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Vassal of Bisland

Words: "Kin and Honor."
Sigil: Two white herons, back to back, on a blue field.
Nickname: Rivers, Twins

The old Twins that used to guard the fork of the river south of the Deepwood were a staid house of history and tradition, and the new one is very new, forged in blood and uncertainty. When the Deepwoods were slaughtered, many of House Riven died at the swords of the Abandoned. The new Countess, all of 17 years old, met in secret with the leader of a tribal group of deserters that felt something was strange about the slaughter and refused to follow their leaders into battle. Countess Mia Riven betrothed herself to Thesarin, leader of the deserters, and passionately defended this position to the Bislands, warding the Marquesa of Deepwood, and to the Graysons.

Two years later, she made good her promise to marry him and made him her Count, and absorbed his prodigal tribesmen into her house to fill out the ranks of her soldiery. Thesarin and Mia rule now as a pair, stalwart behind their sworn liege, and uniquely situated to take on the challenges to the Compact with the lore and history of Thesarin's former tribesmen behind them.


Name Rank Title Description
Mia 1 Marquessa
Thesarin 2 Voice Marquis-Consort of the Twainfort
Nigel 3 Noble Family Voice of the Twainfort
Liam 3 Noble Family Knight of the Twainfort
Mihaly 3 Noble Family Sword of the Twainfort
Ezra 3 Noble Family Lord of the Twainfort
Eirene 3 Noble Family Commander of the Heron's Wing
Ivy 3 Noble Family Lady of the Twainfort
Eshken 4 Trusted House Servants Minister of Hawkhold
Silas 5 Noble Vassals Baron of Hawkhold
Delilah 5 Noble Vassals Lady of Hawkhold
Bedivere 5 Noble Vassals Lord of Hawkhold
Gaius 5 Noble Vassals Lord of Hawkhold
Farrah 5 Noble Vassals Baroness-Consort of Hawkhold
Evonleigh 5 Noble Vassals
Jaufrey 5 Noble Vassals
Sapphira 5 Noble Vassals
Tabitha 5 Noble Vassals
Emele 6 Vassal House Servants Minister of Hawkhold
Rhue 6 Vassal House Servants Minister of Hawkhold
Mina 6 Vassal House Servants
Oswyn 7 Proteges of the House
Gerald 7 Proteges of the House Minister of the Twainfort

Ruler: Mia

Minister Category Title
Thesarin Warfare General of the Armies (War Chief)
Nigel Loyalty Minister of Law (Keeper of Oaths)
Gerald Income Minister of Finance
Liam Upkeep Minister of Infrastructure
Ivy Farming Minister of Agrilculture

Land Holdings

The Twainfort

Description: The rivers, known as the Twin Rivers collectively, are known separately as the Son and the Daughter, and joined, the river is the Mother. The Twainfort is a low-slung stone fortress standing on the lush delta at the point where two rivers meet, south of Deepwood Hold. The industry of its people is largely the river trade: fishermen, traders and craftsmen who ship up and down the rivers with a great and capitalist sensibility.

The prodigals who once were part of the forest tribe have more or less integrated into the society now with some lingering awkwardness especially in the older generation, but it has led to an economic influx information as well: hides and leathers and other forest goods from Thesarin's people who joined the newly blended House.

Landmarks: The Great Road, Empyrean Trade Route

Twinbridge University was completed on 11/22/1010 AR, a massive, sprawling institution that is almost a city unto itself next to the Twainfort. Supported by the Scholars of Vellichor, the Physicians Guild of Arx, the great center of learning serves to educate pupils on history, literature, law, medicine, and economics, and at the time of its founding, is the largest university in the Crownlands and ranks with the Great Archive as a destination for learning if one is visiting the region. The large library known as the Founders Hall, prominently displaying portraits of significant donors, has the largest concentration of scribes and scholars in the Crownlands outside of Arx itself.