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Written By Apollo

April 11, 2021, 6:43 p.m.(4/11/1015 AR)

Going through my sketchbook the other day to show some things to a client, I found a pair of pages stuck together with a proper winter armor top, hooded and furred. I remember sketching that design in the summer, coming up on two years ago now. Did I really go two whole winter seasons without releasing those? Gods, no wonder Siri is always giving me that look.

Written By Patrizio

April 11, 2021, 6:41 p.m.(4/11/1015 AR)

The shifts in the weather are most ominous. One wonders what news will come on the heels of the recent storm.

The last few times we've had such weather, there's been bad news in the offing, arriving but a short while afterwards. I've my letter opener ready for the messengers who're bound to appear...

Written By Kastelon

April 11, 2021, 6:39 p.m.(4/11/1015 AR)

Went on a hunt in the southlands. Was very pleasurable to be out in the forests and tracking game, and more so that we came back with a beautiful stag to enjoy. That a bear nearly got to enjoy us was not quite as pleasurable...

Written By Tanith

April 11, 2021, 6:13 p.m.(4/11/1015 AR)

Spring is here, my first babe delivered. The timing is never good on these kinds of things, I left a long-awaited friendly visit in a rush, but that's the way of it, isn't it? Mother and child are fine and well attended. Proper Lowers clan descended on that poor woman's house, as they ought to. I must have counted four grandmothers fighting over who got to do the dishes and hold the baby first. Wonderful.

That reminds me. I need to meet with Emara this week. I'm out of willowbark and mint leaves. There's a few things at home that need restocking, too. She makes the best tea, and this oil, scholar, gods, she makes this amazing oil that smells heavenly and dulls the ache of sore muscles and joints nearly instantly. I can never have enough of that stuff in my house.

Written By Raven

April 11, 2021, 5:59 p.m.(4/11/1015 AR)

I caught up with Auntie Sudara today at the gentle suggestion of Bas. I am abashed I ever lost touch with my tutor though I know I was no easy student and she was a taskmistress-much of the skills and knowledge I rely on now, she taught me and I should make a better point of showing her my gratitude.

Written By Titus

April 11, 2021, 5:53 p.m.(4/11/1015 AR)

I recall the day I arrived, an archscholar of Vellichor was murdered (although I had nothing to do with that). The news now is there’s a new library to be built in the lower quarter of the city. Anyone who wants to protect knowledge is doing the right thing I feel, and anyone desiring to seek out knowledge also is a good thing. Overall, a library no matter what the name of it is called is a good and proper goal that should bring more people together rather than pushing them away.

The banns in the city were about mainly happiness, such as the Sanna family had a son, the Redrain and Blackrams appointing voices. We should be thankful for the days of blessings, they're like a bright day of sunshine amidst a week of storms.

I learned more about the events of the Moore’s Fall and the threats of the northern parts.

I also met with Mother Bianca and we had wonderful and frank discussions around the history and cultural divides between the Caldera and Arvum continents. A leader with so much responsibility not just to the wellbeing of the Faith but also being a shepherd to protect and strengthen all the souls she comes across. Should someone find themselves with any time to spare, sending a small but thoughtful blessing to Mother Bianca wouldn’t be an investment that would have bad returns.

I’m further studying ancient history regarding various continents which hold my allies and enemies. Of myths and legends of places where titans walked and lived, where gods stepped and the races on this world began. All to help learn how to bring out the nightmares and terrors in my enemies and to strengthen my pyros.

Written By Tanith

April 11, 2021, 5:38 p.m.(4/11/1015 AR)

Honestly, scholar, I don't know why my books are on the shelf with all those other titles. It's not purple. They're meant to go in the 'culinary' section.

Don't look at me like that. Clearly, you haven't read them.

Written By Zyxthylum

April 11, 2021, 4:30 p.m.(4/11/1015 AR)

The Mercies have helped me clear my lungs out enough to do some work- Hopefully soon I can begin to entertain guests again! Dergus has been a huge help getting things into the shop, I'll have to remember to buy him some extra rounds next time we breeze into Traders.

Written By Sorrel

April 11, 2021, 3:48 p.m.(4/11/1015 AR)

Sometimes when we sleep, we dream. And sometimes we even remember these dreams. Sometimes they feel so real. You wake, and you're certain you can still smell the muddy field that you stood upon, and yet it is fading. You try to hold onto the scent, but it's no longer in your nose. The colors in your mind are fading, and even if you close your eyes tightly, you cannot grab onto the dream. It lingers just out of reach, and you try to piece together all the parts of it, try to remember the vividness of it all.

You think, this would make a great story, and you start writing it down. And what you recall, it's got its own logic, its own coherence. It's not necessarily coherent as a story. And perhaps no one else might enjoy the tale, but it is meaningful to you.

So you keep it. Tuck it away to find again in some time when you've forgotten it entirely. And when you read it again, you puzzle at yourself. Could this really have been so beautiful at the time that I felt compelled to write it down?

But it was, and you keep doing it.

Written By Valencia

April 11, 2021, 3:23 p.m.(4/11/1015 AR)

Spring has arrived in Arx and with it the promise of new life.

Gardens across the city are being to slowly wake as the icy white blankets of snow are drawn back to reveal rich dark earth and hints of lush greenery. The leaves on the trees are beginning to bud and blossoms are lifting their heads to shyly smile at the sky. The scent in the air is good and green and all seems well.

Even in the gloom that wrapped itself around the city today in the form of dark ominous skies that seem to have stolen the sun away cannot fully hide that promise of all that spring brings.

I am not sure why such weather brings to mind bad omens. I do not think disastrous or horrible happenings truly have a preference for weather. Nor do I think that a sunny day will ease the awful one might experience when thing go awry.

Perhaps it is just that such unpleasant weather echoes the climate in our own minds. I suppose it's just another reminder for all of us to embrace the good things of the day and to make hay while the sun shines.


Written By Zakhar

April 11, 2021, 2:52 p.m.(4/11/1015 AR)

Hello! No. Get me that other one. The one that the scary leathers lady! HELLO CLIVE!
Why? Stop running away. Yes. Write this down!
Look. Cane! Ha!

Right. First. Randoms - Flew again, yadda ya ya. Made a bit of a hole. I thinks we got things sorted out there.
Next. I found there's these stones they want to be next to each other, or can send each other flying away. I have an idea for them, but need to find someone that has the smarties to help sort out what they do. Only everyone keeps running away. Like you do!
You know you wouldn't need to sit down as much if you didn't keep running away. Fine. Yes. I'll untie you.

The pot landed inside my patrons house and they had seemed to like cleaning a lot. They would have made Zoya jealous with all the cleaning they were getting to do. I don't have anyway to control the direction that the pot goes, though I have sorted out that it goes in mostly a straight line, or an arc. a very high arc from my last set of calculations. Which is why its hard to track, though if I point it in a general direction before it takes off I can get a better idea of where its going to come back down. Maybe if I tie a thin rope to it?

Don't think I don't see you shaking your head at me. I know that I am way off from where this first started. Though just think! It could make all the difference. Yes, I am testing if I can get it to float. No. I won't say why.

There. All done. and you're untied. Say hi to the leathers lady eh?

Written By Lore

April 11, 2021, 1:47 p.m.(4/11/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Vincenzo

I am almost unreasonably pleased at his return to the city! I've already secured his services for a rather large project, but more than that, I was able to renew an old friendship that was sorely missed.

Welcome back, Vincenzo Villente!

Written By Haakon

April 11, 2021, 12:33 p.m.(4/11/1015 AR)

The white isles grow green, again.
Winter storms give way to spring thaw, and the winds of war will blow anew.

Waiting is a tiresome occupation, but the Wind cares not.

Written By Cristoph

April 11, 2021, 12:18 p.m.(4/11/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Evaristo

Master Evaristo was kind enough to fulfill a commission for me and it is absolutely some of the most stunning work that I've had the pleasure of seeing. I wish that I was keeping it.

Written By Cristoph

April 11, 2021, 12:16 p.m.(4/11/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Zara

I spent a solid chunk of this morning in the Valardin Manor going over research documents with Princess Zara. I have to say that I don't know how Rupert does this for a living, it's very tedious.

Written By Rosalind

April 11, 2021, 11:41 a.m.(4/11/1015 AR)

I went camping in the forest for a few days, simply to clear my head. Sometimes things here feel so overwhelming. Like I can't breathe. Like Im caged. I don't know, I just know I had to get away for and now Im back. Feeling a lot more clear headed than I was. And that's never a bad thing! Now to make my visits!

Written By Rosalind

April 11, 2021, 11:30 a.m.(4/11/1015 AR)

I started writing my plans out. What I wanted to do for Stormheart. There's so much I want to do, to help with. My people deserve so much and my family and I worked awfully hard to get where we are, it's time to continue the hard work. Make our ancestors proud.

Written By Thea

April 11, 2021, 11:17 a.m.(4/11/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Ian

I received a...particularly interesting wedding gift from Lord Ian, scholar. Several if you count box, after, cage, after rope. Im missing some items, I assure you. One even exploded confetti at me. In the end, which did take a while--as one bag smelled just as bad his scarf. You've never smelled his scarf? How fortunate for you! Anyway, the end of the gift!

The calling of the Sea: Salacious Adventures of a Kennex Man and Woman.

That was at the end. A story. Move over baker. There's a new story in the city!

Also, retaliation is going to be painful. Sorry Kennex.

Written By Kiera

April 11, 2021, 11:17 a.m.(4/11/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Savio

a talented bard and astute observer of human character

Written By Kiera

April 11, 2021, 11:12 a.m.(4/11/1015 AR)

Thea and Drake are married at last. What a joy it is to finally welcome thea formally to house wyvernheart. The reception was a wonderful celebration with family and friends

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