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Silver Consortium Open House

All are invited to the Hall of the Silver Consortium for a grand evening of refreshment. Come to learn of opportunities available for individuals and houses as a member of the Consortium.


March 28, 2023, 8 p.m.

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Dacian Eddard Filshiar Pasquale



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Silver Consortium - Central Hall

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Comments and Log

The Silver Consortium Hall has been outfitted for a party: Tables have been arranged with gleaming white aeterna tablecloths and plenty of cushioned chairs, sparkling glass vases hold a bounty of summer flowers at the center of each, with gold and silver candlesticks holding lit candles that cast cause everything to shimmer in the flattering light. As the time nears for the event to start, SIra can be seen gving some final instructions to servers hired to bring drinks and food to guests.

Dacian arrives well dressed for the occasion, in waistcoat and breeches, with his hair slicked back from pomade and twisted up into a knot behind his head. His eyes take in the bounty of flowers and the table settings with a faint smile of approval. He looks around and seems to be one of the first arrivals.

Alberico, the Malespero aide, Louis, a Malespero Armsman, Mar, the Magpie arrive, following Pasquale.

Eddard has taken to the season quite well, a warm summer day means comfortable and breezy fabrics, and fanciful attire otherwise. He got here early enough to sweep around and snag up something refreshing to be refreshed by in the form of beverage.

One day, Sir Filshiar will get into the habit of preparing more formal clothing for such arrangements, but today he enters the decorated room in his King's Own armor, helmet tucked under one arm. He has done up his hair roughly in a topknot as he scans the room. "Ah! There you are," he says, lifting a hand to signal to Dacian, a familiar face. He strides over, past tables and servants, which he admires along the way. "Such a nice arrangement. How are you?"

Dacian nods to Eddard, watching him for a moment and about to greet him when he hears a familiar voice and he turns a look toward the King's Own, "Sir Filshiar!" His expression turns into one of amusement, "I promise I wasn't hiding. I had to stop by the market to check in on some business with other brokers..." then he stops and rolls a shoulder, "Though I suppose that's not what you meant." He looks to where Filshiar does, nodding, "They are inviting and well done. A credit to the staff here and Sira herself."

Pasquale breezes into the room in a flowing ensemble of black black velvet and steel grey silks. It's a shame for the sword at his hip really, despite the ornamental value of that basket hilt.

Sira gives a nod to Dacian as he enters, but she's wrapping up a final detail with an assistant and can't greet him properly, yet. Her gilded blue-eyed gaze lands on Eddard when she finally has a chance to take stock of the arrivals, and he earns a proper bow of her head. "Lord Clement, good to see you. It's been too long since you've darkened this hall." Then she's turning to Dacian as Filshiar finds him. "Messere Krosse, hello. Thank you for the compliment." Even as she notes someone new, she doesn't smile. She just doesn't seem to be the smiling type. "Sir.. Filshiar, welcome to the Hall of the Silver Consortium. I'm Master Sira Illuso, Voice. Well met. Please, help yourself to whatever food and drink you'd like." Finally, she turns to see Pasquale and moves to intercept his path. "My lord, always a pleasure."

"I could not help but come by and represent Malespero." Pasquale tells Sira with a polite little half-smile. "I know some of our members have been keen to work with the order." he looks around. "And of course I appreciate the pleasure of such fine minds." he gives a little bow towards Eddard, Filshiar and Dacian.

"Never mind that, am sure you weren't," Filshiar tells Dacian as Sira heads their way. He turns to the host and offers her a quick bow. "Well met, indeed. I am happy to learn a bit more about this organization. Thank you for the hospitality." When she moves on, he glances to the others who have arrived, bowing to Pasquale and Edward I turn, before turning back to Dacian. "A drink, Messere?"

Dacian gives Sira a polite nod with a sweep of his hand to accept the greeting and the gratitude for the compliment. This greeting he extends to Pasquale as well, but it seems that his attention flickers quite suddenly to Filshiar and he all but merrily laughs. Then after a moment of composing himself again and perhaps adjusting the lace spilling out from his sleeves, he answers, "I would appreciate it, thank you Fil."

"Master Illuso. I wouldn't say a figure as bright and lively as me darkens anywhere he goes, but I do know what you mean. I've been abroad at Duskshire doing all the book tending a man could ask for in a backwater. I mean. Lovely scenic vacation spot." Eddard ahems and corrects himself partway through the explanation of his absence. "Of course, I wasn't going to miss a fine event like this."

"I think Nilanza, in particular, could benefit from a recent development..." Sira speaks to Pasquale, her words trailing off as she says something more quietly just to him. When she steps back, she moves to collect some wine for herself and motions to the tables, inviting everyone to sit. "Thank you all for coming this evening. It's been some time since the Silver Consortium held a public event, and it's wonderful to have you all here." She clears her throat, seemingly unused to hosting duties. "Thete have been some recent developments that I hope to make you all aware of. If you are already members, you'll be able to participate freely. If you are not, there is the option to join - or to be involved in a more limited capacity, if you wish."

Filshiar chuckles at something Dacian says before setting off to fetch a pair of bubbly drinks off a nearby tray. He takes the moment to really look around at the room, since this is a building that is new to him. On his way to deliver the drink, he listens to Sira's opening remarks with interest, then hands off one glass to his companion.

After returning the bows and such with a nod Pasquale turns his eyes onto Sira. "Oh?" he asks. "Well I am certainly intrigued." he tilts his head a touch and then nods. "Perhaps we can speak on it another time. For now I'm interested to hear more general news."

Eddard's hands doubleclasp around his drink as it lowers down towards his waist. Then everyone is moving to seats and he'll go saunter off to plop down into something relatively comfortable and wait for all the fun news to get bandied about.

Dacian says something under his breath to Filshiar and thanks him for the drink, sipping on the offered drink as he listens to Sira's opening statement. "I'd be interested to hear the recent developments," he glances to Fil then back to Sira.

Once everyone is settled, Sira finds herself a spot where she can be seen by everyone. "The first matter I wish to speak on is the rebuilding of Artshall. I heard today what the silver figure is expected to total for all the work. A project of that scale will require the Laurents look beyond their traditional trade partners. I believe the Consortium is well positioned to assist in procuring goods, arranging new trade agreements, and otherwise supporting the economic needs of the rebuilding." She glances at Eddard and Dacian briefly. "House Laurent and the people of Artshall are vital to many merchants, crafters, and traders for their production of honeysilk, starlight silk, velvet and tweed, and some rare precious gems. The sooner their city is restored, the sooner those goods can resume freely moving on safe trade routes."

Filshiar drinks a bit as he listens to Sira explain about the Artshall rebuilding project. He is familiar with it, but has yet to hear about things from this point of view, which intrigues him. He is no merchant, though, and looks to the others for their reactions.

Eddard is adjacent to Artshall enough that he is intrigued by the topic of discussion to be paying attention to it. "Artshall is a pretty central location for trade within the Oathlands, even if it didn't have all of those rather specific and valuable commodities getting it rebuilt just for the sake of trade and travel through it would be well worth the effort in providing access to building materials."

Dacian nods, "Artshall is certainly an important hub of industry and economics." He glances to Filshiar, then back to Sira, "What proposals do you have to help?"

Pasquale says "A noble goal, certainly."

Sira nods to what Eddard says. "All the unrest over the last many months has been slowing down trade, in general. Losing such a large hub does not help." To Dacian's question, she pauses for a moment to drink her wine. "Aside from the aforementioned assisting with getting building materials and helping to negotiate new trade agreements?" One of her eyebrows lifts as she asks. "We are merchants and economists and financiers, messere. My proposal is that we use those skills and resources to improve the lot of Artshall for the enrichment of all the Compact." And the Consortium, which she politely leaves unspoken. "To that end, I am seeking military-minded individuals to aid in training our silverguards and expanding our fleet so that we can take contracts in helping deliver goods safely along our approved routes."

Filshiar inclines his head at the mention of the silverguards. "While this may not be the purview of the King's Own, I could spare some of my personal time to aid with your guards, if it would mean a safer rebuilding effort."

Alberico, the Malespero aide have been dismissed.

Louis, a Malespero Armsman have been dismissed.

Mar, the Magpie have been dismissed.

"That would be appreciated, Sir." Sira gives a tiny smile of thanks to Filshiar. "We can speak more on it later." She looks around at the others. "Any other questions?"

"Has there been any conversation around the barriers to the south that hinders foreign trade?" Dacian asks.

"Of course," Filshiar says, offering Sira a quick bow before he drains the rest of his drink. Then, he looks to Dacian and nods to the question.

There's a long moment of silence from Sira as she clenches her jae at that question from Dacian. "Not what I meant, but yes, that was coming up on the agenda." She glances around the room and, seeing no other immediate questions, gets to that topic. "The barrier exists. Not just to the south but all around Arvum, as far as anyone can tell. It impedes all routes to Cardia, Eurus, Jadairal, and anywhere else beyond Arvani waters." A frown curls her lips downward. "That is a problem outside the scope of the Silver Consortium. I can /only assume/ that others are better equipped to look into it." The woman's shoulders shrug, giving her an affected air of nonchalance in the matter. "However, I have been approached by Lady Atria Ulixes of Cardia. She wishes to prepare for the eventuality of the barrier going away. I intend to have the Consortium aid her in preparing trade agreements and actionable plans that can take affect without delay when the barrier is gone."

"The Lady Artria..." Dacian seems surprised, but then notes, "I will have to introduce myself to her it would seem. I've connection to the Mercantile house of Publius, of Cardia." He slips that in with a faint smile that looked a touch nervous, but then gone in the next, with a word shared to him by Filshiar, which earns the knight a nod. "Mind you, this problem certainly could concern the Silver Consortium in scope of trade as well." He finishes off his drink, "Thank you for the presentation though. I will look forward to the projects tabled by the Silver Consortium and of course, am willing to invest as a simple merchant can."


Sira nods and makes a couple of notes. There is more to talk about, which is carried out more quietly among party-goers as the night wears on. Food and drink continue to be served freely.

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