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Princess Denica Thrax and Whisper House invite people from all walks of life to a unique cultural event that includes art, games, dancing, friends and food. Princess Denica has spent countless hours illustrating a colossal mural on the ceiling of Whisper House's Elysian Ballroom. This event will unveil the masterpiece that captures the spirit of the Compact and Beyond.

Favorite flavorful fare from all over the compact will be served. Games will include a treasure hunt, where the objective is get to know the hidden treasures that are our friends and neighbors. There will be prizes for the winner and runners up. The ballroom will also feature music from around the Compact played throughout the evening.

Guests are encouraged but not required to dress to theme by wearing something traditional either from one's origins or even where they hope to go in the future. We look forward to hosting you at this spectacular event!


June 17, 2023, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Aconite Denica


Lucita Eirene Delia Medeia Dacian Titania Patrizio Michael




Arx - Ward of the Crown - Whisper House - Elysian Ballroom

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What a fun way to learn more about the other cultures and to sample their wears!

A jubilant environment welcomes guests who arrive at the Elysian Ballroom. Tonight's event centers around a sense of community. People wear a variety of cultural costumes showcasing diversity in the Compact. Whispers are here in full attendance, hosting tonight's event. It's a chance for everyone to come together, share in food, drink, games and art.

Tonight's hosts Princess Denica Thrax and Radiant Aconite Whisper greet guests as they arrive. Ambient music plays in the background, a foreshadowing the opportunity to dance later. There might be a few early adopters moving about the dance floor. Trays of drinks and canapes make their way around the room. A feast is set on one table and the room allows plenty of seating.

A huge silk drapery covers the ceiling, hiding whatever is beneath. There's long cords at different sides, waiting for someone to give them a tug. It implies a big reveal will happen shortly.

Resplendent and 'radiant' in a spectrum of fiery golds accented in red and black accents, making shadows darker and the golden hues more aureate like the fires of the sun. Aconite Whisper is standing near the door with Princess Thrax to greet people who enter. She's all smiles which shows off unique accessories that play along with the serpentine theme she's wearing. Not far Alejandro lingers nearby in formal black on black in a rose theme, displaying his Torean heritage. Occasionally an Apprentice will come up and whisper something in her ear before hurrying off again, keeping the Radiant Whisper appraised of what's happening around the ballroom to ensure that the unveiling is perfect.

Dressed in traditional Mourning Isles fashion, Denica has made it her own. Her gown gleams with hundreds of pearls caught in the Mourning Sea. Perch atop her head, is a combination of luxury metals forging the Fortress of Maelstrom. There's a bright smile on her face and she looks a mix of excited and nervous. Eyes glance up at the ceiling on occasion, but for the most part, she takes in the sight of everyone else. "Welcome, hello!," Denica's happy to play the role of co-host and make sure everyone feels welcome. The gown is not an easy feat and so the princess is careful how she stands and when she breathes. Still, it is her culture and she is well practiced in it. "It's so lovely to have you here, we've plenty of fun in store for you!"

Lucita stops at the Ballroom entry and removes her boots, replacing them with a pair of slippers suitable for dancing or simply warming up the feet after traveling to the Whisper House. She is impeccably groomed and looks well rested. A beguiling smile upturns the corners of her lips as she moves to greet the hostesses. "Ohhh, you have everything set up beautifully!"

It's winter. It's cold. But, all the same, Eirene shows up in a slinky gown accenting her Lycene heritage which means she was probably freezing on her way over. Red and white and gold, all the shades of House Malvici. Even her jewelry is in crimson and gold, a comb holding back her salt and pepper hair and a necklace against her low cut strappy bodice. Becase it's Eirene and because she was a Malvici, there is a stiletto strapped (and peace tied) to her thigh which easily flashes when she moves in her strips of silk skirt. A direwolf fur cloak in her house colors keeps her warm against the chill, which she removes and hands off to an Apprentice when she reaches the warmth of the ballroom. The older woman grins as she glances up at the concealed ceiling. "Ooh, we're gonna get a show," she says witha grin.

Delia's eyes widen in delight as she takes in the vibrant atmosphere of the Elysian Ballroom. She is enthralled by the diverse array of cultural costumes, appreciating the celebration of unity and inclusivity. With a warm smile, she approaches Princess Denica Thrax (whom she curtseys) and Radiant Aconite Whisper, extending her greetings.

"Your Highness, Radiant Whisper, it's an honor to be here tonight. The atmosphere is simply enchanting, and the attention to detail is truly remarkable," Delia remarks, her eyes sparkling with admiration.

As trays of drinks and canapes pass by, Delia indulges in the tantalizing bites, savoring the flavors of the carefully prepared tapas. She appreciates the thoughtfulness of the hosts, ensuring that there is ample seating for guests to relax and enjoy the feast. Her attention is drawn to the silk drapery covering the ceiling, piquing her curiosity. "I wonder what lies beneath that beautiful drapery. It seems there is a captivating surprise waiting to be unveiled," Delia muses, her anticipation growing. That's when she notices Lucita and Eirene. She greets both with warm smiles.

Not far behind Lucita is Medeia, similarly having ditched the weather-worthy footwear for something more ballroom appropriate once she arrived. Denica and Aconite both get caught in the full shine of her warm, brilliant smile. "Princess! Aco!" There is genuine affection for both women in her voice, and, perhaps, she sounds happier than she has in a very long time. That beaming smile is turned on Lucita and Eirene as she moves off to mingle with them both. "Luc, Auntie, shall we?" She makes a gesture toward the drinks.

Aconite says, "Thank you, Baroness Saik. I love your look, refreshing." Aco looks sidelong to Denica for a moment before greeting Delia warmly, "Hello, Whisper.. Thank you. The Princess has quite the flare for decor." Whisper Aconite smiles to Medeia and Eirene warmly, "Nice to see you both, don't forget to stop by the refreshments."

Eirene greets everyone with a general wave of her hand. "Princess. Whispers. Ladies. That booze looks very temping," she says, acknowledging Deia and Aconite's mention of refreshments. "I'm glad for the excuse to wear something slinky - but Lycene dress is designed for much more temperate weather." Delia is given a half-salute in greeting as well.

Lucita turns toward her family and checks first that her hands are not too icy feeling before she bestows hugs and cheek kisses on them. Auntie Eirene, been wondering when we would get a chance to see you again." Then to everyone who has greeted her, or is standing nearby she adds " Everyone looks so lovely tonight! And I admit to wondering what is to be shown us later, too. I do not envy Princess Denica the task of workig that high, either having to bend back or have some contraption to lay close up, in reach!"

"Hello, hello! Good evening.," Denica greets people as they come in, beaming a smile at each Eirene, Delia and Medeia. "There's lots of different food and drinks (ooc: l liquor) to try. The liquors were provided by a variety of houses. Saik, Kennex, Charon, Pravus and Blackwood," she says as she crosses hands in front of herself. "Everyone looks beautiful and dashing," she comments as folks arrive. Denica looks over at Aconite, giving her a smile. Lucita's arrival is met with a wave, greeting the Baroness as she steps into the Ballroom. "I got so much paint everywhere," she confesses as to painting upside down. The hearths are lit making the room warm and inviting, in contrast to the winter outside.

Dacian is a little tardy for the reception but he arrives nevertheless. What he wears is distinctly in the fashion of Cardia; a floor length white robe with embroidery along the sleeves and skirts that divide down the central middle, wide belt that's made from sashes with a panel piece in the middle also embroidered, as well as a panel piece for the skirts that has the emblem of a ship on the back of a large turtle. His hair is pinned into a tight knot at the back of his head as he wanders into the party, looking around and just in time as the hostess starts to make the announcements.

Medeia finds herself happily holding a glass of red wine after returning Lucita's cheek kisses. She looks fiercely proud when Denica mentions Saik having provided some of the drinks for the evening. "Do be sure to try /everything/," She says, generally, but she might also be seen encouraging people to try the Saikland offerings throughout the night. When she spots Delia, she gives the Whsiper a finger wave of greeting. "Delia, how lovely you are this evening, how is your painting going?"

Titania slips into the ball room looking around, her blond hair is down a bit wavy from being up in braids. She slips her long fur cloak off to reveal the young woman is wearing a dress underneath! Her ocean blue eyes looking around a bit amazed and over whelmed she never been here before and is a bit at awe of the place.

Delia returns Denica's warm greeting with a smile and a nod. "Good evening, Princess Denica. Thank you for the kind words. The spread of food and drinks looks absolutely delightful. I'll be sure to sample a bit of everything, especially the offerings from Saik and the other houses. It's a wonderful opportunity to indulge in the flavors of the Compact."

As Medeia waves to her, Delia returns the gesture with a friendly wave of her own. "Thank you, Medeia. My painting is going well, thank you for asking. I've been exploring some new techniques and experimenting with different color palettes. It's always an exciting journey of self-expression. However, I've painted nothing that I'd wish to show to anyone. How is it that painting my face onto my face is so much easier than painting it, or others, onto canvas?" Delia's attention briefly turns to Dacian as he arrives, admiring his Cardian-inspired attire. She'll give him a smile should he look her way. "And you Lady Medeia, have you better luck with painting than I?

Eirene grabs a tumbler of the Fortune's Prize rum, sticking to her Saik friends' offerings for now. She glances up again and then at Denica. "Oh you did this? Nice. Look forward to seeing what you did." She pauses at the talk of painting and offers, "I do embroidery, it's like painting with thread?" But since it's Eirene she adds, "I did a nice piece of work which showcases the level of decay on a cadaver's hand." (OOC: I can page the image to anyone who is curious about what that looks like.)

Lucita finds a glass of wine from which to sip as she listens to the discussions going on around her. "I am terrible at painting though have tried from time to time. My children do as well or better." There is a gentle smile given as she speaks of the children. Oh, Lady Titania, merchant Dacian, a good evening to you. This looks such a fun gathering."

Dacian spots the smile that comes his way by Delia, nodding his head in return and it looks as he sweeps his arm out to control the length of the robe's arms that he's very accustomed to wearing it. "Good evening Baroness Saik," Dacian offers to Lucita at the welcoming, floating over to regard the liquor menu, a painted finger nail coming out to indicate the Jeweled Coast Vodka from Saik and getting a glass of that poured for him.

The crowd ebbs and flows, some people already on the dance floor while others gather around the refreshments. A couple people have picked up scrolls from a carved chest next to a display case. Appnretices work with the waitstaff to keep the food and drink flowing. Outside the winter evening is blanketed in white and seems almost a world away from the warmth of the massive ballroom. Aconite continues to greet people as the enter but she takes a small step back to let Denica's discussion have more attention.

"Oh, no, I can make the paints, but I can do very little with them once made." Medeia laughs softly and shakes her head in response to Delia. "My artistry is... I suppose... The making of spirits and medicines and alchemical wonders. And baked goods, when I have time to slip away into the kitchen and not have the servants shoo me out." Then her attention is turned to Dacian with curiosity. Just a look. Then she's continuing on in the mingling and looking around to take in all the details.

Titania looks over, "Baroness Lucita." she gives a small nod to, "IT is wonderful to see you as always." she smiles and looks over at Dacian, looking over his robes. "Merchant Dacian, I do like your robe." she smiles then looks around, "I should find her highness and say Hello." she smiles moving to go find Denica to say hello.

"I love the banana finish on this one, it's really quite indulgent," Denica says of her current drink. The arrival of Dacian and Titania are met with the lift her glass, and her head tilts at Eirene's comment. A smile form at that, seeming interested. For a moment she looks about as though she is checking something. Then she knocks back her drink, smiling indulgently at its finish.

Music is great mood setting, but it also helps get people's attention. The tempo picks up, hitting something is about to happen. Six well-dressed Whispers walk through the room until each stand next to a thick cord. Princess Denica waits until she has everyone's attention. With a spidersilk smock over her Thraxian gown, she looks more comfortable and at ease. When the room grows quiet and the music stops she gives an excited smile in the direction of the Whispers.

"Thank you for coming tonight. The theme of our event is creating community. Community can be the people in your house, your ward, your city, your Compact and beyond. It's not only a theme, it's a way of life. One that helps us weather any storm, because it is a reason we fight to survive."

"Building a strong community is an ongoing process. It requires continuous commitment, collaboration, and adaptability. By working together, we can create vibrant and thriving communities that benefit everyone. It is with that sentiment that I approached the request from Radiant Aconite Whisper. When I arrived at the ballroom, curious about an art project. The Radiant told me she wanted the ceiling painted. I asked her what she wanted and the direction she gave me was 'the Compact and beyond'."

"My experience is limited to what I know. But, other people have their own experiences. So to achieve my goal, I needed a community to help me. The ceiling is a journey of your stories and tales. It took half a year to complete and more paint than I could measure. What I enjoyed the most was those nights people came to visit and be part of it. I hope you see your stories when you look up." Denica pauses so people can have a moment to think about what she says as the Whispers prepare for the reveal.

Eirene raises her eyebrows at the speech. Curious as to what the message and meaning behind the paint may be, she turns her gaze upward and sips her drink.

Dacian with drink in hand, nods his head to Medeia, but it's Titania that has him respond, "Thank you. It's part of my heritage and I suppose I thought that this event of all, was a splendid reason to wear it." He raises his glass in a greeting to Denica as well, but his attention swings to the well-dressed Whispers that walk through the room at the increase of music that suggests excitement and wonder. At the introduction to the art work his eyes lift up to see if there's representation as so addressed.

Delia listens attentively as Medeia shares her own form of artistry, chuckling softly in response. "Ah, the art of spirits, medicines, and alchemy. That is a true gift in itself. And baked goods? I must say, your talents seem to span a delightful range. I'll have to make sure to sample your creations in the future."

As the room grows quiet and the music fades, Delia's attention turns towards Princess Denica, her eyes fixed on the Radiant Whisper. She takes in Denica's words, feeling the weight and significance of the theme of community resonating deeply within her. The mention of the painted ceiling intrigues her, and she can't help but be captivated by the idea of seeing the stories and tales of the people reflected above. She takes a moment to let Denica's words sink in, the anticipation building as the Whispers prepare for the reveal. Delia's gaze shifts upwards, ready to see the stories come to life on the painted ceiling.

Aconite lifts her skirt to bow Denica's direction, "We're blessed to have your talents." She calls before falling quiet again so that she can move off to help with the moment. The Whispers are readied and Aconite heads over to make sure that everything falls away like a cascade ensuring the drape doesn't interfere with the party below.

Denica takes in a small breath and projects her voice. "I want to thank the Whisper House for giving me the opportunity to paint your ceiling. And acknowledge some of the other people that contributed. Kennex for sending me rigging and sailors so I wouldn't fall, and the Society of Explorers for inspiring me with your stories. The lovely people who visited me and whoever makes those warm chocolate chip cookies. This was a community effort and I hope that I captured a hint of how incredible our world is."

Then the princess gives a little curtsy to the crowd and her cheeks flush. Revealing art is a tricky thing for an artist, it is a mix of emotions and the princess hides none of them. Taking in a breath, Denica watches the Whispers pull on the ropes. The silk parts revealing a massive fresco across the ceiling of the ballroom. "For you," Denica says to the Whispers.

Denica drops a fresco covering the entire ceiling titled 'A Dance through Time and Space'.

Aconite takes An elegant silk draping that spans the entirety of the Elysian ballroom ceiling .

As Medeia watches the festivities of the evening begin in earnest, she makes sure to give Denica her attention. There is a brief moment where her nose scrunches as she listens. Her gaze flicks up, curiosity mixed with a touch of nervousness in her expression at the idea of the stories of the people in the room being in the painting. Her gaze lowers, she downs her wine, and then she stands riveted as the draping falls away to reveal the painted ceiling.

"Marvelous!" Dacian is perhaps one of the first to vocalize the revealing of the ceiling, the artistry behind it has his head tilted back and his body turning to see all the various places created with imagery instead of maps. "Truly, it invokes the desire to travel and see the world."

Eirene sets her glass aside so she can slowly clap in appreciation. Not the slow clap of sarcasm she is known for, but a true gesture at the artistry above.

Lucita says, "Ohhh, it is simply breathtaking. Radiant Aconite, I must suggest to replace all these tables with chaise lounges so people can lay back and admire, enjoy, and think about all the wonders displayed in that painting.""

With the fresco out in the open, and Denica's official part of the evening over, she is going to be sampling some of the bar. There's a warm smile of appreciation for people's reactions, but mostly she seems content. "It was fun. I drank a lot and ate cookies."

A hush falls over the ballroom at first, wide eyes taking in the painting which had been hidden in full until this moment. Whispers and Apprentices alike start to clap after heartbeats of silence. A few overly enthusiastic cheers and a whistle even rings out in celebration of Denica's talent. Aco's hands clasp together and she turns to beam at Denica while she applauds. Lucita's comment makes her laugh, "I'm sure something can be arranged."

Titania gasps softly as she looks to the ceiling, looking at the paining. Her eyes wide and bright as she looks at all the different parts of it. "Its breath taking!" she brings her hands together to clap.

Medeia moves toward a wall so that she can lean against it for stability as she tilts her head far back to search out as many details as she can find in the painting. The bridge to nowhere garners a murmur that no one can quite make out. After a solid minute, she slides down the wall and sits to continue looking up

Eirene smirks to herself as she picks out details. "I can see you spoke to Lou," she comments dryly.

1 Saik Guard have been dismissed.

Micana, an efficient assistant have been dismissed.

Dacian slips over toward Delia and Titania since they were one of the first to acknowledge him and he may be trying to be a bit social, asking to them, "Which part resonates with you the most?" He gestures upward toward the ceiling with his glass of vodka.

Eventually, Medeia finds her feet again. On her way to find some of her vodka, she finally notices Titania and gives her a warm smile. "My lady, so good to see you." She gives Dacian a slightly apologetic look. "Sorry to interrupt your question. How do you like the vodka?"

Titania smiles at Delia and Dacian, "I have two parts that call out to me." she ays in a very soft sing song kind of voice hen she speaks. "The Ocean, the way Princess Denica captured the colors and the waves." she says softly, "Then the last part, the bridge of clouds, fountain that can sing." she smile and looks over, "Lady Medeia, it is good to see you as well. Have you meet Merchant Dacian?"

Delia sips from her own glass filled with pink bubbles. She turns to Dacian. "Hmm. Let me think. Among the various sections of the fresco, the one particular part calls to me is the most is the imagery of bridges in the clouds leading to nowhere. Though, the buildings illuminated by starlight, and fountains painted to appear as if they are singing resonates deeply with me. Truely though, the whole work is remarkable. I'm captivated by the sense of hope and dreams that emanate from this section. The vibrant colors and the way the luminescent paint shines creates an otherworldly glow that is simply stunning. It's a realm where imagination knows no bounds, where rainbows crash, stone breaks, and mythical creatures like the small sleepy griffon find solace. I'd like to visit that place. What of you?" The Whisper quiets to hear Titania and Dacian's responses.

Aconite moves back amongst the crowd making sure that everything is going smoothley before she eases out of the crowd and over towards where Medeia is. "Everything all right over here?" She wonders as she looks back up at the ceiling with another pleased smile. "Would you all like to participate in something of a game. Nothing complex.. but something the Princess and myself thought people might enjoy. Although I might've considered the weather. Maybe we alter the rules a bit though?" She glances Denica's direction.

Taking a sip of some ice wine, Denica nods her head at Aconite. "That's a great idea, I think we could make it work for this group, if you'd all like to indulge in some story sharing?," she looks around to see if folks are game for...a game.

Dacian bobs his head in a way that suggests there was no apology required, "Truthfully, I don't drink liquors that often and if I do it's brandy. The vodka was the only one on the menu that read well enough with flavor that I wouldn't mind it. I'm also quite partial to berries from the Mourning Isles. It's not too sweet, as the tartness balances it out. So it has my approval." He glances toward Titania and Delia though, upon their answering of his question. As he's introduced by Titania, he smiles again, though not left long to dwell on her answer as Delia outlines plenty of the mural that she adores. "The dragon, of course," he muses over that, "A familiar symbol of home for me. Though this whole thing reminds me of how little I've truly traveled. I've not gone west or north as to see the sights there." He looks to the griffin as mentioned, "An inspiration to explore, truly."

3 First Legion Centurions, 3 Setarcan Royal Shields arrive, following Patrizio.

"I do not believe we have met, at least not formally," Medeia says to Titania of whether she had met Dacian. Then she's nodding to Aconite. After another moment, she murmurs, "If the stories are true, that bridge actually goes... Everywhere." She shrugs gently and then looks at Aco and Denica at the mention of a game.

There might well be rumours that those of the Summer Seas are neither late nor early, but arrive when the gods intend them to arrive. Certain, some of the region have cultivated such an image, and such is the manner in how Patrizio Pravus arrives at the Whisper House, neither late nor nearly but perfectly when he and the gods intend him to appear. There's the brief cast of his jade eyes about, before a gentle gesture to his escort to find somewhere to be unobtrusive, and then he makes his way to mingle with those present.

As Denica and Aconite mention a game, Delia politely declines with a warm smile. "Thank you for the invitation. It sounds like a delightful game, but I'm afraid I have an earlier engagement that I need to attend to. However, I encourage everyone else to participate and share their stories. I'm sure it will be a wonderful experience." Her polite decline is accompanied by a genuine expression of appreciation for the invitation, conveying her regrets while still encouraging others to embrace the opportunity for storytelling and connection. Setting her glass aside with little left in it, she makes her farewells and heads back through the ballroom doors with one last appreciative look at the painted ceiling.

Aconite humms, "Maybe we can see how many people know about the questions as opposed to seeking those who have been in a place? Goodnight, Whisper Delia." She runs the idea past Denica before her wide black eyes turn to Medeia and she places a gloved hand on the Saik Lady's arm. "All good stories begin with a single grain of truth, Lady Siak." The Whisper replies before smiling towards Titania and Dacian, bowing to both of them.

People ebb and flow but still many sare still seated or standing with craned necks to see what is going on above them. A couple of minor collisions occur but all is laughed off the the dances restarted.

Dacian inclines his head to Medeia, "Well met, formally." He turns to murmur a fair well to Delia as she moves to leave, shifting his robes a bit as he glances about, hearing something of a game, which is met with a raised brow and a look to Titania, "Did you hear what was on the agenda?"

Aconite's idea is met with a quick nod of Denica's head, "that's a great way to do it. I like it," she says to her encouragingly. Catching the departure of Delia with a warm smile, it brightens at the arrival of Patrizio. Paint-stained fingers lift at the prince's arrival before she turns back to Aconite. Catching Medeia's comment and Aconite's in return, that brings a curl of her lips. "I have to agree, a seed of truth with a lot of tangled roots to muddle through to get back to it."

Titania looks to Dacian, "So you are from Cardia then?" she asks in a soft tone, her eyes look to the dragons, "I meet Lady from Cardia and my cousin is introducing me to Lady Atria." she smiles to the man and then looks up to the ceiling again then back to Dacian, "Oh, no I may have missed it."

Medeia nods to Aconite before turning to give Patrizio a brilliant smile in greeting. "Your Highness, I have never been more pleased to see you on a winter day - it warms the heart to know you survived the cold." There's a thick note of teasing in her voice, as if she has spent years knowing how very much Patrizio Pravus is a man of sunshine. Back to Dacian, she dips her chin briefly, offering, "Lady Medeia Saik, well met Merchant Dacian." The question of him being from Cardia has her listening for the answer intently.

If briefly, the prince of Pravus presses his palm to his chest when he notices how Denica waves to him, the smile upon his lips as he's scooping up a refreshment for himself, and making himself welcome in the space. Though he does offer a chuckle for Dacaian, when he hears Titania dressing him so, before he offers, "I should better get to know those of our allies, as gods know that I have received more than one interesting missive of those from that land." Which comes with the bow of his head to Titania, before he offers softly, "My lady. It's been a while."

"Yes," Dacian replies to Titania, "It's a recent decision to speak about it openly, much thanks to the Ladies Ulixes for leading the way and showing that I wouldn't get harmed for it." His mouth curls into a soft smile, "I've spent some time in the Arvum though, in the Mourning Isles in fact - the Isle of Estroch, the seat of House Seryn." He nods to the mention of meeting Atria, "I'm from a strong Merchant House, however, and other than our blood not being of noble origin, we are comparable." He considers Patrizio in turn, nodding, "I'm certain there are many of interest, no matter their origins."

Aconite nods to Denica, "I think it will have to do. So many are too enthralled by your talents, Your Highness." The Whisper excuses herself to go and pick up a small chevron patterned chest and places it next to where Denica stands. "Here we are. Anyone who'd like, We invite you to take a scroll. Please disregard the instructions.. instead today we test our own experience and the stories we've learned." She smiles at the Nobles and Dacien as she opens the box and steps away to make room for anyone potentially participating.

Titania looks over giving the prince a small curtsy in her dress! Yes she has a dress on! "Your highness, it has been a while." she smiles, "It is good to see, Your highness, this is Merchant Dacian." she smiles, "Merchant Dacian this is his highness Princes Patrizio Pravus." she looks looks between them, "So you are in very high standings then?" she asks Dacian.

Dacian raises his glass in toast to the introduction to Princess Patrizio, with an incline to his head, before he answers Titania once more, "We compete to be yes. There's ever a power struggle of course, such is the way with influential positions. They're earned." It's meant to sound cut throat, remarking politely, "Arvum's economy doesn't seem as volatile, far easier to earn a fortune here." He looks off toward Aconite and considers the box, "Shall we play?" He leads the way by making his way over toward the said box with a polite excuse me to do so.

Dacian gets A small scroll with a list of questions from A small box with a chevron design made for scrolls.

Patrizio allows for Medeia a chuckle, before he bows his head. "My lady," voices he softly. "Were you worried I would not bring the warmth with me, or if so in a form that would be unpleasing? The cold has but only recently found us, and perhaps /one/ of these days, I'll find manner to survive it with grace." This comes with a teasing bob of his brows, even as he's stealing a sip of his refreshment. A chuckle finds him even as he bows his head slightly at Titania's introduction of him. "I apologize for horning in on a conversation of which I know not much," he offers with warmth. "I'd but thought to appear to laud the magnificence of her highness' work. But it is a pleasure to make a new acquaintance, and may the gods favour us with fortune to see our economy grow for all."

"I would never dare worry that you would not bring warmth with you," Medeia says to Patrizio, her voice dripping with put-upon affection, "At least, I would never worry /out loud/." She issues a wink I return to his bobbing brows. Then, the game! She takes a scroll, looking at Dacian and Titania as she does. There's no comment made regarding his being from Cardia, but she is very obviously paying attention to what is said on the matter.

Medeia takes A small scroll with a list of questions from A small box with a chevron design made for scrolls.

Dacian picks up one of the scrolls and breaks the seal to unfold it. He reads the questions upon it and his brows lift up, "Seems I need to kill two with one stone. Who here is from the Lyceum?" He murmurs, "These are quite good. Quite good, truthfully. I don't know if I will get them all!" He flaps the scroll, "Anyone? Lyceum." Clearly he doesn't know all the things about the Nobles of Arx yet, like what houses go where! He's a merchant, he has other things to do!

Titania smiles at Patrizio, "It is alright." she ohs and looks to Dacian then to the Prince with the amazing hair! "Would you care to join in and play, your highness. she moves to gather one of the lists."

Titania takes A small scroll with a list of questions from A small box with a chevron design made for scrolls.

"Don't forget, you can either ask or tell for each of the questions." Aconite echoes as she steps away for a moment as a couple of apprentices appear at the edge of the cluster of people. She murmurs quickly to Denica, "I'll be back."

A variety of different drinks have circulated through paint-stained fingers, taking time to savour each one. The different profiles. Allowing time and a nibble on something to break up the notes and aromas of the liquors. Denica listens to people talk about their backgrounds and where they are coming from, keen to hear the conversations unfold. Nodding to Aconite who is heading out for a moment, Denica steps into the fold and smiles. "And feel free to get creative with your answers and interpretations.," Denica encourages.

"I think I should be of a mind to allow others to play, and to sink into the delight of the warmth of such a company present here," offers Patrizio at the invitation from Titania, even as he's lifting his glass in salute, and drawing a breath only to let it free once more. Though there's a brief turn of his head to make sure that he catches Denica's eye with another gesture with the glass, before he's turning his attention to the fresco, the better to admire it, as if such were why he's chosen to appear from his office.

Though to Medeia, he muses lowly, "So long as I do not appear with threats of Arvum Fire, I think few worry about the manner of the warmth that comes with me."

Medeia looks at Dacian. She's standing /right there/. "Yes. Lyceum." Her hand comes up in a little wave.

Dacian shoots a look over at Medeia, a little stupid grin on his face, "Oh, perfect!" He clears his throat then goes on, "I would like to ask you about the history and the significance of your heraldry or emblem." He closes up the scroll and has it folded in his hands as he looks toward Medeia, "Would you care to share that with me?"

Titania smiles as she looks over her list and watches Dacian and Medeia and she will wait to ask her once they are done, she looks back to the prince. There is a smile on her lips as she steps in closer to him and leans in to say something to him in a soft whisper.

Taking a sip of an amber liquor, Denica pauses for a moment, trying to taste the layers the complex liquor provides. "Vanilla. And cherry.," she seems sure of this but it's also a good guess. Her attention drifts from the questions, brows perking when she hears which ones come up. Catching Patrizio's gesture she returns it with one in return, the glass lifts again and she takes a quiet sip. Denica is content to watch and appreciate the energy of the room, people talking with each other and the warmth that a nice drink brings. Eyes glance upwards from time-to-time like it's easy to forget what she might have captured for it's outside of herself.

Medeia shakes her head gently at Patrizio. "I was not worried until just then," She teases. Then, back to Dacian, she offers a smile. "I would be happy to share with anyone who like to hear. The Saik heraldy is a mountain lion on a field of green and trimmed in white." She looks up at the painting and gestures to a spot with vineyards. "Saikland is a riverside land of rolling hills, absolutely covered in vineyards and archers and edged by forest on nearly all sides not along the river. It is verdant - so lush and green. The mountain cats are a concern, at times, but they are also strong, cunning survivors."

"To be fair, I should not worry anyone," offers Patrizio with warmth back to Medeia, when he's turned his attention from the fresco back to the conversation at hand, the glass lingering against his lower lip, even as he's drawing breath and seeming to enjoy the ebb and flow of the conversation.

Dacian's eyes rise with the gesture toward the vineyards, listening to the mention of rolling hills and vineyards and orchards, "Oh yes, I've heard about Saik recently, something about strange black glass. But this description is far more appealing to the senses. I should like to see it one day. How long does it take to get there?" Then a beat, "I've heard you also stomp grapes? Could you explain how you do that?"

Titania listens to Medeia and Dacian, she chuckles remembering the Saik games and rolling down the hill with the barrels and Denica. She looks back to the prince and continues her soft talk with him for the moment.

Abruptly, Medeia's face pales, and she is tucking away her scroll and looking for any reason why she can't stay in that conversation. "Sorry, what was that, Princess Denica? You heard my name being called from over there? I should go see what that is about!" Then she is hastily exiting the ballroom entirely.

Alejandro, a gravely sober middle-aged Torean have been dismissed.

Dacian looks quite confused and glances down at the scroll, "Perhaps stomping grapes doesn't mean what it reads here..." He assumes. It totally wasn't about the black glass.

Celina, a dutiful physician's assistant, Giancarlo, a cooper and prize-fighter leave, following Medeia.

Knocking back her entire drink, Denica also remembers the Saik games. A memorable event in her mind. She curious to listen to Medeia talk about grape stomping, but then notices her coming in her direction calling her name. Looking confused a moment she waves at Medeia and welcomes her by offering her drink. "I believe others might know how to stomp grapes," she continues after getting Lady Saik a drink and a getaway. "I believe...if I remember...there's a lot of drinking and you take off your shoes and dance and fall and it's fun." That's Denica's expert explanation, a smile follows and she finds another glass of something.

Dacian inquires to Denica, "It's not a euphemism for some sort of .. Lycuem courtship practice?"

Canting her head to the side, Denica looks at Dacian, "well I got grabbed thrown over someone's shoulder and carried off during the Saik games. Maybe it's a euphemism for kidnapping?," Denica isn't Lycene. This seems like it could be logical, it's the Lyceum after all. The topic of grapes warrants switching over to the ice wine, having saved it for last given the sweet flavour. "I think that's a automatic pass on the question," she says to Dacian.

Titania grins, "I do remember that your highness, I do believe it was after we rolled down the hill yes?" she giggles hearing Dacian's words about it being a courtship practice.

Dacian's brows lift and his smile is a little smug, "Who wouldn't want to be carried off over someone's shoulder?" He fans his hand in front of his face with a wink to Denica, while he decides that the question on his scroll is not going to be truly answered at this point in the game. He laughs softly at her last, nodding his head as he approaches her, "Maybe we could get you to answer another one for me? I'm supposed to learn about your government and how decisions are made." He tilts his head, "Unless you're from the Sanctum, then you can have the easier question."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Titania before departing.

"Yes, I believe I was kidnapped after we rolled down the hill in the barrel," Denica confirms with an easy smile and wink at Titania. The change in question has Denica shifting her attention to Dacian and the matter of government and decision making. "Well. There's paperwork involved. Lots of it. Most day-to-day decisions are made in very long meetings where everyone talks a lot. Many of those meetings could probably be better captured in a messenger," she bites down on her lip trying not to laugh. "It depends where the meeting is and who hosts it, as to whether or not there is drinking." There's a wicked smile in Denica's eyes as she answers, clearly having a bit of fun with the question.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Titania before departing.

If briefly, at hearing some mention of being rolled down a hill in a barrel, Patrizio turns his head as if to consider what's being discussed by Denica, even as he's grinning behind his glass. And still, the prince of Pravus seems to choose to say nothing, better to be listening to the ebb and flow of conversation, even if he does perhaps arch an eyebrow at Dacian at the mention of one being ferried off over the shoulder of another.

Titania seems to have gotten a message and blinks at it, "If you will excuse me a moment." she moves off to read what was sent to her.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Titania before departing.

"That my dear Princess, is the stuff of romance novels," he looks up at the mural, "Or the story that deserves to be immortalized on someone's ceiling for ages to come and wonder what exactly is happening with barrels and kidnappings." He chuckles, "That would be an amusing party, wouldn't it? Something for the spring tidings, no?" He then settles into listening about the governing, musing, "That sounds about right." He is curious toward the biting of the lip, "Is there something I missed?" CLUELESS>

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Titania before departing.

A party like this has people arriving on a variety of timetables. Michael's timetable has him as a later arriverer. Probably because of government and decision making. Thankfully it didn't trickle too far into the evening and he was able to abandon the snowy streets to instead thread his way through people in a ballroom intent on something. A drink? Or just greeting the hostesses.

Titania crumbles up the messages in her hand in a small angry looking fist, she moves to gather her cloak and moves to return her list.."Merchant Dacian, at some time I like to speak about perhaps the purchase of some material's for a masquerade being held soon." she looks to Denica, "Your highness, it is breath taking." she bows her head to Patrizio in a goodbye and pulls her hood up ready to head out, just passing Michael on the way out.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Titania before departing.

A smile's offered by Patrizio to Titania in her move to depart. "Worry yourself not over notes, my lady," offers he warmly to her. "It is not worth being upset over such things, and they pass, gods willing, soon enough." Though once more, his gaze lifts again to the fresco, even as he's taking another sip from his glass, a sigh sliding free, though he does afford Michael the dip of his head when he notices the lord arriving.

Taking a slow sip from her glass, Denica quirks her lips into a smile at Dacian's comment on the fresco and comparing it to a romance novel. "It's my love for the world," she says with a thoughtful expression. Then she remembers something, "prizes! Please, take one for playing," she says to Dacian and anyone else glancing over at the table that Aconite set up. Letting out a little breath, Denica's nerves have long since dissipated but she seems relieved that the project got completed. Catching the arrival of Michael, she spots him quick enough and lights up as she glances in his direction. Paint-stained fingers wave him over. To Titania she smiles, "thank you for coming tonight. It was lovely to see you and take care."

Dacian shoots Titania look and bows his head at her request, "At your pleasure, my Lady." He watches after the woman but isn't in a position to stop her from where ever she's going. His attention roams to a new figure that's coming rather than going. His eyes follow Michael for a moment, nodding politely, fully expecting to get some truth out of Denica to whom his attention reverts back to. "Prizes?" Absolutely.

Dacian gets a golden clawed shawl from A beautiful display table for prizes.

Titania puts A small scroll with a list of questions in A small box with a chevron design made for scrolls.

Titania takes a beautifully carved box holding a collection of Compact-wide teas from A beautiful display table for prizes.

Dacian pivots to move to the prize table and starts to browse the items there. He's immediately drawn to the golden clawed shawl, which he takes and swiftly adorns to his Cardian robes, as if it belonged there, situating it to settle just so along his shoulders with the little metal pieces making soft sounds as he moves. That appears to be his choice despite the perfumes getting a second look.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Titania before departing.

Michael frowns towards the approaching Titania, and the frown continues and deepens further as the woman passes him. He'll keep walking though and move through the room towards Denica. "I believe I've just been haunted by the ghosts of my past. If I was poetical, I'd say such." A shivery shiver works through his shoulders before they settle. "Has yours and the Radiance's party been a success, your highness?"

"I think you've a model, your highness, for your next work," expresses Patrizio to Denica, even as he's dipping his head towards Dacian with an approving look. "If something to follow on this triumph here this evening with something to express the unity of those of us who are found here within the walls of Arx." The prince smiles, taking another sip of his glass, before there's a glance of those jade eyes towards Michael at the asking.

Paint stained fingers curl around her glass and she brings it to her lips quietly observing the room to see when she might wrap up the official part of the evening. There will no doubt be food and drink into the dawn hours though those that wish to entertain it. A thick Islander eyebrow lofts upwards briefly at Michael curiously and then she smiles at the question. "I speak for myself only, but I had a delightful time. It's...always strange showing people art but it's also a way to connect with them. With the world and connect the world. I feel inspired.," she tells him. Then she looks over at Patrizio and grins at his suggestion and over at Dacian. Then she says generally, "I am sure that if you wish to stay, there will be music and drink for the rest of the night. But, I just wanted to take a moment and say that it's been a great experiencing sharing this space with you tonight. I appreciate the faith that Aconite had in me, with no direction and a lot of free space. It was fun, to be part of other people's stories and make them into a new one."

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