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Tessere-Velenosa Wedding

The wedding of Marquessa Sabine Tessere and Prince Gaspar Velenosa, to be held in the Shrine of the Thirteenth, with a reception to follow.


July 3, 2020, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Sabine Aureth Gaspar


Calista Dante Jaenelle Lora Rhea Riagnon Katherine Brigid Matteo Petraea Braelynn Ophelia Cosimo Alessia Berenice Alecstazi Vanora Thea Lydia Magnus Cerys Nurie Brianna Reve Mirk Jeffeth Azova Ornella Piccola


Acheron Fidante Tessere Velenosa Halfshav


Arx - Ward of the Compact - Shrine of the Thirteenth

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Comments and Log

Alecstazi takes a rose and serpent brocade accessory from a large simple cloth pouch with brightly colored ribbon ties.

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Greguin, an organized priest, 3 Templar Knight guards, Binky, an asshole crow arrive, following Aureth.

2 House Velenosa Guards, Seton, A Velenosian Assistant arrive, following Cerys.

2 House Deepwood Guards, Tobias, a pine marten arrive, following Braelynn.

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A Prince of Pravus in a Lycene wedding may not be the most expected sight, though Matteo's posture is held with the confidence that he belongs in whatever space he occupies. Some of that, certainly, has to be drawn from the fact that a soft, smokey scent clings to his black silk outfit, or that wine has recently stained his soft lips. He isn't late, however, as he steps into the shrine with an old man, dressed like a shaman of the North. He stops to pick up a scarf near the door, exhaling a laugh, before he wraps it around his neck even as he moves to find himself a place leaning carelessly against a mirror near the back.

Seryna, a charming Lycene handmaiden, 6 Grimhall House Guards arrive, following Vanora.

Fiammeta, a paralegal arrives, following Ornella.

3 House Mazetti Guardians, Sirra, a very quiet maid, an indeterminate number of cats arrive, following Alessia.

Fiammeta, a paralegal leaves, following Ornella.

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Precious little decoration has been added to Tehom's shrine for this event. It is possible those being bound in holy matrimony here consider the glistening jet walls, the mirrors, the torches, sufficient unto their purposes. Ribbons in Tessere's stark colours of black and white have been added to the pews in a lone nod to the festive spirit, the match to the striped tent set up outside where liveried servants prepare the reception food and drink to will follow. With the ceremony's conclusion, they are ready to stream inside to tend to the guests. For now, they wait. An attendant is stationed at the end of the long mirrored hallway, to pass out brocade favours to those who arrive, and a discreet trio of musicians play something stately (and a tiny bit spooky) behind a brocade screen. Surely that cannot be the wedding processional...

It isn't, not exactly. But it does linger on as the guests trickle in, to find themselves faced with the Thirteenth's stark jet altar and ample seating. There is no sign of bride nor bridegroom yet. But as the guests shuffle in and choose their seats, the music's tempo becomes something slightly less ominous and just a little more spritely.

Tribune Petraea arrives without an escort and finds herself a seat on a bench somewhere. Her dark hair is left loose and tumbles down over her bare shoulders. Kohl lines her hazel eyes and there is a fortune's worth of diamonds hanging around her neck, but those aren't what might grab attention. She's dressed in a snowy white gown that contrasts nicely with the bronze hue of her skin, but calling it a 'gown' is... generous. It's rather scandalous even for a Lycene gown, cut to show a great deal of skin to the point where one might wonder how exactly she's going to be able to sit in it. Yet, sit she does and without creating an unexpected event even. Cardian tailoring is a wonder.

Hans the Helpful arrives, following Magnus.

Braelynn enters quietly, her eyes scanning the crowd for someone wth a smile. In the end though, she must not see them. She smiles to everyone who happens to catch her eyes and even lifts a hand to wiggle fingers at a few strangers that look particularly friendly. Her eyes do not stop on anyone for a particularly long time, seeing that she's surrounded by veritable strangers. She moves to the nearest bench and sinks onto it. One leg crosses over the other and she pulls the small pouch that contains a sleeping pine marten into her lap to cradle it gently so she can watch quietly.

Ophelia Velenosa arrives in her finest golden gown, a beaming ray of sunshine with her blonde hair done up into an elegant chignon. Even her /hair/ sparkles with the clips she selected for this gathering! She smiles at familiar faces and then waggles her fingers with excitement at her cousins. In her hand is a golden clutch that (probably) holds /several/ tissues and she clack, clack, clacks her way toward seating to join her family and friends.

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Cosimo is present, and has made a token effort to look presentable for the sake of his House. The bedhead cowlicks have been properly tamed with a brush and a few drops of oil and his umbra-and-silk attire fits the theme -- and it's dark enough to make the wrinkles essentially unnoticeable. He looks exceptionally bored already, however, as he rests in a sidelean on the end of the front bench. He seems to be paying more attention to the song choice than the guests filtering in.

Matteo's gaze drags slowly, appreciatively over Petraea and the amount of skin she is displaying. He considers for a moment, his attention brought to the benches, and then he moves to claim a seat at the end of one bench.

Entering the shrine all too familiar to her, though she's later than she ought to be, the mirrormask Alessia glances around the room waggling her fingers to familiar faces before taking a seat beside the Cardian emissary.

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What need is there for decorations of Velenosa colors when Berenice, Princess and Voice of Velenosa, the Oleander of Lenosia, can play decoration herself. She arrives in a gown of resplendent spidersilk, dyed perfectly the hue of Velenosa purple. Star iron and dragonweep adorn her hand, her neck, her hair. She is ever-attentive to her appearance, but it is undeniable that special care has been given for this particular event. Her smile warms swiftly upon spotting Ophelia, and she moves to her side, giving her arm an affectionate squeeze as she clearly angles to join her amongst the contingent sure to be representing the Velenosa side of arrangements.

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There is a band of interlopers descending into the Shrine in a cluster. Alecstazi is in the center, an arm cast around Brianna's waist as he guides her into the Shrine. Beside them is Lord Reve escorting Lady Azova. To the otherside is Lord Mirk, making a collection of Northerners (plus two Islanders, but hey) walking in chitchatting and ready for the wedding. Are they even invited?

Priests in here tend to wear the mask of the mirror, but Aureth is without one, his features bared to view. Clad in a tunic of layered gauzy spiderwebs, his hair elaborately twisted and bound with gold and black, his presentation is not without its drama, but he has not really changed his #aesthetic.

Still, he walks to the front of the chapel surrounded by the gleam of his own reflection, stately and grave.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant arrive, following Thea.

Matteo grins, crooked and warm, to Aureth as the man enters the shine. He lifts his fingers in a wave to the priest, before he then uses those fingers to ruffle through his messy curls.

Vanora Grimhall slips into the familiar shrine unescorted, and clad in shades that fit this particular shrine well. The decorations are taken in with interest, and then the Duchess-Consort notices her brother and waves at him, a brow lifted in a query that asks "Did you save a seat for me?" and decides the answer is "Of course" all without her having required a response from him.

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Also here for the somberly festive occasion is the Marquessa di Fidante, resplendent in colorful silk, her hair woven through with Torean Dawn roses, crimson bleeding into saffron. She hesitates for only a moment upon arriving in the shrine, a momentary pause like she's completely lost all momentum. In truth it is just so that she can draw herself up straight, and can skim the assembly before slipping in among the benches to find a spot.

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"Of course!" Matteo did not. But he does sliiide over and inwards, making a spot for Vanora to now claim the end of the bench as he bumps against his sister in a brotherly gesture and drops his next words to a murmur for her ears only.

Aureth returns Matteo's wave with the quirk of an eyebrow but does not otherwise break character as the Serious Business priest. For the moment.

There is only the briefest pause at the entrance to the shrine, the depthless peer of silvery sights flitting over those already in attendance with demure features holding their usual famed austerity. Much like the chill on a midnight evening does Brigid of House Moore glide in but not alone, her statuesque presence is mirrored by the gilded Grandmaster of Solace, fingers curled about the male's politely offered arm. Is Jeffeth known as anything but accommodating?

With a languid grace does the Oathlander guide them towards the benches. Spotting Lora, is a smile given softly and dark sable hued crown dips in a respectful nod, loose suspended waves brushing against cheeks.

Slipping into the shrine quietly, albeit a bit late, comes Thea. Dressed for the occasion of course. Looking for a places to sit, she spies a bench filled with people--she knows! Oh good! Silently, she makes her way there, causing no disruption.

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Lydia arrives quietly, filtering in with a much larger delegaton. She is dressed simply, in light green for the weather, modest, never one to outshine the bride. She selects a seat mid pew, just one in the crowd today. (( still afk, sorry, back soon ))

Another building that Magnus has never set foot into. What a shocker, it's a shrine. It's not the mirrors the Stahlben really finds unnerving, or the lack of growth of anything around the building itself. Rather the brutalism style of the building itself. Or maybe unnerving it's the exactly the right word for it. But, something. It makes the giant man ponder silently while in the midst of appearing. Realistically, he's here because Halfshav is involved, and, he's doing his best to be supportive for their liege's family. So upon arriving, he silently takes a seat on one of the benches. Or, two seats maybe.

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Matteo checked charm + seduction at difficulty 30, rolling 20 higher.

Fiammeta, a paralegal arrives, following Ornella.

Cerys waddles on into the shrine, looking utterly miserable in the summer heat but still happy for her cousin. Her pale gaze sweeps around the room before she finds the most awkward place to seat herself. In other words, she carelessly seats herself near Petraea with a whoosh of breath and a small groan, though she offers a pleasant enough smile. ANd look! More people are there! Matteo, Alessia, Vanora, Thea, and Mirk all get a small smile and nod. The not-social knight wisely keeping her mouth shut and just fans herself with one hand.

Every now and then, there might be a scurry of a Nurie here and there, from front of house to adjust things to finally disappearing to wherever the wedding party has likely ended up. One more guests arrive, she also makes her final appearance, moving with calmness towards that front bench to sit near Cosimo, a dark haired, green eyed boy of around three holding her hand and walking alongside her as she does so. She whispers softly to him as they sit, perhaps pointing out various people, and says something quietly to Cosimo as well.

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When you look this good, you're invited anywhere, Brianna concludes. She wafts in a cloud of diaphanous seasilk, golden horns curling around the sides of her head. In a less confident person, the way she stays by her husband's side could read as shy, but by the way the tall woman carries herself, it is clear she is by his side because that is precisely where she wants to be. She makes a round of waves and nods as they find their seats.

Ophelia beams a smile at Berenice and sits next to her when they find the perfect spot. "I brought tissues! Lots of tissues." she whispers. It cannot be helped, she cries at weddings. Her sparkly golden clutch is waggled for emphasis and then set neatly upon her lap as she pivots in her seat to cast her gaze over those arriving.

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The musicians draw out their current refrain to provide ample time for everyone to take their seats, and for Aureth to claim the spotlight at the shrine's front. Then, far more traditional notes are spun from their instruments-- the signal of bride and groom's arrival.

They come arm in arm, a dignified procession, Gaspar and Sabine walking together through torchlight and mirror-sparkle, reflected in the dark gleam of jet. Surely it is intended as some sort of signal that they proceed as a pair. The Marquessa has chosen a mythical appearance, a creature spun of starlight and steelsilk dreams, spangled with thousands of tiny points of light, shimmering with dragonweep. Her hair is worn down, tumbled down her back and on first glance she might appear barefoot, walking on clouds and more stars. Crushed pearl has been rubbed into her skin to create an opalescent glow. She hardly seems human, when combined with the coolness of her gaze fixed forward, and the serene and remote expression she also wears. But she is not entirely distanced from what is occurring. As she and her intended reach the aisle and begin their stroll to take position before Aureth, her gaze sweeps those attending. Halfway there, a small amused smile plucks at her lips, deepening that perfect curve. Then she's sweeping on, carried on Gaspar's arm.

That is a very valid question, are the officially invited? Reve certainly walks as though they are. It's an arrogant thing, his stride, and he looks rather expectantly across the gathering in search of someone. "Well," he says, casting a look to the lady on his arm (Azova), "It seems though we are not going to make a late entrance." Does he look disappointment or is that question amused? So very difficult to tell. Still, he is glancing across his Halfshav family before indicating some of the seating for them. Said seating coincidentally happens to be right behind Nurie and Cosimo. Reve taps Nurie's shoulder.

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"How long has it been since you've seen that side of your family, Cousin?" Mirk asks Reve idly as he walks into the shrine with the others. He's dressed in his steelsilk and fireweave for the occasion, though the charms in his beard make him look a little less fancy and a little more Shav-like. He nods his head aside to a couple of familiar faces as he passes them, and exchanges a word or two here and there, but he's quick to find a seat and settle in to watch the arrival of the married couple.

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/CAW/ Comes the inappropriately loud cry from the cheerful crow that sits atop the Grandmaster's shoulder as he enters. A bright smile is plastered on Jeffeth's lips that dwindles only slightly at the loud cry that emits from his shoulder. Jeffeth's smile turns somewhat into a cringe before he tries to straighten it out a touch. Following where Brigid leads, the massive mountain of a man gives a warm if somewhat worry-laden smile to any who look their way, bowing his head in greeting. There are a few little waves given here and there before Brigid's arm on his has him shuffling to a seat.

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Azova naturally assumed when she was asked to attend, that Reve was -invited-, so there's no air of the interloper about her when she walks in along with the Halfshav delegation. "You're not supposed to be disappointed that you weren't late." she murmurs, unnecessarily pointing out the obvious as she joins him in sitting at the benches.

Whatever appreciation Matteo had for Petraea's outfit, it pales in comparison to the way Sabine captures his attention. He might miss the question that Alessia asks his sister, as he watches the bride walk down the aisle towards the altar.

"I could punch Mirk, if you like?" Alec asks Reve with a sly, lop-sided grin. "I find that works wonders in all sorts of situations." He takes a seat next to his wife, his voice lowering respectfully as he takes his seat. Though that smirk though, playful as it is makes his face soooo punchable.

"Lady Brigid, how very lovely to see you. And..." And Lora was probably going to greet Jeffeth as well, too, but then the bride and groom make their grand appearance and she falls silent, leaning up ever so very slightly. Expectantly, in fact, the faintest of smiles emerging to lift up the corners of her mouth in an expression that might be pride and might be pleasure but settles happily someplace in between.

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Brianna huffs and pokes Alec in the side. His bad side. "Punching Mirk was a one-time deal," she informs him softly, though her eyes are sparkling.

Many more faces than not were known with even a few of them considered as friends. Regardless, to friend or stranger that prince-for-not-much-longer offered each and every one a smile. Several were given nods of acknowledgement as he entered with his intended. In contrast to his otherworldly bride, Gaspar looked almost casual, were it not for the extreme work and skill that had gone into his garments. The cut and make of them, however, was not his usual 'put together' image. Still, he wore it as well as anything else and couldn't have appeared more comfortable. A squeeze was given to Sabine's hand as they parted slightly in the presence of Aureth.

Whatever idle talk Petraea Livy had been in engaged in prior to Sabine's entrance, it stops the moment the Cardian's eyes fall on her. Gaspar might as well not even exist for all the attention that she pays to him. She's not smiling. At least not at first but the -something- prompts a slow, lazy grin to curve her reddened lips and she seems to relax by several degrees as a result.

Ornella arrives late, carrying with her a small box that she clutches tightly at her side. She slides around the side and makes herself small, no reason to interrupt a perfectly good marriage, though the bride's entrance causes a pause in Ornella's steps as she considers the dress that looks to be made of woven light. Faculties ragained, she slides into a seat at the reflective bench and leans back quietly.

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Dammit, Piccola.

The surest way of marking yourself as the black-sheep of the family is by showing up late to your Marquessa's wedding. Crap. Well, what's done is done, and the shortest of the Little Snakes slides in and finds herself a seat towards the back in a bench. Her hair is all sorts of chaos and storms; she looks as if she's made herself up, and poorly at that.

Thankfully, she smells like something other than the stables.

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Aureth watches as the bride and groom walk up the aisle, mirrored and reflecting in their resplendence (or casualness, as the case may be). He stands with his hands folded before him, elbows angled back, holding himself in careful stillness as their procession approaches him, mirrored and solemn.

"A wedding," Aureth says in a voice pitched to carry, "is a union of Houses, solemnifying the weight of the oaths between. Each spouse takes on a share of that burden, and makes an oath, each to the other, before Limerance and the Pantheon, to abide by the terms of the treaty. We stand in the Shrine of the Thirteenth to embrace this union, here and so." His pale gaze briefly flicks between the wedding party to then sweep the rest of the room, a hinted curiosity in his expression, though what he is hunting for is not immediately clear.

Magnus is spending his time studying the bench he's currently sitting in, rapping a knuckle against it, as it testing to see what material it's made out of. Then tilts his head, comparing it to the one infront of him. Then to the one behind. Whatever he's discerned about it makes him raise a brow, as if amused by something.

Much like everyone else, Alessia's attention is firmly settled on the bride. Or at least her garb, from the steelsilk gown to the decadent bracelet. There may be a touch of only somewhat concealed envy.

An idle hand reached up to let fingers scritch at Fidget's plumage, unable to hide a warm smile blossoming on normally taciturn lips as the soon to be wedded pair made their way to the altar and Aureth begins his spiel.

"Entirely too long. Many years," Reve answers Mirk and he seems satisfied with that answer. Not in the least bit ashamed. He starts to respond to others, but truthfully with the arrival of Sabine and Gaspar he actually sobers substantially and give the event the respect that it deserves. While he is momentarily distracted by this or that face, in particular those of Tessere, Sabine has much of his focus which might be expected. In fact, he looks almost too thoughtful in his scrutiny.

Skimming Sabine's wedding gown and attire, Thea smiles to herself. It really is all beautiful. She straightens, and continues to watch.

Sabine arranges herself statue-tall before the priest, chin slightly raised to gaze up at him. The fingers she has laced through Gaspar's own are gently tensed, a most subtle sign of encouragement. But otherwise she remains still. Perhaps just a touch curious as well, for the priest's pause.

"So," Aureth says, "because we are in the Shrine of the Thirteenth, it is our holy and considered duty to examine doubt." He raises his hands and bows over their clasp. "An oath before Limerance, enshrined in the Church, is one to be undertaken with great seriousness. What the Thirteenth requires of us is to consider our doubts about those oaths. Prince Gaspar Velenosa," he says, turning to the man leaving his house, "you leave the Great House of the Lyceum into the embrace of House Tessere to become the Consort of the Countess of the March of Iriscal. Are you prepared to leave your House behind, to take this new oath of marriage and of fealty, and to wholly commit yourself to the service of your new one? Will you regret your commitment tomorrow? Next year, will you be petitioning the Faith for a divorce so that you may go home to again be called Your Highness?"

As the ceremony begins in proper, Nurie's quiet conversation stills, and she listens, occasionally whispering something quietly to the small boy beside her, as if to help him follow along. Or at least distract from getting too wiggly. The boy takes in in with huge wide eyes, his feet dangling off the end of the bench.

Ornella has settled into a seat and is quietly discussing the proceedings with those around her. As they move to the declaration of intent, she peers up at the altar and tries to bore holes into Gaspar's back.

It was a glance to Sabine at first, then a lingering look to Aureth while he spoke and began. The prince turned back to the marquessa and let that gaze settle on hers with only the barest touch of a smile. "I am prepared, but my house will not be left behind. On the contrary, the Lyceum will be made all the stronger because of my bride and I. There will be no regret as direction has finally revealed itself to me, something that I have needed all of my life. She--" He gave Sabine a little nod. "--has endowed me with great purpose and with my means, our house, the Lyceum and--" There was a glance to someone in the audience for just the briefest of seconds. Someone with bronzed skin. "--the Compact will only thrive because of it. There will be no divorce, there will be no departure. At least, not one that is expected." Then, a look back to Sabine as though a joke that those that knew of her reputation would understand.

A thoughtful cant to the proud set of Brigid's head, listening to Gaspar with no small measure of amusement and she even goes so far as to nudge Lora. This guy, right? It is the sort of playful jesting one could expect from friends and subtle is the loosening of reserve - more so as the Moore leans comfortably against Jeffeth, continuing to watch the proceeding with an unreadable calculation in misty sights.

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Seryna, a charming Lycene handmaiden, 6 Grimhall House Guards arrive, following Vanora.

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Aureth listens impassively, his expression held remote and composed. It's a pretty good poker face. Not, perhaps, compared to all here present, but he does okay. He turns the weight of his pale eyes to Sabine next, and says, "Marquesa Sabine, Countess of the March of Iriscal. You have been married before; you have stood before the gods and taken oaths, and kept them, unto death. You know what it is to negotiate an agreement with another House, to welcome a consort to your side and set him to work. Are you prepared to do so again? Will you regret this commitment tomorrow? Can you stand here before the Thirteenth and claim that you can take this oath and be sure there will be no regrets?"

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Hans the Helpful leaves, following Magnus.

At some point in the ceremony, while there's a poetic pause, Piccola pries herself from her place.

Quietly, she starts around the shrine so that she can find a place to stand by the balanced benches. She prowls on soft, boot-covered feet until she comes to stand next to where Braelynn sits. There, she draws herself down to one knee, and tries to announce her presence silently by touching the other woman on the shoulder.

And hopefully she doesn't scare the shit out of her doing so.

The Marquessa turns when Gaspar does to face the man and better hear his vows. Such praise as he heaps upon her earns a most dignified dip of her head in acknowledgement. Yes. Yes, she did do that, didn't she? Modesty would sit poorly on one such as she. "We will not speak for Death," she murmurs, taking up the prince's jest and spinning it along with her own dry touch, "but our choice of officiant was not entirely random either in light of my past fortune." There, that faint smile again, as Sabine looks up at Aureth, gleaming gold. She lifts her chin. "Before the Thirteenth and His peers, I am prepared to make these oaths again, with this man, for I believe in his worth. He will bring honour to Tessere as Consort, as Velenosa brings us strength as ally." Beat. "And before the gods, and these witnesses, I name him as Voice as well, to serve beside my own blood, as sign and signal of my esteem for him. There will be no regrets, he will not disappoint me."

Braelynn does look startled as the touch on her shoulder is felt. Her eyes, a little glassy as she watches the proceedings in front of her turn toward Piccola and she smiles at the other woman. She scoots slightly to make room for her, and a hand extends to rest on Piccola's arm before she leans in to whisper to her quietly.

Piccola's trek to their seating section momentarily draws Cosimo's attention away from the vows being exchanged. He cocks one brow at her, but awaits Braelynn's reaction before finally offering his cousin a polite nod in greeting.

"Very well," Aureth says. "Then, casting aside doubt, having examined yourselves and your course, you acknowledge before the gods--" His smile winks back into his expression, curving his mouth, glinting in his eyes, "and before witnesses, including myself as Legate of the Lost; you walk clear-eyed into this new oath, as wife and husband, Marquessa and Consort, liege, and liegesworn. Do you swear, from the moment of your joining until you return to Death, to be faithful to the contracts you have made? To treat each other with respect, affection, and honor? To protect and persevere through sickness and want, as well as to retain faith and humility in times of plenty and ease? Will you share your burdens, your joys, and your fears? And will you swear, before the Pantheon, that your life will be bound to one another, serving each other, of your own choice and volition, until death do you both part? If you do so swear, then speak so clearly."

By Braelynn, Piccola says something as a whisper; then, she acknowledges Cosimo with a faint nod of her head and smile, both brief.

Again, the prince focused on Aureth while he spoke with that fanciful hair all a'going. And as he finished, he turned to look at Sabine. "I swear it." That trademark smile spread across his lips, but subdued in its brightness and privately share--if that was something possible in such a setting--with her.

"I so swear," Sabine concurs. Giving absolutely no hint of affection as she tilts her head to meet Gaspar's gaze, save for the sidelong quirk of her faint smile.

Ornella had only just put a flask to mouth at the announcement given by Sabine. She quickly pulls it away and manages to hide an akward cough as the liquid goes down the wrong way. She's smiling, but clearly the announcement was unexpected to her.

Matteo claps! Is it a little early? Possibly.

Aureth nods. "The Faith accepts your oaths, before the gods, and before these witnesses," he declaims grandly. Opening his hands wide, palm up, he says: "If you have rings or tokens you have selected to symbolize your oaths, let them be brought forth."

Dressed in a very smart doublet of umbra, with a little fall of oleander lace and slashes that reveal pale luxury brocade, the Heir of Iriscal, Lord Constantin Tessere makes his way from the front bench with Nurie and Cosimo to where Sabine and Gaspar stand, carrying the two rings that symbolize their binding. Leaving toddlerdom but still a very young child, he walks with practiced seriousness, the environment of the shrine itself helping him to try very very very hard to be very good and /not/ run or wiggle. Though the temptation is calling.

Once the rings are presented, Constantin's bright green eyes dart around the room, just a little uncertainty starting to enter them, and at the huge number of people in the room, seeming to only expand because of the mirrored surfaces. Just as he might be about to quail, however, his eyes light back on one of the benches at the front, and a familiar face, who smiles with gentle encouragement and bows her head--and at that prompt Lord Constantin bows with a child's perhaps endearing clumsiness first to his mother, and then to her new husband. His task done though, he turns perhaps just a little too eagerly to trot towards Nurie, her smile only growing after her single prompt needed, her hand outstretched to take his and then turn him towards the ceremony again, as they watch.

Once Matteo claps, Jeffeth starts clapping as well, that was the beginning of the clap. When there isn't a lot more clapping Jeffeth quickly stops clapping putting his hands down in his lap rapidly.

Attention goes to the little one, and perhaps like most in the room, she can't help but smile brilliantly - there would be no laughing, for even as an adult the grandeur of the ceremony made even Brigid want to quail. A sidelong glance to Jeffeth, a hand reaching out to squeeze his hand and head ducked to hide the grin that had started to spread.

Thea looks around. Should she be clapping? Her hands start to touch, but she hears no other echos, Thea definitely stops. She's assuming that's a no..

Matteo has also stopped clapping pretty quickly after he realized he was a little early. He flashes an incorrigible, shameless, and yet somehow apologetic smile towards Jeffeth.

Even Aureth - in his current role as serious business priest - has a smile for Constantin under these circumstances.

Giving an uncertain but slightly warm? smile in response to Matteo, Jeffeth is quickly lowering his head. The squeeze from Brigid's hand is returned but he has to release it soon after to have his hands ready in clapping position. He won't mess it up again.

With Constantin's approach, he gives the little lord a wink and takes the appropriate ring and grins all the more after he goes trotting back to sweet Aunt Nurie.

Her heir's performance is observed with a stern eye, which softens only when he completes his duty and performs that little bow. Sabine answers the clumsy baby-bow with an ever so solemn nod of approval to send the boy back to Nurie's watchful presence. Upon lifting her head, she rakes the crowd with a glance-- who's clapping!-- before turning back to her own duty. The ring she now holds gleams bright as the shrine's own mirrors, set with the lambent and bloody glow of still more dragonweep. It's held slightly higher than necessary. Everyone get a good look.

Looking at the ring, Thea is pretty impressed. It's beautiful. But oh, there's a look on Sabine's face. OOOhhhhh...Someone was busted! It was probably the poisoned flask. When all goes wrong, blame the flask.

Matteo looks just as unashamed for Sabine's look as he did before. Mostly, he's looking a little bored now as the ceremony keeps dragging on.

"With these rings," Aureth says, laying his hand over his heart, "you may display upon each other's hands the sign of your marriage, which has been signed, sealed, and now witnessed before the Faith. I release you now to seal your wedding with a kiss." He bows, and takes a step back.

Ornella is smiling through the entire experience as Constantin moves to take the rings up to Sabine. One might say that Ornella's smile gets wider when Sabine shows off the ring, but one could definitely say that Ornella was staring at it. She even cranes her neck a bit to the side and over Matteo's shoulder.

A smile, slight as it was, given to Aureth before another turn as he took up Sabine's hand and slipped the ring over her finger. He held his hand out expectantly and even with the slightest of humor in his posture.

Sabine, in kind, slips the second ring onto Gaspar's own finger. And so it is sealed. Then, ever dignified, she steps up to him and tilts in, prelude to a kiss that would be considered staid by Lycene standards-- were it not for the newly minted Marquis' answering effort.

Jeffeth slowly raises his hands up in clapping position, looking at Aureth intently. Ready.

Matteo isn't clapping until he hears many people clapping. Instead, he is examining the rings thoughtfully now.

"The ceremony has been concluded according to the laws of the Faith," Aureth says. He smiles. "As befits the Shrine of the Thirteenth, any further prayers you wish to say are your own. Countess of the March; Count." He gives one more bow, and smiles as he straightens. "May I be the first to offer my congratulations?"

Sabine is overheard praising Aureth: NOW they can clap.

Jeffeth starts giving thunderous applause with his giant hands. Clapclapclapclap.

Thea is overheard praising Sabine.

Brigid is overheard praising Sabine: A dreamy moonbeam.

Thea is overheard praising Gaspar.

Cosimo raises his hands and begins his slow, heavy clap. Yay, he has a new brother-in-law.

Brigid is overheard praising Gaspar: A well groomed meteorite.

Berenice is overheard praising Sabine.

Berenice is overheard praising Gaspar.

Berenice is overheard praising Tessere.

Berenice is overheard praising Velenosa.

Ornella is overheard praising Sabine: Welcome to the family!

It's at that point that Piccola rises and begins to clap, joining everyone else.

Her mouth holds a wide smile, and her eyes shine with pride and respect. But her mind seems to be elsewhere nonetheless, and her applause sounds rhythmic and mechanical.

Like her mind cannot stop thinking about -- about --

Matteo is overheard praising Tessere.

Matteo is overheard praising Velenosa.

Alessia is overheard praising Tessere: I wish them all the best!

Petraea is overheard praising Tessere.

Petraea is overheard praising Velenosa.

Ornella is overheard praising Gaspar: And thus, Young Gaspar and his Hair went on a journey to the Tessere lands.

Petraea is overheard praising Gaspar.

Petraea is overheard praising Nurie.

Ophelia is overheard praising Sabine.

Ophelia is overheard praising Gaspar.

And just like that, Thea starts clapping. Because she can! It's a polite, very ladylike clap!

Others are clapping! That is Matteo's signal to now, once again, begin clapping for the bride and groom.

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Petraea is overheard praising Aureth.

Braelynn is overheard praising Sabine: The most beautiful bride I've ever seen!

Petraea is overheard praising Sabine.

Ornella is overheard praising Tessere.

Braelynn is overheard praising Tessere: They know how to throw a wedding!

There would be no clapping from Brigid as she eases to a stand, but there is a thoughtful smile on her lips and a look of warmth upon the powerful pair.

Braelynn is overheard praising Gaspar: He made a handsome groom. I do hope they're very happy!

With the ceremony concluded and the union sealed with a kiss, Sabine turns to face their applauding audience. She lifts Gaspar's hand, shining with its new ring. "May I present Marquis-Consort Gaspar Tessere, Voice of Iriscal, and gift to our House. We thank you, Velenosa, and promise to treat him well. Please, do stay and celebrate with us." Cool as her delivery is, the servants must have been waiting for their cue. From the entrance, suddenly black-and-white livery, as they descend upon the crowd with trays filled with all the best.

After Aureth has offered forth his congratulations, Reve is rising from his seat so that he can wait for the relatively appropriate time. The clapping starts and he does not immediately do it. His hands are however cupping his mouth. Then? Then? "Cousin!" It is a bold thing, a loud decree to summon Sabine's attention just in case she somehow missed him. He is silent a moment, clearly deliberating, and... then? "Congratulations." He inclines his head, low and deep, reminiscent of a bow that likely will never come.

Once the clapping begins, the Cardian Tribune lifts her hands from her leg to clap languidly before lowering her hands and slowly rising to her feet.

Ophelia smiles and begins to clap at the conclusion of the ceremony. She seems genuinely happy for the couple and even had an incredible soft spot for the ring bearer at the time. She glances side-long at Berenice and then back to the newly weds, still clapping and smiling!

Braelynn cheerfully claps for the newly married couple, rising to her feet as she does, and smiling brightly. She glances over at Piccola, tilting her head as she looks at her, but her attention is easily pulled back to the gorgeous couple modelling their wedding attire.

With light applause as the ceremony comes to an end, Alessia turns to Thea once again. "How've you been?" She asks, finally.

Azova tries, really she tries, not to look amused at Reve's possibly over the top assurance of calling attention to his presence. But, she fails miserably, ducking her head instead as she claps politely along with the rest of the celebrants for the newlyweds.

There's no reserve in Nurie's applause, her eyes aglow with both tenderness and pride, as she rises from her seat. She doesn't move to join in the swell of the well wishers amongst the peers, though once the applause is done (and certainly the heir apparent is applauding and bouncing slightly on his toes to try and shake out the stillness that he had to have for the ceremony), she keeps a gentle hand on him amongst the crowd of people.

The marquis looked out to those in the crowd and smiled brightly, meeting the gazes of those he cherished with some lingering moments. He leaned to Sabine and whispered something softly.

Lowering her hands, Thea turns to Alessia. A light smile plays on her lips as she answers her friend,"Well enough. Always finding something to do you know. Yourself?"

Leaning in with a smile of amusement, Alessia rises to murmur in the Malvici's ear.

Sabine checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 7 higher.

Ornella stands and claps for the newly married couple. "Congratulations to you both. I wish you all the joy life can bring." Finding a spot she feels is well enough to stop, her applause stops at what seems to be an arbitrary point. Reaching down to grab her box, she holds it close once more before sitting back into the bench to await the party.

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To her credit, Sabine does not scowl when Reve's bellowing echoes through the shrine. She does however do him the signal honour of narrowing her eyes ever so slightly in his direction. Eventually the woman says, "How marvelous. Thank you, cousin," before tilting her head to capture Gaspar's murmur. A nod is given to him and she takes his arm. "Father Aureth, thank you for conducting the ceremony. You are, as ever, the very epitome of grace under pressure. If you'd like I can have the clapping culprits found," she tells the Godsworn, as they prepare to step down from before the altar.

Braelynn gets a rose and serpent brocade accessory from a large simple cloth pouch with brightly colored ribbon ties.

Thea takes a rose and serpent brocade accessory from a large simple cloth pouch with brightly colored ribbon ties.

"I clapped," Matteo identifies himself, carelessly, as he stretches to his feet from the bench like a cat. "It seemed like it was near enough to done. You'd both sworn your vows, after all." He smiles, a crooked, apologetic thing, towards Sabine. But then he's looking towards Nurie, thoughtful for a moment, but just kind of-- lingers around the bench.

Ornella gets a rose and serpent brocade accessory from a large simple cloth pouch with brightly colored ribbon ties.

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Alessia gets a rose and serpent brocade accessory from a large simple cloth pouch with brightly colored ribbon ties.

"An old street performer like me lives for applause, premature or not," Aureth answers Sabine with the softness of a chuckle on his breath. "Let them live, my lady." He steps down and back, giving the new wedded pair room to maneuver. He cocks an eyebrow at Matteo. "Your Highness," he drawls.

Sabine is overheard praising Gaspar: I'm sure he will be an exemplary husband. He has previous examples to live up to... so simply living would suffice.

"Thank you indeed, Father." There was one more look to Aureth as Gaspar began leading his wife down towards someone he suspected was their intended target, a guess.

"I cannot wait to see them both." Alessia's eyes glitter at Thea. "You'll look stunning, I know it." She drifts toward the bride and groom, though more familiar with the latter. "Congratulations to you both. I'll need to remember to drop the highness." She muses at Gaspar.

That narrowing of Sabine's eyes is evidently all that Reve needs, for he takes on a look of absolute smug satisfaction. "Very worth not being challenged yet," he murmurs to Azova as he reclaims his seat next to her. A few more words are quietly offered to those near him on the bench.

Thea winks at Alessia and thanks her. Not wanting to crowd the bride and groom any more than they already are, Thea slips out the door silently.

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Lydia quietly makes her way home amid the others.

Ophelia gives Berenice a grand smile and a gentle squeeze of her arm before rising to stand and venturing over to congratulate the newlyweds. With a tissue in one hand, her eyes look a bit glossy and soon she begins to join those that are departing the shrine now that the ceremony has finished. Family and friends are given a fond farewell smile and the archeress princess is exiting the shrine with a clack, clack, clack of glittering citrine heels.

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Nurie stays with Constantin until there's a pair of nurses to lead him out for a little break of fresh air, and maybe an escape from the wee jacket as well. It's then that she drifts a little closer to Petraea, curtsying gracefully before offering soft words to her.

"If we must." Sabine controls a sigh. It helps to smile as she's led forward by her groom, to accept the congratulations being sent their way. "Thank you, that's very kind. Thank you. It's is our honour and pleasure that you could be here to witness," she says in variations, to Ornella, to Alessia, to all who come forward. It's very, very clear which is the more charming person in this marriage. But she can work her way through a crowd just fine, on course to intercept her Nurie, near Petraea.

Piccola straightens after Braelynn says something to her.

"I'll be fine," she tells her quietly. "I've just got so much -- " On her mind, she probably means to add, but doesn't. She sets her hand on the pommel of her sword. Two or three blinks, and she looks over the convened, remaining guests to the wedding. She licks her lower lip quickly.

And then she looks down at her boots.

Cosimo remains where he is seated, in no apparent rush to join any crowd of well-wishers. Or start any conversation. Or draw any attention. He knows better than to be the first to leave, however, so he simply continues to watch with vague interest. "Welcome to the family," he offers Gaspar, when he does eventually enter conversation range. "And good luck."

Berenice rises from her place among the benches, spidersilk a whisper about her frame, her chin lifting gracefully. She does not cheer and clap, but there is a slow-burning warmth in the upward curve of her smile, and something almost like a secret, private amusement in her dark eyes. She approaches the newlyweds as if with a natural entitlement to their attention, and when she is near enough she reaches first for Sabine, clasping her hands and leaning in to brush a kiss to her cheek and murmur a word to her ear. And then the same to Gaspar.

A slight nod is given to Piccola, and a hand extends to squeeze Piccola's arm gently. "You're taking on too much. You have to take of yourself too." She does look a little worried, though, as she says it, but her smile turns back to the newly married couple as they move closer. She stands from her spot on the bendh and says to them both, "House Deepwood offers it's sincerest congratulations and we wish you many years of happiness."

"Father! Hello," Matteo offers to Aureth with a laugh. And as Sabine moves towards Nurie, the Pravus prince decides his safest coarse of action is to move towards the priest to converse with him, lest he tempt the verdict that he can live.

Aureth is hanging back as people begin to filter out of the chapel, standing in a slowly loosening posture as though the cloak of ceremony and solemnity are slowly bleeding out of him, leaving behind a more casual stance. "Bride's side or groom's side, anyway?" he wonders of Matteo. "It's much easier to tell when we do these in Limerance's shrine because the pews are clearly demarcated."

"I was surrounded by Velenosans," Matteo muses with a nod towards Ornella, a look towards Berenice, before he grins back to Aureth. "So clearly, I must have been on the groom's side! I have great affection for Velenosa. One of my favorite cousins is one. But then, I have a lot of cousins." A sigh, as he adds: "So, so many."

"I understand that is the general state of nobility, having a lot of cousins," says Aureth, as though there aren't dozens of Grayhopes all over the place.

Standing and letting others give their wishes, Brigid actually does reach a hand out to coax Fidget onto her shoulder, " Shall we go give congratulations?" Should the curious creation go with her, it would be noted that a small nod of her head would be given for Jeffeth to follow. Gliding darkly towards Gaspar and Sabine, a smile is granted towards the two with a simmered sort of warmth as to not overly break that demure mask, " I don't need to tell you how wonderful you two look, unless it's what you need to hear." A loll of head, slight though it was, " I look forward to seeing you two conquer and thrive."

Petraea glances around for a tray with something alcoholic on it, rather hoping that these Arvani are at least allowed to drink in their shrines. Before she can spot if any of those trays are carrying such a substance, Nurie approaches, garnering a rather warm smile from the Tribune as one the scarf favors is pressed into her hands. Her fingertips dance lightly over the brocade as she murmurs a few words to Nurie. Her hazel gaze only strays from the other woman's face one, to briefly glance in Sabine's direction, before it returns to Nurie.

Cosimo takes a rose and serpent brocade accessory from a large simple cloth pouch with brightly colored ribbon ties.

"Just another reason to miss banishment," Matteo agrees with a laugh, clapping a hand against Aureth's shoulder in a friendly gesture. He slides a look thoughtfully towards those trickling away as he asks: "Is the priest invited to the reception?"

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"Ah darling," Sabine breathes as Berenice draws her in. Her sudden smile is the reflection of the princess'. /Exactly/ so. So too the kiss to her cheeks which follow. "How satisfying, to have everything I've ever wanted, yes? Thank you, my dearest. And thank you," she goes on, this last to Braelynn with her well wishes. "We are grateful, my lady. We shall see what the years hold. Ah. Now there are well wishes one can properly appreciate." That to Brigid. "Thank you, and..." She drifts off there, eyeballing the bird the woman carries. Yeah. No. Let's just pretend that isn't there.

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A kiss was gently returned to Berenice's cheek as he offered her a smile. "Of course, cousin. And thank you for coming." Hands returned her squeezed and a nod was given as well before turning to Braelynn with a smile. "Thank you for th ewell-wishes, my lady. And thank you for your attendance." Another shift, then to Brigid as she approached and the smile bloomed fully. "Well, aren't you gorgeous." He leaned forward and kissed her cheek. Then to Jeffeth. "It's been a while." A tighter smile, but one no less genuine, "Have you been well, sir?"

Ornella stands up and waits for her turn to approach the couple. Once Berenice and Piccola offer an opening, she'll slip into it and capitalize on the couple's time. First, her attention turns on Gaspar. "Cousin. I'm going to miss you and your hair. Still, you go now to achieve a legend. Don't come back without one. Don't be a stranger."
Her attention turns then to Sabine and Ornella smiles, a subdued kind of smile. "I don't think we've met. I'm Ornella Velenosa. I won't say welcome to the family, that's cliche by now. Still, my cousin is now your husband and I hope you won't treat me as a stranger. Should you have need of me, don't hesitate to approach. Lastly, most importantly even, I believe in bringing gifts and I have your gift right here." She holds the small box up for Sabine.

"Of course," Aureth says with a laugh. He reaches to tuck an escaped coil of golden hair behind his ear. "It'd be kind of terrible if he weren't. I'll at least put in an appearance before duty calls."

After Braelynn murmurs something to her, Piccola shakes visibly out of her reverie.

"What? No." She frowns, the edge of her eyes crinkling. "No, not at all." The distracted expression becomes one of displeasure for a moment, before she repeats herself. "No, not at all." But she does add more. "I've just got a lot on my -- " And then, Gaspar is there, near. She shifts topics. "Cousin."

A respectful nod, and then she looks like as stormy as the tempest that is her hair.

The tiny crow gives Fidget a cheerful look, tilting her head. She dances on his shoulder but does not bounce onto Brigid's fingers. When Jeffeth stands up to follow Brigid, THEN, the little crow bounces onto Brigid's fingers and stamp stamps her way up to Brigid's shoulder. The massive man moves right behind the woman towards the happy couple. There's a broad smile to Sabine and a quick bow, fist pressed to his chest. Fidget herself lets out a happy little sound that oddly resembles laughter.

"Congratulations, my lord." The large man rumbles to Gaspar with a bright smile. "My lady. Congratulations to you both." A bright, brilliant smile to both before nodding, "I've been busy, my lord, but well. Thank you. But this is your day, congratulations. I wish you both the very best."

Sabine accepts the box after releasing Gaspar's arm. She trusts he won't wander far. The tiara inside is admired for its intricacy as it's lifted out; not long after, she sets it carefully upon the artful disarray of her hair. "You honour me, your highness," she tells Ornella. "It is a great pleasure to meet you. Here. May I introduce you to my family. This is Nurie Baseborn, and my son, Lord Constantin. My brother Lord Cosimo is... where /is/ Cosimo?" She doesn't trouble to look very hard. "There is Lady Piccola, my cousin. And... ah." A breath as she looks past NUrie. "Lady Petraea Livy, of Cardia, it would seem we are also honoured with a foreign witness. Perhaps she can tell us if we have rivaled the grandeur of the skylords' kingdom, with our humble celebration, mm?"

Brianna presses a kiss to Alecstazi's temple, rises, and swishes over to Lady Petraea. "Lady Livy, you are a vision. Is that gown from home, or did you have it made here?"

Pushing up to her feet, Cerys starts to make her way towards bride and groom, offering a warm and happy smile to Gaspar. "Welcome to the ranks of the married, Gaz. I'm sorry Dimitri couldn't be here as well, he wanted to but he's in no fit shape to be out right now." She leans in to offer a kiss to his cheek before flashing a brief grin. "I hope you have as much happiness in yours that Dimi and I have in ours."

Alecstazi leans into the kiss from Brianna and gets up, following her over to Petraea. He offers the woman a formal bow of exquisite and precise etiquette and upon returning to his full height he says, "You are indeed a vision of exotic and fantastical lands, Lady Livy. It has been too long, and I hope you will accept my well wishes to you on this day."

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Braelynn looks extremely relieved at Piccola's response, and she nods. She takes a deep breath and turns her attention to Gaspar as well, though at this point she's content to just stand nearby. The same concerned glances are given in Piccola's general direction, but the friendly smile returns to her lips when she's looking out at the others present. Her hand leaves Piccola's arm and her hands clasp the small sack that's draped over her shoulder as something inside it starts to stir. Her eyes widen a little and the smile grows a bit wider, even as she looks slightly nervous.

12 House Velenosa Guards, Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting, Ellani, the palm sized spider, Sir Thad Quackington arrive, following Jaenelle.

"Then, I shall escort you, with all of the grace and duty that I have been raised to exude!" Matteo offers to Aureth, before offering out his arm to the priest.

"Are you exuding?" Aureth lays his hand upon Matteo's arm, gracious enough physically for all that his low, dry tone suggests a certain amount of sass. The slant of his gaze lingers at a point across the room for a moment, but whatever is drawing the faint humor of his lips, it's hard to say.

Nurie curtsies deeply, as Sabine and Gaspar draw near, with Ornella "Your highness," she greets the Princess gently. As she rises her gaze falls on Aureth, and she offer him a cheerful smile and a wave, at least until she remembers her decorum, a soft flush to her cheeks.

"Of course. Can't you tell?" Matteo replies with a hint of a frown, for all that amusement dances in his dark eyes. He lays his hand over Aureth's as the man takes his arm. And with that, he will move to escort the man as gracefully as he can to the reception to follow.

A softened laugh is coaxed from Brigid, "I feel out of place in such things, but I appreciate the compliment." This towards Gaspar, offering a curious stare to Sabine at her scrutinizing over the feathery creature. Stepping to the side to allow others forward, a small utterance towards the newly minted consort but there is a bit of a distraction as the Cardian representative is mentioned.

Glancing towards Jeffeth, her hand held out, "Shall we?"

Aureth grins at Nurie, as though despite himself.

A kiss was given to Cerys' cheek as he glanced down at her pregnant self and then smiled all the more. "Thank you, darling. And thank you for taking the trouble to be here. It truly means a great deal. Tell Dimitri that he owes you big time for making you come by yourself." A wink then, as he shift to look over Petraea a ltitle more closely and truly.

For her part, Piccola just looks like ... Piccola.

She is mostly watchful. Head clearly elsewhere. Eyes that show that -- wait, what does Braelynn have on her? She looks at the lady, frowns again, and lifts an eyebrow. Narrows eyes after, and clears her throat.

"You brought Tobias," she asks/concludes in Braelynn's direction.

"Of course! I wouldn't have missed it for all the whiskey in the North," Cerys winks at him before following his gaze and glancing back. "I'll let you get on with the celebration. I just wanted to make sure you knew we were here for you." She smiles then, and turns to slip out so as to find somewhere cool-ish to rest and put up her feet.

There is a somewhat awkward smile given to Sabine, then to the little Fidget on Brigid's shoulder. The smile only grows, a fraction in warmth and a fraction in awkward. His eyes flick to the crow then back to Sabine, then Brigid then--

He quickly offers his arm to Brigid with an ever broader smile before motioning with his chin to the little crow to come to him. She does not. So Jeffeth just gives his arm to Brigid and begins to make their way out with soft smiles and little waves on the way out.

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Ornella smiles at Sabine, "There's no need for formalities tonight. Tonight we celebrate a marriage. Tomorrow we go back to work." She gives Sabine her full attention as an introduction of the family is given. Whe Nurie approaches, Ornella's attention turns that way, a grin given back. "I understand we have you to thank for the gown tonight? It was, rather is, quite impressive. I thought I was watching a star itself get married. It is a pleasure to meet you Nurie."

Jaenelle stands from the back of the shrine, moving forward when everyone begins to depart, focus on both Sabine and Gaspar standing in the center isle. "Marquessa, Marquis-Consort," she dips her head towards both with the warmest of smiles. "I wish you both the best of all things, in happiness and wealth. Prosperity and growth. In what the future holds and the wiser decision making skills of those who stand in your way. Stronger together, and I am so pleased that our houses can be inified further."

Petraea shares a few last words with Nurie before shifting her eyes to Sabine and murmuring, "It was much shorter than most Cardian ceremonies. Less invocations of the constellations. No one has started a fight so far or set anything on fire yet. Arvani weddings seem much more peaceful affairs. Your dress is lovely. I was just complementing your sister on her skill and perhaps testing to see if she is ready to come to Cives Draconum yet." Her kohl-lined eyes fall on Gaspar and she gives the man a frankly assessing look, brows lifting just a touch. "It seems steelsilk will suit nearly anyone. It is a pleasure to meet your, Marquis-Consort." She places a strange, pointed emphasis on the word 'consort' before looking away as Brianna and Alecstazi approach, "The dress is fashioned after the design of one I wore once to a Senatorial gala in the Black Spire. Of course, that one was made of wire and rubies, which I supposed would be a touch too scandalous for an Arvani wedding. You look lovely as well, Lady Brianna. Congratulations on your own nuptials not too long ago." She dips her head to both Alecstazi and Brianna.

Braelynn gives Piccola a sheepish nod. "Well, he was sleeping. I didn't want to wake him." She bites her lower lip and blinks her eyelashes sweetly. "That, and I miss him when he's not around- the rotten little creature he is. Did I tell you I found out why he steals jewelry?" She shakes her head. "Apparently he thinks I'm a terrible hunter. He's trying to *help* me." She opens the bag and peers inside, threatening the cute little beast inside. "A cage. I'm telling you. You'll have one before you know it." Empty threats. Totally empty.

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"Tobias and I have a lot in common."

Piccola lifts and drops a corner of her mouth, turning her attention fully to Braelynn. "We both like to sleep. We both like to help you. And we both fit into small sacks." She explains the latter. "Bad childhood experience. I'll tell you about it some time." She looks past the woman, then, at the Velenosan nobility meeting with Sabine and Gaspar, and then Cosimo and Nurie. "It's nice to see the family here, though," she adds, murmuring.

She then notices the Halfshav nobility, and looks at Reve curiously.

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Jaenelle is overheard praising Tessere.

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Sabine's solution to awkwardness is, blessedly, to ignore it on this occasion. There's no bird here. There's no awkwardness. There is, however, a Jaenelle, which means that she contrives a curtsy in spite of how the contours of her gown constrict tight at the knees. "You are too kind, your Grace. Prosperity and growth, we shall ensure these through this very union," she murmurs as she rises. Her regard then shifts back to Petraea, just in time to survey the woman's scrutiny of her new husband-- and to hear that remark about /stealing her sister/. "Your judgments would strip me of all around me, Lady Livy. My sister to Cives Draconum, my husband to the corner of shame for only /just/ rising to the occasion of steelsilk. A fight seems still a possibility, yes?" Perhaps that's humour, her manner of jesting.

A smile toward Ornella as she praised his bride and then a nod of agreeance. With Jaenelle's approach, he bowed his head. "Archduchess, welcome. Don't you look lovely." He kissed her cheek and smiled something private, almost speaking more but bit back the words as the look was more than enough. A turn once more to Petraea with the easiest of smiles that left him wholly unruffled. "That could be the case, no question about it. But I rarely have trouble fitting into...well, anything, my lady. And--" A hand idly seemed to fall to the dagger that was fashioned at his hip. "--thank you for coming. It wouldn't be right not to have all of the important people in the marquessa's life in attendance."

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"It's nice to see you here with your family. I must admit you're the only person here I actually know, but.. they seem like nice people. Good people." She steps aside slightly and she waves toward them, "Go talk to them if you want. You don't need to babysit me." She tilts her head with a little smile. "Tobias and I will stay out of trouble." The a brow raises as she feels him shift again. "Hopefully."

Braelynn leans in to kiss Piccola on the cheek. "I might not fit into a small bag, but the feeling of wanting to help you is quite mutual. We have a starting place though, don't we? A place where we can help one another, and others as well. It's a good day. Isn't it?" The smile she gives Piccola is luminous and then she stands upright again and steps aside to give Piccola a wider path toward her family. "Go be with them." She nods encouragingly.

Brianna's red eyebrows arch in delight. "You has a gown made of wire and rubies? Some day, Lady Petraea, you must sit down and tell me how such a thing is achieved. I suddenly have a burning desire for just such a gown," she declares. She watches Alecstazi's crisp bow appreciatively. "And thank you for your well-wishes, my lady. We sincerely appreciate your kind words."

Ornella curtseys towards Jaenelle as she approaches the congregation of chatty nobility. "Good evening, Archduchess. Glad to see you at the afterparty. You'll be glad to know that you haven't yet missed the traditional lycene poison tasting." She says the whole thing without any dubious inflection, almost as if she's serious. Her attention turns towards Petraea now, Ornella reaching up a finger to tap her lips. "Boring, you say? I dare say you might enjoy a lycene party, then. Between the traditional poison tasting, scandalous clothes, and guarantee of at least one knife fight before the night ends, it sounds like you might be right at home Lady Livy."

Nurie curtsies again at the praise, her smile warm. "The pleasure is mine, your highness. Inspiration seems to come almost unbidden, when you have the opportunity to create something for those you love," she replies earnestly. Though she listens rather wide-eyed at the tales of weddings in Cardia. "Do you /have/ to have many fights at a wedding for it to be considered a success?" she asks, with just a little worry. "Though I suppose...well. Sometimes there's a joust or something else to celebrate a wedding, so one could say sometimes there are fights here as well." But it's then that her eyes rest more fully on Sabine and Gaspar, her happiness nearly palpable, she lapses into companionable silence.

Alecstazi jerks his head over to look at Brianna as she mentions a desire for a gown made of wire and gemstones. "Oh, I see how it is. You get me to grow a beard and put charms in it and dress like a Northern warlord and you get to wear nothing but a gleam and sparkle?" His eyes gleam with mirth despite the words he speaks. "Two can play at that game, madam."

Reve inclines his head, offering a few words to that Halfshav kin assembled near him. An arm is offered to Azova once more in - gasp - formal escort before he draws up to his full height, stretching in a languid manner. Perhaps he is on the way to go and grace the newlyweds with a more official, more proper offering, but he spies Piccola regarding him. She is studied, considered, and it is clear that he is attempting to connect she-who-was to she-who-is. There it is, recognition, and it comes with a mild look of, albeit arrogant, amusement. "Cousin," he greets to her, smoothly, as he nears. He seems on the verge of further commentary yet refrains and simply introduces, "This is Lady Azova Darkwater," to her.

"I think Lady Petraea has scandal mastered. One good tug and I suspect that exquisite whimsy of a gown would come right off," quips Sabine, plucking a glass from one of the trays now circulating. Her other hand extends to entrap Nurie's and draw her sister in closer. Protectively, rather than affectionately. Rar.

Brianna turns her grin to Nurie. "Well, then our wedding was a success by Cardian standards, if that the case, given the maiming," she says dryly. Alecstazi gets a little huff. "Can they? What game is that, then?"

"I've met Lady Darkwater," murmurs Piccola to Reve.

The smallest of the snakes places a hand gently on Braelynn's arm. "Excuse me, Lady Deepwood, but this -- " She gestures at the man with Azova. " -- is my cousin, Reve." She squints at him, as if making sure that the image in her mind fits that name. It's him, right? It's clearly been a while since she's seen him. "I recall him from the Countess' court long ago," she recalls quietly. There's a beat after. "It's not a time I like to think about."

And then she bows stiffly to her cousin.

"I am certain that Lady Livy has seen her fair share of Lycene parties, or parties in general where questionable conduct is the center of the festivities" Jaenelle tells Ornella with a grin before turning back towards Petraea, "Tribune Livy, it is so nice to see you again. Are you encouraging the Lyceum into doing terrible things? Again."

It's an automatic thing, to take the arm offered, her gaze settling on Piccola when Reve studies the woman. "I believe we met, briefly. Spent some time discussing people watching, and the behavior of people in general. This was before you arrived in the city." she adds, for the Halfshav Lord whose arm she's grasping. "Lady Piccola. Lovely to see you again. Lady Deepwood, well met." she adds, when Braelynn is introduced.

Alecstazi offers a smile to Azova, "Always nice to see you, Lady Darkwater." He looks back to Brianna and says, "Simple. I wear little more than leather and a generous portion of oil. You aren't the only handsome one in this marriage, missy."

Petraea grins at Brianna and says softly, "I think I'll send for it from home. You and I are of a similar height and build. As long as you promise to wear it to scandalize your cousins especially, particularly Lord Mirk." She looks to Ornella, still smiling, "If a Lycene party is as fun as all that, I shall await an invitation to one. It sounds like a delightful time." Her hazel eyes flit between Gaspar and Sabine before she answers in a low voice, "See, the thing about a dress like that is that is the exact moment everyone is waiting for. It's quite a thing to have an entire room of people looking at you with anticipation for an entire night." She turns to Jaenelle when she hears her voice, "Archduchess, I find I don't need to encourage much."

Braelynn gives both Reve and Azova a friendly smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you both." Her hand moves to rest atop Piccola's and she stands up slightly taller as she says to Reve, "It's a delight to meet any family of Piccola's. She speaks so highly of all of you, and I know you will all benefit from her ambition and drive. I've never met someone so driven to succeed. You're lucky to have her."

The same smile is turned upon Azova. "Ah, but the wedding was so beautiful, wasn't it? I haven't been to a wedding in so long I nearly forgot what they were like. They're even better here in the city, I expect."

It's probably breaking a few different rules of protocol, but it is a wedding too, after all. As Nurie is drawn in closer, she offers a gentle kiss to Sabine's cheek, as well as one to Gaspar's as well. Protective in its own very different way, but no less valiantly felt. The wedding has been a whirlwind of planning, and the tiredness over a job well done manifiests in a happy but lazy ease even if she doesn't try to match the banter. As Reve approaches though, she beams. "It's wonderful to have you once more among us, my lord," she tells him. "I hope that now you will also bring your laughter and presence to the Tessere Villa, while you're here, now and then. And it's very lovely to meet you again, Lady Azova, and you as well Lady Braelynn."

Brianna gazes over at Alecstazi levelly. "And what in the world makes you think that I would disapprove of such sartorial choices?" She turns to Petraea, amazed, beaming. "I couldn't possibly... but if it's in the service of scandalizing Mirk..." she trails off.

Gaspar is overheard praising Nurie: There is no better tailor, wedding planner or sister-in-law

Alecstazi snorts and shakes his head at his wife's words. He falls silent for now.

The marquis smiled down at the Cardian again and grinned just slightly. "Well, you did a fine job of trying to pull the eye from our marquessa." The kiss that came from Nurie was returned fondly and lovingly. He gave her a squeeze of the hand and turned back to Petraea, "My lady, will you be with us for very long? Surely, we would love to host you for a meal before duty or leisure calls you away for any reason.'

Jaenelle takes a rose and serpent brocade accessory from a large simple cloth pouch with brightly colored ribbon ties.

To show weariness would be beneath her. But certainly as Sabine sips her drink, she is more quiet now. At least until she tracks Nurie's gaze to Reve and deadpans, "Oh yes. Do please visit. Whenever you'd care to. We shall notify the guards." To make him welcome, surely.

"Truly." Azova agrees, smiling brightly back at Braelynn. Her attention turns immediately to Nurie though, when the woman speaks. "Nurie. You are an incredible artist. It was a pleasure just to see your creations adorning the bride and groom." she praises sincerely, otherwise remaining reserved in her conversation. And certainly when Sabine addresses the idea of Reve going to the Villa for a visit.

As Nurie greets her Braelynn turns that same friendly smile to her. "Ahh, and Mistress Nurie it was a delight to have met you. You did a wonderful job."

"I would be -delighted- to visit the villa again, especially at your invitation. I will make a special point to clear my schedule for it. For now, I should allow your other well wishers to speak to you without taking away all of the attention." She dips her head to both Sabine and Gaspar before taking a step back to hunt out that drink.

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