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Words: "We are Complete within the Reflection."
Sigil: A silver full face mask against a field of black

Followers of the Dark Reflection - also known as the Thirteenth god, with no one using his actual name don't often wear the Mirrored Mask. Disciples of the Faith, may or may not, and those that swear their lives to the Gods, to serve their whole lives to the most suspect of all gods, definitely do. Few choose the mask, however, with the majority of them as the criminals against the Faith, exiled to the Silent Reflections. The few that maintain some semblance of their identity, though, are often seen with suspicious respect, grudgingly accepted as a faction of the Faith, but never warmly.


Name Rank Title Description
Cicero(RIP) 9 Elsewhere/RIP
Juliet(RIP) 9 Elsewhere/RIP
Mydas(RIP) 9 Elsewhere/RIP
Donato(RIP) 9 Elsewhere/RIP
Ashlyn(RIP) 9 Elsewhere/RIP
Rian 9 Elsewhere/RIP
Dianna(RIP) 9 Elsewhere/RIP
Hamish 9 Elsewhere/RIP Legate of the Lost