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Silence: The Suffering

The Outrage. It has been a home to quite a few Commoners that have just enough coin to keep out of the Lowers, but some still speak to them being less than reputable. And some have not dissuaded such a notion. The ravings of a mad member of Brand's Shavs that was captured have revealed some clues to the whereabouts of what is called the 'Cult of Suffering Silence.' In one building that was once a makeshift place of worship, will the people of Arx be able to stop the Cultists? Persuade them from this path, as new members have come for initiation? Or will blood echo in the halls, of innocents, of loss of innocence... And of the mad Silence that has deluded them all.


April 12, 2017, 8 p.m.

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Haati Tobias Mira Mikani Eirene Costas(RIP) Freja(RIP)



Arx - Upper Boroughs - The Outrage

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Kodo and Podo - The Ferret Twins arrives, following Haati.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Freja before departing.

The weather seems to be normal for this time of the season, with a light rain upon the people which have decided to come to the Cathedral. Alas, it was out of the question to march a whole army here, due to this being an attempt to catch the cultists in the act, and if possible, to stop the new cultists from being inducted. Bloodshed is meant only if necessary, it is said. An Inquisitor, of all people, is here, as he has shared the information found from a tortured Abandoned. The sadness of war. The man in his cloak speaks, "Alright... We have robes for you all, you are to put them on if you are infiltrating, you'll be entering the door in precisely... Ten minutes. The password is 'Leviathan', to affirm you are a cultist. They won't check you for weapons likely, there are different mixed folk in there. But don't bring anything in there that's meant for demon hunting unless you can hide it, they'll catch you fast."

The winds pick up a small bit, and it seems the people have a choice, while the Inquisitor continues, "Now... There's rumors that this isn't just some idiocy, at least besides the norm... Whoever is leading them, is malevolant, and there could well be more than one. Those not planning to go under guise can wait outside as back-up in the shadows, or enter after the ceremonies start, to confront them, with the infiltrators as back-up. It's your call on that, but we want to minimize human bloodshed... But if you find who's running this show, kill them. No questions asked."

As protection against the brisk chill of the the rain Freja wears form-fitting scouting leathers. There is broadaxe on either one of her hips, small enough to not cause too much attention to herself when she slips the cultist robe on over her other garments. She spends a moment growing accustomed to the weight of the fabric and its flow before she slips into a slouch, hood up, seeming apprehensive in posture and timid enough that she wouldn't be picked out in a large crowd. Clearly, she aims to be an infiltrator remaining on the fringe of things - the pair of eyes.

Mira is standing there in the rain, looking very awkward. You see, she showed up *wearing* black robes. Deep hood and everything! It's also rather clinging to her curvy form, making the situation a little more awkward for her as she looks up from under the brim of her hood, wide-eyed, "I don't have to change, do I?" She seems a little more nervous than the hardened warriors present. Or she's a really good actor. Maybe both. "And...Leviathan?" She whispers the word, and whispers the rest, even more quietly, "Isn't that...House Thrax's navy?"

However it was that he'd got wind of this operation Costas had come alone. Once he'd switched his long-coat out for a set of robes and pulled the disguise over the armored harness and leather arm-wrappings that comprised his armoring, the warrior picked out a spot beneath a roof-edge. Like any other demon-worshipping traitor might do before attending an evening of human sacrifice, he fishes loose a little haze cigarillo and puffs away.

As Tobias approaches in his blood red armor, his crimson cape flowing in the wind. There's also a crimson cloak worn over it all for now with hood up for the rain. A squad of Crimson Blades keeps out of sight in an alleyway not far away, and as Tobias clanks over, his gauntleted left hand rests on his sword hilt. "I'll wait outside with my men until the fighting starts, then they can lock down the perimeter while I come in as backup." Tobias offers as he looks to the target building.

Haati stands there, he hasn't strung his bow yet, still under the rain proof protection. "I don't think I'd pass very well... but if it goes bad. I'll be in there quick and picking targets off. The ones we want of course..."

Mikani falls back into the shadows after slipping a set of the black robes over her head. She is quiet, listening to the others speak. It seemed plenty of people were going in to infiltrate, she would stay outside and play the waiting game. Her brown eyes watched the rest of those present, getting an idea of who she was presently allied with.

In addition to being a skilled medic, Lady Eirene apparently has doing her homework in the occult field. Dressed simply; a leather bodice in black and heavy canvas pants, her hilt of Flamebrimger wrapped to hide the ornate guard. Her dark hair is left down, white streaks clearly visible to lend her some age. She slips a small scalpel into her cleavage before tugging the robe on. Yes, the blade is capped off further hiding the silvery white metal. "I should be able to spot if this is legit or bullshit. I've seen enough of the real thing lately."

The Inquisitor looks to Mira, "Your robes should do fine, and... It is, but it is also believed to be a beast of legend, people like to use what is familiar to them at times," he tells her. The minutes pass while people change, and the rains seem to make the place have a stifled air, or is that just the weather...? It is hard to tell. A couple more minutes now, and from the shadows of an alley, and another one, and a third, people start to file into the streets, and make for the cathedral in a quick fashion. A small opening in the door is pulled to the side, and it creaks open the smallest bit, "Password?" he asks each in turn, which is whispered to him, not spoken aloud. When it reaches the seventh person, it seems there's a mistake about the password, but he just smiles and lets the man in.

The rest file there... Thirty worshippers, some lower class, some a bit higher class, and one or two that definitely you would not think with their obvious noble airs would be there, though from smaller, less known houses. In these dark times, traitors know no class and division when they believe that their acts will save themselves. Some look hesitant, some look like they have been here before, and some are armed, while the majority seem to not be.

"Leviathan." Freja whispers the password for entrance when her turn comes. The Redrain slips into a broque more common with the Shav's of the Northlands, masking the otherwise more refined manner of speech acquired from her upbringing. Once inside she will make it her focus to remain on the edge of the crowds, free from the complications proximity to others can provide when one is trying to be stealthy.

Eirene utters the word with a short nod to the gatekeeper. Her whiskey and wind cracked voice doesn't hold a trace of nobility to hide.

When it's Mira's turn to approach the doorman, the redhead in the rain-soaked robes sidles up close, lifting up onto her toes and lifting a foot delicately behind her a bit as she whispers into his ear, "Lev-/ia/-than..." Flashing her deep blue eyes at him with an impish, excited smile in the shadows of her hood, she tilts her head a bit, waiting expectantly to be ushered inside before heading off into the Cathedral. As she goes, however, her eyes linger on him while she turns away, watching him sidelong with equal parts innocent excitement and infatuation before she's gone inside.

Tobias looks like just like any other random mercenary idling on the block as he leans against a wall and drinks from his canteen. He seems lost in thought as the cultists start arriving, not paying attention other than the occasional passerby that comes near.

Costas does his best not to draw any unnecessary attention to himself as he follows the worshippers in, finding a space by the back of the congregation to keep an eye on all the exits. His indolent expression is even more illegible than usual, only close attention to his eyes might catch that his gaze does not drift randomly. Not the rogue's first rodeo waiting in ambush among a crowd. Not by a long shot.

The Cathedral within has the robed people move towards the front, and then to the sides, to make a small circle, while two people step from the crowd. A woman in pristine robes... White and woven from fine silk, moves into the center of the circle. A rugged man with a coarse beard steps beside her, and turns his attention to the crowd. Curtains cover where the altar would be, but blood stains the floor in that direction, and downwards across the stairs.

The man holds up his hands a moment, "Brother and Sisters that suffer with me in Silence," he resounds, while he reaches to draw a rubicund mace from his side, and holds it up, "The new Dawn is fast approaching, and our masters have sent us the signs. We shall be with them in the New World. A one not controlled by the Pantheon, nor the Spirits of the Shaman. The Old Gods are passing into history, and soon even the Lost will find themselves once more... Forgotten."

The man who had forgotten his password is grabbed by the shoulders, "Wai---, what!?" he asks, as he is shoved forward. The one preaching moves to step on his back, "Our sacrifices will soon gain us power... Our masters have promised," he states, the woman smiling at this. She's been silent so far. "Now, let us start with the first act," the curtains open up, and behind it, is an altar. And behind that, another curtain. "Ack fili nir taga nor!" he exclaims, while he reaches to pull the man he stepped on up by the robe, "It is time first for the new ones with us to step forward. Do not be shy, do not fear, soon you too shall have power," he then hands the man off to Mira of all people. "Bring him to the altar."

Outside, rains continue... The thunder roars across the skies... Not much to be said or had out there for the time being, it seems.

Freja keeps an eye on those leading the festivities with glances spared to keep an eye on the temperment and movements of the crowds. Ever on the edge, she isn't one to draw much attention to herself with that slouched posture.

Eirene folds her arms over her chest, watching with narrowed blue eyes. She seems to be checking the reactions of the others in the room. Impassive herself as she glances at the symbols adorning the roo,

Mika watches as the vast majority of people filter into the building but she stays put. Her eyes wander over the outside of the Cathedral, a curious look passing over her face as she watches the outside of the building and continues to sit there silently. She seems to be doing her best not to move a muscle from her spot in the shadows.

Eirene has rolled a critical success!
Eirene checked perception against difficulty 25, resulting in 33, 8 higher than the difficulty.

"Ooo..." When the hapless worshipper is shoved into her, Mira takes in a quiet, excited gasp, wrapping her arms around his from behind. Leaning close, the excited cultist whispers to him, "You /poor unfortunate soul/..." Her chest presses against his back, however, and she very gently squeezes his biceps with her hands, cooing at him as she flashes him a look over his shoulder, just one of her sapphire eyes visible to him, exuding charm, "Better stay close..." she whispers as they head, fairly slowly, to the altar.

Mira checked perception against difficulty 25, resulting in 49, 24 higher than the difficulty.

Costas checked perception against difficulty 25, resulting in 27, 2 higher than the difficulty.

Eirene is good at paying attention to detail. Surgeon' sharp eyes.

Haati waits there, if it wasn't such a stealth like thing he might have pulled his pipe out and started smoking a little while waiting. Who knows what might happen though and if they will be needed at all or not with those that had gone inside. He looks to Mikani though and smiles a little, moving closer now the doors are closed, sticking to the shadows, but looking for a better spot if he needs to begin shooting, perhaps something a bit dryer and to string his bow.

Costas had been watching the drama playing out at the front of the crowd with grim non-reaction, angling to keep himself round the back of the throng. But then something about that second curtain begins to bother him. The warrior slowly begins to work his way around to one side, hoping for a better look, or at least to be on hand if things turn bad quickly.

The man looks to Mira and to those that step forward. If some don't, the most that would be received is a pensive frown, but he now takes a moment to point to the altar, "There... Put him upon the altar, and chain him," he tells her. Some cultists look like they want to be anyplace except here, and a few look like they are excited for the new power. One steps back and states, "I don't want to be here." Her words draw the woman's attention, who is standing with the man. She shakes her head at him, then walks up to the woman, reaching a long fingernailed hand to soothingly brush across her cheek, no words stated.

Then her hand is pulled back, and slide deep into her midsection, sinking in. Blood splatters, then starts to drip on the ground. Gaze wide with newfound fear, she looks at the white-robed female, who then lifts her hand in one smooth motion, disemboweling her onto the floor as she falls down. Then stepping back to stand beside the man. There are murmurs of agreement between some, looks of utter fear on others, and some seem to not even understand what is happening. The situation is quite tense. The man nods to Mira to continue, while he speaks, "Once you have sealed in blood your faith to the new Dawn, there is no escape, no backing out, no release but to the Lands Beyond."

Eirene counts two. At least. Others behind the curtain. She looks a little disturbed but still- she's seen far worse. Her nose wrinkles slightly at the scent of the blood. But still- the man and woman clearly the first ones to watch for. Her eyes seek out the sidelines- guards or loyal fanatics who might also pose problems.

Freja checked dexterity + stealth against difficulty 15, resulting in 62, 47 higher than the difficulty.

With the crowd distracted as they are, Freja slips around the edge of the crowd and towards the back of the altar where the two leading this crowd have their backs to her. She pauses briefly in her silent steps, her gaze sweeping over the stairs and altar as she gets into a prime position with none of the fanatics any the wiser for it.

At first, Mira stopped out of a genuine interest in whether or not the former worshipper would be allowed to simply walk out. At the sudden sinking of the white-robed woman's hand into the cultist previously known as Living Person, however, Mira's eyes widen in horror, her jaw hanging open. But she's a /lawyer/, Thirteenth-damn it, and Mira keeps her wits about her, using the distraction to gawk a little longer than strictly necessary.

Finally, however, the redheaded bookworm tugs on the man she's holding, acting like she's trying to move him while not actually moving him. She's buying a few more seconds for people with muscles not made of wet noodles to actually do something. "Come /on/, prove your worth!" she whispers, annoyed, while only actually moving with the guy after the faux-struggle. Once more she's heading for the altar, taking in a deep breath and making herself look -very- excited to be doing this.

Haati wields Howling Gale Longbow of the Wavehowlers.

Mikani wields Wavy Dagger.

Costas checked dexterity + stealth against difficulty 20, resulting in 25, 5 higher than the difficulty.

It took him a moment to fight back the urge to draw right there, the sudden and unnatural violence tugging hard on Costas' instinct to arm himself. Once he gets past and back in the moment he looks round and, catching Freja fade, makes his way furtively closer to take up a position roughly where across from where he presumed the scout might be choosing to strike from.

Merek GM Roll checked perception(5) against difficulty 20, resulting in 24, 4 higher than the difficulty.

Merek GM Roll checked dexterity(5) + stealth(3) against difficulty 30, resulting in 58, 28 higher than the difficulty.

When Mira takes the man towards the altar, it seems that the most curious shift happens. Not that they would understand, but it seems that the cultists have formations dependant upon the situation. Some move create a row, while some remain up close in the front. This has Freja and Costas in an advantageous position. The white-robed woman sniffs, and then she moves past the worshippers, to exit the building to the side.

Meanwhile, the man with the mace, holds it in his hand, seeming to be quite satisfied with Mira, "Yes, you are doing well. Fear not, soon you will be like us, and soon... You too can see the world for what it is." No one has noticed people in strike formations as of the moment. Those outside can't see the white-robed woman leaving likely, as she makes her way through the night, and attempts to evade any perimeter set up. Why she left... Is anyone's guess.

The man walks up to the curtains, and then makes a motion, while he swings his mace to a rope, causing it to open up. Knelt upon their knees, watching the congregation, are two Bringers of Silence. Awaiting the sacrifice.

Freja has rolled a critical success!
Freja checked dexterity + stealth against difficulty 50, resulting in 180, 130 higher than the difficulty.

Eirene takes a step back in alarm. It's what any normal person would do when seeing one of them. More appropriately she is gauging combat distance. The type of Bringer, how many of the crowd look ready to fight ON their side. Most importantly, where did the White Bitch go. Her hand is starting to move towards her blade, slowly.

Freja checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 30, resulting in 41, 11 higher than the difficulty.

A shiver runs all up and down Mira when the curtains are drawn back. She did not sign up for this, she did not sign up for this...! When /nothing continues to happen/ to stop any of this, Mira swallows, eyes wide, as she stares at the pale things waiting for her and her semi-charmed companion. She's not going to be able to charm those things, though. Summoning up her reserves of willpower, Mira Matessi slowly approaches the altar, the fear laying naked on her face under the hood mostly utterly genuine. No need to fake that. She does, however, lean in to coo to the prisoner, soft enough for his ears only: "Poor unfortunate soul, just relax. Take a breath," her whisper takes on a musical lilt. To accentuate the point, she leans up into him, pressing against him through her slender robes. "...And /get down/ on the altar, the Dawn awaits." Emphasis on *Get down!*

While the woman slips out and the formations are made, the curtain pulled away, that is when Freja stalks forward. The Scout of the Snows dips and uses the shadow of the curtain's fall to tail close the gap between her and the Bringers. Somehow, her footfall is silent enough that even agents of the so aptly named 'Silence' do not hear her and it is too late for an alarm to be called when her dual wielded axes flash for a moment, burying into the thing's back to stain the opaline runes on the blades with that tainted flesh.

Costas checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 35, resulting in 54, 19 higher than the difficulty.

Only that he'd been watching for it does Costas catch Freja steal up like a predator animal and deliver her attack. He allows just two heartbeats for the attention to turn in her direction before he himself leaps forward to capitalize on the first few moments of chaos. In one clean draw his weapon comes free and arcs out in a viper-fast strike at the other Bringer.

Mira checked dexterity + dodge against difficulty 20, resulting in 13, 7 lower than the difficulty.

When fiend-blood splatters, Mira's head comes up sharply and she gasps, "Intruders!" She grabs the man to be sacrificed roughly, "I'll deal with this one!" Wrenching him away from the altar, Mira eeks when she sees the mace swinging down, and wincing when it digs into the man's arm. "Master, what are you doing?! They'll kill us!" She points at the people wielding axes and swords and bows and things in alarm! "I have this one, go!" Her arm slips around the sacrifice's side, holding his arm with her other hand.

Eirene checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 20, resulting in 63, 43 higher than the difficulty.

Merek GM Roll checked luck(3) against difficulty 15, resulting in 9, 6 lower than the difficulty.

Eirene spares a glance for the dying woman and shakes her head. Nothing she can do there. And the white Lady is gone. So instead she smoothly draws the disguised Flamebringer and makes a move so elegant and quick it may as well be dancing. The distance between herself and the bearded cult leader is closed before he can react, and the hand wielding the mace flops quickly to the ground with surgical precision. Disarmed and dis-handed.

Tobias checked command + war against difficulty 25, resulting in 57, 32 higher than the difficulty.

Haati checked dexterity + archery against difficulty 40, resulting in 35, 5 lower than the difficulty.

Tobias checked command + intimidation against difficulty 20, resulting in 26, 6 higher than the difficulty.

Haati moves quickly to the doors, he slinks around the side, seeing two bringers he aims a the one Costas was attacking and lets fly, off his target this time, the arrow strikes a cultist instead. The man was moving around some and smack right into its path.

Mika stands quietly in the shadows and listens closely for any signs of trouble inside. The moment that it is clear there is fighting inside she looks to Haati and Tobias once before heading towards the door just behind Haati. Once inside the building the woman looks around and makes herself aware of her surroundings and the present situation. She moves around the edge of the room, positioning herself to join the fight.

With a small grunt, Tobias grabs his helm, puts it on, then turns to regard his men. "Crimson Blades, I want all exits sealed on that building. Four man teams on each. Anyone who is not one of the team that went in does not get to leave. You KO them if they refuse to stay put, unless they are a clear and present danger and you cannot do an effective KO. I want no humans seriously injured in this. GO." Tobias gives as he unsheathes Requiem and heads inside.

The doors are busted down, and Tobias' Alaricite longsword is at his side, before he brings it into a ready position as the armored behemoth states loudly. "I have a twenty man squad outside covering the exits. You have two choices people. Either get down and out of the way, or get knocked out leaving. My men will *not* let you go out into the city." Tobias booms.

Tobias wields Requiem - an elegant, alaricite longsword with a spiral guard.

The moment that the shadow of Freja comes from behind a Bringer and slams axes into it, is the moment that chaos seems to take over. There's a shout and screams, while all of the sudden Costas is launching towards the other one. The Bringer with Freja attempts to launch both hands at her, while the other across the room with Costas tries to sweep him with sharp nails. Mira is able to guide the sacrifice away, but not before blood splatters him and her from the Master of Ceremonies' blow to his arm. "I need to finish him to give them po---," then Eirene comes up, and he swings around to parry. Misjudges the motion, and his hand is felled off with one blow, which causes him to scream. He reaches out to swing at the healer then.

The cultists seem to be chaotic, and a whole bunch take off towards the exit, though some hit the deck, some rush close to Tobias but the warnings of so many men make them hit the dirt near him. About five cultists remain inside, one because an arrow struck him hard. But he's still alive, and can be saved to tend to, if Eirene finds herself freed of the man... There's a wild swing from one cultist right at the man Mira's holding once more, but their aim much more off, and likely to hit her if she doesn't dodge.

Costas has rolled a critical success!
Costas checked dexterity + dodge against difficulty 50, resulting in 84, 34 higher than the difficulty.

The Inquisition said to kill, no questions asked- but fuck them. Eirene points at the cult leader and orders him to "SIT", kicking his hand away. She goes instead to help the wounded man, ripping her robe to prepare to stop the blood flow with. "Bitch in white ram.

The Inquisition said to kill, no questions asked- but fuck them. Eirene points at the cult leader and orders him to "SIT", kicking his hand away. She goes instead to help the wounded man, ripping her robe to prepare to stop the blood flow with. "Bitch in white ran," she calls out. "She's the boss!" And she goes to work saving lives- the other thing she excels in.

Freja checked dexterity + dodge against difficulty 50, resulting in 25, 25 lower than the difficulty.

Mira checked dexterity + dodge against difficulty 25, resulting in 29, 4 higher than the difficulty.

Freja checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 50, resulting in 41, 9 lower than the difficulty.

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard have been dismissed.

While Freja is in the process of removing her axes from the Bringer's back it turns and slams into her, connecting soundly with her mid-section. She winces and with steeled determination brings her axes back down again, enough to distract it with a graze, but the buck stops there.

Costas checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 30, resulting in 36, 6 higher than the difficulty.

Mira checked stamina + survival against difficulty 15, resulting in 17, 2 higher than the difficulty.

Since he'd come to Arx Costas had been in some odd fights against things inhuman, and if he learned one thing about fighting the beastly and demonic it was to always be moving. So he was in a good position when the Bringer came around in a blur with it's slicing claws. Reading it going low he vaults over the lunging creature, landing in a spin and lashing out to tag going past.

When the longsword comes for her, Mira very suddenly whirls around her sacrifice, her black robes somewhat dried out to the point that they whirl about her form with her now instead of just sticking a little too closely to her figure. Turning sharply to face the sacrificial lamb with her once she's on the other side of him, she smiles brightly up at him, "Hi, I'm Mira, and I'm here to rescue you!" Yanking on his un-damaged arm, she bounce-runs off toward the safety of the soldiers brought by Tobias. "So I have to ask..." She looks up at him with complete innocence, eyes shining brightly now that her hood isn't quite so far over her head, and her red bangs can be seen more fully, "What DID you tell the doorman as your password?"

Tobias checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 25, resulting in 25, 0 higher than the difficulty.

Haati checked dexterity + archery against difficulty 30, resulting in 38, 8 higher than the difficulty.

Mikani checked dexterity + small wpn against difficulty 35, resulting in 49, 14 higher than the difficulty.

"Unbelievable. You gods damned idiots realize you're fighting a trained warrior in a custom fitted rubicund suit, right?" Tobias muses as he clanks his way over to four cultists still ready to fight. "You're lucky that you idiots are more useful alive." And Tobias becomes a whirling machine as his sword dances around them, his cape flitting this way and that as he uses the flat end of his blade to knock out two of the cultists without much trouble. "You either get down, or you get knocked out the hard way. I can use the practice if you want the hard way." Tobias states to the two still standing.

After having had enough time to quickly survey the situation Mika is off. She moves towards the Bringer that Freya is upon and catches it off guard while the other woman has its attention. Her blade slashes into its flesh but while the blade does pierce the skin... it doesn't do terribly much. Then the attention of the Bringer turns and now has its eyes set on its new assailant.

Haati moves forward with Tobias and lets another arrow fly at the Bringer that swings at Costas. This time it hits the beast, maybe not more than a distraction of a stinging bee or wasp. Who can say though it was the first of the damn creatures he has ever seen.

Mira checked dexterity + dodge against difficulty 40, resulting in 7, 33 lower than the difficulty.

When it is grazed from Freja, one of the Bringers shifts as if to attempt to finish her off... Until Mikani buries a dagger into it, and it turns around, watching her. It attempts to claw her with a sweeping motion. The one Costas has assailed takes a clean blow, then an arrow from Haati which knocks it back. In a last ditch effort, it tries to rush Costas with its whole body in force.

The man looks like he will attempt to continue and fight with Eirene, but then a weapon is pointed at him, and he winces as he passes out from the whole hand business. He can likely be tended to by her after the other man is seen to, who she manages to help. In the meantime, as one swings his blade towards Mira, he soon finds he's been knocked out by an alaracite weapon, as has another. The two look between themselves, then look at Tobias, and drop both their weapons. Looks like they are intelligent at least.

The sacrifice that Mira had helped shakes his head, "Oh, what did I tell them?" he asks. Then he smiles a small bit, thankful. The man then draws a knife from a sheath, and slides it into Mira's side with a firm push, "... Just that our sacrifices would soon be ready," he teases, a smirk on his face, as he twists the knife, and pulls it out of the lawyer. Are you sure he's innocent?

Costas checked dexterity + dodge against difficulty 40, resulting in 67, 27 higher than the difficulty.

Mikani checked dexterity + dodge against difficulty 40, resulting in 25, 15 lower than the difficulty.

Freja checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 40, resulting in 39, 1 lower than the difficulty.

Costas checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 30, resulting in 58, 28 higher than the difficulty.

Mikani checked dexterity + small wpn against difficulty 20, resulting in 44, 24 higher than the difficulty.

With the Bringer distracted, Freja capitalize's on that opportune moment and an axe comes down on each of the Bringer's legs to send it to its knees. Not even thinking about it, as surrounded by blood magic as they are, the Shaman utters a small prayer to the Spirits moure out of habit as she presses stubbornly on to brace herself for the next riposte.

When the knife sinks in, there's actually only a brief flash of pain for Mira. It's not an ongoing, agonizing thing. Quite the opposite, Mira only feels a warm, spreading sensation as shock starts to set in nearly immediately. A knife-twist to the flank is almost always decidedly fatal, and the body starts shutting down swiftly.

Not that Mira knows any of that. All she knows is that the guy she saved stabbed her, and now she's starting to sink into a numb sensation. Staring up at him with wide, glassy eyes, full of disbelief, Mira manages to gasp, as she grabs him weakly, starting to fade as blood rapidly soaks the side of her robes a darker shade of black, "You could have come to work...for me..."

After the first strike against the Bringer Mika raises her weapon again, quick to capitalize on her own speed. The Bringer brings its claws to her arm and leaves a gash along her arm but the price she pays is worth it as Mika drives her knife into the bringer with an angry cry and cleaves into its neck. She half takes its head off of its shoulders, its bodily fluids rushing out over her hands as the creature quickly dies.

The arrow shot from Haati is just the distraction Costas needs, putting the creature off-balance as it charges the waiting warrior. When its stride dips the Malvici retainer snaps forward and ducks beneath the Bringer's surging form. The razor-sharp edge of his cutlass is serpentine, cutting a ragged hole as it pierces flesh. The monster's momentum continues past but the thing drops dead to the ground like a sack as Costas takes a few steps more, pausing to catch his breath.

Clank. Clank. Then, Tobias gives an even look to the man who just stabbed Mira. "Perhaps I wasn't clear, fool. Get down, or get knocked out. You chose neither." Clank. Clank. Clank. Clank. Tobias stares down at the man. "You people." Tobias gives, wonder in his tone as he idly brings the blade up, "Tell your master I said hi." There's a clean sound of bone snapping as Tobias cleaves his head off, before he looks around, checking for stragglers. "This situation is contained. I have a medic outside to help clean this up." Tobias looks down to Mira.

The winds outside and the rain seem to make sound, while no one else does. As the head is taken from the man, and the Two Bringers are killed, there are just stares from the cultists, anger from a few, fear from others. Blood pours from the neck of the man, having splattered Mira with some of it, as he falls to his side, unable to speak, though there was a brief look of regret he gave her, just before he was killed... Still, the white woman is on the loose, and many lives have been ruined this day, though victory was achieved.

Mira was using that secret cultist to stand. When Tobias relieves him of his head, Mira goes crumbling to the ground, now unable to speak as she simply stares upward. A bare arm lays across her upper stomach, and her billowing sleeve completely covers the other. Likewise one bare leg lies straight, while the other is folded like a 4 under her as she fell, mostly buried under the robes. Shock is deepening as she continues to lose blood.

Freja hacks her axe into the Bringer's head to insure it is properly decapitated, just for certain. "Seen the fuckers still twitch after falling." she explains, spitting on the things inanimate corpse before giving it a kick that makes a 'squish'.

Kodo and Podo - The Ferret Twins have been dismissed.

Mika makes a face as she pulls her hand away from the Bringer and then pauses and looks down at the neck. She rolls her eyes and grabs her knife tight before she yanks it free of the Bringer's neck. "Uuuwh." She flicks some of the bringer's remains off herself and then Freja is hacking it to bits. "I trust your judgment." She nods and watches as the woman makes it go 'squish.' Once she is certain the Bringer has in fact been properly double tapped she looks at the injury on her arm and hmmmms at it.

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