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Words: "Oaths kept, Trust unbroken."
Sigil: Two rings entwined.

The followers of Limerance are a loose collection of Disciples dedicated to the god of fidelity and courtly love. Many take to calling themselves Devotions, and many bards across Arvum are Devotions themselves. Though a few take this as an unscrupulous opportunity to boost their reputation, real devotions espouse the ideals of courtly love, utmost fidelity to one's ideals and always keeping ones vows - no matter how small that vow might be. Disciples of Limerance often fuflill their service obligations by acting as secretaries reviewing contracts throughout the Compact, both in marriage and in general law.


Name Rank Title Description
Ilvin 1 Archlector of Limerance
Ailith 2 Voice
Eiran 4 Disciple of Limerance
Sapphira 4 Disciple of Limerance
Benedetto 4 Disciple of Limerance
Sirius 4 Disciple of Limerance
Magaen 4 Disciple of Limerance
Taliene 6 Vassals of Esteem
Nigel 6 Vassals of Esteem