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Written By Kaia

March 29, 2020, 9:11 p.m.(1/8/1013 AR)

The four corners of Arvum weep for the passing of a wonderful and passionate woman; the Marquessa of Stalhben, Arcadia. None did ever wield a bow and shot arrows as fine as she did. May her memory stay with us always and her bravery never be forgotten. She was a dear friend, a spectacular mother and a most dutiful, determined and honorable noble.

Written By Viviana

March 29, 2020, 8:59 p.m.(1/8/1013 AR)

I've never seen anything lovelier.

Oh, the adventures we have ahead of us, my sweet beauty.

Written By Hamish

March 29, 2020, 8:03 p.m.(1/8/1013 AR)

Relationship Note on Arcadia

Off on another adventure.

Written By Philippe

March 29, 2020, 7:52 p.m.(1/8/1013 AR)

Relationship Note on Arcadia

We never met, my lady. And yet the shadow of your life will fall heavily across me and my brothers. I hope you have gone to your worthy rest.

Written By Domonico

March 29, 2020, 6:33 p.m.(1/8/1013 AR)

Relationship Note on Arcadia

It is true that she burned bright. It is a shame that it did not last for long.

Still she achieved far more in her time than most can ever dream of.

Written By Domonico

March 29, 2020, 6:33 p.m.(1/8/1013 AR)

Relationship Note on Arcadia

It is true that she burned bright. It is a shame that it did not last for long.

Still she achieved far more in her time than most can ever dream of.

Written By Domonico

March 29, 2020, 6:33 p.m.(1/8/1013 AR)

Relationship Note on Arcadia

It is true that she burned bright. It is a shame that it did not last for long.

Still she achieved far more in her time than most can ever dream of.

Written By Domonico

March 29, 2020, 6:27 p.m.(1/8/1013 AR)

The Southport Bowl was a success and I would like to offer my congratulations to the winners. My cousin Fecundo and the pugilist Sydney.

I also believe that Rowenova and Ras should be commended for their tactics used to defeat me. Unorthodox but highly effective. I was most impressed.

Written By Esme

March 29, 2020, 5:46 p.m.(1/8/1013 AR)

Relationship Note on Arcadia

I did not think I would write this. I thought about not writing this, but there is a fondness in memories.

I loved Arcadia as she was my friend, my sister in heart. I don't even recall the first time we met, but I'm sure one or both of us were intoxicated. We spoke of our hearts and the people that resided in them. I love her children as mine. She introduced me to a man I would fall in love with. She watched as the relationship shifted in ways that others did not have insight. I have seen her tears. I have seen her anger. I have seen her happiness. I was not ready to hear of her death.

It is strange not to have a person to send a missive to and let them know a trail of gossip I might have heard. Or to listen as we debated out marriage and love in a way that we could. Or to know she would allow me to hug her too tight. If there is a regret it is that duty pulled us further apart lately. She has left her mark on all those she touched. It is safe to say that she will not be forgotten.

Written By Rysen

March 29, 2020, 5:31 p.m.(1/8/1013 AR)

Relationship Note on Arcadia

Every time I think of her, I am overwhelmed. I cry - not the good kind of tears that might be sorrowful but sweet, nor the kind that bring any kind of release. They are tears of misery - the tears of one who will never again see the face, or hear the voice of one he loves.

Arcadia sent me a letter, and wrote that she hopes she will find me on the Wheel, that true friendships last forever. It will be so, yet still it is the cruelest and most painful wound to lose one whom I love and cherish, for even as the legates and archlectors tell us of the Wheel, I've no memory of my friends from previous turns. All before my early years is darkness, and when I pass, only the spark of my being will live on. What of the memories of this beloved friend? They will haunt me until I die, never being fully expressed, nor having coalesced into all our lives could have been had she lived longer, or had I been the one to fall to prove how much she meant to me.

I met Cady at a party for Lady Willow Nightgold's birthday, where, in my cups, I said we were so close to the Black Hall, that I could throw my whiskey glass and hit our estate. Cady dared me to try it, and I did - probably almost killing Rukhnis, who had no doubt been shuffling soberly back to her quarters from a long shift in the clinic.

When the apostate Ivan Helianthus sent the Undrowned Sons to raze the Northlands, it was Arcadia who joined our forces under Princess Marian with hundreds of archers and light infantry from House Leary. She fought in that battle herself, and sent many barbarous mercenaries to the Abyss, who'd otherwise have slaughtered innocents in Graywater Bay.

Though she never spoke of it herself, Arcadia was a deadeye with bow and crossbow. I heard that she shot an arrow out of Lord Michael Bisland's hand, and it was her arrow that saved my life in Gray Forest. She took down an Abandoned champion, and granted me time to reach Lord Ian and Lady Brianna.

She was also a merciless prankster, who was constantly harassing me with stink or glitter bombs, or some other torment she'd invented. Once, some hours before Princess Tikva Grayson held a birthday party for one of her children, Cady sent me a message that puffed a horrid cloud of glitter all over me the moment I opened it. I bathed, and scrubbed furiously, but I could not get rid of the glitter. So I went to the Great Gray Hall, looking like a complete glittery fool. It was the only time I met His Majesty King Alaric, and among the most embarrassing moments of my life.

But it's the quiet times I'll miss most. We used to walk in the Redrain Gardens, or she would sit beside me in the grass while I played my lyre. Or we'd talk in the stone pools of the Golden Hart about big things and small, about what we hoped for and what we came to regret. She danced with me once in the Black Hall, just the two of us. There was no music, just a slow dance of friends on a quiet winter evening, illuminated by white starlight on the snow outside the window, and the warm glow of the fire in the hearth.

She passed from the Dream in my arms, and I will carry out her dying requests. Never will I be able to put into words what she means to me, and I will remember her until the end.

Farewell for now, Beloved Friend. You have laid a strong foundation for your House, and sewn seeds of friendship that will live forever. Even still, I wake up to write to you, and fall into tears knowing my words will not reach you, nor will I receive a reply. I walk past The Spirits and do not hear your voice. I miss you, and I always will.

Written By Riagnon

March 29, 2020, 5:02 p.m.(1/8/1013 AR)

Relationship Note on Arcadia

You were always kind in the instances when we had the opportunity to meet. It's very sad to hear of your passing.
I will always look back and recall our adventure with Prince Artur with fondness.

Written By Raya

March 29, 2020, 4:32 p.m.(1/8/1013 AR)

I was honored to be able to attend the re-opening of Gloria's shrine. But I'm not sure I will be able to get the smell of burning bear fur out of my clothes.

Written By Asher

March 29, 2020, 3:58 p.m.(1/8/1013 AR)

After a long few weeks, I've got them ready - the Fabron couple's wedding bands. Sure, they're commoners, but they wanted rings. Made of Star Iron. So I got to work, and by the Gods, it's always surprising how long it takes for Star Iron to smelt properly. How long it takes to take the proper shape. Adding the gems, the Iridescite, even the Stygian, was easier. But now, it's done, and I have time to spare. It won't be long before I'm up again, ready to work, but I'm going to enjoy the time relaxing.

If only I knew how to give it some manner of other protection. Limerance, if you see this, or if Vellichor tells you - because this is indeed written after all - then bless those rings with some manner of shielding, to keep Jules and Svana safe. They deserve it.

Written By Clara

March 29, 2020, 3:55 p.m.(1/8/1013 AR)

Relationship Note on Svana

I actually like Svana. She's fun to be around and I sympathize with her greatly. I am happy to know her and am looking forward to knowing her for years to come. Actually, she gave me a beautiful dress for my birthday and though I will have to wait a few months to wear it it is a beautiful gown. I told her she didn't need to get me a present but she made me something anyways. That was very sweet of her. Not to say I like her because she gave me something but I like what she gave me in part because I like her. The dress is beautiful on its own but to get a gift from a friend... a gift that has had so much work put into it? That is a great honor. I have asked her to make another dress for me. One for a special occasion that I will be very excited to wear when the time comes. She also asked me to do her a great honor, twice over, as well and I'm looking forward to that too.

Written By Mikani

March 29, 2020, 3:50 p.m.(1/8/1013 AR)

In the words of the great Elder Leonard Nemoy

I have known despair
I value hope

I have tasted frustration
I value fulfillment

Because I have been lonely
I value love

Written By Corrigan

March 29, 2020, 3:47 p.m.(1/8/1013 AR)

Relationship Note on Ras

Oh, I get it!

A messy lump of sap for a sappy mess of a person.

Very clever.

Written By Mikani

March 29, 2020, 3:43 p.m.(1/8/1013 AR)

Gods and Spirits

Keep my anger from becoming meanness.
Keep my sorrow from collapsing into self-pity.
Keep my heart soft enough to keep breaking.
Keep my anger turned towards justice, not cruelty.
Remind me that all of this, every bit of this is for love.
Keep me fiercely kind.

Written By Martino

March 29, 2020, 3:34 p.m.(1/8/1013 AR)

A tournament well done. The Southport Bowl worked at such a treat with the fine displays.

The Marquessa and I shall have to remember, next time, to host it in the summer. So we do not quite freeze our dear entrants.

Senior Level Winner: Prince Fecundo
Legendary Level Winner: Sydney

Each time the final between them and their opponent so close. Utterly capturing.

Written By Martino

March 29, 2020, 3:29 p.m.(1/8/1013 AR)

Relationship Note on Arcadia

When you arrived in the city, you were Lady 'Cady' as you kept saying over-and-over. You forged your own path, cutting through where avenues that might block, and later married one that you both loved and wanted to help. You journeyed to the North and welcomed by those in Bonespire, taking in their traditions and their values - aiding them on their journey within the Compact.

You saw them rise, as you did to, to a March and set them on a firm step forward. Giving your husband not one, but two children to allow the linage to continue on should anything happen to the Warden of the Ice.

Arx helped you grow and you helped Bonespire grow. May the Wheel return you to us, in time.

My shoes will certainly, not ever, forget you.

Not that many will forget the story that you wrote.

Written By Amari

March 29, 2020, 3:20 p.m.(1/8/1013 AR)

That was a lovely little island and a wonderful place to visit. I'd like to return (preferably in the summer), and spend more than a day enjoying the peaceful grove, the playful wind, the water falls, the view from the high cliffs and the sea crashing below.

Perhaps we'll find an equally idyllic isle in the south. There, I'll try not to run so far ahead as I did. I was just desperate to stretch my legs and see something other than sky and sea stretching from one horizon to the other after so long stuck aboard the boat.

Not that the boat itself was to blame. It was a fine one, and Goode Sal a great captain with a deep well of patience for silly questions.

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