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Written By Svana

Sept. 27, 2020, 11:53 a.m.(2/7/1014 AR)

Asher and I are overjoyed; in some months our little house will be filled with new cries again. I am very content right now, and this pregnant is going much smoother than the last already.

Whisper Anisha pointed out that we'll have a newborn just as the twins start walking. I know I'm too happy about a new baby right now because that doesn't so bad.

Wait for it.

Written By Rosalind

Sept. 27, 2020, 11:10 a.m.(2/7/1014 AR)

So.Many.Plans! Scholar, do you see it outside? Have you?! Also-I went to Lady Belle's honey thing. At the honey place. So much honey! It smelled of honey. It was fun though, and I met a Lady that likes to climb walls. She's right up my alley! I can't wait to talk to her more. Scholar, also...Aella left me more responsibilities. Like---running our house until she comes home. So uh, want to tell me how to do that? Are you LAUGHING AT ME?!

Written By Thea

Sept. 27, 2020, 11:07 a.m.(2/7/1014 AR)

Relationship Note on Medeia

I'm so glad Medeia chose me as her patron. Honest. She's taken all my ideas and have run with the. Making them ten times larger than what -I- would have imagined. And I have a pretty large imagination. We have been a pretty awesome team, despite the differences we share. I think those differences are what binds it.

Written By Philippe

Sept. 27, 2020, 10:49 a.m.(2/7/1014 AR)

Chevalle is quiet at this time of year. A man can only hear the wind over the pop of a cooking fire. The horses stay safely wrapped in their blankets, and the soil sleeps in preparation for the coming spring. I feel that we did good work this year. The land was productive, and we managed to make good preparations with our crops. There are some roads I intend to review after the first thaw, and a bridge in the low country that I feel must be rebuilt after a generation of good service. But we have done well, and I am pleased at the good work of the people. If roads, bridges, fields, and fodder could be all I concern myself with for the rest of my life, I would slip from this world happy and content.

Written By Porter

Sept. 27, 2020, 9:59 a.m.(2/7/1014 AR)

Relationship Note on Aiden

Never have I had a bird pluck my mail from my hand before. I really wasn't expecting that.

Written By Raymesin

Sept. 27, 2020, 8:31 a.m.(2/7/1014 AR)

Relationship Note on Tanith

If anyone hugs my wife when she doesn't want it, she's perfectly capable of making them regret it without calling on me. And I just love that about her.

I don't recommend anyone upset her enough that she does call on me to deal with it.

Written By Serena

Sept. 27, 2020, 6:09 a.m.(2/7/1014 AR)

I received a messenger recently which made me reflect on my time as a Whisper. We didn't have courtiers of any kind when I grew up; it was one of the things we had lost by being Abandoned. For us, if you were at our Court then you served a very specific function - a Minister or the like - or were a member of their family. There were no people who made their livelihood in the same way that the Whispers and other Courtiers of Arx and elsewhere do.

My first experience with a Whisper was at a dinner in Zaffria. A lord had his legs crushed by a falling horse and found himself no longer able to enjoy his time as he once had, or feel as productive as he once did. He had started to let bitterness take seed in his heart. He would lash out at any of us who offered to help because that only drew attention to how he was different. It was a Whisper, passing through on his way to Lenosia, that uprooted the bitterness from the lord's heart. He didn't treat the lord any different; he brought him to activities. He held long conversations in the gardens with him.

It was then that I began to realize that Whispers were more than pretty faces and good dancers. It was then that I began to understand that Whispers weren't just neutral diplomats who would sometimes negotiate between troubled houses.

Whispers are confidantes.

It doesn't matter whether your passion is a party or talking endlessly about rock formations. It doesn't matter if you have the money of a prince or that of a pauper. There's a Whisper willing to listen, to be part of your conversation, and to hold it as close to his or her heart as any sworn priest.

Being a Whisper means I have a chance to be part of another's story and help them achieve a dream. And that is a calling I am glad I answered. It's been a beautiful journey so far.

Written By Mabelle

Sept. 27, 2020, 4:23 a.m.(2/7/1014 AR)

I was overwhelmed by the attendance at the grand opening of the Dire Bee Lounge.
It was so delightful to spend time with friends and answer questions about Artshall and bees.
People are very curious about bees.
Maybe we should hold lectures.
About bees.
With bees.
Maybe I should let Lady Alessia pet one.

Written By Rowynna

Sept. 27, 2020, 3:31 a.m.(2/7/1014 AR)

The delights of a picnic in the winter cannot be overstressed! I had a lovely time with the Duke and Duchess of Ashford and their three children whom I met in aviary at The Menagerie. There was an ease and loving generousity about them which is rare to find, or has been for me, and they made me most welcome in their midst.

I'm not so sure that I could say the same for their Captain of the Guard whom also accompanied them however! She slipped whiskey into my tea when I was distracted by introductions to Their Highnesses the Prince Niklas and Princess Sabella, enough whiskey that it made my throat burn and my eyes water.

Note to self: Be more vigilant in the future.

Written By Michael

Sept. 27, 2020, 2:46 a.m.(2/7/1014 AR)

Relationship Note on Medeia


Written By Esme

Sept. 27, 2020, 12:36 a.m.(2/7/1014 AR)

My most darling readers,

I am not sure if you have found my white, but I wish you to know in these times; you are loved. You are far more than you think you are. You are the heroes of your own path and your own stories. You are the most unique creature that has ever lived. For even if your soul once belonged to another, YOU are the driving force of it now. In all the realms there is only one you (well this could branch off for Mirrormasks, but you know what I mean).

You are a glorious creation. You are loved by your Gods. You are loved by your family and friends, but even if mortals have failed your heart; your God will not. If you are lost and seeking something, find it upon in prayer to the Gods. Limerance loves you. He is the concept of love and fidelity, and that love and fidelity extends to you. He cares about your path. He wants you only to be all that you are meant to be; to understand the power that resides in your heart and soul.

Oh, my tired wanderer. I know the trials lately have been enough to break the strongest of hearts, but I ask that you be well. I ask that you know that your Faith is not lost. That you are not a burden but the children of Gods. You are protected by them. They see you. We see you. You are not just one in the sea of many, you are branded as beautiful. Only you can shape your own path and own story, such a thing as that makes you so strong. It makes you stronger than you think. For your mind may lie to you, but let me tell each of you; you are enough. You are loved.

For dark nights may come and you should greet them with open arms. Throw your arms wide and know that after the darkest of nights, the dawn always shines the brightest. You will be that bright light in the darkest hour of the storms around you. I call you not to fight against your brother, not to fight against your father, but to stand true in the beliefs that you have. To find that one small light of hope. For while in you, it might be but a small, smoldering spark - when you put it with another spark and another; we can craft an inferno when we stand together; unshackled. Free. For we are free. We are loved.

To those that have walked away from the Faith, please I bid to you to come back. Feel the warmth of the welcoming embrace. Perhaps the Faith has angered you, hurt you, done bad by you - sadly we are all human in that which we act. Even the most perfect make mistakes, but my darlings, we only long for you to come home. Whatever name you might call yourselves, whatever names you might be given, come home. Our embrace is open, we are awaiting our wayward children to come back to the fold. We do not wish to diminish what you are or what you have been through, we only want to offer our love and our protection.

For anyone that reads this.

You are loved.
You are love.
You are hope.
You do not stand alone.

Written By Hamish

Sept. 26, 2020, 11:24 p.m.(2/6/1014 AR)

Relationship Note on Tanith

I'm very proud of what Mistress Tanith Grayhope has already done for the discipleship of our Queen of Endings, which is why I am happy to say that she has been made our new (third, chronologically) First Harlequin.

While her specialties are catching babies and warm hugs, I'd strongly encourage people to get permission before throwing either her way.

Written By Medeia

Sept. 26, 2020, 11:19 p.m.(2/6/1014 AR)

What did the Queen say when she looked out her window? Looks like another reigny day.
What did the Queen ask for to drink with breakfast? Royaltea.
Why is the Queen good at measuring? Because she's a ruler.

A woman who can't find someone to deliver her baby is having a midwife crisis.

Yes, scholar, I commit these puns to the archive in recognition of my joining the ranks of the Harlequins. You're very welcome.

Written By Aurora

Sept. 26, 2020, 10:38 p.m.(2/6/1014 AR)

I have been away from the city for years. My home, where I was born and grew up. The streets I thought held everything grew too confining, and the constricting nature of the walls held too many memories. I have had many things to do since returning, my family to reconnect with and my shop to familiarize myself with once more. It is coming home, and I never thought I would be as glad as I have been to see that while everything changed, everything stayed the same too.

Marquessa Harthall, I am not ignoring your messages. I don't even know who you are to feel the need to ignore your messages. I shall humbly apologies for my rudeness in not responding immediately though.

Written By Valerius

Sept. 26, 2020, 10:22 p.m.(2/6/1014 AR)

An interesting first day back to the city. Meeting the "Sea Cutlery of House Magnotta" and an amazing Seamstress in the same night. The conversation rolled on longer than I could have hoped and wish to meet both of them again.

Written By Valencia

Sept. 26, 2020, 9:39 p.m.(2/6/1014 AR)

There are some people in this world who are like a fresh breeze and a golden kiss of sunlight about them. No matter where they are they seem to have a beautiful way of bringing out the best out in those they are with.

It makes my heart smile to see such social artistry in action. Instead of drawing all eyes solely to their own attention, they honestly and earnestly seek to bring light to all in the room so that all may delight in the moment.

To witness this is perhaps one of the things I love best in this world. To see people so confidant and kind that they think nothing of sharing their light with others in their company so that they, too, have chance to blossom and bloom and be seen at the best.

That is the art and artistry of true courtiers and courtesans to be true.


Written By Sabella

Sept. 26, 2020, 9:20 p.m.(2/6/1014 AR)

Tonight I attended the official opening of Lady Mabelle's Dire Bee Lounge and it was absolutely fantastic! She has an amazing attention to detail when it comes to fashion but also it seems when it comes to designing anything at all! From the cozy atmosphere to the menu to the absolutely delicious drinks I had an incredibly fun time and saw so many familiar faces I know it will continue to be a huge success!

Written By Delilah

Sept. 26, 2020, 7:03 p.m.(2/6/1014 AR)

An excellent bit of haberdashery lies before me. Mal will never suspect.

Written By Rebecca

Sept. 26, 2020, 5:44 p.m.(2/6/1014 AR)

Relationship Note on Svana

By far one of my most trusted tailors in Arx, her's was the first shop I visited upon my arrival in late summer. I was truly enraptured by her skill level.

Such care, such fine stitches and she listened to my specifications with all the skill of a true artisan as she was able to marry her vision with my imagings.

Also her tots are the cutest commoner sprats I've ever set my eyes on and I do love to support a working mother. She is as diligent as she is talented and House Malespero has happily modeled her work in the past.

Written By Orick

Sept. 26, 2020, 5:06 p.m.(2/6/1014 AR)

There is something about Arx that fuels my fire for creativity and I am left with no other options but to fan the flames and hope to not be consumed...
I suppose that is my long winded way of saying I wrote a poem. I intend to make a needlepoint of it for the classroom. If its well received, I could be inclined to add more stanzas.


Measure twice, pour once
Careful now, steady hand
Work not suited for a dunce
Its focus we demand

Prepare your ingredients
Grind the poppy down to dust
Careful now, with expedience
This elixir has been known to rust

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