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Prospective Patron - Protege Meet & Greet

Are you struggling to find an experienced patron to help you refine your talents and expand your connections? Considering taking a protege under your wing to help them reach their full potential?

Prospective patrons and proteges are warmly invited to attend an excellent opportunity to meet with other like-minded individuals at the Golden Hart in an effort to find mutually beneficial professional partnerships in an informal and welcoming atmosphere.

Enjoy drinks, mix and mingle, and potentially find your perfect patron - protege match.

All are very welcome to attend.
OOC: This is event is intended as a fun little way to help patrons/proteges find each other through casual RP.
Due to misunderstandings with our form, it has been removed. Please all feel free to come and play
This event is open to one and all. We hope you'll join us. Questions? Send us a page or mail


Nov. 19, 2023, 4:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Renata Patrizio Theo


Valencia Medeia Mirari Ryhalt Umbroise Edris Esme



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - Main Hall

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Renata stands a table set out with pins into two columns, those seeking a patron, those seeking a protege. (ooc if you could use your +roomtitle to state which you are seeking.) A few pieces of parchment before her as she looks to her assistant then to those that have gathered for the luncheon within the Golden Hart. A quick press to the aquamarine dress as she folds her hands before her, and a small breath taken. "Thank you all for coming. We've small pins of differing colors to help those seeking either patron or protege. We're here to help you find those that might fit your projects and of what you might wish to learn. Remember that a good Patron or Protege might be one you didn't consider before, we seek to help bridge a gap, to aid in that ice breaker." She smiles with mirth for the weather outside in her speech.

Valencia draws in a breath and surveys the Hart's great hall. She nods and smiles softly, seeming to be approving as her staff drift this way and that ensuring things are offering just the right ambiance to facilitate a very successful event.

Neither late nor early - Sebastian would be /so/ disappointed that it's not the former - Patrizio Pravus lingers closer the table when there's a consideration of the pins, then the brief sweep of his eyes over the hall. A smile's given to Valencia, both reassuring and approving of the lay of the land, before he muses to Renata, "I suspect that I have but one choice from the two, given the audience we've here, cousin. I should've availed myself of the options sooner." Which comes with a rueful chuckle, even as he's taking up a drink, and pointedly ignoring the weather without for the moment.

Medeia had arrived early to see if Renata needed any help, but finding things well in hand, the lady has settled off to the side to observe those that come in while sipping from a mug of mulled wine. She has selected no pin, a fact which perhaps makes her presence odd. When she notes Valencia, she lifts a hand in silent greeting.

Theo is not hovering. Nope not at all. He is close by to help Renata when Sparrow is not doing her bidding. A smile to Renata as if to encourage her and her little speech that she has presented to the group as a whole. He does smile when he catches Valencia's eye to. A respectful nod to Patrizio as he moves to help himself to a glass of wine and he says a little quieter to Renata, "Here is to success. Everything will be just fine."

A confident stride brings Mirari Corsetina into the Golden Hart. The woman moves like she should be wherever she decides to be. There's a devil-may-care smirk on her lips, she does nothing to temper it. Dressed in a thick, shadowy dark cloak, it's dusted with evidence of the winter outside. The southern doesn't take well to the cold, but the moment she's inside, she shrugs it off, revealing a dress the colour of blood. Black hair is lifted, so not to obscure the severe cut of her dress, allowing her back to remain bare. Eyes are lined with dark kohl giving them a smoky look. What's most noticeable, are the variety of gleaming weapons that the woman wears like they are a part of her. Peace-tied of course, they are still displayed as obvious as the jewelry she decorates herself with. "Well this should be fun," she says to no one in particular, looking amused by everything but there's nothing light-hearted about the tone of her voice.

Ryhalt was looking like he wasn't sure he should be here, but listening to Renata he took a breath and smiled. He selected a pin indicating he was seeking a protege and clipped it to the front of his shirt.

Lady Umbroise Acheron has neither patron, nor protege, so she's decided to escape from the dreary confines of the Acheron Domain to mingle with the other patronless or protegeless people. The Voice of Aviaron's Peak is wearing a lovely gown of dawnglow seatouched wool with matching boots. Her long dark hair falls gently about her shoulders in loose ringlets to her waist, except for a small bit that is pinned up in a casual bun in the back with a pair of rose gold hairpins. Skirts gathered delicately in one slender hand, she pauses as she enters, to glance around and orient herself. She's never been in the Hart before, so she allows her eyes to wander over the decor and the surroundings. She is accompanied by several guardsmen, and a maid. After a moment, she shoos them off to go find something to occupy themselves, as she moves further in to examine the pins. "Hmmm," she murmurs, before selecting a 'seeking Patron' pin. She fastens it to her gown, then beams a smile to Renata with a curtsey. "Thank you so much for putting this together, your Highness. I have been looking forward to it with much anticipation." As an afterthought, she picks up a 'seeking Protege' pin as well, because you never know! When she sees Medeia, she gives the Saik lady a quick wave of the hand in greeting.

Edris enters without fanfare, and dressed in something other than polished leather armor. It appears that he's cleaned up a touch for the evening. He isn't unfamiiar with the setting, though it might have been a little while since he has been to the Hart, as he looks about with calm interest and a touch of a faint smile. He smiles at Renata as he approaches the table. "Princess Renata, Prince Theo. How lovely to see you again, I hope you are well. Many thanks for organizing such an event." The Prince-Consort takes one of the pins indicating he's seeking a protege, though as he sees Ryhalt doing the same, he flashes him a grin as well. "Good to see you as well, Duke Ryhalt." But he doesn't block the table for too long, moving further into the room to start mingling.

Once Theo is done taking that glass of wine from one of Valencia's servers he takes a moment to bend and take the pin that says seeking protege. When Edris approaches the table he smiles at him, "I am glad you are here and hope you find what it is that you seek." Not going into further conversation so the man can continue with his mingling. All others that approach the table get similar greetings and words from the Velenosa Prince.

Medeia gives Umbroise a warm smile and a slight lift of her mug in greeting before spotting the duke of Westrock. She moves from her spot along the outskirts and goes to greet him. "Ryhalt, how lovely to see you here." There's a moment when she looks to see which pin the man grabbed. With a smile, she leans in to say something quietly to him.

"We should all be so blessed, as to find that which we truly seek for. But the first step is starting the quest, yes?" Patrizio smiles when he's overhearing Theo's words to Edris, before there's a warm smile to Umbroise. "I admire the openness to whatever should come your way this evening, my lady." Medeia's lack of choice of a pin does get a brief lift of those brows, but the archduke simply grins at the ambiguity therein before he dips his head to Mirari. "Messere Corsetina. It's good to see that you've braved the weather and come out this evening."

Looking between himself, Edris, and Patrizio he chuckles and inclines his head to Edris. "It would seem that perhaps I should flip my badge and try offering my interesting skills instead to either of you. Though, I would not wish to waste our hostess's efforts." Ryhalt smiles to Edris, Patrizio and their host, Renata. "Indeed, is good to see all of you and everyone again." As Medeia greets him he returns her smile and tips his head down to listen to her. What she says makes the laugh-lines at the corners of his eyes appear a moment before he laughs and nods, returning some words.

Valencia offers a bright smile to Patrizio and a respectful incline of head and then she turns to return a happy wave to her cousin Theo. A softer look comes as she finds Renata and she offers the Pravusi princess a warm nod of encouragement as she moves to over see the trays of drinks flowing forth from the bar. As Mirari arrives, the raven haired Lycene beams and attempts to catch the elegant woman's eye with a happy smile and gracious seemingly glad at her arrival.

There are two things that Mirari seeks. A glass of wine, red of course, and then a pin. Looking around, she decides there's probably no one at a social rank to be her protege and so she picks up the pin to indicate she's looking for a patron. There's a lack of commitment or eagerness, that betrays the woman is probably picky about her social relationships. Still, she's willing to give it a go and so she affixes it to the blood red gown she wears. Then she takes a sip of the wine and starts to watch as others begin to mingle. Patrizio catches her attention and she flashes the man an easy grin, "your highness, I suffered the entire time, but sometimes we just need to challenge ourselves," she says with an easy tone. Seeing Valencia, Mirari meets the woman's smile with one of her own, "Valencia, it's been too long," she tells her fondly. Then she lets her gaze wander, taking in who is pinned with what. Mirari is certainly not a shy woman, but she doesn't pursue anyone quite yet. Rather, it's obvious that the dark-haired woman is standing in silence, assessing everyone with keen emerald eyes. While she sips her wine, her other hand rests idly on her hip.

As Patrizio addresses her, Umbroise beams a smile at him. "Well, I do like to keep an open mind, your Highness," she says warmly. She pins the other pin to the other side of her gown, and then she gathers her skirts and swishes away from the table to make room for others to approach and collect their pins. She snags a glass of wine from a passing server, and perches herself on a couch, her black eyes scanning the room, watching to see who grabs what pin.

Umbroise has joined the comfy sofas.

One of Medeia's hands rests lightly on Ryhalt's upper arm for a brief moment. "I agree," she says softly. Then she's looking between Ryahkt and Umbroise. "My dear lady, have you met Duke Ryhalt Farshaw?" She makes the introduction between the pair before moving over toward Patrizio. "I am rather satisfied with my patronage arrangement, Your Grace, but I did promise Renata to support this fine event." She looks up at him, her own brows lifting slightly.

Theo shows his grin when he hears Patrizio and he also fiddles with his pin that he has placed on his shirt. Taking a moment to let his deep blue eyes take in the crowd in general to see who is who and who is looking for what. He goes quiet. It is what he does best but he's also approachable for any that wish to speak to him.

Renata nods to Theo with a small blush, "We've only just begun." Turning from soft words with her co-host, a nod to Patrizio, "Cousin. We'll never let on to Bas that you found your way in a timely manner." Smiling to him as she then turns to Medeia with a finger wave for the woman as she settles to sitting to the side. A small pat to her heart in a nod to the Saik lady as she then turns to Umbroise, Edris, and Ryhalt as each seek to take a pin. Greeting Mirari with a wide smile as she starts to breath again as if a nervous wave has been lifted. "Mirari Corsetina, that is a lovely armlet you're wearing. It goes very well with your outfit. It's a pleasure to see you. Might I point out that Lady Umbroise, Prince Edris, and Duke Edris are seeking proteges this evening?" She looks to the others as some start to take to the seats to start conversations. A soft press of her fingers to Patrizio's arm as she nods to co-hosts, "We should mingle, help where we can. Or at least find a drink." A look to Theo as he's already done that.

"Indeed it has, my dearest lady. I'm glad you have chosen to join us. Please enjoy my Hart, yes?" Valencia happily welcomes Mirari and nods to the growing crowd. A polite nod is given to Edris and Ryhalt, though, her expression warm and welcoming, though she holds back, perhaps not wishing to distract them from current conversations. Marking Theo's grin to Patrizio, she gives her cousin a look that maybe notes that she is watching, the look clearly playful.

Edris bows his head respectfully to Patrizio. "Aye, your grace," he replies, returning the smile in kind. But he gives Ryhalt a wink. "As one of our hosts has said, being open to many possibilities is one of the reasons why we are here, no?" He is still close enough to catch some of the names, as well as spotting another familar face in the room, with a smile and a bow of his head. "Lady Medeia. Lady Umbroise, Messere Mirari." When he claims a drink, his one of choice seems to be a glass of whiskey, but he doesn't get drink from it. He offers Renata what surely is meant to be a reassuring smile.

Teasingly, Patrizio clucks his tongue at Mirari, though there is - finally - a glance towards the out of doors as to mind the weather for that moment. "There's just little reason to keep ourselves cloistered away, indeed," he agrees, as verdict on the weather perhaps, before he lets a breath slide free. Umbroise's words draw another grin from the archduke. Medeia, though, gets an approving nod about it. "I know that I, my cousin, Princess Valencia, and Prince Theo appreciate your support in that. And you might still end up with thoughts towards a protege, if someone's words provoke interest, yes?"

Though he does notice Valencia's glance at Theo, trying to look as innocent as a Sin can for the moment while he takes another sip.

Ryhalt grins to Medeia and looks towards Umbroise as she introduces them. "We have met, though I don't recall off the top of my head when. We aren't close, so I don't mind." Turning to Umbroise, he says, "A pleasure to meet you again, Lady Umbroise." He returns Valencia's warm smile. Looking to Edris, he grins a bit wryly. "Indeed. I have been seeking new proteges for the longest time. I'm not so good at these types of things it turns out."

"Prince Edris!" Medeia returns the man's greeting warmly. "I am so pleased to see you survived any potential fountain hijinks at your wedding celebration. Have you met Mirari before? She is rather brilliant and a master of her craft." She smiles at the Corsetina woman. "It has been a long time since I last saw you, I hope you are doing well?" There's a glance at Patrizio, a soft smile given before she turns to greet Theo. "Prince Theo, always a joy to see you."

Somebody's eyes are watching him...Oh its just a Valencia. Theo does something subtle to his cousin. Points his eyes with two fingers and then points those fingers to her and he's laughing softly to himself. Only to hear the quiet words of Renata. "True. But yes, I will go and mingle, help and drink." Lifting his hand that holds his red wine of Velenosa. Hearing Patrizio there's a quick nod in agreement for the archduke's words towards Medeia and he gives the lady a smile for her support.

Taking a moment to indulge in the wine, not just to sip it, but to savour it, Mirari's attention drifts back to Renata. The compliment warrants a smile in return, "thank you, your Highness, I made it myself.," she says of the bracelet. The woman's mention of the others seeking a protege, she looks over in their direction. "Lady Umbroise and I are acquainted," she flashes an easy grin at the woman. The two men in question are less familiar to her, she studies both of them equally. "Prince Edris, Duke Ryhalt, a pleasure no doubt," the woman says with an easy confidence. "I would be curious to hear what people have to offer a patron protege relationship. What that actually means to them, for that is different things to different people. I won't lie, I am picky and I am also an acquired taste. I've no desire to change that either," she adds, seeming rather content with herself, self-assured, if not a bit cocky. Then her smile warms for Valencia, "it's nice to be back here. I've fond memories and no doubt more to make," she adds. Medeia's introduction is met with a small chuckle, "brilliant," she echoes seeming to like that descriptor. "Thriving as always. I looks like you are doing the same," she compliments in return.

As Medeia introduces her to Duke Rhyalt, Umbroise smiles and rises from her seat again. "Oh, yes, I think we did meet long ago, in the Bold Espressions if I recall. It was my first day ever in the city, several years back. I am glad you remember me at least a little," she says to Ryhalt with a grin. "A pleasure to meet you again as well, my lord Farshaw," she greets with an inclination of the head. "I hope you have been well?" As she hears Renata speak her name, Umbroise gives a wave of the hand for anyone hoping to match a name to a face for her, with an inclination of the head toward Edris. "Your Highness," she greets in return. "May I congratulate you on your recent nuptials?" she adds. She turns a glance toward Mirari then. "Messere Mirari," she greets pleasantly. "How nice to see you here! Is your sister Mailys back in the city as well? I should dearly love to speak with her again about something we were researching together."

"You say that as if any of us are very good at the finding and care of proteges, my lord," says Patrizio with a warm chuckle to Ryhalt after the moment, the letting of a sigh slide free. "There was a time that I'd not thought I had time for such... and then now..." There's a glance to Edris, before he's including both men in that consideration. "I suppose when you rise to a certain point, and live long enough, any of us should something, at least, to offer others in terms of guidance and mentoring."

Valencia laughs softly at Theo's teasing and shakes her head. Ryhalt's response finds a happy audience and Mirari's warm words have her smiling again. "I very much look forward to this. All of them good ones," she agrees nodding gently before allowing the woman to continue her enjoy a conversation with Umbroise.

With things well in hand, Valencia steps back to let her staff take over and do what they do best. An appreciative nod is offed and one or another move past seeking to the tasks. Lacing her fingers, Valencia drifts back and becomes part of the ambiance.

With a glass of wine Renata heads to make a circle of the room her best foot forwards and direction with Umbroise, Ryhalt, and Medeia first. Stopping when she sees Medeia and Prince Edris are well acquainted with Mirari being introduced. Smiling wide towards Medeia turning her attention to Umbroise. A nod of her head, "Princess Renata Pravus. Is there anyone we can help you make introductions to?"

Joy, the advisor of roses arrives, following Esme.

As others mingle about Theo for his part is actually circling the groups in general as if to catch snippets of conversations and introductions to see what he can glean so far. Hand raised in greeting to those he is familiar with. In general he tells those close by in case they had not heard his name he says, "Prince Theo Velenosa." Toasting the others with his glass. "I do hope you enjoy this event. I see it as getting to know others in a like minded manner whether that is patron or protege. For myself? I am open to either." Did anyone ask? Probably not. He offers it anyways. It just took him a few minutes to get his bearings.

"It is a new experience, seeking a protege," Edris remarks to Ryhalt. "The needs of Elwood were very specific, and while I have introduced many to the life of a knight, as well as introducing others to a new life in Arx, I had a great deal more to learn than I could offer," he explains plainly. But he nods to Mirari's question as well.

"Aye, it will be a very different thing to different people. Or even that particular relationship. As part of my new role, I do a great deal of travel now throughout the Oathlands. My hope is to find those who would like to travel in that area who are not so familiar with it, especially in the areas that are more far flung. I find having different perspectives and observations aids even in areas I think I know well. And it would give opportunites to build relationship there as well." He pauses for a long moment. "THough sometimes the travel and conditions are rather rough. And there would need to be a certain willingness to explore more dangerous areas a well. But I can also assistance in rebuilding a domain. I learned a great deal of lessons in the process of restoring Arden. I would give that to anyone who wished it, truth be told. But to be able to work closely with someone to aid them in achieving their own vision, that would also be something that I would like to do."

Esme saunters into the Hart but she doesn't squeal and hug everyone .... this time. There is a curious tilt of her head as Esme seems more inclined to hang out on the sidelines to observe for now. Although, she's moving to the warmest place available to her.

Esme has joined the table by the fire.

Esme's arrival is met with a smile and Valencia slips over to greet her. "Please be so very welcome. I'm glad you have joined us. Would you care for a drink and a moment to get your bearings," she ask warmly.

Medeia lifts a hand to wave to Esme from where she has fallen into a quiet conversation.

"A pleasure to meet you, too, Mirari," Ryhalt says as he smiles to her. Chuckling he grins at Umbroise remembering how they'd met. "I do try to remember faces, even if names and details sometimes elude me. Such are easy to recapture with a little time. I've been well, considering the times, and I hope you have as well?" With a laugh, he grins to Patrizio. "Oh, I don't know. I could name a few in the city who are good at it. But, I think it is more meeting someone with whom you can share mutually benefitting skills and sometimes that takes time to determine. A one-time meeting in public doesn't show everyone in the best light." With that half answer to Mirari's questions he thinks a moment more before he says to her, "It's more than transactional, however. Though," he smiles briefly, "I am well versed in such exchanges. For a protege, I'd prefer a relationship that is a friendship with both of us offering what we can to each other's projects." Listening to Edris's reply, he chuckles softly. "I sympathize with you entirely." Scratching his sidewhisker, he considers. "If I have to be brief, I'd say what I'd most want to offer whether patron or protege is knowledge. It isn't always easy to find someone to talk to."

Umbroise nods to Rhyalt, smiling at the Duke. "I have been well, all things recent considered," she agrees in commisseration. As Renata approaches, Umbroise smiles and dips a curtsey. "A pleasure to meet you officially, your Highness," she says, inclining her head. Everything about her seems very... courtly, as Noah Velanosa might put it. "Lady Umbroise Acheron," she introduces in kind. She glances around as Renata asks if she can introduce her to. "Hmmm," she says, her eyes fixing on Patrizio and Theo. "I don't think I have had the pleasure of officially meeting either of those two," she says with a curve of her lips in the general direction of the Highlord and the Velenosan Prince. "And I don't believe I have met the observant lady greeting everyone, either," she adds, with a smile toward Valencia. She inclines her head toward Theo as he introduces himself in general. "Prince Theo, a pleasure," she greets him. "House Acheron has quite close associations with House Velanosa, as our former lord turned out to be a Velanosan prince." She moves away from the sofa to better talk with everyone addressing her, since sitting by the sidelines is definitely not her thing.

Esme gives the largest and most vibrant smile towards Valencia. It almost seems to illuminate her entire face. One might notice a pitch forwards as if she was about to launch herself at Valencia and holds back. Her emerald eyes sparkle as they seem to tell her thoughts and feelings when looking at a person. "Your dress is very pretty and I especially like the corset on it." Her fingers curl in and out for a moment as her eyes clearly show the urge to pet that she stops herself. "Thank you for your most wonderful welcome. I am just here because I heard of this going on and got curious." There is an almost teasing manner to the next words, "I do have a problem when my curious nature rises for it must be sated." Her eyes slide over to Medeia and offers a huge (perhaps inappropriate) wave. Then she smiles back to Valencia. "I think I'm going to hide by the fire. I have always been dreadful about the cold."

"This is all true, but let us be honest - it takes a first encounter to start the process of seeing where interests coincide, my lord," confides Patrizio warmly to Ryhalt, even as he is handing back off his glass, as if content for the moment to have his hands free, and not hiding behind the vessel fully. "The first step upon a path as it were, because else, you're stuck in the same place forever." Umbroise's words draw his jade eyes about to her, before he bows his head slightly. "I fear that I've not had the opportunity to introduce myself, then. Patrizio of Pravus."

A smile blooms across Theo's features when Umbroise introduces herself and shares the little bit of what her house's former lord turned out to be a velenosian prince. There's a light tease in his voice as he says, "We are sneaky that way." Maybe a little serious in the tease. You do know what they say about Velenosa. They are foxes for a reason.

Sipping her wine, half way through the answers, Mirari finds she needs another drink and so she doesn't limit herself. When Edris speaks, she listens, there's something he says that seems to interest her, so she files it away for 'ask later'. Then her attention drifts to Ryhalt and she appreciates his comment about how finding the right fit is more than just a one-time public meeting. The woman seems to agree. Then the woman cants her head to the side, she decides she ought to answer the question she so boldly asked others to do. A smirk forms on her lips, it's almost natural the way it curves there, like the woman is always laughing at some secret joke. "I've had these relationships in the past, with some rather incredible people. Like any relationship, sometimes they are lasting, but other times, people just come into our lives for a moment. Yet, everyone will teach us something. Whether it is what we want out of the world, or what we do not." The woman pauses before she continues. "I am looking for someone that is not afraid to delve deeper. The world is a fascinating place, and it's easy to paint it as black and white, but I'm more curious what falls between. I am not shy, there is little I would not explore given the chance. Much like there is little that scares me and if it does? That's exactly what I am going to walk up to, without hesitation. I like adventure and I can offer that. Sure, I can make pretty things and I know how to make money. Those things are secondary, I live life in a way, that I never regret a moment, because I am happy with who I am, whether people are or not." Mirari knows this is a prickly answer, but she's not looking for a patron, she's looking for the right one. Whether it happens or not.

Renata smiles to Theo as he introduces himself, then again as Patrizio takes matters into his hands to introduce himself as well. Left with a nod to both Prince and Archduke she steps back to where Esme sits by the fire with a small wave before settling to the sidelines to watch if anyone has question.

Valencia smiles to Umbroise notice, and turns to respond to Esme seeming bemused by her holding back the buoyant energy the woman often as. She bows her head and smiles graciously. "I am glad that you like it. Thank you. You look ethereal, if I may say," she offers back sincerely. "I'm glad that you came. Curious is a good thing, yes?" she nods looking to the crowd and back. "Please enjoy and if we might introduce you so you feel more at home, please let me know, yes?"

Edris nods solemnly. "Though I know that there are none of us here untouched by the times we find each other in," he agrees with Ryhalt. "Being able to speak about certain things without...instilling disbelief or anger. Being able to discuss from different perspectives, while still respecting that the other may have reasons for their other perspective." He studies his glass of whiskey for a long moment. "I suspect it's a craving that many of us have, I devoutly hope." But he listens to the conversation, though Mirari's words bring a fuller smile to his lips. "My path has taken many turns," he says. "But I can say almost the same, that I believe I would likely choose the same again, even knowing the consequences."

At Umbroise's words, he bows his head courteously. "Prince Edris Valardin, Prince-Consort of Sanctum," he introduces himself. "And thank you for the congratulations, Lady Medeia."

Medeia seeks a refill of her mug of mulled wine before going and sitting beside Esme. "My dear, we all know the cold is no place for southern flowers like ourselves. Let me join you and hopefully we can warm each other with our vibrant company."

Valencia drops stylish leather sofa.

Valencia drops chaise longue.

Esme gives that smile towards Valencia. "It's not ethereal, it's probably icicles. I do not handle cold well and then there is that go to the fire, melt. Go outside, freeze." She sighs in an overly dramatic put upon fashion that is completly feigned. "I am really here to see if there is anyone that will just carry me back to the palace district." She balances on one foot to hold up her left foot and wiggle it. "Frozen feet are the worst." Then she laughs fully and without care how loud it is. Her eyes slide to Edris to figure if he's one to ask to carry her or she's listening while he talks. Then her eyes fall on Renata and she blossoms to another smile. She does sort of sit down and scoot, scoot, wiggle over next to the woman. "First, I adore your hat." Then her voice drops to a stage whisper, "Also do you think we can just make everyone line up and explain who they are, what they are looking for and show us their secret talent?" She claps her hand at the last part and might look a little overly felinishly amused at the idea of it. Luckily, Esme is also easily distracted and beams a smile to Medeia. "Oh, you can warm me anytime you..." Esme hears it as it's coming out of her mouth and stops. The tops of her cheeks flush pink. "I don't mean that like I'm flirting with you. I mean not that I wouldn't flirt with you. I could flirt with you. Although I am not flirting with you but it's not because you aren't completely flirt-able. Is flirt-able a word? It matters little. I just didn't mean to come on to you about being warm, but I do love to be warm and I have little thoughts about personal space. Oh! Wait. I mean you can be personal in your. No! Wait I mean..." Esme FINALLY takes a breath. She stops prattling on and then smiles. "Medeia, wonderful to see you, please sit down by me."

"Just the same, you look beautiful," Valencia smiles offering a nod to Lady Media as she arrives. "My Lady," welcomes stepping back to provide the woman room to settle in comfortably. "I suspect that you will be seen home well, if not by one of your friends but by my own Hart's staff. Do not worry, we shall see you safely home."

Leaving Esme to warm up in the company of Mediea, Valencia drifts on through the crowd to make sure all is well. As she passes by something Edris says draws the eyes of the little vixen and Valencia smiles just a little, perhaps nodding to something in agreement. She smiles to herself and drifts to see that the next round of drinks is flowing free.

"I am happy to hear that," Ryhalt says after hearing that Umbroise has been well. Grinning wryly he shrugs to Patrizio, "Depends. There are those who will write you off, assuming they know all on just one meeting. But, then, that wouldn't be a good match for either protege or patron to me." He listens with some amusement as Mirari answers the questions she'd posed, too, nodding to various points. He smiles and nods to Edris' summary that it's probably true many are seeking for someone to understand them. "I think so. The protege-patron relationship is one of the few some of us get to choose for ourselves. Finding one that is fulfilling rather than just checking off a social expectation is far better all around."

Umbroise dips a curtsey toward Patrizio and offers him a smile. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, your Grace," she says once he introduces himself. A smile is given to Theo at his quirky teasing comment, and her black sapphire eyes sparkle in amusement. Once introductions are done, Umbroise turns her focus to the question of what one is looking for in a patron or protege. She is thoughtful for a moment, before settling on an answer to the question Mirari posed and then self-answered. "I suppose what I am seeking in a protege is someone who might benefit from what few things I can teach - usually that might mean things like etiquette or other social niceties, or someone who is new to the city, or who needs guidance." She pauses and adds, "And as for a Patron, I am looking perhaps for more guidance on how I might better involve myself in society - someone I might learn from, the intricacies of Arxian politics, and how I might best bring House Acheron's support to bear in the midst of all our recent... troubles." She glances toward Esme then, listening to her with a slight quirk of her lips, her eyes sparkling with good humor.

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"I'd be of mind to agree, my lord. There's the aspect of having to get to know the measure of a person, especially if you're looking for something lasting that's beneficial to both." Patrizio draws breath as he nods to Ryhalt. "Maybe just, then, hopes that a first meeting leaves enough of an impression to earn the second meeting." Umbroise's statement of pleasure gets a warm smile in return, before he chuckles softly. "I hope that any who should want to be protege of mine are not hoping that I would teach of social graces, because I've leagues and leagues of such things to learn myself. Though there are times, even I would admit, that just having another's vouching helps, and one never knows those beautifully coincidental spots where the gods help us to find those who fill spaces we knew not we needed filled in our lives."

"Oh, Esme," Medeia laughs brightly as she leans in to hug the archlector, clearly amused by the other woman's rambling. "If only my heart had not run away on me, I would surely give it to you." She takes a sip from her mug. "I cannot imagine it being safer than in the hands of a gorgeous knight sworn to Limerance. Alas, you will have to settle for captivating my mind with your charm and wit."

Esme doesn't just hug Medeia. She HUGS Medeia! That means she tosses both her arms around the woman and squeezes like it's her best friend and they are meeting for the first time in years. "It is never settling to be near you and speak." She tries to look very serious, and fails. "I would never wish to take your heart. We could go try to find it. It's probably somewhere warm."

The second glass is sweeter, it goes down smoothly and so Mirari samples the wine after she speaks. Listening to others, she finds little gems within their words. There's a quiet pause, which has her thinking. "Regardless who chooses what, I have enjoyed getting a bit of insight into people I didn't know before," the woman says thoughtfully. "I do think that people find the ones they need, at the right time, it's funny how it works." The woman rolls her shoulders and takes another drink. "Oh, I also love to fight." Mirari doesn't specify what type of fighting, but a betting person might assume any type, anywhere, anyhow.

"It sounds to me that everyone has made valid points of what kind of protege they are wanting and what they hope for in a patron. But my thought is what if you have secrets you wish to explore of yourself. How do you know whoever you pick would be trustworthy in sharing that?" Yes, Theo did that whole addressing the group for whoever wishes to answer that. Might be a strange question but he is Artur's son after all and his father has taught him well.

Patrizio's comments about a lack of social graces causes Umbroise to turn her attention back to him, and she gives a soft chuckle. "I have trained all my life as a courtier, your Grace. Should you ever require lessons, I would be happy to provide," she says with a quirk of the lips. She listens as he speaks of vouching and coincidental space-filling, and nods her agreement. "Indeed, just the other day I attended a party, and happened to run into someone who was, little did I know, someone that I very much needed to meet. It is funny how it happens that way," she says. "That is why I normally do not post publicly that I am searching for a patron or protege. Even coming here was a bit of a stretch - I like relations to develop as organically as possible. But, I couldn't resist the opportunity to at least meet more people, and see where things go," she admits.

As Theo asks his question, Umbroise turns to study him thoughtfully, curling her hand around her glass of wine, and resting it casually near her shoulder. "Trust," she murmurs, "is earned. Sometimes it takes a while. Another good reason not to jump blindly into a thing," she muses. She lifts the glass to her lips for a delicate sip.

Thete is a soft gasp as Medeia's breathing is interrupted by Esme's hug. With a renewed smile, she notes, "Oh, I know where it is. I am content to let it stay there. But! Do you know everyone here? Surely you must. If not, do let me introduce you. I saw you already know Valencia. What about Princess Renata Pravus? Or Lady Umbroise Acheron?"

Patrizio chuckles as he overhears Mirari's words. "I think that you and I are of similar minds, Messere," he offers, with a faint crinkle to his nose as he's smiling at the matter of it. "Maybe not so much the fighting, but it /has/ been a while since we've had a proper fight-night down in our ward, as I've heard others speak of it." Now, and only now, is he taking up once more a glass from one of the passing servers. Before his gaze finds Theo and... "That requires building a rapport, your highness. As the good duke and I were saying, knowing the measure of whomever it is that you are confiding in - so it goes with patronage, and so it gets with real life.

Umbroise's words draw that warm, luminous smile from him once more before he muses, "It is most kind of you to offer, and something that I should wisely consider at some juncture. Not that I'm prone, perhaps, to choosing the wrong spoon at a feast, but there's always something new to learn, in all aspects of our lives."

"I am not certain that one can know," Edris replies thoughtfully to Theo. "Whether one tears the tablecloth off at first, or waits to develop a sense of things. Possibly good to know of which persuasion one's potential is first though." He shakes his head slightly. "Not that suprises cannot turn out well." He nods to Umbroise's point as well. "I prefer to meet others first as well. Or at least share conversation first before beginning to explore. I was not sure my duties would allow me to attend, but I have met two people that I have not before, and regardless of whether our paths intersect and stay or meander away it is still a thing of value."

The flow of wine, cider and perhaps libations of a stronger kinds seems to pause as the Hart's staff arrives with platters of all things delicious. A diverse array, the morsels are well presented. Plentiful, each serving a mouthful to ensure there's no hindering conversation. However, though they are small they are indeed flavourful, a wonderful mix of offerings savour and sweet to bring pleasure to one and all's palate.

Mirari's comment about the delight she takes in sparring, brings a little smile to Valencia. Theo's words brings a little nod, but again, she remains silent. She listens in passing to the conversation between Patrizio and Umbroise before slipping off to speak to Magnuss, the Hart's esteemed Master barkeep.

Theo's comment is a curious one, and it certainly catches the attention of the Corsetina. A hand reaches out, slender fingers brushing a rogue lock of inky-black hair from her olive-toned face. "You don't know. You never know who can -really- trust. Trust is a risk we take. Sometimes it turns out well and you find someone loyal. But betrayal? It happens all the time, the people you least expect. The ones you care about, even the ones you love. In a moment, that can all shatter.," Mirari touches the shattered onyx heart around her neck, idly. "You'll never know who, but to not trust is just as much of a risk too. We -grow- when we work together with others. We achieve more. We need it, just as much as we need to breath." Then Mirari's lips turn into something a little more wicked. "I can say that if someone breaks my trust, I will handle them accordingly." The woman's voice is almost unsettling then, but she grins, so easily.

Esme smiles easily at Medeia. "I am content to stay by the fire, drink and watch people mingle. They are all making patrons and proteges. I have the best patron and have had him since... " There is a clear look she's trying to do math. It's like that realization that it's already November and the month is closer to over than not. ".. a while. Since I was betrothed to a Redrain prince."

Renata looks to Esme with a smile as she gazes out to the others. "It could be an interesting game. Certainly one where we might learn more of the others." Watching as conversation takes place then smiling as Esme is distracted to Medeia a blush of her own rising in listening to the stumble of words. The princess looks relieved to not be direction of attention only to be pointed at by Medeia now.

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Theo has paid special attention to all that has answered his question about trust. They all have had good answers and even answers you would expect others to even say. Dropping his empty glass on one of the trays when Valencia's staff comes by only to pick up a morsel of something savory as he chews. He does not answer his own question. Maybe he just likes to remain mysterious. He outright laughs though when he hears Mirari last. "In other words, whoever breaks that trust will have to mind your weapons whether it be voice or of a material." Giving her a solid nod as he takes note of her. He is watching others as he also is in the running for a protege or patron. Maybe this is his way of filtering people out.

Medeia gives Esme's arm a pat before looking toward Theo and his question of trust. "Trust is faith, Your Highness, to some extent. It can be built over time or it can be given in an instant - neither is wrong, both can be true. Sometimes we need to believe in someone other than ourselves." She takes a moment and looks around the gathering. "Hope and trust are also close companions, as you might find yourself feeling that swell of possibility and opportunity as you decide that someone can be opened up to. That someone can hold your very life and wellbeing in their hands with what you share with them. And it is hope, hope that they will respect you enough not to be cavalier and hurt you."

Ryhalt smiles to Esme before looking back to Patrizio, scratching a sidewhisker. "Fair. Though I tend towards a filthy merchantile mind, everyone has something to offer and everyone has something they need. Just sometimes the negotiations are...unfavorable, let's say." He chuckles and shrugs, not exactly being a man or house known for war. "But then, the negotation is part of the fun to me, so..." He shrugs. Hearing Mirari also likes to fight he says, "Travel and needing to fight go hand-in-hand. It's good to have both." Curious, he's distracted a moment by Theo's question, a quite bold one at that. "In many ways my secrets coincide with the patron-protege relationship." A half shrug. "Though they would not need to should not that be desired. As Mirari said, risks are a fact of the world to be embraced, but aren't something to be thrust upon another in such a trust-based relationship."

Umbroise turns a little, hearing Medeia mention her name, and wiggles her fingers in a little wave toward the Saik noblewoman and Esme. She turns her attention back to the conversation then. Inclining her head to Patrizio, Umbroise remarks, "Life is learning. I feel that if I am not learning something, then I must surely be dead," she says with a soft chuckle. Her smile fades a bit then, hearing Mirari's words about shattered trust, and she nods gently. "Trust is indeed a risk... and working together, even with those way may not like or agree with, once secrets are learned, is most important. It is the foundation of our Civilzation," she says soberly. Though she seems, on the surface, perhaps somewhat of a social butterfly, there are hidden depths to Umbroise as well. Now, she does step away, and return to sitting down. Standing on one's feet can only be comfortable for so long! Settling onto a sofa, she lifts her glass for another sip of wine.

Esme's drink pauses to her lips and her ears almost seem to twitch as she hears Theo's words 'mind your weapons'. This causes her emerald gaze to settle on him for a few moments. Then she smiles towards Renata warmly and then that same smile is given to Ryhalt. The archlector holds her own tongue about hope and trust for a moment.

"Trust is given and taken. It is an feeling AND an expectation that what is, will be. That what has been bestowed will be honoured and held dear. It is more than words, it is born in action and shared in deed," Valencia weighs into the conversation for a moment. "Hard to grow and so preciously easy to break if one is not careful."

Patrizio, being of the south, makes an appropriately scandalized expression at Ryhalt deigning to mention something as awful as 'mercantile', before he's chuckling softly to himself. "One has to be willing to walk away from such things, but there's never a harm in asking the price, or seeing if there's room to work within it," he says quietly, with a breath that spills free. For a moment, he does steal a sip from his glass, but his brows lift, and then he's responding in kind to Umbroise. "We /should/ always be learning. Life changes. Life evolves. And those of us who remain fastened in same spaces... well, that just leaves us falling behind get others who are growing and learning." Mirari's mention of dealing with one accordingly get a wary smile, and then teasingly, "I should hope then never to learn what it is like to break that of yours and of your kin."

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"Just so," Agrees Edris, about continuous learning. "It has been a very welcoming and interesting experience meeting you all tonight, and getting to converse a little more--though I must take my leave," he says apologetically. "I hope to see you all again soon, for more. Conversation, sparring, or a ride through the woods. Be well, all of you. And may the gods light your path, until ours cross again." With a bow to all assembled, though, the Valardin prince sets down his empty glass, and moves to take up his cloak to face the falling snow outside.

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Knocking back the rest of her wine, she flashes a smile at those present. "Well that was fun," she tells them collectively. "I should get back to the shop, there's a few things I need to take care of. But, I'm easy to find, when I want to be," the woman says with a growing smile. "I've no doubt, that I will cross paths with plenty of you. Arx is a big city, but in some ways, it feels like a small town." Then she puts down her empty glass, and in dramatic fashion puts her cloak back on. There's little in parting words after that, but rather, Mirari is gone.

Medeia busies herself drinking from her mug and observing the flow of things, sure to give Edris a wave on his way out. She then glances between Ryhalt and Patrizio, giving an ear to their conversation. A small smile forms.

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As happens at parties, the ebb and flow of guests is a natural occurrence. As the afternoon slips into evening, many are happily sated and soon drifting off to their next destination or to the comforts of home. Valencia lets out a breath and finally sees to getting herself a glass lifting it to Theo, Renata and Patrzio in kind, a salute of appreciation perhaps.

Theo has been loitering in the shadowy alcove. Perhaps taking notes or just really enjoying the little morsels that Valencia's servers have been handing out. He does offer good byes to those that have left and is still here even if he's gone quiet. Eyes tracking all here as he stays in the alcove for now.

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If only briefly, the archduke of Setara's drawn aside to handle some matters of state - at least that's what's given impression, with his expression, as he's quietly jotting off a response as well, and sending them upon the way. Though there's a breathy sigh as he returns to the group and... a chuckle spills from him. "I think I've found what I /can/ teach others of," he says, lighter still, before there's the spread of that smile. "How to have messengers find you all hours of the day and night looking for /actual/ answers."

Ryhalt smiles faintly and says farewells to those who need to depart. After he looks back to Patrizio with a wry grin. "Indeed, there is a thin difference between haggling and negotiating, alas. But there are reasons why military houses are looked at more favorably than merchantile ones, hmm?" He shrugs easily, his sunny nature brushing that off. He laughs at what Patrizio can offer. "Why, I am an expert at dodging such." His eyes glitter with a mischief, though it us assuredly not true that he slacks at work, even if the Farshaws aren't exactly known to be keen to do work not involving travel, trade, or exploration. "I have doubts of the use of your skill though. No offense!"

Medeia tsks at Ryhalt. "Duke, is that an admission of dereliction of duty, I hear?" Her brows lift, and her eyes sparkle mischievously. "I certainly hope not."

Valencia seems to catch herself and scrunches her nose. A little smile and she's heading towards the kitchens to consult with the Hart's master chef about something.

Umbroise lingers as people start to filter out, occasionally sipping her wine. She glances around, observing people for a time, her perceptive dark eyes picking up details and nuances here and there. She chuckles at Patrizio's comment about messengers. "I suppose that comes with the territory of being an Archduke," she tells him with a grin. She turns her attention to Rhyalt as he discusses the differences between military Houses and Mercantile Houses. "I suppose you could consider House Acheron more focused on Trade as well," she says musingly. "Though we certainly keep an army, due to frequent shav infiltration, Aviaron's Peak is best known these days for its Grand Bazaar," she says with a smile to Rhyalt, then she brightens as it dawns on her. "You were involved in helping to send some merchant ships with exotic fruits and spices, and coffee? That's what it was," she says, lifting her hand, and dropping it back into her lap, with a tilt of her head and a smile. "That is what we talked about when we met." She grins with a sparkle in her black eyes.

Patrizio gives Medeia an appropriately scandalized look at the suggestion as well, though the same expressions turned to Ryhalt, before he laughs. "There's something to the truth that this is often what a secretariat is for," he points out with some sense of delight, before he shakes his head. And there's that dip of his head, as well, to Umbroise. "The territory of being an archduke, or a head of any house, or Voice. I only wish I'd learned such before saying yes when my cousin Bella asked me to serve as voice to her." And then that smile's occulted behind his glass.

Medeia's smile widens into a grin in response to Patrizio's scandalized look. She's listening, still, as Umbroise speaks with Ryhalt before she speaks up, "Ah, yes, we were going to speak more on that, were we not? We should, soon..." There is a gesture to assembled Voices and Heads of House. "When time permits, of course, we are all doing splendid managing the demands of our holdings, just now."

The party winds down to a warm and comfortable roll, the guests that linger set at ease with offers of more libations or whatever their needs. Valencia moves silently to Patrizio's side, and waiting for a break in the conversation, shares a quiet word.

Ryhalt nods to Medeia in complete agreement, grinning broadly. "Hello, Dukely privileges means delegation of all work I don't want to do to other people! That's *leadership* not shirking duty!" Not the way he's grinning, though... He nods to Umbroise. "It'd be suicide for any house not to have a competent army and navy, if they are near water." He glances north at mention of Avarion's Peak, frowning slightly at mention of shav invasion, but smiles once more as the topic shifts to trade. "Yes. Those are some of our best exports. Though we do other things, too, according to the needs of the times." Back to Patrizio he grins with a nod. "Delegation, I'm telling you. Vital life skill. But then my messengers have learned not to awaken me without coffee involved, so maybe they just need better discouragement for untimely letters." He chuckles, surely not suggesting anything nefarious. He nods to Medeia. "We were, when there was a time. Things got a little busy, as they always do, but it hasn't slipped my mind."

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Umbroise gives a chuckle in Patrizio's direction, and lifts her glass to him. "I suppose that all depends on the stature of the House in question," she notes. "I am Voice for House Acheron, and I hardly get any messengers." Her dark eyes twinkle with mischief now. "Though I would certainly welcome them! Perhaps I should take up a hobby of pen pals," she muses. "Then I would never be short of messages, and might one day have to dodge them too." She lifts her own glass, and takes a sip, still amused at her own expense, before turning her attention back to Medeia. "Yes of course, Lady Medeia! I received your samples, and they were quite lovely. And I still wanted to pick your brain about any historical treaties you might know of. I am collecting them for a game for my event!" She chuckles then as Rhyalt comments about shirking duties.

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