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Written By Aconite

July 3, 2020, 3:15 a.m.(8/3/1013 AR)

Meeting nobles and royals has been almost endless since my first few days in the city. Tor is artistic and diverse but Arx is a whole different beast. This city houses Nobles that don't act like nobles, philanthropists who would rather remain hidden and a variety of royalty. As colorful and different as the many flowers in Tor. Here they wear their unrest openly, I must be vigilant.

Written By Aconite

July 3, 2020, 3:15 a.m.(8/3/1013 AR)

Entertaining Death was quite fun. A little get together amidst the Harlequins with one Evarsito heading it all. We all enjoyed adorable plushies and I was on a winning team with a Princess and a lovely Lady Whitehawk, who stole the show with her entrancing music. It was exciting and fun and I count myself lucky to have experienced it.

Written By Aconite

July 3, 2020, 3:15 a.m.(8/3/1013 AR)

Meeting the Malvici has been a unique experience. This trio of siblings has a little of something for every occasion. Lovely, cunning and different each of them.

Written By Ouida

July 3, 2020, 1:32 a.m.(8/3/1013 AR)

Today I welcomed Sir Niall RedTree as a brother-in-arms in service to Lord Orvyn Harthall, Count of the March of Fair Harbour. The road to service is never an easy one, not even for those who are placed upon its path almost at birth, and certainly not for those who have found their lives disordered and then change forever when conflict comes to their lands, whether or not they instigated it. When his people bent the knee, and he chose to return with our party to Fair Harbour, I gave my word to his mother when she asked that I would treat him with the same respect and care that any other young one that spends time in our household as a page would be, and would write to her weekly keeping her updated. And so I have, over these years, I think building another bond as well, and a deeper respect now that I am only slightly less ignorant of a mother's fears for their son.

And so I am keenly aware of another's loss in my gain at seeing him grow from awkwardly gangly and growing boy into a strong young man, who wields a greatsword as seemingly easily as if it were a mere hairpin. He came to us certainly better educated in his letters and of keener mind than I believe I ever cared to be at his age, but to see his delight in taking in all that the city had to offer, as well as in our many travels is something that I have treasured as much as seeing him grow to be an exceptional competitor on the training grounds, and seeing him grow into a knight's prowess and temperament upon the field. I have seen the pile of scented messages and favors grow, as well as him spending quite a long time agonizing over each reply. I have seen him wrestle over the years with what people say to his face, or behind his back; watched how he chose to deal with it, then and now.

But there does come a time for one journey to end, and another to begin. In truth, even as a squire I would have trusted Niall Redtree to guard my back as well as many other knights. While we will continue to serve Harthall together, I hope, for some time to come, and so I may yet be privileged to see him continue to grow more and more into his own, and the path he carves for himself.

Written By Ilira

July 3, 2020, 12:26 a.m.(8/3/1013 AR)

Relationship Note on Evaristo

You, with the deep eyes and sunlit smiles, are a warmth I could bask in for days.

Written By Thea

July 2, 2020, 11:41 p.m.(8/3/1013 AR)

Relationship Note on Costas

I didn't know you, not really. I saw you here and there when I was small. Always watchful of my cousin. But weirdly, -I- wasn't afraid because well, you were just doing what you were good at. We wont go into that. That's not important. You were good at keeping people safe, like my cousin. So that's important. And I'm just sorry I didn't get to see you upon my arrival to the city. I'm very certain I'd have received a lot of gruff lessons and eyeballs.

Written By Shard

July 2, 2020, 10:42 p.m.(8/2/1013 AR)

Relationship Note on Lys

You never know, life is full of surprises.

Written By Victus

July 2, 2020, 10:23 p.m.(8/2/1013 AR)

Awhile ago I'd written down my hopes that we'd see a purely Arvani material rise up and outshine foreign made goods. I'm beyond pleased that those efforts have bore fruit.

All of my praise to the contributors who made Oakhide and its improvements a reality. I've got quite some work to do in replacing my closet.

Written By Jael

July 2, 2020, 8:39 p.m.(8/2/1013 AR)

With the talk of...explosives? I would like to revisit an assertion made once that honey is an effective explosive.
It is not.

Yes, it burns if it is pure. And I can promise you that all Laurent honey burns. But slowly. A nice low flame. Very useful if you want to possibly but not definitely set something on fire and take a long time doing it.

Sometimes a jar of honey might 'explode' in your larder, getting sticky glass on your shelves. That is because it has fermented. Then you have mead!

Anyway, please do not burn Laurent honey. It's much better for eating.

Written By Dio

July 2, 2020, 4:25 p.m.(8/2/1013 AR)

Relationship Note on Sebastian

It was a pleasure to host Prince Sebastian in the palazzo. It needn't be written that he is a man of taste and culture; however, he is also a man of penetrating intellect and deep knowledge.

His words regarding the decisions made by Marquessa Imogene in designing the palazzo were extraordinarily kind, and a welcome reminder that everything which felt her touch was changed for the better, and in those, she lives on.

Written By Mirari

July 2, 2020, 3:22 p.m.(8/2/1013 AR)

Relationship Note on Costas

Love is dead.

Written By Raziel

July 2, 2020, 8:42 a.m.(8/1/1013 AR)

The bombs worked, but it will take some refining before they're useable, much less for battle. I'm sure there are more reliable ways to blow things up, gas being so volatile, but now we know.

Written By Raymesin

July 2, 2020, 6:51 a.m.(8/1/1013 AR)

Forgive me, Scholar, but I thought reaving, like piracy, was considered a crime.

Or is it another of those things that's only criminal when commoners do it?

Written By Bahiya

July 2, 2020, 1:09 a.m.(8/1/1013 AR)

Tonight, I danced. It's been some time, the first my feet have moved as such in this new city. It was a fitting venue, in that it happened at the Stormbird's Roost, a delightful place for anyone but especially those that favor Eurusi cuisine.

It pleased me to taste and scent the air, the good things I had to leave behind are not; they are right here, at my fingertips. Literally.

Written By Haakon

July 1, 2020, 10:59 p.m.(7/28/1013 AR)

Relationship Note on Iseulet

...they sail to Arvum, buy boatloads of people, and I kill them? Take as old as time, that.

They had a nice ship, at least.

Written By Thea

July 1, 2020, 10:36 p.m.(7/28/1013 AR)

Attended the opening of Stormbird's Roost, to support Rukhnis. My fellow physician and friend. Yes scholar, I tried grasshoppers and lizards. All new foods were downed with a glass of some very good whiskey. And was surrounded by friends. And then Rocco delivered me a letter...And then another regarding more just-things you don't want to know. And just like that scholar, my mind was oblivious. And now here I am, on my couch. Missing a shoe and Finn licking my face. I don't have evenings like this very often. If ever. But it's a new day and I'm up. And it's time to go figure out--what the hells is going on. In more than one area it seems.

Written By Iseulet

July 1, 2020, 4:27 p.m.(7/28/1013 AR)

Relationship Note on Haakon

When a mommy Gildorian and a daddy Gildorian love each other very much.....

Written By Piccola

July 1, 2020, 3:21 p.m.(7/28/1013 AR)

A noble is best when people barely know that she exist; not so good when people obey and acclaim her; and worst when people despise her. A noble who fails to honor people shall never be honored. For the nation is most prosperous when the work is done, the aims fulfilled, and the people will take all the credit, not when its nobles scramble for the acknowledgment of having done their duty.

Written By Esme

July 1, 2020, 2:24 p.m.(7/28/1013 AR)


I should do this far more often. It lifts my spirits and lets me focus on other things. I don't have to worry about conversation so much as hitting a target and the mercies step in.

Send word if anyone wants to spar. I prefer to use the weapons provided by Laurent and leathers for armor.

Written By Lisebet

July 1, 2020, 1:18 p.m.(7/28/1013 AR)

Time seems to pass so quickly, and I find that all the things I want to do mostly still remain undone. I suppose that means if I still want to do them, it's time to pick them up again.

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