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Valorous Few

Words: We serve that which matters.
Sigil: Crossed swords over a glinting gem.

There are rumors of a mercenary company with standards and lines they won't cross. The Valorous Few are largely known to not be one of these. Utterly without scruple, entirely without restraint other than those an employer pays for, they serve one master: Coin. Fairly tight-knit for mercenaries, they've served and been heard of all across Arvum. Though, whether it's fame or infamy depends entirely on who's paying them that week.


Name Rank Title Description
Gael 1 Captain-General
Lys 2 Vice Captain
Reyner 3 Lieutenant
Capri 4 Sergeant
Gibson 5 Sellsword
Leta 5 Sellsword
Carrick 5 Sellsword
Sergei 6 Untested Recruit
Kanean 6 Untested Recruit
Sparzla 10 Slightly Worse Than Corpse