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Heart In Hand

Words: "There is no limit to what goodness can provide."
Sigil: The shape of a heart nestled in an open palm.
Nickname:Hearths, Hearts

A secular charity bringing people together of all social spheres to ensure the citizens of Arx and Arvum as a whole are provided with proper food, shelter and hope for their future. Heart In Hand by design is a grouping of active volunteers and donors who seek to better the way of life for all those of Arvum. People from all walks of life are welcome to join and the foundation is happy to accept aid in any form be it: donations, clerical work with other groups, active volunteer work, etc.


Name Rank Title Description
Isabeau 1 Leader
Caith 1 Leader
Donella 5 Member
Gaius 5 Member
Aeryn 5 Member
Jophiel 5 Member
Emilia 5 Member
Viveka 5 Member
Audrey 5 Member
Jerrica 5 Member
Malcolm 5 Member
Aella 5 Member
Kiera 5 Member
Volya 5 Member
Bonnie 10 New
Carissa 10 New