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Scholars Language Night

Do you know languages, and are you willing to teach them? Are you interested in learning a language, but you don't know how to find a teacher? The Scholars of Vellichor are pleased to announce Language Night at the Vellichorian Academy! Please feel free to come by, and join us in a celebration of the many different tongues across Arvum, and from lands beyond. If you already know a language, meet others who know as well, and practice speaking in your favorite language. Food and cool beverages will be provided. Guidelines will be posted at the event. It is advised that the guidelines posted be adhered to in order to make for a more organized gathering!


Jan. 20, 2020, 7 p.m.

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Merek Zoey Appolonia Volcica Scipio Carita Evander Delilah Lenne Rinel Mikani Cosimo Rosalie Ailith Catalana Anisha Aslaug




Arx - Ward of the Compact - Vellichorian Academy - Hall of Tutelage

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Octavian, a silken spaniel, an aid in Kennex livery, 2 Kennex corsairs arrive, following Zoey.

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The Hall of Tutelage has once again been set up for another event, this time with a focus on languages. Sections have been partitioned off, with seating at tables where placards have been placed indicating the language to be taught at that space. Each space is decorated in ways that are reminiscent of the language in question. The Marin'alfar table is decorated with screens painted with graceful underwater people fighting sharks and other scary monsters. The Oathlands Shav space is decorated with dragons. The Nox'alfar space is decorated with spiders and winged mice and symbols of Death in a macabre contrast, while the Eurusi language space is decorated with images of breezy palaces and sand dunes, scattered with colorful pillows and draped with colorful cloth. And so on, for each location, until finally, the center of the room is set up in a semi-circle where people can gather and speak together in a variety of languages that don't seem to have a particular space assigned. Tables set off to the side are arranged with plates filled with treats in an array of cuisines from across the Compact, while pitchers of iced tea and lemonade await at another table. Novitiate Scholars are on hand to be helpful if they are needed.

As people begin filtering into the Hall of Tutelage, Sina is already here, getting everything set up. When the time comes for the language night to begin, she turns away from the sideboard where she's swiped a snack before starting, and makes her way toward the front of the room. Popping a last grape into her mouth and hurriedly swallowing, she turns her attention to those who have gathered, a soft smile touching her lips. "Welcome," she says, "to language night. Today, we'll be sharing our love of language with one another. If you have a language you would like to learn, place note the sign, and where you can sit to learn which type of language," she says with a gesture, aeterna sleeve fluttering. "If you would like to teach a language, please feel free to find a space at one of those tables as well. Help yourself to the refreshments, and have fun! Please also note the rules on the sign, as they are very important," she finishes, glancing around. "Any questions before we begin?"

Khaavren, a dutiful assistant arrives, delivering a message to Volcica before departing.

Merek has taken the time to put on his dark attire which is casual, adjusting the white trim while he pulls that robe about him, shifting away from the hips while it maintains nicely about the frame, making a way to look to see which desk he might wish.

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Zoey arrives and makes herself comfortable at the couches.

Dame Marra, a limping fennec fox, Disciple Ismay, Disciple Fulgence, 5 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Ailith.

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Appolonia got here early. She is seated at the Aion table with some stray sheets of paper and pens that have been cut to a peculiar angle, and she is, herself, sipping up on some iced tea this very moment. She calls towards Sina, fondly, "If we don't have fun, is there a fine, or a levy perhaps?"

Volcica steps into the Hall, dark eyes glancing about-- first to the sign, of course, and then to the refreshments! Her selection is pretty simple: apricot brandy and then a few honeyed figs, and she's making her way to the semi-circle of desks.

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A new arrival soon joins those already present in the Hall of Tutelage. Scipio Whisper drifts into the hall with an easy smile on his features. There is a moment where he pauses, his eyes quickly looking over the sign both to see where people go for different languages, as well as the rules. After a time his eyes sweep over the room, offering a smile and nod of greeting toward those he knows before moving over to join the desks arranged in a semi-circle.

Sina clears her throat at Appolonia's query, and says, "That is what the liquor is for. If you get bored, you can always make a drinking game out of it," she tells Appolonia with a sparkle in her silvery eyes.

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"We can play structure sentences with alcohol," Merek mentions, then he looks between all the tables, "So, I came to learn new languages, I don't know what I want to learn, any suggestions?" he asks.

The arrival of a pair of Thaxians comes in the form of one Lord Evander and Countess Carita, her arm hooked with his as they walk, speaking low until they enter the room. Oceanic eyes lift as Carita pauses, "Well, now comes the hard part. Where to go? I think I'll start with ... umm.." she tsks softly. "Where are you headed?"

"I see you lingering round the corners of a lot of events," Appolonia answers Merek, sipping her iced tea. "Do you want to learn a language that will make you luckier in love, perhaps one that would help you break the ice?"

Evander looks rather plain, in his blacks and gray shades, considering who he arrives with -- undoubtedly he's overshadowed by Carita's outfit, though doesn't seem bothered by that fact. He looks impressed by the detail in each of the tables, murmuring to Carita. "Do you think the Archscholar would consider parting with some of those tables after the event? They're really something." His gaze seems to linger on the Marin'alfar table in particular. "Ah, I think-," he nods towards the sign for the miscellaneous languages. "I'm curious," he admits, with a tiny smile.

"The next time I have the grand idea to create a language wholecloth, I am going to speak with Lisebet first. The whole syntax works, but the lexemes aren't cooperating with the rest of it." This, clearly, is the usual sort of linguistic talk that one can expect in a seminar about the very thing. Lilah's hairpins are quills, for the most part, one of them thicker than the rest to indicate it might not be a mere bodkin but something significantly more dangerous. Like a pen. The slender curve of her smile is brighter the closer she gets to the hall, Scribble on her arm as the older gentleman clearly wants to peel away and chat with everyone. He is a precious social butterfly, oh yes he is. She wiggles her fingers to Sina. "Everything looks wonderful. I brought along extra books to the back in case you need them. It's altogether too easy during these kinds of events to run out." Her floating pace first takes her back just about everyone, and she laughs in Appolonia's direction. "I will be sure to levy it from you. Pulling you out in manacles, and we can go have a nice discussion in the Panopticon. It could use some thrilling sprucing up." No one wants to deal with -that-, do they? She drifts towards the tables in question. Where to begin? Plunking herself at one of the student desks will do, joining Rosalie. "I will eventually meander to those tables," a gesture to the land of elves, "though here is far, far more intriguing."

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Sina glances over at Scipio as he arrives, and inclines her head to him in greeting. Then she begins to make her way toward the Eurusi table where Appolonia is sitting, even as Merek comments. "Keep the ideas coming," she says with a laugh. "I might use them in my next event." She settles into a seat at the Eurusi table, and glances back toward Merek. "What is it you would like to learn? I have knowledge of Marin'alfar and Eurusi. But I think today, it will be Eurusi for me." She glances over to Delilah then, and smiles warmly, waving back. "Delilah," she says pleasantly. "Thank you. I am sure we will need them, it looks like it will be another good turnout," she says with a smile. She settles into a seat then at the table where Appolonia is seated.

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Volcica looks over to the door as more and more people enter, and there's a brief flash of a quiet smile for both Delilah and Carita. "I can teach Northlands Shav, if anyone is interested. I think I might be visiting a few other tables, as the night goes on."

Lenne is back to hobbling into the Hall of Tutelage, albeit this time around, she's down to a cane, instead of a pair of crutches. Improvement! Healing! She's still limping rather slowly, so she moves off to the side, just as last time, once she walks into the room. To get out of the way of anyone breezing in behind her. It gives her time to read the signage, and decide on where she will go. She's more here to browse the prospect for future learning, rather than to learn immediately, so there's no great hurry. Perhaps the student desks, then.

Cornelius, the crested iguana, 2 Tessere trained guards arrive, following Cosimo.

Appolonia kisses the air at Delilah. "Promises, promises!" she calls to Delilah, and leans in with Sina's proximity. "I've learned a little of the writing, of course, which is not quite the same as ours. I thought it would be a fun little exercise to sign our names in Eurusi, as best as I can estimate." Her eyes widen and she says, "Perhaps we can ask that charming crownsworn lady to assess them later!" Having successfully planned the harassment of an immigrant, Appolonia drains her iced tea.

Merek looks thoughtfully to Appolonia, "I don't know," he muses, then he looks to Lenne and nods, "I might try to learn more elven languages," he admits, while he considers that a bit.

Rinel slips through the doorway and hugs the wall as she makes her way cautiously around the event. Once, there might have been something here--a sense of belonging, perhaps. But not now, and not for her. The ex-scholar stops, biting her lip, before she clenches her jaw and makes her way to the starlight table.

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"Go help yourselves for the books, as you need them," Lilah encourages the others as she tucks her feet beneath herself. A friendly wave sent Scipio's way has a definite warmth, and she beams a smile to Volcica-ward. "Northern Shav is a valuable tongue to know, uncommonly musical at that. With a fine teacher, no less." Her toe dances side to side, curving a decadent arc of motion in ruby. "Signing names in Eurusi is a grand idea. That could be an interesting collection, as it were. Take a page and go to each teacher, learn your name and any corresponding titles in the language? Scripts differ."

Mikani enters in and looks around at all the tables. All the people. Mika wasn't even sure where to go so she went to the table where she thought she could learn something ... so she follows Lenne.

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Cosimo steps into the Hall of Tutelage, having anticipated this... but still finding himself at a loss, somehow. He pauses to read the rules before he makes any further movement, like a good scholar.

"I should spend some time at the elven tables, given I can share most of those, but," Evander smiles to Carita, patting her arm before he makes his way towards the student desks. "Lady Delilah, Lady Mikani," he inclines his head towards first one and the other, and finally to Rosalie. "My lady. Mind if I join?"

Lenne does indeed decide on the student desks, after a while. She isn't currently looking for the elven languages. Nor would she guess where she might use other region's shav language, other than the Northlands. So, that's where she sets off, slowly. Along the way, she smiles to Mikani, as she breezes past, and raises a hand to Merek, in an acknowledging wave, when he looks in her direction. "What I was hoping to find out, mostly, are what else is in the field to learn. Especially from seasoned explorers. Or historical scholars. And what they find is a useful thing to have." She gives Mikani a playful look. "And wherever might I find such a person, I wonder."

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Novitiate Scholars move about the room, ensuring that everyone has a primer for the particular language they are seeking to learn. There are plenty of such primers, of course, particularly for the more common languages. Some may not have a primer at all, depending on the language. Meanwhile, refreshments and drinks abound, while the room begins to bubble up in a strange variety of languages.

Mikani shakes her head, "Lord Evander, I would be honored to sit with you ... have you met my sister by marriage? Lady Lenne Crovane this is Lord Evander Kennex. He's an amazing scholar and Lady Lenne is a wonderfully curious mind expanding her scholarly acumen.

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Offering a brief smile to Evander, she murmurs, "Rosalie Redtyde, a pleasure to meet you. Please do join us."

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Rinel checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Evander smiles briefly to Lenne. "I haven't had the pleasure," he admits. "Lady Lenne," with a nod towards her. "Scholarly knowledge is always worth pursuing. I'm pleased to see it runs strong in your House, too." Rosalie's introduction earns a curious look. "Lady Rosalie. I haven't met many of Redtyde. Lord Evander Kennex," he offers his own name in turn, as he takes a seat at one of the desks.

Cosimo hums to himself, then turns and moves towards the pine bench - presumably the general linguistics area. Someone is seeking to brush up on the basics before diving in, apparently.

Thick lashes lower as Carita smile, nodding as Evander disentangles from her. "By all means," and as Evander heads for one group, Carita heads for another. There's a warm smile given to Volcica and Scipio, "Would you mind if I joined you?"

Scipio glances up toward Carita as she makes her way over and offers her a warm smile. "Of course not. Please have a seat," he says with a gesture of one hand toward one of the open desks.

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Carita dips her head, "Thank you," is uttered softly as she smooths her skirts behind herself and then lowers her voice for her area alone.

"Is Sylv'Alfar and Marin'alfar coming up enough that it need be learned?" Merek asks, while he maneuvers to settle into the elven seat.

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"Don't hex it," Appolonia says towards Merek.

The lively discussion over at the student desks involves rounds of introduction, friendly smiles, and the occasional gesticulation here or there.

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Ailith slipped in as undetected as is sensibly possible -- she even uses the Archscholar to be positioned behind to avoid too much notice. And so the Legate settles at a table and begins to write.

Mikani is overheard praising Delilah.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Zoey before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Zoey before departing.

Sina checked charm at difficulty 20, rolling 14 higher.

Rising from the desks he had occupied at first, Scipio turns his gaze to peer around at the prospective places as he steps across the room. He offers a nod of his head toward Rinel along with a smile before moving over toward the student desks. "Hello," he offers with a bow toward those seated there. "Would you mind if I joined you?"

2 Kennex corsairs, Jane arrive, following Catalana.

Sina is quietly engaged in conversation with Ailith, though novitiate Scholars have passed out paper at the table, upon which to practice writing the Eurusi language. Plenty of quills for dipping in the provided ink, too. The Archscholar takes a piece of paper, and writes occasionally alongside Ailith, carefully scribing letters with her beautiful script.

Looking up at the request from Scipio, Rosalie offers a faint smile and nod, "Please do. All are welcome that wish to learn. I am Rosalie Redtyde, this is Duchess Delilah Shepherd, Lady Mikani Crovane, Lady Lenne Crovane, Lord Evander Kennex and... I am terribly sorry I do not believe any of us asked your name..." She glances to Cosimo with an apologetic expression.

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What tables surely heave with knowledge and excitement. Lilah rises from her chair, though she tosses down her cloak in case anyone happens to think she is retreating. "I am going to fetch something to drink. Would anyone like anything else while I am up?"

Catalana arrives late and while she tries hard to not draw looks, it is something the lady fails with daily being all golden and long legged. Today is worse, since there is a smattering of glitter on her hair and skin. It twinkles, add extra attention to the lady. Ducking her head, she makes a beeline towards Evander and the group. Pulling up a chair, she grabs out quills and papers.

Pausing as he moves toward an open desk, Scipio looks toward Delilah as she rises. "I actually think that I would like something to drink as well," he says with a smile. "If anyone would like anything, I would be happy to help the Duchess bring them over," he says with a dip of his head toward each person that Rosalie introduces. "I am Scipio Whisper, by the way. It is a pleasure to meet you all."

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Ailith rises from her seat to carefully pace herself equal to the steps by Rinel. A few words pass, hushed, and the woman bows her head before returning to her original seat.

Carita is overheard praising Sina: For running such a wonderful linguistics event!

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Volcica is overheard praising Sina: Wonderfully organized language night!

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Zoey before departing.

Lenne rises from one of the desks in the miscellaneous languages section. She limps toward Sina, every step punctuated with a little click of the cane she's using now to help her walk. She dips into a respectful curtsy, only somewhat made awkward by that bit of wood. "Archscholar Sina? I just wished to thank you for your continued hosting of these evenings, before I took my leave. They are always wonderfully illuminating. And a fine place to meet learned and passionate scholars. Lady Lenne Crovane. A scribe of the Gold Order. We exchanged correspondences, once." She smiles, slightly, and shakes her head. "Though I do not expect you to remember one letter amongst the likely hundreds since."

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With a messenger -- an owl at that -- flapping in to find Lilah, she takes longer to respond. A brief pause has her bringing Rosalie's tea over to the Redtyde, and then returning to handle what the handsome, if highly judgy bird wants. A response is penned while she trusts Scipio to guard her cup from any pellets or the like.

As Lenne approaches, Sina turns to her, rising from her seat, and smiles warmly. "Thank you for coming, Lady Lenne," she says warmly. "I hope that you will continue to come to future events. I'm glad that we have been able to enrich your life with new knowledge. Please let me know if there are any topics you might care to see an event on in the future, and I'll see if it can be arranged," she says warmly. "I do remember your letter, as well," she adds. "I think I replied to it, even," she says, with a little wink. "But, I can send another if you like."

Mikani stands, "I think I should be going. I'm not feeling well and I think a stroll will do me some good." She murmurs her goodbyes before rushing out.

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Lenne laughs, with a little embarrassment in the sound. She dips her head in apology to Sina. "You did. You suggested we meet. But your assistants told me you became very busy, shortly thereafter. So I didn't pursue it, at the time. Putting a burden on others is not my strongest suit. Especially others who are doubtless constantly fighting for spare moments." She motions toward her feet. Injured, but hidden in her boots. "And to be fair, I got rather busy myself, in painful and irritating matters, in the Oathlands. If you still wished to have that conversation, you need but name the time, Archscholar. Or send a letter. I will make myself available as your own schedule permits."

Evander packs his things away, shaking out his book, and then makes his way over to the semi-circle of desks, finding a seat next to Carita.

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Sina inclines her head to Lenne's offer of a meeting and smiles. "I would be delighted to meet with you soon. My apologies for the delay... yes, things have gotten rather busy of late." She gives Lenne a sympathetic look and adds, "I did notice that you were injured. Hopefully you are well on your way to recovery. But, let us exchange letters on the matter of meeting, and pick a suitable time for us both. I should have some time available this week, if you're free? If so, I will look forward to the opportunity."

Tamorin, a bubbly Whisper apprentice, Evensong, a twittering songbird, Squire Tamlynne Thistlefur arrive, following Anisha.

Volcica nods to Evander, with just a hint of a smile. "Yes, that's right. I think we only have Northlands shav between us, though."

Anisha is mayhap a bit late, but she's slipping in quietly, taking a moment to regard the sign of the rules, and with a little quirk of a smile, moves along. Spotting a few familiar faces along the way, she gives a little wave to them, but she's moving with a purpose for now, at least.

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Lenne dips her head thankfully at that. The less bowing she does, the better. "I'm mending well, thankfully. I'd been worried. But it seems Lagoma is looking kindly upon me. I'll look forward to your letter. I see no reason why I'd not be able to make it this week. No more adventures and missions for Lenne, for at least another few weeks." She holds up a hand, with a grin, also bandaged, and without the glove of her other one. The girl is a mess. If a well-groomed mess. "Though sometimes they come to you in Arx, too. As the Planting showed. But, let's hope not. Thank you again, Archscholar Sina. I'll let you get back to it. Good luck with the rest of the evening." She turns, then, and begins to head toward the exist, in her none-too-quick pace. Passing Anisha, and offers a little smile. "Passing one another on my way out. Have fun, Whisper! I hope they have what you wish to learn."

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Delilah rises from the desks as Scribble gives Lilah a message and a pointed look. "Ah, I owe Sir Corban a visit before it grows too late. I hope to return if I can, but for everyone here, thank you for your attendance!" She offers her arm to Scipio, giving a friendly wave to all else.

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Sina inclines her head to the Crovane lady with a smile. "I will look forward to meeting with you soon then. I hope you continue to mend. Be well, Lady Crovane," she says warmly, then resumes her seat as Lenne makes her way toward the door. She sees that Ailith has gone, but then she settles back into her seat at the Eurusi table, gesturing for her assistant to bring her something to drink. She glances around briefly, just to see who is still present. Smiling at the turnout she sees, Sina settles back in her chair, and idly doodles Eurusi characters, lowering her voice to a murmur once again at the table.

Carita looks horrified by something said at the semiscircle desks, a hand to her chest.

Anisha gives a little wave after Lenne, and settles down to listen to Appolonia, idly glancing over at the other seats, shooting a small smile - which turns into a furrow at Carita's reaction.

Catalana suddenly stands, something setting off her sister-spider-sense. "Excuse me." She then makes a beeline for the table with her brother again and sits off to the side and looks at him all expectant like.

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After a time, Sina murmurs to those at the Eurusi table, and rises to her feet in a whisper of pale aeterna. She glances about, and wanders around the room, watching to see if anyone has need of her, though for the looks of things, everyone is absorbed in their learning. Scholars continue to bring drinks, paper, primers if available, and other things needed by those who have come here to learn. On all, it is a babble of voices and then quieter murmurings as she passes by tables, some engaged in written work, while others are engaged in more vocal ennunciation. She eventually settles near the front of the room, leaning against a teacher's lecturn and making herself generally available for questions should any have a need.

Merek looks content to listen for a while.

Anisha rises to give the Arcscholar a curtsey as she leaves them behind, beaming bright, but the bulk of her attention is on Appolonia, and now she apparently has writing excercises to deal with as well, so quill and parchment comes out, as does quick scribbles.

"Take care, Archscholar!" Appolonia calls after Sina, before she goes back to her demonstration.

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Sina continues to lean her arms on the teacher's lecturn as the language learning continues. In time, she straightens, however, and speaks up, "Please everyone, feel free to continue to enjoy yourselves with the learning. The refreshments will remain, for as long as you're here. Does anyone have any questions for me, however, before I begin to draw tonight's language night to a close?" she asks, glancing around.

Aslaug enters the academy's hall of tutelage quietly. She looks about and then finds her way over to the sign to peruse it. She hears Sina's announcement and grimaces a bit as it seems things are coming to an end already. Late as ever! She starts to head over to the embroidered couches and then pauses, perhaps uncertain if things are still going on. She looks to Merek and asks, "Is there still teaching going on?"

Sina smiles to Aslaug as she arrives, and offers her a smile. "You are welcome to stay if you like. There is no need to wait for an event such as this to learn a language." She dips her head to Aslaug, then she moves toward the refreshment table to grab herself a drink and a plate of fruit. Once she has these in hand, the Archscholar makes her way to her office, allowing everyone else to continue to learn at their own pace.

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