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Written By Kiera

June 20, 2021, 8:24 p.m.(9/11/1015 AR)

The Heart in Hand Gala raised a substantial sum and appears to have been a smashing success in every respect. Duchess Isabeau did a fabulous job putting it all together. I had a lovely time am am pleased to be a part of such a worthy organization

Written By Kiera

June 20, 2021, 8:14 p.m.(9/11/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Medeia

Lady Eswynd has apparently said said some very kind things about me. It is very nice to be recognized for who one tries to be, though it was also nice to hear someone say i'm not as soft as i first appear. Part of me worries quite a bit about being perceived as weak or naive for the choices I make. I do in fact show anger quite a bit but do my level best to keep such moments behind closed doors. the other part of me thinks perhaps it isn't so bad if the compact's enemies find I'm more than the bargained for

Written By Auda

June 20, 2021, 4:47 p.m.(9/11/1015 AR)

I miss the rain.

Written By Aella

June 20, 2021, 1:35 p.m.(9/11/1015 AR)

The Heart in Hand charity mixer was nice. I wore a dress. Rescued a princess. Won the raffle.

I can see the appeal of dresses. Maybe not pink ones. But I can still walk a balance beam in one.

Suppose that's not important. What is important is charity. Folk should join the Heart in Hand. We're a good bunch.

Written By Denica

June 20, 2021, 12:59 p.m.(9/11/1015 AR)

I enjoy a quiet morning, watching the waves crash below. Having a cup of black coffee, some toast with jam and plotting revenge. So peaceful.

Written By Auda

June 20, 2021, 12:05 p.m.(9/11/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Enyo

I kept a bit of your jewelry, and happened upon it this morning.

Wherever you are, I hope you're doing well.

Written By Amari

June 20, 2021, 11:40 a.m.(9/11/1015 AR)

I think I've fully proven that Petrichor has a sense of humor. I'd long suspected, but recent events have largely confirmed it. Not that I could defend the assertion theologically, but in my heart I know it's true and that's enough to decide it.

Although I've come to this epiphany by a rather slow and circuitous route, here I am at last, affirming my faith in the Gods of the Pantheon. Let none doubt my sincerity and devotion for they are both true and unshakeable.

Written By Martino

June 20, 2021, 11:12 a.m.(9/10/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Cassiopeia

The eldest daughter, Lady Arsenia, wanted to see 'the snake Lady' and so arrangements were made to meet Lady Cassiopeia. Quite the lovely meeting really with the Lady good with my young daughter who was very curious about her python.

Downside. I think she now wants one and the brocade toy just will not do.

Written By Martino

June 20, 2021, 11:04 a.m.(9/10/1015 AR)

The unique artwork now has a new home with debate still over the meaning of the art itself. Be it an observation at a meeting where a clash of opinions takes place or a historical observation on the Tor-Southport War.

Either way, it is out of the suite and soon to be on grand display with other orphaned art.

Written By Deva

June 20, 2021, 10:22 a.m.(9/10/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Catalana

Anyone with such an affinity for mischief and laughter is a friend worth getting to know!

Written By Cambria

June 20, 2021, 1:01 a.m.(9/10/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Hadrian

It is both 'tap' and 'pat', and after the lengthy discussion we had about it, I do think you are now prepared to agree with me.

But if not? Then I am prepared to argue the matter further.

Written By Raimon

June 20, 2021, 12:41 a.m.(9/10/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Lustry

What once was sand has formed to glass,
and glass thence formed to Art!
An Artistry of Octopi!
. . . Of Ocean, from the start.

Each small shape: a tiny trophy,
won with skill upon the waves.
Not the vast Sea's mighty waters,
just the part a -tub- exclaves!

Written By Isabeau

June 19, 2021, 11:15 p.m.(9/9/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Beaumont

What a thoroughly unexpected and gratifying delight to see my brother again. No one should tell him how much I missed him and how happy I've been to see him again. No, no. Just tell him he's less charming and less attractive than me.

Written By Giada

June 19, 2021, 9:53 p.m.(9/9/1015 AR)

I find myself eternally confounded by the concept of a 'vacation'.

Written By Piccola

June 19, 2021, 9:19 p.m.(9/9/1015 AR)

A wise general must always be truthful, for the truth is the best propaganda and lies are the worst.

To command we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; to be credible we must be truthful; and it is as simple as that.

The art of war therefore lies in deceiving while being truthful.

Written By Rosalind

June 19, 2021, 2:58 p.m.(9/9/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Cadern

Are you there, Cadern? It's me. Your sister! I think it's time for a catch up soon!

Written By Rosalind

June 19, 2021, 2:55 p.m.(9/9/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Aella

Have I mentioned yet that I'm glad you're here? Except no! NOPE! It's my turn for ANYTHING! You do your Countessy things and I'll just keep being the great ole voice!

You're welcome!

Written By Rosalind

June 19, 2021, 2:50 p.m.(9/9/1015 AR)

Long conversations and answered questions without judgement. Those are my favorite! Not my favorite days, because I think everyone knows where I PREFER to be! But it's close second I think!

Written By Giada

June 19, 2021, 1:31 p.m.(9/9/1015 AR)

I had the pleasure of facilitating the Oaths of Brother Oswyn at Lord Vellichor's shrine last night. It was a small ceremony that reminded me of my own ordination. Father Vayne, Archlector at the time, administered my vows in quiet at the Shrine of the Thirteenth, no others save for the Silent Reflections. As I listened to Brother Oswyn, I was encouraged to hear the offering of his life's work to the gods as a personal and intimate submission. It wasn't a subjugation, but rather the promise of faithful service. I was just honoured to be asked.

Written By Haakon

June 19, 2021, 11:20 a.m.(9/8/1015 AR)

I gather ships and spears for another reaving into Abandoned waters. Let those with the taste for such send me word.

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