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Impromptu Sparring Match

Eirene's medical trainees need practical experience. She's inviting fighters to the combat center to flex, fight, and get bandaged up afterward.
(Ooc: We can do code or rolled fighting, your choice. I'm bored and figured an event could be fun)


April 21, 2023, 11:38 a.m.

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Ian Cillian(RIP) Aksel Matilde



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Training Center

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The training center is abuzz with medical students. Some wear black and teal, some wear black and red, and some wear jackets with the crest of the Saving Grace hospital and Physicians Guild. A few spars have already started, with groups assigned to watch and learn -both medical and martial techniques. Eirene oversees it all with her doctor's coat on in official capacity.

Ian comes into the Training Center, watching his feet like he always does, with his bag hanging from the long strap that crosses his body. He looks a little surprised, on looking around the place, to find it so crowded.

Cillian comes walking into the center looking about, he heard rumor that Eirene had come down to the center with her students. So here he is to help support in whatever way he can. "So." he calls out to Eirene, "Is this the only time we should not hold back while sparring?" he smirks as he moves in her direction. He spots Ian and smiles, "Hello, Lord Ian."

"As long as your partner is okay, and as long as you're not taking dirty shots. I know that happens on the battlefield, but we don't have much ice for the nuts if you get a low blow," Eirene replies to Cillian with a smirk. She cocks her head at Ian and asks, surprised at his reaction, "Did you miss my posting? I'm hosting a training day for my students. And my soldiers. Fuck, anyone who wants to learn some first aide bandaging technique.

Ian gives Cillian a nod of greeting, and then turns his attention to Eirene. He shakes his head. "Where was it posted?"

Cillian grins, "Good, good and if someone goes for a low blow. They better run and hope I don't see them for a while." he moves to sit on a bench for the moment watching some of whats going on out on the sands at the moment.

Eirene laughs. "The hospital. And here and there, a few hours ago. I do admit, it's sort of last minute-impromptu." She offers Ian a shrug. "Figure it's a good waste of a summer's day and we have chilled wine when we're done. That's about it for ice though." She looks like she might go on but stops herself. "So I'm having them watch fighting techniques, and then working on bandaging and what treatment they might use for a more severe actual wound." She adds, "But I'm willing to step into the ring and offer demonstration myself. Never ask someone to do something you wouldn't manage in your own time."

Ian sets his bag down by the benches and scans the group of people gathered. "Looks like you've got plenty of people to supply injuries to each other. They're not using live blades, are they?"

Cillian looks over to Ian and Eirene and then back out on the sands for the moment he is just listening. His elbows resting on his knees as he watch's some of the sparing interested in how others move as they fight.

a huge spotted dog named Fury arrives, following Aksel.

a huge spotted dog named Fury have been dismissed.

Eirene says, "Nah," as she answers Ian. "Blunted and dull. Guaranteed to bruise, maybe cut a little. Don't need arterial splurt in a trainee setting. We save that for the real shit." She looks at Cillian and keens her head. "You can learn a lot from watching others. I'm good, not great, but good. My style is Southport duelist except on a battlefield. It's not as good then.""

Ian nods to Eirene, satisfied by her answer to his question. He's only just arrived and set his bag down, but has yet to actually sit. "Lycene dueling isn't great for battlefield settings," he comments. "But it's an excellent way to drill the fundamentals, so that once you move on to more real world scenarios, the student is disciplined enough that their form doesn't fall apart."

Aksel comes striding into the training center and catches a little bit of what Eirene says. "Oh..why not? Anything is good on the battefield, even throwing snow. If it works and you are still alive, I'd say not to knock it."

Cillian looks up hearing a familiar voice and chuckles, "Aksel, good to see you again. With your shirt on this time." he smirks nodding his head, "I am normally sticking arrows into peoples body parts, but I have to agree. Snow to the face is a bit shocking.'

Eirene says, "Dirt in the eyes also works." She grins. "Southport dueling, and by extension Lycene dueling, teaches form and footwork. It's great for one on one in a controlled environment, but the chaos of battle doesn't allow for thought, just reaction. So you tend to learn the forms first, and then your muscle memory applies them in battle. So if you're in a fight and trying to focus on foot placement, I'd say your head isn't in the right place - as long as it stays on your shoulders that is."

Students, of various schools and military units, are watching the fights. When a spar ends, they step up to inspect wounds and bruises and offer treatment. Mostly bruise salves and bandages but there's always the occasional cut.

Ian finally takes a seat at a bench. "It was developed with the understanding that everyone would obey a certain set of rules," he says to Aksel, elaborating on Eirene's explanation. This is getting dangerously close to someone getting him started talking about swords; his voice is starting to become a little more animated. "The style grew around the rules. As long as everyone plays by them, it's an effective way to fight. The moment someone starts breaking them, pure Lycene dueling is going to start to break down." Then, to Eirene, he adds: "Southport sabre fencing pairs well with the cutlass techniques they teach around Maelstrom."

Aksel rubs at his face at the long winded explaination of things. "So?" He finally asksstates. "Battle is chaos. If you're fighting solo, you're doing it wrong. Give me 5 of these dueling soldiers and I'll take them over an unruly bunch of gifted fighters." He shrugs his broad shoulders and looks to Cillian. "I could take my shirt off if you want?"

Cillian laughs at Aksel shaking his head, "No, no it is okay." he looks to Eirene nodding, "Anything in the face can be used as a distraction." he looks to the sands, "I could use the practice with a sword, been learning it as of late. I can't be shooting people with arrows if they are up close and trying to touch me."

Ian looks like he's about to say something else to Aksel, but he catches himself just short of launching into a long fencing-based monologue that literally nobody wants to hear and his player doesn't want to write. Blinking a couple of times, he turns his attention back to the sparring happening in the rings.

2 Redrain Guards, Khaye, a Farhaven equestrian, Volund, a sable Northern Shepherd arrive, following Matilde.


Eirene grins at Aksel and Cillian. "Yes, please. And fight like you would in a combat setting. It leads to different injuries than a duel," says the doctor, wearing her robes of office. "Just avoid the low blows, the ice is for chilling wine not cooling your junk after a hit." Her medics, seeing a new spar possibly starting, come over to observe.

Aksel motions to the pit, "Let's see what you got then," Aksel says to Cillian motioning to the pit. "I'm pretty crap with the hand ax, so we'll see how this goes."

Aksel gets glacial shadows of Stonedeep cleaving axe from backpack.

Matilde stands upon the threshold of the entrance and pauses for a moment when she realizes that she walked in on a training session. She winces inwardly to herself for intruding and then decides to make her way toward the benches in an attempt to not get in anyone's way. Dressed in a loose fitting blouse and riding pants tucked into tall leather boots, she doesn't stick out /too/ much among present company and even offers a friendly nod to Eirene along the way.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The sparring center has students of varied medical schools and MiItary units observing and treating simple training injuries. The warring fighters look to be holding back very little.

Ian gets ugly, singed, stained, multicolor scarf from Oiled leather bag.

Ian drops ugly, singed, stained, multicolor scarf.

Ian gets ugly, singed, stained, multicolor scarf.

Cillian nods his head, "Alright then, shirt or no shirt?" he asks the other sword as he stands up slipping his bow off his back. Its hot out, he is willing to go shirtless is Aksel is!

Ian puts ugly, singed, stained, multicolor scarf in Oiled leather bag.

"No shirt means my medics can see your bruised that much easier." Eirene winks and waves at hand at Matilde. "Come on in. We're exposing, heh, my students to injuries they might have to deal with after a battle."

Aksel tilts his head to look at Cillian a moment and shrugs his shoulders and proceeds to take off his shirt. Scars. So many scars. Two nasty looking claw marks criss crossing his chest. When he rolls his left arm to stretch it, scars can be seen. Other scars riddle his body, telling the obvious story that this man has bled. Alot. He might even be blood related to people in this city because of how much blood they have spilt together. He looks to Cillian and takes up his hand ax. "Ready when you, Lord Cillian."

Ian has taken a seat on a bench to watch the sparring that's taking place in the various rings of the Training Center. He turns towards Matilde to nod a greeting to her, after Eirene addresses her.

Aksel is not totally naked, he's wearing pants and boots. If armor is worn we might be here for a bit.

Aksel wields glacial shadows of Stonedeep cleaving axe.

Cillian wields Blade of stories.

Ian is, notably, still wearing a shirt, and shows no hint that he intends to take it off anytime soon.

Cillian nods his head slipping out of his leather top and silk under it, placing it with his bow on the bench. When his shirt is off the Northern Lord seems to have a lot of Tattoos on him, mostly his chest and a full one of a stag reared up on his back. Still in his leather pants and boots he heads down onto the sands.

2 Blackwood trained guards have been dismissed.

Carissa, a Southport bodyguard have been dismissed.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Cillian checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Critical Success! Cillian is spectacularly successful.

Cillian remains capable of fighting.

Cillian checks 'unconsciousness save' at normal. Cillian is successful.

Cillian remains capable of fighting.

Cillian checks 'unconsciousness save' at normal. Cillian is successful.

Cillian remains capable of fighting.

Cillian checks 'unconsciousness save' at normal. Cillian is successful.

Cillian remains capable of fighting.

Cillian checks 'unconsciousness save' at daunting. Cillian fails.

Cillian is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Eirene gives pointers to her students, "See, this is more what to expect. The blows are harder and targeted more for limbs, and the movement is a quicker pick up than a duel."

"Ah, okay." Matilde pivots to regard those who are training and then motions to the bench. "I'll stay out of the way, unless you need help bandaging an arm?" She thinks about that as she moves closer to the bench. "Well, I should probably learn how first--" A moment later, she sits down on the same bench where Ian is seated and then crosses one leg over the other as she settles. She's quiet again to listen to Eirene teach when Aksel and Cillian's spar concludes.

Ian's attention is pretty well fixed on the spar as it plays out, his intense gaze moving fast, taking in the combat as a series of details of stance and movement, absorbed lightning fast.

Cillian knows this is going to hurt, he knew what he was getting into and man is he going to be bruised. He tries to move in quick steps to defend himself as Aksel comes at him, there is a grunt and a breath taken when the other Northerman hits him pretty hard with his axe. He almost seems dazed like he might go down but his head shakes and he watches Aksel nodding his head to him silently as he continues to defend himself then at last moment he moves in for a hit and it all happens in slow motion. His hands are sweaty, his sword slips and before he can pull the hit, his sword moves between the other mans legs and the hilt comes up and nails Aksel in the daddy bits..."Fuck." he hits the ground breathing heavily resting on his knees as he looks at Aksel his eyes wide.

As soon as Cillian is ready, Aksel doesn't waste anytime. He's guarded at the first pass, trying to get the feel of the hand ax in he wields in one hand. He certainly looks a little out of place for it, like the weight of it isn't quite right or what he's used too. But the first strike he suddenly shifts his feet and presses the advantage. He moves quickly, solely focused upon Cillian. There is no trickier, no use of sand in the eyes. Just pure speed and power, his muscles flexing and glinting in the light as a sheen of sweat starts to farm. It's a flurry. It's brutal. And Aksel foolishely let's his guard down giving Cillian an opening to land a strike that could stagger a man. His family jewels. There is a howl and even though his eyes fill with anger at being struck there, he simply head butts Cillian, knocking him to the ground. Aksel stands there for a moment before he turns ever so slowly and gingerly and suddenly sinks to his knees. His weapon drops to the ground and his hands cover his groin. Why men do that after the fact is a mystery. "Ice.." he squeaks out, tears slowly welling up in his eyes.

Eirene had some wine cooling for refreshments but at Aksel's knee drop in extreme manly pain she snap-points to the nearest medic to grab some ice and wrap it in a bandage for a cooling pack. "Rest and ice are the only real treatments for this. It's why you want to avoid a knee to the nuts. This will also hurt even if you have no balls, not as bad, but it's a stunner move. Keep it in mind when fighting for you life-fighting dirty."

Matilde winces and can only imagine what sort of pain that must feel like when she witnesses the very end of the spar. "Um..." Rendered speechless for just a moment, she quickly looks toward Eirene and, of course, ice is ordered right away for Aksel. "Ouch. That's... isn't there armor for that area?" she whisper-asks Ian sitting close by.

Cillian is head butted and he is a bit of a lump growing, he breaths heavily. "Aksel, I am sorry my sword slipped." he breaths heavily, moving to sit on his ass now. He is over heated and a bit dazed at the moment as he sits there, "I was not trying to hit you there." he apologizes to his fellow sword and northman.

Ian starts to straighten in the moments before it all goes bad, and the tension on his face is visible as Aksel goes down. "There is," he says to Matilde. "But it's usually part of a more complete set of armor than anyone is wearing in here today."

Aksel gives Eirene a look. He's trying to figure out if that's directed to him or in general to the group. Either way he curls up into a fetal position for a moment before the ice is brought to him. He gives a wave to Cillian, "Itsokay," he squeaks out, "Notfirsttime." He holds in his breath when he talks, almost like even breathing is a bit of a chore. "I'mfineit'sfine." he says taking the ice from the medic, "Idon'tneedyoutouchingmyjunk." he finally lets out the breath and winces a little before he applies the ice to his groin.

Eirene is using this as a teaching moment for sure. There's a hint of sympathy on her face but mostly this is being used for example. "That's why a codpiece in a set of plate can be useful," she says, to Ian's point. But typically, yeah, most armor won't cover the groin."

"Oh." Matilde clears her throat ever slightly and then averts her gaze from the aftermath of the spar. Aksel is doubled over into a fetal position and Cillian is apologizing-- which means she's picking at her fingernails for some distraction. "That's probablyyy gonna hurt for a while."

Cillian swallows hard as he watches Aksel, he been nailed there he knows the pain. He shudders feeling it, even though it didn't happen to him. "When your ready, I'll help you back to a bench." he offers the man. He pulls his flask from his belt and takes a long sip from it and offers it out to Aksel.

"It's a particular kind of pain," Ian agrees with Matilde, still with a trace of the tension of a wince in his voice. "Most pain's not hard to get used to and set aside if you deal with it often enough, but that..." He shakes his head.

"It's like someone punched me in the gut and tried to rip my guts from my a....." Aksel stops and looks a little sheepish for a moment. Obviously able to speak now. He shakes his head to Cillian at the offer of alchohol, and help. "I'm going to sit here for a moment." He shakes his head, "It hurts, but more it's shocking."

Eirene says, "Thank the gods I won't have to deal with it, childbirth is bad enough." She goes to the wine bottle and starts to pour out some chilled Lycene red for anyone interested. "I think it's time to call this exercise to an end. MEDICS! See to your patients," she barks in a commander's tone. "And write everything down, there WILL be an exam," she announces to a groan of dismay."

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