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Assembly of Peers - July 1019 AR

The Assembly of Peers meets so that any petitioner can bring up business before the Voices of the Realm, the leaders of the Compact so that the full Assembly can hear of pressing matters. Whether it's elevations, crises, or ornery kooks that are desperate to be heard and are dragged out by the Iron Guard, the Assembly is where the Compact theoretically gets things done.


April 9, 2023, 3 p.m.

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Patrizio Gwenna Grady Denica Aconite Jan Sudara Raymesin Medeia Tesha Valencia Cillian(RIP) Zetta



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Assembly of Peers

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Comments and Log

"It has been a very busy few months recently, and so we have not had the opportunity to meet like this and I just wished to check in with those fealties who were able to attend," Jaenelle begins from her seat at the head of the room. "Not all are in attendance, but we will proceed as planned and make arrangements in the future to discuss any concerns or new developments with those not able to speak today." She looks towards the Faith benches and nods towards one of the young Priests to stand. "If we can all rise to hear the convocation." The Priest stands and waits for the room to do so before speaking, his voice strong and loud as he speaks the familiar words recited at the assembly countless times before.

Respectfully, with the folio placed down on the Voice's table, Patrizio takes to his feet as Jaenelle calls for all to do so. His jade eyes briefly turn to the priest who rises as well, before he bows his head and closes his eyes, concentrating on the words spoken.

Gwenna put her writing instrument at the center of the small book opened before her, and then closes the book while standing. The Redrain bows her head in anticipation of the convocation.

Grady's pants make a soft crinkling noise as he takes a seat at the empty Grayson benches, and then crinkle again when he immediately stands back up for the convocation.

It's another Assembly of Peers and princess Denica arrives dressed in a flowing gown that hits the floor and trails behind her with a light and gentle flutter. Clutching a well-worn sketchbook to her front, her hands are scrubbed clean, but there's always just a faint wash of colour on the skin that just can't quite come off. A confident stride takes her to the Thrax benches, whatever thoughts play in her mind are causing her eyes to sparkle. The young woman settles gracefully into a spot, placing the portfolio on her lap. Thick Islander eyebrows furrow together as she looks around the room, focusing on the occasional individual in which she no doubt exchanges subtle words or looks with. When Jaenelle starts to speak to those gathered here, Denica turns her attention to the woman and then she stands as the Priest does, focused on the words about to be spoken.

Aconite finds a place to park herself just as the Archduchess begins the Assembly. The Whisper settles in with a quick glance and a smile towards those around her. Then she looks back to the Peers.

Jan has been settled in the Thrax benches and idly scanning the crowd nearby though when they are bid to stand she does so and bows her head. She may also use the opportunity to take a nip from a flask while everyone's attention is elsewhere.

Amidst a silken rustle from her all-black attire, Sudara rises from her place in the Setarcan section of the hall. Her expression changes from one of amiable interest to reverential solemnity, before she inclines her head to listen to the convocation.

Raymesin, clad in neat black leathers and up where he belongs on the commoner benches, rises to his feet as well. He stands with head bowed as the prayer is spoken, quietly towering over most of the rest of the commoners.

Medeia had arrived early and settled at the Thrax benches quietly. She was sure to politely greet everyone around her - regardless of where their loyalties may have fallen in recent conflicts. Denica and Jan get friendlier greetings, inquiring after their wellbeing, before she stands with the rest for the convocation.

Lady Tesha Telmar is seated quietly at the Valardin benches. The one eyed woman is clothed in crimson and has her hair braided back from her face as to not obscure the scars today. She gives a dip of her head to those that she knows, but otherwise stays seated and quiet until the convocation is called.

Valencia, seemingly happy to watch the proceedings, also rises. Her head bows softly as the words are spoken, her hands gently clasped before her.

Cillian was sat at the Redrain table slipping in early waiting for the meeting to start, he stands as everyone else does hands at his side and head bowed.

A smile is given to the Priest once he is finished, and Jaenelle turns back to those gathered, "thank you, you all may be seated," and does so herself. She turns towards Gwenna after and offers her a grin, "Princess Gwenna, would you like to start us off this afternoon? Does House Redrain have anything to share?"

Grady re-takes his seat as the Assembly begins, with a third soft crinkle. He folds his thin hands in his lap and smiles as he listens.

Gwenna dips her head politely to those at the table and then inclines her head to Jaenelle. "I would, thank you so kindly Archduchess." She stands to address the assembly. "House Redrain, along with the Houses under her banner, continue our efforts to better defend the Northlands against various threats. We hope to schedule a fealty meeting soon," is noted with a glance toward those gathered at the Redrain benches. "In order to discuss possible new avenues on that front. Otherwise, we have nothing of consequence to note." That offered, she retakes her seat.

Once the convocation is done, Tesha smoothes her skirts and retakes her seats. She clasps her hands gently in her lap and then looks up to the front of the Assembly to see what the voices of the Realm have to say on things.

Jan settles back down, exchanging words lowly and briefly with Denica and Media and then giving a nod and then steals another nip from her flask.

Sudara likewise takes a few moments to attend to her dress, while settling back into place. Unlikely though it is that anyone of political import will notice the leader of a band of Prodigals, she offers those at the more illustrious end of the hall an encouraging and sympathetic smile.

"Thank you for that update Your Highness. As always should the North need for anything, those of us here are more than willing to assist and we look forward to hearing at the next assembly if anything new has been learned between now and then." She then turns her attention towards Patrizio, and he receives the same look Gwenna did. "Prince Patrizio, the floor is yours to share anything you may wish to about House Pravus and their plans or concerns."

A smile finds Patrizio's features as he's called upon, the brief inclination of his head to Jaenelle before he's rising in his place. For a moment, his gaze turns to the Setarcan benches, before he's looking across the room slowly to consider all present. "In the interest of brevity, all is well within the Summer Seas," speaks he with an air of ease to his tone, fingertips playing lightly atop that ever-present folio of his. "House Pravus has nothing of consequence to table at this time."

Medeia sits when appropriate and listens with particular attentiveness.

Valencia is attentive to the presentations as they people speak, her large dark eyes drifting from person to person. As Gwenna speaks to Redrain, she nods to her words. As Patrizio is takes the floor next, she turns to listen attentively again, smiling in turn to hear of the news of Pravus as well.

Zetta makes her way in, takes a glance around before moving towards the commoners benches.

"Thank you as well, Your Highness. It pleases me that all is well and of course the offer is also extended to you and those beneath your banner. Should assistance be needed it shall be given," Jaenelle tells the man with a dip of her head as well. She does not stand as she begins, "House Velenosa has been working on a fealty wide infrastructure project for the last few years. The intention of this project was to bolster each city's walls and secure castles. We improved each domain who wishes to participate by improving the materials used to protect them. This project was announced within this very room years ago, and I am pleased to announce now it has been completed. I assure those listening the intention of this project was to protect those within the Lyceum from the unknown, especially with there being a very real history of destruction in recent memory. I have not yet decided on the Lyceum's next fealty project, but I hope to have a stronger idea of direction in the coming weeks to share with the assembly next time."

"Wonderful news, from both Houses," Gwenna says to Patrizio and Jaenelle, her gaze lingering on the latter a moment. "I may inquire about the project you just mentioned, Your Grace, as you may have insight that we might not have yet considered."

At his place, Patrizio lightly toys with his writing stylus, inclining his head in return to both Gwenna and Jaenelle, as he listens, but for the moment holds his counsel to himself.

"I would be happy to share the information regarding the project and how it came to be, Princess Gwenna. I am not sure anyone but you and I would be excited to hear us speak about numbers for the next three hours, so we shall reserve that to a later time," Jaenelle says with another grin. She then turns towards the room at large and states, "if there are any within the gallery of noble title who wish to speak, please form a line and you shall be called upon."

Sudara - who once won some recognition for herself and a degree of respectability for the Truesworn via their own grand fortification effort, which began when the Setarcan fealties were themselves still part of the Lyceum - smilingly inclines her head to Jaenelle. She even mimes (silent) applause, hoping to further convey supportive approval without trying to draw undue attention.

There is a quick chuckle and nod of Gwenna's head to Jaenelle's words. "Indeed. I will reach out soon to discuss the matter further."

Tesha gives a smile when talk of numbers come up, but she doesn't join in the commenting as that would be interrupting. She instead errs on the side of being behaved and listens in on things being talked on.

"As there are no further matters to bring before the Voices, I would like to call this assembly to a close. Thank you all for attending, and if there is any personal matters you wish to discuss that you might not be comfortable speaking on in public, I am sure none of us would hesistate to listen in smaller, personal setting. Again, thank you for coming and the assembly is dismissed."

Jaenelle says all this.

Jan tilts her head back and simply pours the remainder of her flask into her gaping maw.

Gwenna is overheard praising Jaenelle.

Gwenna is overheard praising Patrizio.

And once Jaenelle has spoken, Raymesin rises to his feet and makes his way down to the floor.

Medeia bows her head to Denica and Jan, then hurries - as politely as possible - from the Assembly.

Medeia has left the Thrax Benches.

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