to find it and bring it home.

Caspian is along for a hunt! why? because why not! he isnt much of a hunter, but with the company assembled.. well that was reason enough to venturing out! he pulled his cloak about him a bit, running his finger along the bow he held. he looked incredulously at it and then broke into a laugh. "well.. at least i dont have to worry about hitting anyone else. no one will be near the thing!" he chuckles softly, and begins to poke around the slope. "So.. we are looking for signs of its passing right?"

Cillian finds himself in the tiny village the Northern Lord is dressed in his leathers, there is a glint in his hazel eyes. His sword his on his hip, but across his back is a nice bow. He spots the Champion, "Good, none of us want to be stuck in the back side Wilds." he grins as he moves to rub at his beard, the hunter looks to the ground looking for signs.

On hearing of the formation of a hunting party seeking to track down a pale elk, Sir Filshiar reflected on the last time he had been on such an endeavor. To go into the woods, to feel the embrace of nature, to hunt. That is something he much needed in his life right now. So, he finds himself in Celen with the others, pondering over the ground where the latest lead in the village has brought them. "Well met," he tells those gathered. "Let's see if it's not too late find the path." Curiously, he has no bow, though he doesn't seem shy about looking for signs of the beast's passing.

Filshiar checks perception and survival at normal. Filshiar is successful.

The description of the stag had Temira curious about such a creature. Back in Eswyndol, she didn't join her father or near-brother Haakon when they would go out to hunt. Temira was always up for an adventure of some sort, if it meant gaining any experience. She laughed and walked naturally with her bow in her hand, taking in the scenery and looking for any signs as well. "Once you get to doing it in a battle, it's rather like swatting flies." Temira spoke in a tone that gave no hint as to whether she was serious or just making a joke. She takes a pause and then replies, "Well, we should try starting maybe at the last place it was seen."

Looking around Filshiar soon notices that a stream seems to trickle down from the woods. If you follow it up the hill you should find some tracks sooner or later. It will be impossible to know if they are the deer you are looking for but it is a start.

Temira checks perception and survival at normal. Temira fails.

Caspian checks perception and survival at hard. Caspian fails.

Cillian checks perception and survival at hard. Cillian fails.

Temira checks perception and survival at hard. Temira is successful.

Filshiar checks perception and survival at hard. Filshiar marginally fails.

Whilst it was Filshiar who spotted the potential of the river it is Temira who spots the first tracks. Once she has pointed them out Filshiar can see them too.

Caspian was not a hunter. so all he saw was mud and dirt! "hah! i dont know cillian.. your backside might look better with an arow in it!" he grinned playfully at the man and then started trudging along. it was a good thing Filshiar and temira knew what they were doing! they stopped him before he tromped over the tracks! he studied what they pointed out, whistling. "how did you see that! impressive!" he looked at the tracks again, "but no way to know if its THE deer right? i mean.. its just a foot print.."

Temira continued to look around as she sees one of the group trail off towards a stream. Deciding that it was smart to follow, Temira makes her way towards the stream. When she stops near the hunter, she says in a somewhat lowered voice, "Apologies, I didn't introduce myself." Lady Temira Eswynd, pleasure to be working with you, Although low, her tone and demeanor are warm. As she takes a step closer to the stream, she squats down and looks upstream. After a few moments, she spots what they had been searching for. Informing the others as she stands up, she answers Caspian's question as he passes: "Well, it's something, and it's better to have a potential lead than walk around in circles with nothing to show for it." We should see how far we can follow it. She adds, looking toward the others for their input.

It takes a moment to get his bearings in this unfamiliar part of the Crownlands, but Filshiar can see potential in following a nearby stream and casually points it out to the others. "Even an elk of unusual hue will need to drink at some point," he says with a small smile on his face, put there in part by the light teasing going on between the others. "Shall we?" He trudges off, introducing himself to the others on the way. Shortly after, he finds himself hovering over the tracks Temira pointed out. "There they are," he says, whistling low to himself. "I say we follow, see if we can find any that are fresher, and quiet our steps when we do."

Cillian looks at Caspian and grins at the man, "You just think my backside is good period." he moved past him lightly nudging him. His eyes scanning the ground missing the tracks till he takes note of Filshiar and Temira, he moves to lower him self looking at the trace his gloved fingers tracing the print then looking around, "Lord Cillian Blackwood, Sword of the Storm March." he looks over the others as the hunter stands back up. He nods his head to Filshiar, "Alright."

As discussions of backside quality and the potential of finding the animal pass between the group members they follow the tracks, picking their way over rough ground until the ground becomes rocky and the tracks temporarily dissapear. You can either continue over the center of the outcrop, following the direction the tracks were going in when you lost them, or you can take the slightly easier route looping around to the east..

Caspian clicks his tongue, "Gods forgive me." he offers a sweeping bow, "Caspian wild, at your service. and most assuredly... NOT a hunter. but always up for trying new things! hence here i am!" he gives a grin then looking down toward the tracks they were following. he paused as they vanished, then pointed to the outcrop. "Deer are exceptionally nimble yes? i bet it went right up there without nary a thought of how difficult it was"

Temira looks towards the outcrop where the tracks disappear and then looks around to see what looks like an easier area to walk into, heading east. "Well, you aren't wrong, and considering the size of it, it's got an advantage, that's for sure. We could always go around east, or split off into two groups and go down both ways, but we don't have to; it is just an option," she says as she glides her thumb back and forth over the bow in her hand softly, waiting on the thoughts of the other two.

As introductions are made – “Sir Filshiar Shieldbourne, a pleasure” – and the group continues to follow the tracks, this member of the King’s Own grows quiet. He wends through the woods, following the path laid out for them until the tracks disappear, all the while with a serene look on his face. When it comes time to make a decision, though, he takes a closer look at his surroundings. “Aye, and both decent options. I don’t know about all of you, but I would try my hand at the rough ground.”

Cillian nod his head as he stands to follow the group, "Its hard to tell with deer, they can easily track over hard or easy ground. It all depends on what they are looking for." he looks over to Caspian before walking past him and looking to see if he can pick up just in what way the door went. "Do try to keep up Champion." he looks back over at the man grinning, he looks to the others, "We could split up, would cover more ground that way."

Temira points to the east, I

Temira says, "@emit "I"

Temira points to the east, "I'll go this way."

Temira checks perception and survival at normal. Temira is successful.

Caspian checks perception and survival at normal. Caspian fails.

Cillian checks perception and survival at normal. Cillian is successful.

Filshiar checks perception and survival at normal. Filshiar is successful.

It turns out that the suspicions about it turning and taking the slightly less treacherous route was true and whilst the group do not manage to find tracks on the other side they do reach a spot where they can see a clearing in the forest slopes below them and there, amongst the trees, a sliver of cream hide. Surely this is what they were looking for?!

Temira checks dexterity and stealth at normal. Temira is successful.

Cillian checks dexterity and stealth at normal. Cillian is successful.

Caspian follows along, sighing as he was convinced the other way was the right way! but then he sees the stag.. well its pointed out to him. he doesnt see crap! he whistles softly, "that is gorgeous.. can we creep closer?" seeing temira and cillian begin to creep forward he grins and slowly follows suit.

Filshiar checks dexterity and stealth at normal. Filshiar marginally fails.

Caspian checks dexterity and stealth at normal. Caspian marginally fails.

*CRACK* a stick under foot snaps and caspian freezes, holding his breath and eyes going wide!

Temira skillfully and quietly makes her way to the side and around to come up on it from the side. The Eswynder in boots was quiet as she moved, avoiding any crunch of a leaf or crack of a stick with precision steps that might give her away. Stopping periodically to assess her surroundings and not rush in, she alerts the tartet.

Cillian gets glow as he goes into scout mood, his hand slowly coming up to pull his bow from his back. He gets into the shade and trees so the deer can not smell him as he moves up wind from it. He has hunted deer many times, his steps are grace full his steps are carefully taken as he sneaks forward to get closer to the animal. Then there is the sound of sticks breaking nd he freezes still taking a deep breath.

Filshiar gives a long and possibly longing look at the outcropping but remains with the group as they skirt around it. He can climb and scramble another time. Once on the other side, a clearing opens in front of them and there it is, a truly gorgeous sight. "Look at that," he almost sighs as they start to move closer. For a moment, they are quiet, but slightest misstep can give your location away when you're wearing the kind of armor Filshiar is. There's a metallic jangle along with the snap of the stick Caspian breaks and he winces. So much for taking his own advice to step quietly.

The pale deer is an elk doe with a creamy dapple sort of colour. Lovely, yes, but vulnerable. Her head jerks up as the group approach. Her eyes and ears swivelled in your direction. All you can do is freeze and hope she relaxes.. unless that is you want to attempt a shot at extreme range..

Filshiar checks dexterity and stealth at normal. Botch! Filshiar fails completely.

Caspian checks dexterity and stealth at normal. Caspian marginally fails.

Temira checks dexterity and stealth at normal. Temira is successful.

Cillian checks dexterity and stealth at normal. Cillian is successful.

Filshiar checks dexterity and stealth at easy. Filshiar is successful.

The doe starts moving away from Caspian's position but seems unaware of Temira and Cillian's approach. She is clearly not relaxed but at least she isn't running. It might be possible to get a shot off now but it would be more reliable if you could get closer..

Cillian lets his breath out slowly as he looks back at Caspian and gives him one of those lip curling grins. He turns back and starts to move again, each step carefully taken. Its almost like the man was part of the forest and knew it well, the hunters eyes are on their target. His gloved hand holding his bow are the ready as he continues to creep up on the beautiful animal.

Awareness of her movement allowed her to slip underneath the raider of the does hyper-vigilant eye. Shaking her head at Caspian she continues to move closer at a slow pace. The rhythm of her movements as she maneuvered between trees while managing to not crunch a single leaf, impressed even herself. Since she had a moment and had gotten closer, took an arrow out of her quiver and readied her bow.

Caspian takes a slow breath. ok ok ok.. careful where you step. dont ruin it for everyone else! careful step careful! you can do *CRACK* once more he freezes, his cheeks flushing slight from the embarrassment of once MORE.. failing to be quite enough to not scare the deer.

Other than wanting to get back into nature for a day and to see this doe with his own eyes, Filshiar came out as a tracker, not an archer. Besides, his armored steps have already given his position away once. So, now that the elk has been found, he crouches and watches as the others approach, taking deep breaths as he turns his gaze from the hunting party to the elk to see what she will do.

Filshiar checks dexterity and stealth at easy. Filshiar is successful.

Temira wields Bowzer.

Temira checks dexterity and archery at hard. Temira marginally fails.

Cillian checks dexterity and archery at hard. Botch! Cillian fails completely.

Two arrows soar from the hiding spots in the forest. One of them narrowly misses and the other strikes a rock with a spark and clatter. The deer runs!

Caspian checks dexterity and archery at daunting. Caspian fails.

Filshiar rests his hand against the ground where he crouches to further still himself as the others take shot. His lips purse tight at the misses and he watches the deer run off. Standing, he moves from his position and keeps a close watch on the deer and the direction it’s going, trying to guess where it will weave and dip through the foliage so he can signal to the archers where they might find the best position for one last try.

Caspian watches the hunters pull their bow and prepare to fire. he grins, silently willing them to strike true. but. they do not. he watches in amazement as they miss and the deer starts to run. He stands, pulls his bow and looses an arrow! of course it missed.. but that was to be expected. That said, he knew he had no chance of shooting that thing on the run. best he could do was make it easier for the others. With that, he spring forward, charging at an angle toward the deer and crashing through underbrush in an intentionally loud way. "ill drive it to you!"

Temira swore under her breath and looked over towards the others. Before she could talk, she heard caspian shout and took following the frantic path of the deer, Getting her bow ready, she was hoping that she could close the gap between them and with a plan, albeit hastily, in motion, there was no a moment to waste as she made her way towards the target.

Cillian says in Northlands shav, "fuck, spirit and winder give me speed!"

Filshiar checks intellect and animal ken at normal. Filshiar is successful.

Caspian checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Caspian is successful.

Cillian carefully aimed his bow and let the shot go, but something seemed to catch his attention and distracted him! His eyes snapped to Caspian as hew heard another crack of a stick and then looks back to see his arrow not fly true! He stood up and moves to give chase.

Temira checks stamina and athletics at normal. Temira is successful.

Cillian checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Cillian marginally fails.

Caspian's sudden movement and noise helps to steer the deer in a direction ideal for the group whilst Filshiar uses his knowledge of animal behavior to guess where it is likely to go next. Meanwhile Cillian and Temira hit the dirt running in an attempt to keep close enough to shoot again. The terrain is good for humans and Temira does gain a little ground but not enough to compensate for the fact they will now be running and shooting at the same time. Luckily the help offered by Filshiar and Caspian has brought the deer closer to them than would otherwise be possible making for easier shots... Its unlikely they will get more than one more shot before its gone though.. man can not really outrun deer.

Temira checks dexterity and archery at normal. Temira is successful.

Filshiar’s breathing begins to quicken as he runs. He grins for just a moment, feeling his blood pump as he gives chase, then turns to Caspian when the man shouts his intentions to the group. Where would the doe go with him as the hunter? He must make a quick calculation, factoring in where the elk is going and the angle the others are coming in from. With a whistle, high and loud, he motions to an area of the woods that might get the archers into better position, if they haven’t figured out something else on their own.

Cillian checks dexterity and archery at hard. Cillian fails.

Caspian continues making noise, crashing his way through the woods, and shouting to help drive the deer where he wants it. "Its yours!" he calls out loudly, grinning as his own bow lies forgotten somewhere back in the underbrush.

Gaining traction from accurate foot placement on rocks, she used the momentum to propel her forward. While it had been a while since she had run this much, the Mourning Isle native was always in her element when surrounded by nature. She saw the movements of the deer as her ear picked up the noises Caspian had made. This was the only chance she would have. Having already grabbed an arrow, she starts sprinting. She notched it quickly, aimed, and let it go. The arrow caught up to the deer,pierced it, causing it to came to a crash on the forest ground. Slowing down her own running and coming to a stop at the lifeless deer on the ground. "Good job everyone," she said when the other 3 had joined her.

Cillian is not use to hunting in a group so he will blame it on that, he takes off running after the deer. He was to caught off guard and stumbles a bit, cursing he steadies himself pulling his bow out as he runs to let one lose and it misses and thunks into a tree. He slows and stops as Temira was able to bring it down, he stops and puts his hands on his knees as he holds his bow breathing deeply.

Once he has given his best offer to the group, Filshiar begins to slow so that he can focus more on watching the outcome of the hunt than whether or not he might run headfirst into a tree. The archers pull back their bows and he comes to a stop, watching one miss and one hit home. He makes a fist as he shouts, "Nice shot!" Then, as he nears the downed doe, he adds, "A fine hunt, everyone."

With the deer down there is nothing left to do but butcher it for hide, meat and trophies.

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