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The Arx Stakes (Horse Race)

Marquessa Cassiopeia Proscipi and Duke Martino Malvici invite you to participate or watch an exciting new horse race.

Racers are invited to show your speed and stamina around the new course at the Bear and Hare. Participants are expected to bring your own horse and either ride yourself, or find an appropriate rider to enter on your behalf.
The prize for the winner is: 250,000 silver.

Attendees will be asked for vote for the people's choice, choosing their favourite horse and rider team for a prize of 100,000 silver.

There will be picnic refreshments and entertainment.

Everyone is encourage to wear a fancy hat or headpiece and come ready to cheer.


Jan. 21, 2023, 4 p.m.

Hosted By

Cassiopeia Martino

GM'd By



Ilira Corban Caspian Aconite Jan Ariella Remus


Malvici Proscipi


Arx - Between the Boroughs - Bear and Hare Circuit - Course

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

There's a sense of jubilation as people start coming to the course area, proper. Staff are dressed in gold livery and hold trays of sparkling wine and mint juleps. Attendants lead people to their choice of seating. There is covered and open seats, letting people get up close or watch from above. The grass is fresh and has that pleasant earthy smell, that's unforgettable. Horses and their riders are gathering and there's attendants offering last minute apples or assisting with horse tack. There's even emergency horseshoe service.

The Marquessa of Tremorus is in her element, a bright smile shines on her features. Standing next to her golden horse, she's wearing a ridiculous but elegant hat, it mimics a horse race with be-jeweled horses that circle around the wide-brim. It's a joyful time, it's spring, and the sun is out and she is welcoming everyone to the 'Bear and Hare'. "Hello! Welcome, on behalf of House Proscipi and House Malvici, welcome to the first ever Arx Great Stakes! We are looking forward to having you watch or participate in today's race. Please, come in. Have a drink, a snack, there are blankets if you are cold, or fans if you are too warm. In a few moments, my gracious co-host Duke Martino will go over the race details and I will talk about the People's Choice award." Cassiopeia gestures for people to get settled and enjoy themselves for a moment as they finalize last minute details.

Ilira weaves between alabaster columns and through grand archways toward the bench closest to the track, claiming her place up front and center. Eschewing a hat, she instead wears an iridescite haircomb with a blossom of precious gems around a focal dawnstone, tucked into her curls amongst a plethora of pink honeysilk ribbons. Spidersilk of the same blushing hue drapes her small, sylphlike figure, her skirts pooling about her legs as she folds them under her and reclines into the backrest. Sunlight refracts and scintillates off the fortune of jewels that drips from her throat, her ears, her ankles, wrists and knuckles.

Clip-clop, clip-clop. Sir Corban Telmar rides onto the track astride his red roan warhorse Rosie, the horse seemingly more-interested in whether there might be a stray apple about as opposed to the race itself. But regardless. Dressed not in his armor, the knight seems prepared to hear about the race details. Even if he is a bit tall for a jockey.

Caspian trots in to the track leading his horse, Maximo. he is dressed in light clothes and his armor as always. It truly was his second skin. However, when the attendants offered him a TOP HAT.. with a HORSESHOE..well he snatched it right up! Top hat donned, canted slightly in what he thought might be a debonair slant he beamed at everyone. He offered a bow to Cassiopeia and Martino, moving to make sure others had plenty of room and starting to brush down the fiery horse. Spying Ilira, he gave a radiant smile, waving eagerly at her.

Aconite is gathered with the other riders. While the tall Whisper is adjusting her stirrups and tightening her girth, she is also checking her stirrups for proper height and placement. Flores exudes excitement, the leggy Torean horse shifting his feet, nickering, and whinnying. Aco pats the horse's thick neck and checks his bridle. Once she's done the propr looks through Aco half vaults onto Flores' back and settles herself into her short slender saddle and walks him a few feet, when she spots familiar faces in the stands the Whisper lifts her gloved hand to greet them. As she rounds to walk Flores a bit for a warmup she spots Corban and Caspian and waves to them as well. "Best of Luck!"

Jan makes her way in and makes her way towards the open seating. Caspian and Corban get jaunty waves while she navigates her way to a seat. Ilira gets a nod of greeting.

Jan has joined the open ground level seating close to the course.

Jan has accepted a hat but holds it awkwardly rather than donning it.

Caspian looks to Aconite as she calls out and grins, "Softest whisper! Im thrilled to see you.. but.." he cleared his throat, "i have to admit now im even more conscious about my bumbling riding than i was going to be before." he looks around and raises his voice a little, "The performance of the rider is NOT ab indication of the quality of the steed! The mightiest steed with the most impotent of riders can still be bested!" he looks back to aconite and smiles. "Are you riding?"

Bouncing upright in her seat, Ilira beams right back at Caspian. "Hiiii," she mouths, waving excitedly from beyond the barrier between track and field. While the rules are explained, she reaches a dainty, jeweled hand up to her hair and unwinds one of the long gossamer ribbons from a raven tress. She rises and approaches the course, extending her favor toward the Champion and his horse. Then she rushes back before anything commenses and retakes her seat beside Jan, who she greets with a bright, "Good day!"

Standing to the other side of the golden horse, hands curling behind his lower back, the Malvici Duke is stepping forward a moment while lifting up his chin. The Lycene tones from Martino carrying across the race track, a louder call it pitch his voice higher. "For those taking part in the race, our thanks to you. There will be several laps around the race track behind us which you and your horse is welcome to take the preparation time now to get accustomed to the field." Turning his torso, the twist of his body in the waistcoat as he gestures across with his left hand.

"After that and we settle in, I shall call you to the starting line. I see there are several with horses already, there are also horses available should you want to enter but be lacking a horse." Sharp green eyes turning back to the room, a faint smile across to those he is recognising in the crowd. "After, we will do three laps of the ring and a winner will be the first to cross the finish line taking home that prize of quarter-of-a-million silvers."

After Martino explains the race, Cassiopeia who is still standing next to her horse which has ribbons braided into her golden mane. They say that animals often look like their owners, and the two seem to have that look down pat. The young Marquessa is excited to explain the next part of the festivities.

"In addition to the race, we are running another competition. We call it the people's choice award, and this is your chance to pick your favourite horse and rider pair. This can be based on skill, swagger, humour, appearance, quirks, whatever it is, that makes someone stand out to you. As the race goes on, please write your choice on a ballot and staff will collect it at the end of the race. The winning pair will receive a hundred thousand silver," she pauses for a moment and then continues. "To facilitate this, I would invite each rider and their horse to come up and introduce themselves," clearly she means the human part of the pair. "This way, everyone knows who is riding and the name of their horse.," Cassiopeia gestures for all participants to line up and announce themselves." (OOC: Please page me your choice before the race ends)

Ariella sidles in around the outside of the course, golden eyes flicking between racers and announcers. After a momentary look around, she decides to help herself to one of the special box seats, settling in and kicking back to watch.

Ariella has joined the an elevated private viewing box flanked by pillars.

Caspian moves to take the ribbon from Ilira with a bright smile. He looks at it a moment then chuckles, "I suppose there is something for better on the underdog hmm?" he winked at Ilira before tieing the ribbon around his arm. he Watched her bound up to sit next to jan, and waved merrily to them both before moving back to stand by Maximo.

Ilira turns in her seat a moment to wiggle her bedazzled fingers at Ariella from the bench nearest the course.

"Oh, there is an //introduction//?" asks Sir Corban, a bit surprised to be put on the spot like that. "Ah! Well." Rosie canters on up to the starting line dutifully while Corban raises his voice to address the crowd. "Well. I am Sir Corban Telmar, the First Captain, of the King's Own! It is a pleasure to race in exhibition for sport and to honor Petrichor and Gloria. And. Uh. I wish luck to all the racers and steeds and for fair competition for all." He coughs into his fist, glad to have that over, at least.

Cassiopeia leans in to murmur something to Corban, discretely, perhaps a little prompt of sorts.

Corban leans over a little bit when Cassiopeia whispers to him and he makes an "ah" sound, flushing. "And this, of course, is Rosie! Rosie is a proud resident of the royal stables, and, really, is the star of this race! So. Uh. Thank you." Rosie seems unimpressed at her introduction, but dutifully raises up her head to acknowledge the crowd.

Ilira waves at Rosie.

She teasingly replies, "I wouldn't miss it for the world. I'm sure Maximo will take care of you. Roll if you fall." Her black gaze once again sweeps the stands. As she looks back towards Cassiopeia and Martino, she does a seated bow in greeting. Flores is palpably excited as he walks around in a jaunty arch. She waits for the introductions to begin.

When it's her turn she trots Maximo up. Her riding outfit matches the horse and tack, dusty gold and back. Aside from being visually striking Flores' gait is something to behold. Flores lifts his front legs off the ground and hops forward on his hind legs, not a rear but an excited double-hop followed by a high stepping gait where he rounds in front of the crowd. "This is Flores De Loto," She introduces the prancing stallion, "Trained by the Master Instructors of the Torean calvary and a proud breed of Tor. And I am Aconite Whisper." She gestures to herself. Then looks back at the riders, "This is going to be so exciting."

Jan pulls out her flask and watches the riders. Caspian is given an encouraging thumbs up along with a big grin but her gaze stops when she spies Corban and suddenly becomes quite intent.

If ever there was a mismatch between horse and rider, it was Maximo and Caspian. The horse was tall, proud, ever inch a specimen of thoroughbred magnificence. The horse was black as midnight save for the white star that blossomed on its face, its eyes looking around with intelligence. it looked ready tor un, ready to charge forth and leave the world in its wake at a moments notice. It wore confidence like a saddle. Caspian on the other hand, was clearly NOT sharing this confidence. he stood next tot he horse, and by his posture and stance, clearly had enormous respect for the animal. There was pride in the way he stroked its mane. There was however, NO confidence in the way he glanced at the awaiting saddle. He cleared his throat, "My name is Caspina, and i will be riding Maximo Estellar! He was a gift, a gift i could never be worthy of. Trained by the very best, and sadly lacking a rider near worthy of him." He patted the horses neck fondly, and his voice broke into a laugh "I beg you all not to judge him by the fool who rides atop him. And i thank Softest whisper Aconite both for Maximo my friend, and for putting up with me the most inept student at riding!"

Creasing his eyes to Ariella a-far as she is arriving into the circuit, making her way up to the private viewing box, Martino's toros id dipping to her before listening to the riders introduce themselves. Their horses to. "Thank you, you three, for stepping forward to contest and do your horses proud upon them." Folding his hands behind his lower back once more, Martino is lifting his chin to speak across the noise of the crowd gathered. "Now our riders will find their places by the start marks and we will prepare them for the race itself. Our three riders, Softest Aconite. Sir Corban and Messere Capsian."

Lifting her hands, Ariella claps boisterously from her seat as each rider is introduced, especially for Aconite, for some reason. Martino's torso-dip is noted with a flick of her eyes and a curve of her lips, but nothing more than this.

A hand reaches to pet her own horse, who is no doubt upset about having to host and not ride, someone is getting a lot of apples this week. Cassiopeia is entirely delighted by everyone as they introduce themselves and she claps each time. "Oh how delightful, such beautiful horses," her eyes light up and someone is also getting more ponies too.

"Well, it is really quite unfair that I should have to compete in the People's Choice against a Champion and a Wisper," says Corban, good naturedly, when he rides up to the start line next to Caspian and Aconite. "You are trained entertainers. I should hope I am a better rider than I am an amuser of crowds." But he is not certain.

Ilira straightens in her seat, leaning forward a little as the riders present themselves. She beams at Aconite and Flores and blows them both kisses, batting her lashes in encouragement. Then Caspian, the one upon which she has bestowed her favor, takes her attention. She watches him and his mount with obvious adoration, giving a tiny round of applause when he is done and leaning back with a grin as the race starts.

Caspian looks to Corban as he settles into the saddle and grins, "Oh my friend, i can promise you that you are a better rider than I!" he grins to Aconite then, "i suspect there will be many more lessons required after this little show." he laughs merrily all the same, stroking Maximo's mane as he awaited the mark. He Adjusted himself in the saddle, trying to recall all the proper things he had been taught. In truth, as he shifted and moved slightly, it looked rather like the man had an uncontrollable itch more than anything else.

Jan takes occasional sips from her flask while she chatters with Ilira, gaze resting on the riders as they wait for the go.

Aconite beams back to the people in the stands. Turning to get a look at the track the Whisper smiles at the Knight, "Surely if formation and performance were to be shown, the Torean breeds would excel. But I like to go fast, too. Your mare is lovelyand has a runners build. I suspect the Champion and I will have to be on our game." The dappled Jennet stallion's ears are perked, no tense but certainly eager about getting things going. Aco shifts and reaches back to check each of the high-set stirrups and her boots. This causes her to be in more of a crouch than a mounted position and trots for the starting line. "Early morning, you know here to find me." She teases the Champion.

Martino has called for a check of dexterity and ride at easy.
TIE: Corban is successful. Aconite is successful.
Caspian is marginally successful.

Marie, the Warlord's Assistant, 2 Arakkoan Free Guards arrive, following Remus.

Bear and Hare staff are here en masse, offering drinks and ensuring everyone has a little ballot to write their choice on. During the race, they bring out trays with little hat shaped cakes, decorated in bright and cheerful coloured candy.

Jan is seated in the seating close to the track drinking and chattering with Ilira while the competition settles into place and waits for the mark.

In this respect, Corban was prescient: He is, in fact, a better racer than he is an introducer. So when the signal is made to start, he and Rosie are off like a shot, the knight spurring on his horse through the first circuit of the Bear and Hare's track, just slightly ahead of Aconite Whisper behind. But he does not turn to look, focused on the open track ahead of him.

Ilira plucks a flute of rose wine from a servant and says, "Thank you!" with a beam before turning back to Jan, voice lowering back to a conversational murmur. As the riders take off, she looks to the track, her eyes dancing and her smile cracking wider.

Clods of the earth are flung from Flores's back hooves as once the signal is given by his rider he's free to open up. He's slightly larger, so it takes just a fraction of a moment more time for his leggy gallop to open up. Aco, other than acting as a starter is letting Flores move at his own pace beneath her. The two have a familiar chemistry and trust, enough that Aco really only has to keep her careful jockey crouch with her spine parallel to her mouth. Flores seems eager to do the rest. Sooty black legs are nearly a blur as Flores tries to catch up with Rosie. The stallion appears to be as invested in the race as his rider.

Maximo is chomping at the bit, ready to run! So when the horn sounds and the race begins, he bolts forward in a fine display of explosive power! Caspian was clearly not quite prepared for that however, and rocked back in the seat, clutching the reins and pulling himself back upright and the back down into a good position again! The horses thundered ahead, and the first bend of the track came up. Caspian leaned in as Maximo took the turn in stride, hooves pounding the dirt into a slurry as he moved forward! To an experienced eye, it was quite clear that maximo was doing the work and caspian was really just doing his best to not fall off. It was close, Corban and Aconite pulling ahead as their riders effortlessly matched the horse under them. Maximo snorted and pushed himself further, taking the next turn even faster and with ease! Caspian was... not quite so luck.y The turn through him slightly off balance and leaned a little to far to the side. With a snort, maximo, broke his stride to do a little hitch step and bounce the champion back onto the saddle properly with the ever present patience of a parent carrying their child. The pair of them lagged a bit behind as they finished the first lap, but both horse and rider seemed to be loving the thrill and dead set on pushing forward!

Jan says, "Holy cornholes, that knight took off like someone set a fire strait to his dangles!" Jan rises "Goooo Caspian! You can catch them!"

Cassiopeia watches with excitement as the race continues, she reaches for a mint julep and sips on it. When she sees her brother arrive, she lifts her hand up and waves at him. Then she is back to watching the race as it continues, seeing how close it is, she is nearly bouncing with energy and enthusiasm. "Everyone is doing such a great job, it's anyone's race!," she exclaims.

Ilira's eyes glitter with amusement at Jan.

Watching the riders go around that first time, Martino is taking his leave from near the circuit to give the horses space. Instead finding himself at the bottom of the private viewing box. A murmur aside to Ariella, flickering his sharp greens in her direction before drawing his hand near his chest. "You're doing that Tor horse proud there!"

Martino has called for a check of dexterity and ride at easy.
Critical Success! Aconite is inhumanly successful in a way that defies expectations.
Corban is successful.
Caspian is successful.

Remus strides in with his usual straight posture, late and looking slightly dismayed for it. A warm smile is flashed at Cassiopeia and a friendly nod given to Martino. Smoothing out his uniform, despite it really not needing it, he heads over to stand next to them. "Sister! You're quite resplendent today, no surprise to see you helping put on an equestrian event. Duke Malvici, it's been quite awhile, I hope all is well."

In some sense, nothing has gone differently for Sir Corban. He and Rosie are hard-charging, making good pace at the head of the pack, and leading in front of Champion Caspian. A fine position to be as they get to the half-way point and beyond of the race. That is, of course, until Aconite comes out of nowhere, pulling ahead of him and taking a significant lead. "Goodness!" he declares, impressed even as he presses Rosie on in an attempt to catch up.

Reins go a bit slack and Aco goes into whatever happy place she has when she rides. Her capelet cracks and whips behind her as Flores opens his gait more and those long legs. Perhaps it's just the pure joy at that moment for both horse and rider. Aconite's smile isn't too wide, it's simply wiser to keep one's mouth shut when going this fast. For the moment, at least, the Whisper has solidified her lead.

Caspian is, for all his many faults, fairly quick to learn! As Maximo and Caspian charged toward the second turn, the champion actually seemed to have an idea of what he was doing. he wasn't fighting the horse any more, wasn't even clutching on for dear life! he was moving with the steed, bouncing along with him and absorbing the motion in his legs to keep his body still. he looked.. competent! it was an improvement! As he watched the others though, his mouth fell open in shock as Aconite put on a display of horsemanship that would make scribes write entire manuals on. the dust and rocks kicked up quickly caused him to spit and sputter and pick his jaw up from the ground. "Go Aconite Go!!!"

Jan says, "Uh-oh, The lady heard someone was putting fires to butt cheeks, The boys are in for it now!"

The crowd cheers and the excitement builds as the racers move around the track. A few people can't sit still and they are standing and waving their hands in the air. Someone is waving ribbons around, it's a celebratory atmosphere.

Bowing his torso to Remus on his arrival, Martino's lips are curling easily in a smile to him while speaking in his direction. "Good to see you as well, Lord Remus." Leaning slightly back against the railing, his hand moving down to his side before reaching behind himself. Martino's eyebrows are lifting up in something of surprise as the horse of Aconite's goes to gallop on further ahead. An impressed click of his tongue as he is watching that distance pick up on the final lap.

Ilira is caught between laughing with Jan and bouncing in her seat at Aconite's display of singular, unprecedented mastery. Her rings and bracelets flash as she claps, squealing, "ACO!"

Martino has called for a check of dexterity and ride at easy.
Corban is successful.
Caspian is successful.
Aconite is successful.

This can be said about Sir Corban and Rosie: They are consistent. Their gait and focus does not falter on the third trip around the racetrack, even picking up a bit of speed on the third go-around, gaining some of the distance on Whisper Aconite. But the fact remains that the Whisper has managed to get too far ahead for them to close the gap, so Corban must settle for second as he crosses over the finish for the third and final time, beginning to slow his trusty steed with praise and pats to her side.

Caspian gives a grin as he watches Aconite go charging ahead. he he patted maximo's neck as the pair rounded the next turn. This of course meant his hand was NOT where it should have been and went flailing off the side the as the force of the turn unsettled the rider slightly, his hand dangling in the air and waggling around a bit wildly. He grabbed the reins and settled back into his routine again, following Maximo's lead and letting the smarter horse take them home! As they crossed the line , he leaned forward and hugged maximo's neck with a laugh. "Well done my friend, well do--" the horse jerked its head back slightly as it t slowe,d thudding into caspian's head. the man rocked back, only staying on by holding trightly to the reins, then breaking into a laugh as he rubbed his forehead

They round towards the finish line. Flores with his head down, nostrils flared and hooves moving so fast it's hard to distinguish the four beats of his gait. Neither of them is looking back and after they've passed the finish line they go a bit of a ways before the reins tighten again and Flores is slowed down gradually, falling into a high-legged jaunt from passage to piaffe. Turning to trot back along the churned track. Flores is feeling himself. His head high, nostrils flared and a trumpeting neigh escapes him which makes the Whisper laugh and pet the vain beast, slipping her boots from the high stirrups to dangle. "Wow." Aco beams toward the other riders breathlessly. She's flushed, there's a brightness to her eyes and now that she's not risking gritty teeth her smile shines from ear to ear. She finally turns towards the stands and waves both hands to the crowd, her excitement continues undimishined.

Jan applauds for the victor and each of the riders pass over the finish line "Fantastic! Good attempt Cas-Oh-balls!" she cuts off with a wince when Caspian is headbutted by his horse.

With the distance in the second lap on her side, Martino's hands are applauding as Aconite with Flores is riding it through to take the lead. A cheer from him as that smile is upon her face, still clapping and cheering as Corban follows through with Caspian soon after. A broad smile upon his lips before seeing the wack of horse on head, "Ah! Well raced. Well raced there."

Cassiopeia is cheering and she smiles at Remus at his comment, adjusting her hat. Then one of the attendants is running up to her with the tally of the votes and she is looking it over, with a quizzical expression. She murmurs something to Martino, but then she is looking back to everyone and especially the participants. "What an exciting race! You all did such an incredible job and thank you for breaking in this new track!," she adds, all smiles.

"What an incredible run, Whisper Aconite!" declares Sir Corban as he brings Rosie up alongside the Whisper's steed, beaming a smile at her. "Congratulations! There was simply no chance I would be able to catch up after that second lap. It was like you had wings on your hooves." He bows his head in respect to rider and steed both.

Remus applauds heartily for the racers, watching the spectacle with interest. "Look at that performance by Whisper Aconite and Flores, quite marvelous! Worthy of a win for certain. I couldn't have done better," he admits to his sister with a rueful smile, then clapping for Corban and Caspian when they cross the line. "Oh, that looks painful. I can say I've had a horse skull in contact with my own a time or two, my sympathies." A quick glance catches sight of Ilira who gets a wave in greeting, then he's tilting his head at Cassiopeia. "Very nice hat as well! It fits the occasion."

Aconite glances towards Caspian only seeing the aftermath. She exhales a soft sympathetic sounding laugh, "Oooo." She, like Remus, has clearly been there before, "Remember your horse cannot actually see you!" Flores, quite full of himself. Prancing around as the Whisper makes sure to cool him down. "Thank you for the opportunity, Marquessa." Then to Martino another nod of thanks, "Your Grace." Aco nods in thanks to Corban and replies, "I was inspired by capable opponents and blessed with a competative mount." She pats Flores hooves. "But your mare nearly had us."

Ilira chokes on her red wine when Caspian gets a horse to the face. "My gods, Caspian," she laughs, spluttering a little. She sets down her drink to properly and heartily applaud the conclusion of the race, her rings lending a metallic echo to each impact of her hands. Still smirking, she catches Remus's eye and tips her head in greeting.

Caspian rubs his forehead and laughs merrily, "Was my own fault! like you said.. i forgot he cant see me!" he begins to clap then. "And well done Aconite! well done softest whisper! The way you and Flores worked together was.. AMAZING!!" he resumed rubbing his head then, "Thank you Marquessa Cassiopeia and Durk martino for hosting this! was a pleasure to partake!"

With the horses calming down, the riders able to get themselves settled after the race, the Duke Martino Malvici is moving from the bottom of the private box across to the finish line. His hands still applauding as he is lifting his voice somewhat once more across the crowd, "Congratulations to our winner, Softest Aconite Whisper. With that second lap and her horse Flores picking up a superb wind, they are our winners and receive the prize. Congratulations to you both." Still applauding, Martino's hand is gesturing across to Cassiopeia after, "And we have another award as well."

Jan's eyebrows loft upwards and she looks towards Ilira curiously even while she applauds for the whisper's decisive victory.

Aconitelooks towards Ilira with a grin, "When are you going to join us for riding training?" Lady Kennex and Lady Igniseri are also met with a bright smile and a mounted bow. "When the second prize is announaced Aco's brows loft and she looks back to the other riders.

Jan is overheard praising Cassiopeia.

Jan is overheard praising Aconite.

Jan is overheard praising Martino.

Jan is overheard praising Caspian.

Jan is overheard praising Corban.

Cassiopeia puts her hands together and applauds excitedly for Aconite, "well done Softest Whisper Aconite! That was incredible riding, what a delight to watch," she says with warmth. Then with another announcement she clears her throat and one of her attendants has scurried off and returned with not one satchel but two, "and, for the People's Choice Award-- we have a tie!," she says seeming delighted but surprised by this. "For their participation, both unique in skill and presence, I would call up both Champion Caspian and Maximo and Sir Corban and Rosie, for a split-prize." Then she looks back at everyone there, "And thank you all for coming to watch. There are plenty of drinks and a proper lunch that will be brought out shortly. Please stay, mill about, chat and eat." A pause, "I would also like to thank Duke Martino and House Malvici for co-sponsoring and the staff at the Bear and Hare, which will be opening official--very soon." Cassiopeia claps for everyone!

Cassiopeia is overheard praising Martino: Host with the Most.

Cassiopeia is overheard praising Aconite: She's like lightning!

Cassiopeia is overheard praising Caspian: Riding high!

Sir Corban has a polite smile on his lips when there is the announcement of a tie for the People's Choice award. He brings his hands up to begin to clap for what he assumes is a split prize between Aconite and Caspian, the two professionals, and then . . . "What?" he asks when his name is called. He begins to approach, but then holds up his hand when offered the purse. "Oh, goodness no," he murmurs. "I have no need for money. Please. Direct it to the Mercies for their important work, please."

Cassiopeia is overheard praising Corban: Giddy-up!

"Oh, I get a lot of riding done with him all the time," Ilira replies to Aconite, way too nonchalant. Her eyes and smile full of a rich warmth, she adds, laughing a little, "But I didn't know you were having lessons, so I'll join anytime!" Her smile broadens as the tied prize is awarded, dimples blossoming at the apples of her cheeks.

Caspian looks to the audience and offers a laugh and a bright smile, bowing in thanks. he looks to corban and joins applause for the man. "Sir Corban! Thank you for your help on the course! i certainly learned a good bit simply trying to model your technique! im glad you were able to join us today!" he looks to Cassi and martino, "And lets raise a cheer and applause for the hosts of this wonderful event! thank you both, for taking the time end effort to host this moment of enjoyment for us all!"

Jan applauds the winners and then offers a flask to Ilira, "The Champion might want a nip for that headache." she offers Corban a wave in passing though it might be lost in all the fanfare.

With applause going all around, Martino's eyes are creasing to the crowd and dipping his torso to Aconite. "Well raced there, your horse did very well." Stepping smoothly from the circuit, avoiding the mud getting on shoes entirely, Martino is crossing back up to the private boxes. Lifting his gaze up to Ariella before reaching his left hand forward to her, fingertips on offer to the Lady Igniseri, "Ah there you are. Best view?"

Cassiopeia smiles graciously to Corban and nods her head, "I will have someone deliver the funds to the Mercies, straight away," she says waving her hand to someone, who comes running ready to take the little sack elsewhere. "That was truly delightful," she looks at her own horse who is not impressed. "Don't worry Sunshine, afterwards, we will race around the track, I promise," she says, but the horse doesn't understand and just shakes her mane and looks away. She looks over at Caspian, Aconite and Corban, "thank you all for participating. You are all very talented and it looks like everyone had fun. There are plenty of fresh apples and the like, for the horses, if you want."

"Mm," is Ariella's articulate reply to Martino as her hand slides into his, her lithe form unfurling from its perch in a natural movement, as if recognizing this as a prompt from the duke. Still, she is smiling, eyes raking over his person before scoffing lightly and reaching with her free hand to flick at his neckcloth. "Of all the foppish things to wear to this thing, Tino. Honestly."

Aconite smiles and dismounts. "Your Grace, it was a inspiring experience. Thank you for helping to Host. I'm going to have to ask the Marquessa about running shows." As Martino flees the mud the Whisper moves to both Corban and Caspian, "Thank you both." She's not as careful of the churned earth as Martino is. Alejandro walks over to take Flores' reigns so that he can start walking the hoes to cool him off. This leaves Aconite to head in Cassi's direction.

Reedy, a King's Own aide, Rosie, the red roan war horse leave, following Corban.

Ilira accepts Jan's flask into the palm of her dainty left hand and nods, her curls bouncing lightly. "That's a good idea, thank you!" she smiles, beginning gracefully to rise. "And thank you for sharing the bench with me!" She blows a kiss at her conversation partner and then approaches Caspian, extending the flask in the same way she did the little pink ribbon which flutters round his wrist before. "This may or may not help your head."

As the race finishes, staff is out with a variety of trays, more drinks and cake, but also little nibbles to provide for a nice picnic lunch. The sun in shining, the horses are rewarded with juicy red apples, and the celebrations are welcome to continue as long as they like.

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