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Khati Storytime: Fading Flame, Rising Star

When a life's embers dim, where do tales lost to time reside?

In winter's cool embrace, House Vaevici sponsors an evening of tales that dance with Fire ? the essence of change and the spirit sparking transformation. A tribute to the late Cardian Tribune Petraea Livy, a beacon whose light persists even as her flame has ebbed.

Embark with the storyteller on a voyage through valorous tales. Chronicles of souls bold enough to make their mark. These tales are a testament that our destiny isn't merely to exist but instead a choice to blaze trails that inspire and illuminate the paths for others. As one flame wanes, a spark ascends, giving birth to a new star with tales of its own.

By the fireside, where the stories shimmer like molten gold, we gather. This night, while honouring legends of the past, we might just behold the ascent of a new star, destined to carve its luminance upon the wintry expanse.

Come join and be part of a tale larger than life itself. Will you be the next story to be told? The next flame to kindle the spirit of change? The next star to rise like the phoenix from the ashes as we choose to remember the yesterdays as we strive to protect the tomorrows?

As always, clues shared afterwards.

Themes: Fire, Flames, Stars, Spirits, Destiny, Legacy, Fidelity, Occult, Theology.


Nov. 5, 2023, 5 p.m.

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Duarte Patrizio Khanne Mattheu Valencia Adalyn




Arx - Ward of House Pravus - Remembrance Square

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Comments and Log

Duarte is miserable in the snow as he makes a now rare public appearance. He is wrapped up to the chin in heavy wool. A borderline scowl graces his usually charming, affable countenance. Atop his head is a large, heavy wig of imperious granduer, framing his face with thick, flowing ebony tresses. Usually a shut in, it seems this square was not so far from his estate that he could easily justify staying in his chambers. "Surely one can tell a story /in doors/...." he mutters.

"There must be something to having it out of doors that the Warmonger had wanted it to be so." Answering Duarte is the cloaked figure of Patrizio Pravus, lingering wrapped in the heavy material, though for once he is /not/ making complaint about the nature of the weather without, but simply trying to cope with it as it would seem. A cloud of his breath appears before him when there's the pronouncing it, and the appearance of his flask as he takes a sip, though the smile behind the vessel is irrepressible. "Perhaps it is something that's assistive with setting the tone for what it is we're to hear."

in contrast to Duarte, is Khanne, wearing a white silk hooded gown as pristine as newly fallen snow and a cloak. She seems comfortable in the cold as she enters the square. A relieved look crosses her face when she realizes she is in the right place. "I have found my way. Miracles do happen." Taking a look around as others gather, she smiles in greeting and looks to find a place to sit. "Perhaps some fire will be brought out to thaw those who are frozen."

Bells fill the square as their sharp echoes pick up clearer over the frozen space when Mattheu find his way over bridge and into the Square. A small troop of children ranging in age from young to near teenager follow along. Each with their own bells singing in their steps. All bundled up within seatouched wools mixed with flaxen cloth. A bright burst of color against the rest of the frozen streets.

With a thickly gloved hand, Duarte reaches in to the recesses of his coat to dig out the pamphlet for the evenings engagement. "Fire and flames are what I was promised..." his frost bitten nose lifts so dark eyes may scan the snow riddled surrounds. "...lies." The hermit Count (as the Bravurans now call him) has determined to be grumpy.

Valencia drifts in with silent steps, a warm cloak gathered about her to keep out the cold. She smiles a little to see familiar faces, offering gentle nods of warm welcome to those she knows -- Count Duarte, Duchess Khanne, Lord Mattheu, the Archduke of Pravus among others -- as she makes her way to find a comfortable place in which to listen.

Adalyn has her cloak wrapped about her as she moves into the square, her honey blond hair is pulled to the side and braided. Her green eyes look about for a place to sit, she looks cold but not to bad off really. She does move to pull the hood of her cloak up slightly.

"I am sure there will be plenty of fire and flame to please your senses when the storyteller arrives and the finishing touches to the setting are put in place," Khanne says to Duarte. "And just think how lovely they will feel then? You can't truly appreciate warmth if you do not feel the cold... right?" She looks up to see Valencia and offers a smile and a lift of her hand in greeting.

"I think His Majesty is quite content to keep fire far from me." Patrizio's smiling as he's chuckling and... a breath passes from him as another cloud while he's waiting patiently. "Though I could send for braziers to be brought forth, to help with some comfort while we wait for others to arrive, and they can always be extinguished when the Warmonger's tale begins if it's helpful to his stagecraft." A smile's offered to Valencia when she's arriving and offering those nods of welcome, the draw closer for a moment to converse with her while he's likewise greeting those others picking their way down to the centre of the Pravusi ward.

In an effort to showcase his once typical demeanor, Duarte nods acquiesence to Khanne. "Surely Duchess, your sunny disposition is plenty warmth to weather the present inconvenience." His sibilants are stuttered and sustained from the chill whilst speaking.

Big nods to Patrizio, with a low command of "...send for the braziers."

Violeta Emili, tall and shadowed rivenshari, 2 Rivenshari Clan Guardsman, Tregva Emili, a colorful ravashari performer, Campanilla, a beautiful blue roan gelding leave, following Mattheu.

Valencia smiles again to Khanne and returns the greeting warmly. Dark eyes scan the growing crowd. Patrizio's smile is also returned and she moves to properly greet him.

2 Farshaw trained guards, Suzette - a Westrock Aerie Page leave, following Ryhalt.

Khanne smiles to Duarte. "I do try. Alas, even I am not a match for winter's chill if one is not accustomed to it. Me, I was born with the chill in my bones."

With a quiet murmur to those of the House Guard who are about the square, the archduke sends word to have braziers sent to warm those who linger behind. But with a smile to Valencia, Patrizio gestures. "Come, let us be off. I'm not of mind to remain out where it temps the gods to snow more fiercely upon us."

9 First Legion Centurions, 3 Setarcan Royal Shields, Valencia leave, following Patrizio.

"And I was born with whiskey warming my humors and the sun in my lipids.." Duarte stands a tries to brush off his snow speckled coat only to cover it with more snow. He also shakes his head sending flakes of snow in all directions as they fling from the ebony faux-locks. "So I shall find some manner of have a soak, or a drink...or both. Near a fire place of considerable rage."

Chuckling, Khanne nods and realizing that the Warmonger is not arriving, says, "in that case, I shall be off as well. Enjoy your warmth, Duarte. It was good to see you again."

"You of the North, and your cheery disregard for body temperature!" Duarte laments from jealousy. "Such an otherwise fine day for mingling of the sort. Whatever will you go instead?"

"It's not disregard at all, just an appreciation for the chill. Trust me, if I were to visit the islands in summer again, I would be melting and complaining about the heat. We all have our temperate zones, I suppose." Khanne smiles and takes a few steps. "I have a number of letters to write, so just my own estate. There may be a fire, and likely some drink... I'll save the bath for later." She laughs.

"I accept the invitation," Duarte states decidedly after a brief rumination. "It has been some time..." (years) "...since I've strolled across town. And the motion itself is warming - or so I've been promised by staff eager to shoo me away from my estate." He motions around, "Get some sun and fresh air, they said."

"You should stroll about town more often. It really isn't so bad. IN fact," Khanne says, "since I have to request a raincheck on the invitation... I would be happy to meet you sometime for a nice walk about. If you would like. You might be amazed at how good the fresh air can be for you."

Throughout the Remembrance Square, there's a buzz of excitement from the daytime crowds as a member of Great House Pravus is spotted moving through the central hub of their new ward.

6 First Legion Centurions, Sparrow, an enthusiastic and bubbly assistant arrive, following Renata.

6 First Legion Centurions, Sparrow, an enthusiastic and bubbly assistant leave, following Renata.

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