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Disciples Of Jayus

The Disciples of Jayus

Words: ???
Sigil: A lute crossed with a paintbrush.

The Discipleship of Jayus was formalized in 1014 by Archlector Wylla to draw worship of the Prince of Stories out from beneath the secular shadow of craft-work. Known as (whatevers), the disciples of Jayus tend to be wildly distinct individuals with a common love of seeking and sharing inspiration through art in all its forms; authors and amateur artisans, patrons and professional performers have all been counted alongside traditional craftsmen amongst the Disciples' ranks.

The Disciples of Jayus sometimes seem to be everywhere as one of their goals is to help inspire people's creativity and provide spaces to let it grow and shine. They may even act as muse or party planner or simply be there to clean up after an artistic endeavor in the shrine, always supportive and willing to lend a hand, ear, or paintbrush to someone's latest strike of inspiration. When someone is looking for that little spark of creativity they need look no further than a Disciple of Jayus.


Name Rank Title Description
Wylla 1 Archlector Archlector of Jayus
Caprice 2 Voice
Sabella 4 Senior Disciple
Niklas 4 Senior Disciple The Playwright
Hana 4 Senior Disciple
Joel 5 Disciple
Baz 5 Disciple
Samira 5 Disciple
Vincenzo 5 Disciple
Cesare 5 Disciple
Tabitha 5 Disciple
Sorrel 10 Serf