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Written By Fergus

Sept. 4, 2016, 11 p.m.(6/26/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Brianna

Halfshav, I typically do not have much good to say on that level. I do not know Brianna all that well either, but the curves on display are enough to make a note about. Front and back, and she knows it too. Don't let her try and fool you either.

Written By Deegan

Sept. 4, 2016, 10:59 p.m.(6/26/1004 AR)

What is there to say about today?
The morning started off normal enough. Then after a healthy stroll, I was able to procure an item that i had had my eye on for a few days. While it wasn't anything uniquely special, it was just what I wanted. For the most part today has been a very good day.
Tomorrow will bring yet another good day, I'm sure.

Written By Ida

Sept. 4, 2016, 10:56 p.m.(6/26/1004 AR)

I know, it's an odd request, but please humor me. There are not quite enough people that make me laugh as Mistress Joscelin does, and I need this recorded so that I can look back and amuse myself with it. Yes...just like it is here on the note she sent. Thank you so kindly.

(Apparently copied from some other parchment):

IF Y0U EvAR w@Ant To S33 YoUR H@MM3R AGAIn- (and there's a crude hammer sketch with this ransom note.)

Written By Joscelin

Sept. 4, 2016, 10:55 p.m.(6/26/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Ida

I've observed Ida use this beautiful planishing hammer to smooth out the surface of her more intricate pieces, specifically hairpins, an item she makes that I would love to learn to use and wear myself.

She's been out and about for most of the week, and it's no fun stealing things from her when she isn't around.

So I did. Today.

It's a very pretty hammer. I polished before I used it because Ida uses steel and the peen was all dented and gouged. It's as smooth as silk now, and as shiny as a new mirror.

And all mine. It sits on my pillow, gleaming, as I write this.

I think I'm going to name it 'Ida-no'.

Written By Fergus

Sept. 4, 2016, 10:43 p.m.(6/26/1004 AR)

Likely already rumors abounding that I took Juliet to go see the beaches. I do not care much about rumors. She said she was new to the city, and I hadn't been to the beaches since Juliet's cousin, Calista had her beach party. So I figured one Fidante might enjoy the beach as much as the other apparently does. She seemed to enjoy the chat, and I flirted like the northman I am. Was an evening I ended up not getting drunk, and yet was still enjoyable.

Written By Fergus

Sept. 4, 2016, 10:40 p.m.(6/26/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Juliet

Met this Lady in the Ambassador, she was in the company of two Courtesans, this along with the fact she looked like trouble and shared similar features to Calista made me guess she was likely a Fidante. I was right. She is a cousin to Calista. We sat and chatted in the Ambassador after the two courtesans left, then I took her to see the beaches. Was an enjoyable meeting.

Written By Alrec

Sept. 4, 2016, 10:03 p.m.(6/26/1004 AR)

I purchased a giant painting of myself from Enzo and put it on the wall of my stateroom. I can't help but feel intimidated by the man's glare, my own, and it empowers me with confidence. It also reminds me that the only threat I face, will come from within. I am my worst enemy. Thoughts best pushed aside and concentrated on my current tasks at hand. It was not my intent to scare you but to show you that I am a man to fear. To show off my resolve and my strength in order to motivate my allies to come alongside me. I am too tired for war.

Written By Niccolo

Sept. 4, 2016, 10 p.m.(6/26/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Ophelia

Ah, my dearest of nieces. Ophelia is certainly very dear to me. She has a sense of humor, that is so clever. True, most of the times I'm not sure if she realizes she's being humorous and that is perhaps part of her charm. She reminds me that even during my most serious moments, there is room to take the time and make a dear niece happy, sometimes with the simplest of things. Sometimes, with the strangest of things, but usually with little effort on my part. Her devotion to her brother is admirable, and while I once thought it misplaced, I don't think that's the case anymore.

Written By Esera

Sept. 4, 2016, 9:56 p.m.(6/26/1004 AR)

The Hollow of the Lower Boroughs is not a soft place, a place for lords and ladies -- but tonight it swarmed with them. Talen was there, and half the Lyceum was there, too. He lost his fight -- a pity -- but it was hard fought. You may have heard, at the end of the fight, that I rushed to his side, and kissed him. It's just, seeing him there, fallen, in the dirt and the blood and the broken glass ... he looked so alone. I could not bear it.

Written By Niccolo

Sept. 4, 2016, 9:40 p.m.(6/26/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Luca

When Luca first arrived to Arx, I wasn't sure if well, it would work out for him. I wasn't impressed, at all. And until recently, I continued to have doubts about how well he would do here in this city. Not many people prove me wrong, but Prince Luca has. It seems that the devotion his sister shows for him is warranted. The man proved himself during the Grand Melee, winning the battle for House Velenosa, and doing so with a very peculiar approach to his defense. With the proper guidance and direction, but really incentives, I think the prince might achieve great things.

Written By Niccolo

Sept. 4, 2016, 9:16 p.m.(6/26/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Kima

Of course, I've ran into Lady Kima before. But it wasn't until recently that I had a chance to sit down with her and really talk. I was curious how she was going to react after I interrupted her during the fight at the Hollow. And while I can't say I was surprised by her, I admit I was impressed. That doesn't happen often. Our conversation left me with a good impression of the woman, and I'm looking forward to when we get a chance to speak again.

Written By Edain

Sept. 4, 2016, 8:41 p.m.(6/26/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Talen

Talen Artiglio, the Sword of Lenosia and the prime protector of the Velenosa royalty. His devotion to them is clear, and it speaks well of his character but... Look, I understand that when it comes to a real fight, you protect your charge at any cost, and this requires a certain ruthless instinct, but seeing him willing to to such levels in even friendly contests just grates on me. Also I have seen him fight, and even crossed swords with him in a Grand Melee and it is clear to me that the man is a better fighter than I am. I am ashamed of my own pettiness but by the Gods admitting that bothers me deeply, more than it should.

Written By Luca

Sept. 4, 2016, 8:34 p.m.(6/26/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Darren

I finally met Deva's brother. High Lord, now, I suppose. He's got an impressive grip and a foul mouth, both fine qualities.

Written By Edain

Sept. 4, 2016, 8:31 p.m.(6/26/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Calista

Lady Calista Fidante, sister of Duke Leo Fidante, and living breathing scandal. She is very good at putting me on the defensive and making me feel embarrassed and on my guard. She is a vibrant and intelligent woman and woe to anyone that would underestimate her. It has been quite the joy to watch her rise to the occasion of being her brother's Voice. She may play the part of the carefree flirt, but make no mistake, she is a force to be reckoned with.

Written By Edain

Sept. 4, 2016, 8:25 p.m.(6/26/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Leo

Duke Leo Fidante he is a man that bucks the perceptions of a Lord of the Lyceum, and does so fearlessly. He spent many years with us training in Sanctum, and he was close with my older brothers Vance and Valen. When Count Lucien of Southport attempted to usurp Tor out from under him my brother's fought alongside him, with Valardin knights and soldiers that came to help him reclaim his birthright. He is a valuable ally, and friend of the Valardin family, I hope that we remain so for some time.

Written By Aurora

Sept. 4, 2016, 8:20 p.m.(6/26/1004 AR)

I am busy. So very busy. The shop has only just finished construction and I am in the process of making five different outfits. And a hat. It is good to stay busy, truly, and the troupe needs the profits to put on the next performance. Unlike other groups throughout the city, the Mummers rely on the generosity of those who wish to support the arts.

Perhaps I should seek more patrons, for who does not wish to have their name beside that of a successful play or performance?

Written By Leo

Sept. 4, 2016, 8:05 p.m.(6/26/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Edain

Edain has grown into a fine bearer of the Valardin name since the tragedy. We work well together and I can only hope such cooperation continues into the future.

Written By Sudara

Sept. 4, 2016, 8:04 p.m.(6/26/1004 AR)

Where to start? Here in Arx, at last... and I find myself more than a little overwhelmed. I have a retinue, of course, most ably led by Tenebrae – but I must chart my own course through these particular waters. Thus far, I have been met with considerable warmth, and have been truly gratified by some of the kindnesses shown to me. But I must seek to find one or more roles for a widowed amateur scholar of little influence. At the least, it should be an intriguing challenge.

Written By Leo

Sept. 4, 2016, 8:02 p.m.(6/26/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Dawn

There is something of a simmering idealism in her that colors her conversations. Perceptive and charming, she does House Grayson proud.

Written By Sudara

Sept. 4, 2016, 7:50 p.m.(6/26/1004 AR)

Relationship Note on Prospero

An acquaintance from embarrassingly many years ago, who was flatteringly pleased to see me and gratifyingly gracious in his dismissal of my long-overdue apologies for past clumsiness. Of course, as Lycenes of different houses, we might be expected to dissemble and wear masks - but I find myself hopeful of future cooperation. After all, it is not as if we bookworms and 'spare' cousins do not have a certain amount in common.

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