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Summer Gauntlet: 1019

Lady Tesha Telmar is hosting the Summer Gauntlet at the Gauntlet on the grounds of Telmar Tower. All are welcomed to attend and test their skills on the course. Prizes will go to the top three runs of the day.

OOC: We will start accepting rolls for the Gauntlet on Monday prior to the event. I'll be in the gauntlet to take pre-rolls, just to make the event day go smoother.


May 1, 2023, 8 p.m.

Hosted By



Lucita Ann Mattheu Medeia Cillian(RIP) Gaspard



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Telmar Tower - The Gauntlet

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Comments and Log

It's a sweltering late Summer day, so of course it's a great day to run the Gauntlet! The soldiers that are generally doing drills here doing these hours have taken the time off to get in some side spars and some are here to run it themselves as well. There have been drinks on offer to keep everyone dydrated and different fruits to nibble on while watching folks exert themselves. At least those in the stands are being shaded by awnings that have been up to set up so that no one is passing out in this heat.

Because in this heat it is a great idea. Really.

Lady Tesha is dressed in crimson and has her hair plaited back from her face and hanging down her back given the weather and her one eye is keeping track of contestants as they are preparing to make their runs. Barrels of water have been placed at the start, middle and end of the gauntlet given the temps.

Tesha gives a look over the already gathered crowd and those that are still arriving and there is a smile, "We're going to start the runs momentarily." she states loud enough for her voice to carry.

Lucita for the sake of energetic dogs who would like nothing more than to chase contestants yet are trained to adhere to their guard dog duties, temptation is removed as they are left just outside the entry of the Gauntlet. Lucita wanders in and glances around before going toward some of the seating and bowing before settling in place. There is a faint 'clink' coming from her backpack and a bottle is extracted and held ready to spike the cooling beverages Lady Tesha has provided should any wish it.

Ann has come to spectate. There's a low mutter under her breath. Likely complaining about the weather. But at least there is some shade. Her own little army loiter about her but do not take a seat. Upon seeing Lucita she gives a wave and a smile to the woman as she takes her seat near her. Then her gaze falls on who is to participate today.

The song of the Rivenshari bells upon Mattheu have yet to 'calm' down. He came early and has been bouncing along edges of the gauntlet track in warm ups. Stepping back a little for a few of the Telmar soldiers to walk past and give them a soft jingling nod from bells tied into his hair. A small burst of color covers him from sleeveless tunic leading into trousers rolled up to his knees as he is barefoot in the heat. Stopping a little in his motion to rest within his perch upon one leg the other crossed in a bend before him and hand to his foot as he smiles towards Tesha and the other contestants. A small elbow to one standing next to him with his grin and eyeing the rope at the end of the course. "I think today that rope and I will come to an understanding."

Medeia arrives woth a contingent of Eswynd warriors who are all curiously eyeing the gauntlet's obstacles and jesting among themselves about which of the warriors will falter on which obstacle. Clearly, the lady has come to watch the festivities, as she heads directly for a seat beside Lucita. Meanwhile, the warriors make for the gauntlet. "Luc, how lovely to see you!" She leans to press a kiss to her sister-by-marriage's cheek. "I hope that this is as entertaining as I expect." Ahe lifts a hand to wave to Mattheu when she spots him. "Good luck, Lord Rivenshari!"

Cillian arrives with out anyone really, no guards. Just himself, the northern lord looks a bit banged up as he moves out to look over the gauntlet. He is hot! but he is dressed in his leathers as normal, once he gets done walking around it he moves to take his place with the others. He starts to do a few stretches, wincing here and there as he does. Something is mumbled about ropes, rats and how they are natures land puranas.

Lucita reaches over to give Medeia a hug and a cheek kiss. "Oh, it is good to see you. I tried that course once some years ago before Trainer Jhond taught me a tiny bit. I'm still not good enough to try it now. My first effort had me falling off one of the pieces of equipment and looking up at it. It had names carved on the underside of the logs! Never knew if those were ones who fell off or made it over in remarkable time."

Lucita shifts the bottle she holds over toward Ann, giving her a warm smile. "Athletics is not one of my better skills."

There is a wave for both Mattheu and Cillian as Ann watches for things to begin. Looking on with anticipation. Giving a small finger wave to Medeia when she claims the seat on the other side of Lucita. When Lucita hands the bottle over to her she laughs. "Thank you kindly." Nodding at the talk of Athletics. "I did the gauntlet once myself once. Let's just say I failed in everything and ended up in the mud more then once."

There is a bit of a shuffle of feet when Duke Aethan Kennex arrives and heads for a seat. Apparently the man is not running the Gauntlet today. Which might be wise. Sir Filshiar and Master Aksel have made their way down to the line where the obstacle course is and are waiting to for the start of things. When the signal is given to start the runs, it is Sir Filshiar that is off on his own run first and making the Gauntlet look a bit effortless.

Tesha turns her attention to judging once the go ahead is given and she's hoping that no one has a heatstroke out there.

Medeia looks out over the gauntlet and shakes her head. "I think I will stick to not embarassing myself, today." THen she's leaning forward to peer around Lucita at Ann. "Hello! Lady Medeia Eswynd nee Saik, a pleasure." Her smile is warm and welcoming, her accent still quite Lycene, though touched by the Isles.

Mattheu grins to Filshiar then Cillian, Aksel is given one of those familiar, /not really/ nods as he slips from that silly awkward pose upon one foot and tucks into a low run after Filshiar to find the single bar and make quick work of it. Bells sing as he bounces and leaps through the course.

Cillian starts to pull himself free of his leather chest and silk shirt, he looks over as Ann waves in his and Mattheu's direction. He nods to her then looks down and starts to hop in place to take his boots off, there is a look that comes from Cillian when Filshiar comes past. He watches the Knight then his eyes look to Mattheu as he is off again. Cillian just seems low energy at the moment, quiet. When his shirt is off his sides are bruised as well, someone was off doing something it seems.

Tesha is watching the runs and writing things down as she does. She's used to the little dips and slips that come with the Gauntlet. Aksel is another that seems to be having a bit of a problem with the course. One of the guards makes sure that the runners are offered water and to make sure that they cool themselves off after their runs. Thankfully if anything happened there were medically inclined persons here!

There were a good number of runners that still slide through, a lot of the Telmar soldiers runs are ended with ducking their heads into the barrel of water at the end of the course and then going to strap back on their armor.

The Eswynd warriors are doing the gauntlet in their armor for reasons that aren't entirely clear.

Lucita says, "Ohhh, more contestants arriving. This should be fun to watch." She smiles a little at the various preparations being taken. "Oh, that one's face is as red as that pretty dress I saw last week. But he is cooling off in the shade."

Cillian once out of his leather's except pants, they are still on! He takes off after Mattheu, he is light and quick on his feet. He moves to grab the single bar, making it across and looks on after the Knight and Mattheu. He gives those a few mins in front of him so he is not on top of them trying to do the low hurdles.

With a clap and cheer for any that are behind Mattheu stands beside the water bins reaching in with a scarf to douse it completely before rolling it up and tying the wet slip of flaxen cloth around his neck as water drips in a pool down his back. The cool of the water gives him a shiver as it runs under tunic and causes him to start laughing.

Ann smiles at Medeia, "Princess Ann Redrain. It is nice to see you again, milady." She winces when she hears Lucita, "Oh my. I do hope that one gets a drink soon enough. This weather can be so bothersome." Flicking open a fan as if remind herself to stay cool. Her attention falling on Matti and she's grinning when she takes note of his water trick.

Tesha gives a bit of a laugh at the water shenanigans, but she didn't blame anyone for doing it. The woman gives a look over to Cora, who is helping her with the judging of things today. Once the last runners are coming off the end of the course there is a round of applause from the older woman. Giving everyone a cheer that has went through. And everyone that's suffered the sun.

Then she turns towards the crowd, "I want to thank everyone for taking time out of your schedules to come and watch and to participate here. We're going to get scores all tabulated and then we'll announce our winners. Please feel free to rest and stay cool." she gives a smile to that before going back to scores with Cora.

Cillian stops to take a drink of water and to pour some over his head as he stands there, he really is going to melt some day! Its going to happen! He looks to Mattheu and flicks some water at the other Lord and then shakes his head a bit water flying in all directions. He is breathing hard, his hands on his knees the last two gave him issues and he is just trying to breath!

Medeia's head tilts a little at Ann, and suddenly, her eyes widen and her cheeks pinken and she;s offering a soft yet effusive apology. "Your Highness, I am so sorry I did not recognize you immediately. I remember now, we met at the Mirrorball in Saikland." She reaches across Lucita briefly to gently squeeze Ann's forearm. "Will you be going to Tremorus for your cousin's wedding? The marquessa is a dear friend of mine, perhaps we will find ourselves sharing a ship for the voyage."

Mattheu still stares at the high hurdles, they were a small pain. Not as much as the rope at the end, though at least he didn't fall off of it this time. Looking over to Cillian with a grin as he is splashed at, to then call over to those in the stands "Lady Medeia, your Eswynd warriors gave me, us a run over the high wall. I can only imagine what they can get up to without all of their armor hold them down." He grins to the group that appear to now be taking turns in who can hold their heads under the water in the casks the longest. As he looks back, he offers a jingling flourished bow to Lucita. "Baroness. It's good to see you again." Finally he grins as he steps closer to Ann, waiting at a fair distance to not interrupt the conversation between Ann and Medeia. A little wave of his fingers to Ann as he pulls at his scarf to release more water down his back.

Ann turns slightly in her seat and gives her attention to Medeia and smiles at her as she pats at Medeia's hand. "I do plan on going to Tremorus for my cousin's wedding. I would be delighted if we share the same ship." Her smile warm. Seeing Mattheu her attention falls to him. Flicking the fan open again and if Mattheu gets closer she will try to bring the wind to him even as he uses water to cool him down. Asking him, "Is the water helping?" A brow quirked in the asking.

Cillian grins at Mattheu, but then he turns to move to collect his boots chest and shirt. He leans against the course for a moment as he looks over to the stands, he takes more water from one of the guards. He drinks some then dumps some over his head against, there is a sigh and a shiver that runs through him from the cool water running along his back and arms. He smiles, "Lady Medeia, Baroness Lucita, good to see you both again."

Lucita smiles gently as she listens to the conversation between the women on each side of her, interested in their comments. "That should be an interesting voyage." She glances over toward Mattheu and Cillian to call out. "Well done, the both of you, to make it as you did despite the heat. That can be draining. Sometimes I walk the track here with Lord Ian and it can wear you out after a few laps when just doing a brisk walk."

Medeia looks over at the Eswynd warriors, smiling proudly of their performance. "Never underestimate people raised in harsh climates, on ships, fighting Thrax for generations and surviving as a thorn in their side for hundreds of years." She gives a nod to CIllian when he approaches. "Lord CIllian, are you alright? Have you seen a medic for... Whatever it is you got yourself into?"

Mattheu grins to Medeia, "Sound a familiar tale. Just substitute Thrax for Valardin." He laughs softly as he waves to Tesha then looks back to Lucita, Medeia, and Ann. "It should be a lovely voyage. I'm looking forward to how others run their ships when out towards open waters."

Tesha and Cora are going back and forth politely about something and then a decision is made. The two redheads end up laughing a bit over it, but in the end neither of them exploded. She gives a bit of a look over the scores again and then turns to the crowd, "We have scores and prizes to hand out. We'll try not to keep everyone out in this heat much longer." she admits.

"For third place, we have a tie between Lord Cillian and Master Aksel. Due to this, we'll be awarding them both ten thousand silver for this." she announces with a dip of her head to Cillian and Aksel.

"Our second place run was Lord Mattheu and he'll be receiving twenty five thousand silver." she offers to that.

"And our first place run goes to Sir Filshiar, who will be receiving fifty thousand silver." she states with a smile.

"These are your winners for the Summer Gauntlet!" she claps for them.

Lucita claps as she hears the results. "Well done everyone, and Lady Tesha, our thanks for hosting this again this year."

Ann does applaud everyone when she hears the results. Saying out loud, "Great job everyone." Her grin for Matti, "And you Lord Rivenshari, second place not shabby at all."

Cillian nods his head to Lucita, "Thank you, Baroness." he was about to answer Medeia when Tesha moves in his direction, he nods his head to her in thanks, "Thank you, Lady Tesha." he takes the pouch and tucks it away. He claps his hands for the others as they are announced, "You all did great." he says in his thick northern accent. Then he looks to Medeia, "Yes, I was out at Artshall helping when a hole opened up under me, I was able to not fall in. But it was not in my cards to climb down the rope into the root cellar we found." yeah he fell off the rope into the cellar instead.

Mattheu looks surprised when he's handed a purse with note for reward, the jingling colorful lord appears speechless for a moment as he swallows hard and looks back to Tesha. Then offering a flourished bow to her. "Thank you Lady Tesha. I'll see to it that my house gets this. It will be appreciated."

"Congratulations to you both," Medeia says to Cillian and Mattheu. She applauds all the participants, not showing any favoritism among those who ran the gauntlet.

Ann is overheard praising Lucita.

Ann is overheard praising Mattheu.

Lucita rises from her seat and reluctantly starts to head out. "I've left the dogs long enough in this heat, have to make sure they have water and get them back home so they can enjoy the shade trees and the pond for when they thirst."

Tesha gives a smile as prizes are handed out to the victors and she dips her head to them, "Thank you for coming out today and for showing your prowess. That's what the Gauntlet is here for." she states to them. "And now everyone can relax and get out of the sun that is trying to cook us." she chuckles to that. She looks all too happy to get out of the direct sunlight herself and she gives a whisper of something to Aethan and then she straightens.

"Feel free to stay and partake in drinks and fruits, we're going to start closing up things for the obstacle course and drills will start back up once the sun starts going down." she smiles to all of them. "We thank you all for attending!" she adds.

Ann is overheard praising Tesha.

Ann is overheard praising Medeia.

Lucita has left the East Spectator Seating.

1 Saik Guard, Micana, an efficient assistant leave, following Lucita.

Cillian is overheard praising Tesha.

Lumbering into the military grounds of the Telmar Tower, Gaspard towers here, looming overhead. Azure, gold-rimmed eyes lay on a swivel, roaming the stands and the training area, the obstacle course therein.

Mattheu is quick to spin when drinks and fruits are offered up. Filling up a platter with an assortment of apples and pears, "Oh. there's figs?!" Grabbing a handful of the fresh figs and then seeking out some honey to drizzle over top of the collection he's made. A large mug of water and he's heading back towards the stands to share his bounty. A few small glances from others as he makes his way through the small crowd. Platter held up high, balanced well upon fingertips and stopping to sip at the mug before continuing further towards where Ann sits. Settling down in a near flop and squish next to her. He holds out the platter now for Medeia as well. "Pear and honey?"

Tesha gives a smile to everyone that has thanked her and there is a moment when eyes go to the large lumbering Blackram that has entered the Gauntlet. "My Lord, would you like to make a quick run?" she calls to him.

Cillian breaths deeply, there something about the Blackwood that just seems off, he's been this way since he got back from being up North. He looks between all, nodding his head to them all, "A pleasure, good to see everyone." he says looking to them all. He gathers his things and starts to head back out, when the walking wall comes in he looks to Gaspard and makes to walk around him giving him space before leaving.

Medeia gives a friendly wave to Gaspard when she sees him, then has her attention caught by the offer of a pear. "Ooh, yes, thank you." She plucks one up from the offering Matthei makes.

There is a wave to Gaspard upon seeing him. But Ann is distracted when Matti comes with that platter and drink. Smiling as she makes her choices. It looks like a couple slices of apples are her choice so that Medeia could have her pick of pear and honey. " good." Trying to talk around the mouthful of apple. So juicy on a hot day like this.

Gaspard gives a small shake of his head, "No, not summer gauntlet, I'm afraid. Hopefully next time. Did however think to come say hello to all the fine individuals competing and observing today." Rumbles the giant of a man slowly, a nod given in response to the waves received. "Who won?"

Tesha gives a smile to Gaspard, "That makes sense. We have a bit of a surprise event that we're going to announce in a few days. I just need to iron out the rest of the details with my co-host and things." she admits. "Again, I thank everyone for coming. We always appreciate it." she tells those that are left.

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