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Words: "I do what I want." - Skald, probably.
Sigil: A wolf's head breaking a chain between its teeth

Description: The Liberators of Skald were established as a discipleship of the Faith in 1006 AR following the reintroduction of the First Choice to the Pantheon and the appointment of his first Archlector. The discipleship works to provide guidance for those struggling to find their path, assist those trapped or bound by circumstance or otherwise, and provide assistance to any returning to a free life. They are responsible for spreading and teaching the core doctrine of freedom, free will, and choice.


Name Rank Title Description
Astrid 1 Archlector of Skald
Aleksei 2 First Liberator
Ferrando 3 Senior Liberator
Vayne 3 Senior Liberator Legate of the Lost
Claude 4 Liberator
Caspian 4 Liberator
Valarian 4 Liberator
Dycard 4 Liberator
Valenzo 4 Liberator
Gaston 4 Liberator
Raja 4 Liberator
Kenjay 4 Liberator
Lucene 7 Known Associates
Saedrus 8 Inactive
Prism 9 Best Choice
Skald 10 First Choice